Hello subscribers
and so same viewers my “my name is Eugene
and in today’s video I I’ll tell you and show you how to play
in game forest on networks or cooperative 2 or three people
as like friends and vast and etc and before the beginning of the video
I recommend to visit the game and entertainment channel
Kutcher you’re on it will see regular drawings
Yes so same their the outcome such games like pubg pubg Lite
world of warships and Tom Clancys as they say rainbox six
siege is also abbreviated as her rainbow so come on in
subscribe to the channel put the bell and we
we begin that is the past the video installation the raft
for example Yes 10 version who not downloaded right now let’s explain
we got 135 likes. there is for month a normal
the indicator is for my this our canal the
there are on the game forest will be just lower a little
there will also be a link to download as the comment says
Yes attached like this here for raft Yes here you can
who not played you can play and do not forget right there in the comments
Yes under this video to leave your comment.
would you next time in next time as we type
100 likes Yes I saw as they say VIDOS for you is good for
what motivates me is that there are gaining 100 likes
and write in the comments what game as they say
you’re complaining about this fun to play and
want a little howl pirate as I so well, or play
try it for free so you’re leaving yours
comment about what the game you would like
play Yes and we will read and who will have more likes
that VIDOS I will try to wash down well and we went well and how
I have previously said Yes to going in the attached comment
by clicking on the link you get on Yandex disk click
download and you are downloading required for installation
that is the game I download don’t I already its so as
I for you Yandex disk did I already have it
what do we do we click right mouse button and
click extract files that is here we click
okay I don’t have any passwords did not put and files are extracted
Ah and we as always drink Tchaikovsky forget that
the camera is here not there everything we hear a beep
what files have we downloaded so we go into the folder
and look here we have one setup but the launcher and
the second press twice left mouse button click
and they will be here two languages that is Russian
and English who are you American or Russian Yes click
Russian click OK and just here’s a
download here turn off but she’s so prative
that you can go deaf right click next see
your system who still I didn’t know what you could do
a screenshot of and press further that is here we remember
installation location Yes that is to then the second fail
to install click on the browse or in the future we will see
click next do not create in me start click next
do not visit the site and click set download as
they say it fits with us by the end of Yes 5 4 3 2 1 end
click finish with us there are such here
launchers this can be removed I mean what do we have here?
forest multiplayer and simple single player that is
next you go to the folder again where did you download the files
and start already clicking twice the left button of
mouse the second that is himself fix for the game that is 32
bit system well and 64 on my even this updated
the system that is not the last version but some of them
which can be played click twice with the left
mouse button and just exactly you keep clicking
okay just turn it off sound just click next
again, you want do yourself screenshot if there not typically recognized
click next and here we look what have we got here
there’s that archive right that is if you changed the disk
go to the review and look for its the folder where is installed
game and click it is desirable as they say Yes very
even very very necessarily further, also in start do not create
next do not visit and click install installation takes
not a big time depending from your in my zheskogo
the disk or from what far she what
we do next after all the install the game we click
that is we have the single game was revealed
forest this we again delete next we already run
directly steam itself account Yes he I have the main
who fears create the second account and go through
him toet so de pishim in the comments of who has what
we will solve problems but do not forget to write about
the game you desire all steam account we went
right now, you see something I have a system going on
in the process again its need to interrupt what are you writing to me
nafig with its shutdown by turning on here we will clean up
everything so that it does not interfere with us and then we launch already
forest itself click twice the left
click if you want in solo play run
just forest if you like multiplayer is written here
twice the left button of mouse should light up
the window Yes here we have it it is displayed that is here
here we choose not complexity and in my opinion the schedule Yes the schedule
we fight will go the extra Lok ultra lock Yes forest the
there are the lowest here can be in-year window put
let’s put in the window and click play well you can
not in the window this is what I have the OBS brains drizzles the last
time need to will noverno update to new version
it’s all written here single mode but before
now we go into settings here you will have English
language Yes that is click the game here will be the language
you put on Russian and you will be all Chiki bunches
so nazavem Yes here display you customize the graphics
and so on well what do you explain so here you can
to enter single mode here cooperative that
there you can create for example join
Lido to create a game create play a new game normally
and here is already choose 8 people that is there friends
who did you say was there I decided to play with you and
click here to email the name of the world and press
sosdat hall all hall is created that is, click to invite
friends or go directly in the steam account itself here I am
I don’t know how it is here add friends that is
are looking for Yes friends if who what do you have as they say
online Yes you can send him an invitation Yes, that’s
for example I have one Yes, right-click
and somewhere here invite group think invite
in short here is thus Makar through steam you invite
the game well, and who helped this video who went and played
in this game so subscribe on canal are posing Royal
like as a hundred likes we type and the following is not
forget to write comments what the game well and don’t forget
on a bell to press so how the video will come out
once a week to do not miss the next one
pirate game all good luck all the while

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