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제이름으로 치킨을 만드시겠다구요?

제이름으로 치킨을 만드시겠다구요?

This is too much! Too many photo’s of Nayeon lol It look like an elevator in JYP company building This is too funny lol Hello Boiru! Really nice to meet you We brought a gift to welcome you fiercely Ah.. You prepared a lot already We would really appreciate if you open it now Can I just open this once I get home? Ah.. Ok ok. I will open it now (It seems something good even looking at Gucci shopping bag) Oh Gucci and now it’s Chanel (Pretending that he is excited..) Ah~ Photo’s of Nayeon in Twice.. Umm but Who planed and brought all these at the door? Did you want to welcome me with something? I want to tell you that it wasn’t me So far, I can tell you that these part of video would be remove from the scene! Finally came into Chicken Plus main office Is he the CEO? / Ah yes.. How long have you run this company for? It has been around 3 years and 4 or 5 months since Sept 2016 You have about 400 restaurant chains Did your parents buy for you? No away! It’s all debts.. I honestly wondered Chicken+ as chiceken-mania Anyways I wondered what kind of brand it is But then when I searched, I found around 400 chains The restaurants are mostly placed at the alley, and many of them are delivery only restaurants That’s why it sounds not familiar but then it grows really fast Ah~ I see. Can I check the price in the menu? (Yap) Our menu is good value for money Basic fried chicken costs 13,900 won And the rest are mostly 14,900 won Yea, as you said, it has good value for money The price is really good and reasonable The taste as well! Ah! Yea, the most important one! But even if the price is low and taste is bad, you will close down right away! For real What is the 3 popular menus from here? This is the new menu We just published this theatrical version menu This menu is called Hot-Choking! This menu is most selling among our menus This is creamy onion These 3 menus are the popular ones Ok then, do you have basic fried chicken? Yea, fried chicken is.. This one is boneless and deep it into given sauce Before that, we prepared this We brought Mu-pop(Radish pickle with broth) / Ah yea. Thank you Ah.. You invited me not only to get an advise! You guys planed to advertise everything Inside, there is pickle broth I think my lifespan can be reduced after drinking this Ok! Let me try it first This is fried chicken right? Yea! We put seasoning lightly, so I’m not sure you gonna like it When I first try fried chicken Cheap fried chicken usually has very thick layer of batter This one has very thin crispy batter
(The thickness of batter is good!) We didn’t put much salt in it So that’s why fried chicken is clearly divide people who like it or dislike it (There are people who really like fried chicken or dislike it) But then you know with fried chicken It should be very crispy at first bite / Yea, you are right I think Chicken+ fried chicken seems like People sell sweet and spicy chicken with a cup for 2,000 won to elementary school kids This fried chicken reminds me of it Yea! Fried chicken we have now is like.. Little crispy.. Missing bit of something I want to give honest advises But I really like the fact that you have very thin layer of batter Fried chicken definitely must have thin layer of batter If it has thick layer of batter, it makes me feel disgust when I keep eating it! And for boneless chicken, we only take 100% legs (This CEO knows about chicken very well) We recently launched theatrical version chicken You can eat nacho and chicken with this dipping sauce (That’s why) You call it theatrical version chicken? lol The names you have in the menu looks like… Burning hot chicken Garlic stamina chicken Shake Shack chicken The names sounds bit childish So didn’t it perfectly suit your type? Not perfect suit for me but the way of fry should be popular among elementary kids When we named them, we thought they sounded very cool But it really sounds childish? Ah~ That’s fine! It is very unique and good As the owner of 400 restaurant chains, I have a question What do you think of Pepsi? Be honest! I like Pepsi more! You are not being honest with me I think Pepsi has more of sweetness In conclusion, I want you to be very honest in terms of sales Isn’t Pepsi little cheaper to purchase? Ah yea It is cheaper but still tasty! Ah~ Cheaper but tasty! Ok I get it lol There’s no further question! There is a reason behind~ First of all, this(Hot choking) is most popular one, so just try without any sauce Isn’t this chicken marinated with soy sauce based and with bit of spiciness? The price is 14,900 won! It got cold now, so not sure of the taste / I’m ok with it Isn’t this..? Doesn’t this give some kind of sparkle when you bite it? This is an idea! It is very unique! (He will eat as TokTok chicken) Wow~ This is something! Aren’t you trying too much to be unique? No. What I am trying to show is.. I think the taste isn’t only coming from your tongue The CEO is thinking not only palate, but sense of touch as well It is fun! Why don’t you try this chicken with this? Ah.. I think this is enough Chi-dison(39) But as you know Whichever chicken places you go and eat They are trolling with spicy chicken Is this popular menu among spicy ones? This menu is the very first spicy chicken among all the chicken brands We launched first and led the menu from 2016~2017 Since 2016~2017, you guys led it? I never heard of this! This menu was on TV recently! Because of the name (With unique name, it was on broadcast) Gye(Dog) spicy chicken Please hold Mu-pop while you are eating it Spicy but tasty Of course, every menu should taste good as a CEO I will give opinion from the public view Ah~ This is really hot! I thought he was gonna hit someone lol / This is really spicy People who can’t eat spicy food can struggle eating it If I compare this spiciness to something This isn’t as spicy as Buldak noodle! This is as spicy as Abikko(Japanese curry) 3rd stage? Little more spicy than 3rd stage Why don’t you try this too! What? Me? I mean.. You should try whether human being can eat this They are selling chicken that the CEO even can’t eat? I really do like it.. This guy can eat 2 portions I participated creating this menu.. / He likes this menu But to be honest with you When I had the whole portion by myself I almost cut it off.. How many Hot-choking do you sell in a month? Be honest! We sell 7 thousands per month Aren’t you fabricated the number? lol In other chicken brands, they were trolls after we launched it We wanted to show the real spiciness! That was our aim People who really likes spicy food can enjoy this chicken Creamy onion can purify the spicy Doesn’t it purify the spicy? I just ate it I’m having all the menus until now.. This is not giving advise, but I made videos about chicken for 3-4 years now But I really can see the personali(Gaesung)… Gaesae(f**cker).. I mean Did you just abuse me with the word? (He is out of his mind because of spiciness)
I think I heard f**ker.. Anyways, you have the personality! I’m belittle the menu I feel like I can see these chickens in front of elementary schools Not like the chickens which has thick layer of batter Why we concerned the most was A lot of parents are concerning their children’s health eating thick layer of batter It can be bit heavy to eat and seems unhealthy when the chicken has thick layer of batter I like the fact that you have your own principle! It can look smaller portion than other chicken places The boxes are too big these days! It is bit over-sized I think I think it is good to show with as much sincerity as possible with portion I think you should keep continue with this concept As you know these days, it is very competitive with side menu as well There are side menus like Cheese ball, and even Ddukbokki as well You guys also started right away, didn’t you? We are almost the first one to publish this! Again?! The first again?! / But Ddukbokki is..
[We think he is Edison of Chicken] Didn’t you say you established this company in 2016? Cheese ball is originally from BHC Ah No! No! I meant Ddukbokki! Ah.. Alright for now lol I wanted to see your own concept It is a donut / That isn’t a cheese ball!
Golden-dinosaur egg donut(5 pieces) 3,000 won Ah~ You guys are not getting cheese balls but donuts! Oh~ (Good value for money which cost only 3,000 won) How much is Ddukbokki when you order it with chicken? This one is 5,000 won This is the original! This long rice cake is originally from us (Ok..Fine.. You buy me) I don’t have huge expectation of Ddukbokki from chicken places Why don’t you put some sausages after I upload this video? Ah.. We can’t
[Reject because of unit cost] Have you seen this one? / No, I haven’t Is this for a dog?
[Chicken for a dog? Is this for a real?!] Wow~ How much is it? / 4,000 won Dog lovers can enjoy having chicken with their dogs This is a bowl You put it like this to let the dogs eat it In fact, when you order chicken for delivery Dogs start barking when the bell is ringing Looking at the owners to give them some chicken But then when we give them, we usually feel bad considering their health Is this harmless? Yea! This is only made with chicken breast We added some spice which dogs really like Right! This is the special spice that dogs like? Do you want to try? I’m ok! No thanks! Bokyem is invited to the product improvement meeting I will ask you a question! The menus that you tasted today Which menu can be in 1st group? (Joking) I’m not sure yet.. Kidding.. I’m kidding lol You mean which menu can be the main product? / Yes Isn’t it always best to focus on the base? Basic fried chicken that I had first It was the best among all the menus! Why don’t you develop from it? In my point of view, focus on fried chicken is good But chicken with rice is freaking good!
[This combination became a trend] Why don’t you develop Chi-bob(Chicken&rice) with broth sauce like Jikoba It doesn’t have to be exactly like Jikoba but still can mix with rice We will consider your advise We will develop fried chicken menu and for Chi-bob How about Cup-bob? Cup-bob Ah..Cup-bob? Cup-bob would be.. I mean providing rice as a side dish isn’t really necessary Most of people have rice at home Some kind of marinated chicken which can be mixed with rice! Then, should we provide a cup? (They already) have rice.. (Bokyem is getting distracted by CEO’s non-sense humor) The sauce is the most important one / Yea! Exactly! We will take your advise and try to launch a new menu within 3 months Yea! I will try it as well once it comes out! My second question is from the menus that you ate today Which menu do you think we should get rid of? The one with sparkles..
[Shocking menu! TokTok Chicken] I think this idea came from the spy! I’m sure there is a spy from other company to bankrupt this company He/she is an assassin! Those kind of employees You need to resolutely get rid of them Tell me who gave that idea? I… All the chicken brands have their own signature menu I think that’s very important! It makes the image of the brand Chicken+ should have their own signature menu too I think this can be your last stage of becoming first group among all the chicken brands The next is improvement of menu names (Hot-choking name is similar to Mat-choking) That’s why, we brought some examples of new name for hot-choking Please check and pick one for us 1. Bokyem chicken (Satisfied) This is the one! Uh! The one?! (Will ‘Bokyem chicken’ be launched soon?!) 2. Boiru chicken I feel that only guys will order 2nd chicken 3. Bokyem with me chicken This is going to bust! With me chicken will fail My album also went busted! (Seriously) How is Bokyem chicken? Ah.. Bokyem chicken sounds good but then using my name is honorably… (Joking) This chicken might can scratch my name I worked really hard to be in this position now Sorry but I don’t want to be out of the business because of a chicken menu If you get complains with this chicken, it all gonna come to me I will give an example! Let’s say, we launch with this name If the public isn’t happy with the chicken, we will change the name right away! How about you make an apology statement beforehand when you launch this chicken They are trying to casting Bokyem as a model of Chicken+ Benefits
1. Twice concert VIP ticket
2. Twice(Nayeon) goods
3. Twice…
(Is CEO ONCE too?) That’s why, we prepared it all This is what we call ‘Slave contract’.. (They even brought fake blank cheque) We brought the stamp especially for you (Bokyem is trapped) We struggle making this stamp I will not stamp on this page I will stamp it here

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    중국 간첩 빨갱이 때문에 우리나라 망하게 생겼다

    중국 간첩 빨갱이 때문에 우리나라 망하게 생겼다

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