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مسلسل جزيرة سن توب الحلقة (7) الموسم الرابع – suntop Island Series Episode (7) Fourth Season

مسلسل جزيرة سن توب الحلقة (7) الموسم الرابع – suntop Island Series Episode (7) Fourth Season

Capturing you was so simple that it only
required a fraction of my world class genius. Ah, master, they actually fell into my trap! It worked perfectly. Now there
is nothing to stop me from freezing all the water on this island and turning
it into ah, er, a frozen wasteland! You’ll never succeed. Yeah, this team will stop you / at every step of the way. Oh really?! I’ve already reduced this team by
turning you all against your beloved Naseer. Foggy, show them your party trick! Wait, what’s this? Foggy? I love it when he does that. Nobody ever sees it coming. And that is how you frame a pirate for a crime he didn’t commit. I can’t believe we misjudged Naseer so badly. Wish Naseer was here. He’d have a gadget to deal with
ice launching robots and shape-shifting fog creatures. I’m sure he’d come back to us if he knew we felt this way… If you’re lucky, I might let you all stay on the island By turning you into frozen minions like Freezie,
Foggy and my newest and most favourite… F2 Bot! We’ll never aid your evil plans! Yeah! I doubt you’re even smart enough to make
us, er, ice robots? Is that what you are? Why are you taunting him? You’ll only make him angrier. To distract him. Look Oh! Good plan. What’s with the wiggling? What are you up to? Um, er, itchy back? Yeah! That’s it. Can’t reach. They’re helping. Enough! Freezie, ready the Doomsday Machine and aim it at these infernal meddlers! Are you sure, master? Who’s the evil genius here? Lumpy, how could you betray me ? Ehem! It is I you seek! Captain Naseer! / You’re here! / I knew it! Minions! Defend me! After everything we said, you still came back for us. How did you even know we were in trouble? Funny story. A little bird told me maybe after we escape, okay? Right! Excellent idea. Why is he still so nice to them after they accused him of
theft ? I don’t think I’ll ever understand humans. Don’t just stand there. Attack! You can’t hit what you can’t see! Um, I guess you can hit what you can’t see! This is our chance to escape! Yes! Faris, can you use your laser cutter on the ropes? No! I can’t see where I’m aiming. It’s too dangerous. And even
if we break free of the ropes we’re still stuck in a stalactite jail. Now you are free!Run while I hold off these villains! Let’s get to the Power Ship I have tools there to free us. Then we can return to help, Naseer. Turn off that alarm! Blast them with
your wind generator before they escape! Grab the other end. I have an idea! It worked. And I think we scrambled his sensors pretty badly! Noooo!!! Let me free you of your bonds. Now is our chance to escape! Okay, Naseer! Now you can tell us how you tracked us down. As I said, a little bird told me! It’s pointless to return and plead innocent. They believe I’m guilty! SQUAWK What’s happening on the beach? See, already made new friends and forgot about
old Naseer! Look at the fun they’re having. SQUAWK Ice shards! Shape shifting fog creature. That doesn’t look fun.
It looks strange. Perhaps we’ll sail back for a closer look. The day gets even stranger! I’ve never encountered icebergs here. This is really slowing our progress. I hope they’re all right! Hello? Anyone here! What’s caught my coat? I’ve never seen rust here before. It’s
as if someone touched it with a wet hand. SQUAWK I know! Everyone is far too careful around this
delicate equipment to let something like that happen. SQUAWK What? You don’t think? Those two strangers from the beach. Yes, a shape shifting fog creature could certainly
have snuck in here and left a wet hand print there. SQUAWK You really think he used those powers to frame me for a
crime I didn’t commit. Makes sense to me! And with all this strange activity on the island I’m sure no one noticed the
wet print on this flap until we found this rust spot. SQUAWK Of course I’ll check the GPS tracker on the Power Ship. C’mon.There’s no time to spare! SQUAWK Yes, yes! I remember the ice shard flinging girl! But how can I protect myself from that? Yes! Coconuts! They’ll work. Help me collect as many as you can! That was some good detective work! Now let’s use that brainpower to stop Frosty! My favourite minion. Why blast Can’t hear a thing over this infernal wind! Stop! No Master, I think F2 Bot’s sensors are scrambled. Suntop and his crew may have escaped but I’m more determined
than ever to bring them down. The battle is now on for real!

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