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БОЛОТНЫЙ ИВЕНТ // SWAMP EVENT // Last Day on Earth // InfoPub

БОЛОТНЫЙ ИВЕНТ // SWAMP EVENT // Last Day on Earth // InfoPub

Video that you are about to see is not official and is created using in-game mechanics only, being our personal perception of events and locations in the future. We surely ask you to leave a link onto our channel or the original video when using our content on demand. We need your assistance! – Look guys! He himself came to us! – Again these raiders… Poor thing… – I think he will not need a humanitarian load anymore. You can take it for yourself. – Good luck, survivor!
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26 thoughts on “БОЛОТНЫЙ ИВЕНТ // SWAMP EVENT // Last Day on Earth // InfoPub”

  1. Wow this is an amazing…. Bro I used 30 seconds of your video, for make a small video about this and I mentioned you….If you don't like that please tell me I'll remove video immediately…😘

  2. Каво? Не может такого быть, вояки в кевларе, мотоциклетный шлем, элитный щенок…

  3. Mmmm no son ustedes algún desarrollador del juego? Por que su contenido es interesante y tener esos detalles es como tener la alfa

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