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15 men, on the dead man’s chest Yo-Ho-Ho And a bottle… …milk — Guys, don’t pay attention. It’s just Jack Peaches. — Captain! Captain Jack Peaches! Not be confused, not be confused! Hello peaches! With you captain Jack Persikova. And today we are with Gosha, we will conquer the seas and oceans Gosh, where are we going to conquer them? You’re stupid…
In virtual reality The glasses don’t fit me, of course, but you get it, right? In virtual reality In short, today you will learn the power of pirates. Well, slap a quick like if you want to find the treasure, too… …and become rich. Gee-y-y-y-y-y Well, if you don’t want to, still slap! If there are 20 thousand likes, I will continue to conquer the seas and oceans in virtual reality. Slaughter fuck if you like if you do not deliver! I’m serious. Well, we will dive into virtual reality. *sounds in the background*: All to the bottom! The bottom-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh! Bottom-o! Well, friends. Welcome to my pirate adventure, in virtual reality Honestly, I don’t know what I’m gonna do today, but I hope there’s something cool here. * pirate music* To pull the anchor, raise the sails *makes sounds* man, I really feel like a real pirate. Hello crab! In short, the meaning of this game is that we sailed with you, such on this ship sailed, twisted our steering wheel, did not move from the place, and then we both pressed this lever, swam and… …Bang. This is the whole story, and now our ship broke down and we have to survive here on this small island with this little crab Hello Crab! * crab speaks English* There’s some kind of radio. I want to turn it off. I’ve turned off the radio. We don’t fucking need you. Bye, radio! Usually in survival games, you and I appear on some big island with a bunch of resources. But in this game, it’s a honed game, I want to remind you, in this game, we will be in here on such a small island, with such a small crab. And here we need to somehow survive Here’s on the clock, we’re showing our lives. I have now somewhere, I don’t know, Ah in short, almost full life As far as I know, it’s very complicated and weirdo game. And it will be good if I live here, at least a few minutes In General, here we have some bamboo, bamboo stick. We can do this with a bamboo stick someone zahrenachit(to beat). No? Can’t? Well, at least I think we can knock down these, uh, coconuts that’s up there. Come on, get your ass over here. No, no, no, no, wait! Stop, quiet! So guys, we have coconuts, which we should probably somehow break Oh, look! I broke a coconut, I can eat it(eat)? Great! I pohaval coconut, and I have on the idea of expands CPS(life). Yeah, great guys! We ate together. There’s also some kind of stone or coal, and I think we should somehow connect with this stick. I understand correctly? No, no! I don’t understand correctly? * crab talking in the background* * crab says in the background* how to connect it? In! Well, I skrifter(did) lance. Now I understand that this spear we have to somehow fill up (kill) the ethics of fish that are here. I’m ready! Come on, baby! Come to me! Ha! Ha! Oh! Great guys, we killed one fish. Oh, you’re adorable! * crab says* Our ship has sunk: Damn it! Look, I see some kind of box. Come here drawer. In the box we have: another stone and wood. What are you talking about(say)? I don’t understand! Do we need to make a fire somehow? No? How? I’m dying, guys, I’m dying! How to build a fire? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! *crab mumbles* Kapets! How to build a fire? How to make a fire, I do not understand! Tu-du-du-du-du! How’s that? Rubbing stone on stone, I remember. Please, I have to make a fire somehow, please! * crab screams* I don’t want to die, no! * crab yells* Well… I lived 3 minutes. In principle a good idea. Shit, no, I don’t want to die! Save me! I died. *crab mumbles* Cbms… I lived… Well, guys, I lived 3 minutes, in principle it’s not so bad. Guys, I think I figured out how we should make a fire. We can make a fire with our spear. So here. Yes, Yes, let’s burn! Everything is great guys, we have a fire, we have a fire in which we can even warm up. I made fire! I’m the first man on this island to make fire! I’m f*cking….. …I’m tough, I’m tough, I know! Where did all the coconuts fall? No, I need that coconut, please! How to get it? I need coconut. Ha! Great, I got the coconut. Let’s break it right away. Ha! No? Does it work?Come on, nya! Well, we broke a coconut. We should eat. The second coconut, too, eat. Wonderful, now we have to quickly do hunting. Spear, ha! You die! Okay, great, one fish to eat. Shcha-shcha-shcha (now), wait for a fire. The main thing is not to go out. So, the second fish there is, remarkable. So are looking, fish at all, she deep-fried? Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah! AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! I’M ON FIRE! * blowing * how, how, how to be extinguished? How to extinguish? F*ck *crab explains* Oh, great, I’ve had fish! Not-e-e-et! No, fish. Put out! *crab pulled up to the Bazaar* I don’t know what’s going on.All right, we’re gonna fuck this up. So stop, wait, we have a fire went out. The fire went out! Barrel potik guys, barrel potik. So, we’re making a fire. I’m fucking dying. I’m starving. Need faster. ‘E! Okay, quiet. Everything is great we made a fire, now fry Yum! How to extinguish? I fucking died. * crab still mumbling* I don’t know. Maybe so I don’t have to burn, I have to burn right on our spear? I don’t know what that is. Maybe that’s how it should work. So? Burn, burn, burn… Fry, I’m frying fish. She’s fried. No? Does she even cook like that? Look like small over-under-under-pokrasnela Yes, sort of… Can I eat? No? *again this crab mumbles* Fuck, it’s not working. Okay, let’s try this one again. Fry, fry, j-a-arim. We fry. Fry the fish. Just making sushi in virtual reality like you? Now Philadelphia zagranicu Truth cheese there. Well, now, now everything will be. All right, he’s ready there? No? *tink* Oh, great, the fish is prepared.Yum! yum! Yum! yum! All right, great, I’ve been eating fish. Take another bamboo, take this thing. *crab muttered* Beat another crap. And we will fry two fish at once. Na-na-na-na! *sings*


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