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【BLACK SURVIVAL】 Hart – ranked game play 【Louisol】

【BLACK SURVIVAL】 Hart – ranked game play 【Louisol】

Hello, This is Louisol. I’ve played Hart this time. Hart is free to set the starting area
with Peace Zone skill. Of course, you don’t have to use it if the enemy dosen’t come. Since there is only one Holy Grail, it is also good
to make Uchiwa depending on the situation. I found it in this game, so I use it well. XD If you are lucky with find items, it is the good route
that set up to make Tiara of Light and Clergy’s Cassock
with 3 Cross and 2 Cassock. But finding items all day is inefficient.
so… I will give up Bishop’s Cassock for Tiara. profit :p I threw away the needle
because I thought it would be hard to manage the bag… I can’t throw away the bread, Even if I die! If you got a branch, you can make a Tiara here. Be careful not to make Gauntlet! Since time for the first Restricted Area has passed,
let’s look for animals. It’s time to worry about mastery. I did find items only so peacefully. Oh, the Tree of Life! What should I do when my bag is short? 1. Bring to front all of three items.
2. Give up one item. In BS, A total of 5 compartments
are able to remember dropped items. You don’t have to bring all the items you need. Dragging the items to use first.
Then You can pick the items to behind up. Take a good look! I picked up the Lighter after I dropped the TV,
but the Ramen is still remain. It’s a good tip, so remember and use it! Stone… where? Fortunately, I found the stone quickly this time. (I’m thinking about making a Laurel Wreath…) Where is the bear? … Here you are! I finally used Heated Whetstone! I don’t think I can lose even if I try to lose. Noooooooooooo Now let’s make weapon … Go away! OMG, he has Tiara, too. Opps I’ll get out. He made it… ahh… Oh, I almost died Opps, I made it just been a little while ago! I have to heal the injury first. ~ 2X Speed ~ There’s a lot of gunshots…
It’s good that the enemies fight. I won easily. Thank you for watching! See you later~

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  1. 사태 이후로 게임은 칼삭했지만, 힘들었던 시기에 즐겁게 했던 추억이 생각나서 구독합니댜…
    좋은 영상 고맙다이거예요

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