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(Before the start of shooting) (This is an extremely spicy snack.) Kohei-kun!! This is a really delicious snack. He is right!! It’s really good!! If you put some in your mouth at once,
this is really delicious. You two are not deceiving me, are you? No, I’m not. It’s really nice!! He is right!! Hot!! This is killing me!! It’s getting harder and harder from now on. Wow, this is really spicy… Really spicy, right? You can spit it out. Too late. I’ve already swallowed it. Hi, everyone. Today, we have Kohei-kun as a guest. Long time no see, right? I came here after a long time. Yutaro, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? You’re right!! Is it the first time in six months? You may be right!! Kai-kun, you appears quite often, don’t you? Twice a month, maybe!! So, this time, we will be divided into two teams,
the surf-fishing team and the kayak-fishing team. And we will stay here for one night. Everyone, let’s have a good time today. I have two kayaks here, but it’s the first time for three of you to ride a kayak, so… I’ll show each of you how to ride a kayak first. (Today’s video is of surf-fishing
and tomorrow’s is of kayak-fishing.) Each of us has decided
which fish we are going to catch. Kohei-kun is going squid fishing. I’ve been asking him to catch squid last time, but… he hasn’t caught any squid yet!! He’s all talk and no action. “Third time lucky”, right? Or “All things come in threes”!! The latter may be right!! You may be right!! I hope it’ll be “Third time lucky”!! OK!! I’ll do my best!! Kai-kun, you will catch red sea bream, right? Yes, red sea bream!! I wanna catch sea bass, grunt and red sea bream!! I also want bluish-skinned fish, if there is a chance. Then, Yutaru-kun,
you are aiming at longtooth grouper, right? Yes, that’s right!! This is the most difficult one, isn’t it? I want to catch sea bream, bluish-skinned fish,
if possible, and squid!! I’ll skim the cream. Let’s skim the cream, shall we? Let’s try our best!! OK!! Go for it!! So, let us have good catch!! We had no prior arrangements for this, didn’t we? OK, let’s get it started!! I’m going to the sea now. Have a safe kayaking trip!! At first, Kai-kun and Kohei-kun will fish
from the rocky shore. OK!! (The kayak team!!) Are they, the kayak-team, already there? It’s fast, isn’t it? Hmm…. I don’t think I can catch it now. There is no sign of fish, I think. I don’t think so, either. There is no reaction to the fishing rod. I’ve got it snagged many times here. What should I do next? OK!! I’ll try this “Inchiku-lure”, which is made up of a ship
or bullet-shaped sinker
and an octopus shaped plastic worm. Oh, I got a fish on!! I think it may be a rockfish or seaweed. Ha ha ha!! Which one is it? Oh, it’s fish!! Scorpion fish!! But it’s big enough!! Shall we keep it? OK, it’s a keep-size, I think. Have you caught a sea bass over 80 cm long recently? No, I haven’t caught it yet this year. As for me, I caught the one 82 cm long this March. Oh, did you? 82 cm… There seems to be red-spotted grouper around here. I do think so. Fish on!! I’m videotaping you now. About the same size of yours, right? Plastic worm is the best, isn’t it? I caught this on my first casting. Don’t you think scorpion fish looks really cool, do you? Cool? I think it’s cool!! I think it is cute, not cool. The kayak team seems to be on the junction line between two sea currents. That must be a good fishing spot. I got a fish on!! Oh, what’s that? Squid!! Squid!! Is it at this timing now? This squid is pretty big!! Hang on a minute!! Where on earth did I put the landing net? Huh??? It’s behind you. I got it now!! That’s must be over 1 kg!! Well, I’m not sure but… I felt squid twitching strongly
because the current is strong. Twitching strongly!! But it can be pulled up easily. Now, I can see it there. Is it hanging tightly on the hook? Yes, it is!! Firmly!! Oh, that looks good!! It’s big!! It looks over 1 kg, right? I did it finally. This is well over 1 kg, isn’t it? Kai-kun, I made it at last!! I did it!! Good job!! I’m glad you caught it anyway. I’m not a person who can’t catch any fish any more. And the first squid is one kilogram over. I’m relieved now. I’ll change my lure to Egi lure, which is only for squid. Why don’t we give a shout of joy? All right!! They cried out, didn’t they? Yes, they cried out!! Shall we go and see what they caught? Let’s save the fun for later. Oh, yes, let’s. You did it… How nice!! Kai-kun, you must be changing your tackle
for squid fishing, right? Of course I will. This way? Can you see the algae floating over there? Yes, I can. The fishing point is around the right side of it. The right side of it, OK!! It’s coming!! Squid on!! You did it? The squid bit in no time. The current has changed, hasn’t it? It’s not algae, is it? It should be squid, right? That’s squid!! I did it!! That’s a size of squid that we can eat. Thanks for helping me!! It’s so cute!! OK!! We caught the second squid!! I did it!! You made it!! It’s cute!! OK, next!! The squid that we caught weren’t being chased
by another squid, right? No, they weren’t. I got squid on, again!! It’s too soon!! As I expected, I changed the lure to Super Shallow,
and soon it got hit. Super Shallow!! I wanted to make it longer for the lure to sink. Is the squid coming close? A lure is barely hanging on one of its arms. Two of its arms, right? Only on its suckers. A female squid this time!! So I’ll release it. OK!! The squid swam safely back to the sea. That’s good!! Teitei-san would have caught 10 squids already. I’ll check over there. OK!! Is the condition of the tide good over there? (No reply) He must be concentrating on it!! The condition of the tide seems good here. Oh, really? What time is it now? Do you know what time it is now? It’s 4:06. It’s 4:06 now!! Why don’t you change kayaking with one of them?
(OK!!) Have you caught any fish? No, I haven’t!! He must be telling a lie!!
He said he hasn’t caught any fish. OK, one of you will take a kayak. Switch places!! Kohei-kun!! One of us will take a kayak. I’m going to their place. OK. Good luck there, too. All right!! OK? Hey, hey!! Wait a minute!! Can I open this? OK, you can!! Are you taking a video camera? Yes, I am. I can see something… You didn’t catch it anyway, did you? No, I didn’t. Small ones!! (Watch the next video for the results of the kayak team.) Ha ha ha ha ha!! Some squid are in this plastic bag. Wow, it’s big!! What a big squid!! You did it, right? It’s time for me to go squid fishing from now on. Is that a good point? No, no no. ???????? Ah… Ahh!! I missed it!! Maybe the line may be broken. That’s discouraging, isn’t it? The fishing line is cut at the fishing line,
not at the snell of fishing tackle. Oh, my… That’s really disappointing!! (Kohei-kun is eating something now.) Fish on!! Surprised? I was quite surprised. I will try to catch squid in a shallow place. Over there, right? (Kohei-kun) What shall I do now? OK, let me try some jigging fishing!! I have left … my fishing rod on the kayak, so… I’ll borrow yours, Kai-kun!! Most of the time I catch fish here,
it’s near the sea surface. (Attention) Wow, right in front of me!! Help me, please!! Hey!! Seabass!! Actually, I’m using the tackle of Kai-kun as it is. Ha ha ha!! The fish bit my metal jig just in front of me. It looks beautiful, isn’t it? It’s beautiful. Thanks for helping me. It’s really beautiful!! Looks good!! It’s nice!! This fish is big enough to eat, right? This should be delicious if grilled with salt. Well, thank you, Kai-kun and also sorry
for using your fishing rod without permission. You did it!! I did it!! Well done!! Thank you. It’s very windy, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s getting windy. Shall we move the cooler box over there? Yeah!! They cleaned up
and waited for the kayak team for a while… but they didn’t come back. They seem not to come back here, so I’ll try to catch squid again. I got a squid on!! It’s too soon!! Wait, wait!! You got squid before I got to the fishing spot. Good!! You are a man of ability. I’m ready. I needed just one casting!! Sounds good!! Just one casting. OK!! OK, I did it!! You did it!! Good size to eat!! You’re right!! Don’t turn it this way. OK, let’s keep fighting!! Of course!! Before I got to the fishing ground, you caught it. Sorry for that!! Ha ha ha!! That was so easy for me. Squid on!! Hey hey!! You don’t want me to fish, do you? Ahh!! I envy you!! I wanna fish, too. Squid fishing is fun. Can I ? Is it a little bigger than the previous one? Yes, it is. I did it!! You did it!! I caught squid in succession!! In succession!! I won’t let you all say that I can’t catch fish anymore. Especially, Toku-san!! Look!! He is using a landing-net. Certainly he is!! Those two guys!! Hurry up, or you’ll have a hard time coming back, I think. You’re watching our video, right? I can’t believe you’re watching it here on the rocky shore. (The Next Preview) (Next time, we will show you a video of kayaking.) As soon as they went out to the open sea,
Yutaro-kun caught a big fish. Can the kayaking team do better
than the surf-fishing team? We never thought we could catch this much fish. Oh, my… What is it? A huge fish, I’m sure!!

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