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🌱 survive the week with me 🌱 (vlog.26)

🌱 survive the week with me 🌱 (vlog.26)

Good morning! It is Monday, the first week of January, and I’ve got a lot of work to do, as always, but I just thought I’d bring you guys along for the next couple of days because I’m having some fun working, going to San Diego, I’m seeing some friends, so I just thought I’d bring y’all along! I honestly don’t really know what’s gonna happen in this vlog, but this is just an average week of my life! Right now I’m all ready to go to my favorite cafe that is on campus. I probably have like 4 hours of editing to do today, so I’m gonna go ahead and knock that out. Here’s my outfit for today! I’m wearing some jeans, this baseball tee that I got while I was in Texas – the Texas thrift stores are just better than all the other thrift stores, hands down Where else could you find this amazing Texas Rangers baseball tee? Wearing this hat that I got while I was in Vancouver, And Converse for the first time in a very long time, ’cause I thought they’d match the outfit better? Anyways, let’s go! Good morning! [CRONCH] [chewing sounds] Today I am going to be going down to San Diego, I live in LA and it’s just like a two-hour train ride down there, I got to go because I’m going to be traveling in the next couple months and my passport is expired because I’m irresponsible, so my mom is gonna help me renew it because I don’t know how to do that ¯_(ツ)_/¯ My train ride isn’t till 2 o’clock, so I’m just gonna go to a cafe and hang out with my friend and eat lunch before I go back to San Diego to see my mom and to see Summer! I’m really excited cuz I love San Diego and I miss Summer, and I’m just happy to be able to go home. Let’s go! Good morning! I am having a very relaxing morning, woke up at around 9:00, I slept like 10 hours, and I’m drinking some hot chocolate. A recent combination that I’ve discovered is very VERY good is graham crackers with hot chocolate! It’s so good. Look at my hair! [munch] Right now is a kind of weird part of my life. There’s a lot of challenges that I faced with writing music that I guess I didn’t really ever expect… that I’d have to? No one ever tells you this when you’re going into the music industry, but, writing music is, overall, a kind of painful experience. It’s one thing to write music for yourself: you write it and it’s out there on paper and like, that’s it. You’ve got your emotions out and it feels good. But when you’re writing music, and that music is gonna be published one day, there’s so many more steps to it, so you have to like listen to it over and over and over and work on it over and over and over and you’re constantly like, eating away yourself and all of these memories that you have. Almost all of the songs are all about the same person that I liked while I was in high school, and I’ve long forgotten this person, but since I’m writing music about them, I just constantly have to like remember what it felt like when I was really close with them. It just sucks, like, having to just dig up these memories over and over. Even if it’s like a happy song, you remember how happy you were at that time, then you’re just like sad. I’m just like “I don’t have that anymore!” It’s just something no one ever tells you and then something you never really expect. It’s something I never really expected I’d have to deal with when I was writing music. It’s so weird because all the songs I’ve ever written, they were just for me, and these songs are just still for me. It’s so weird that so many people are gonna relate to these experiences I’m having but it’s good, and I really love music and I love making music It’s just hard cuz they’re like- it’s like my actual life and this stuff that I sometimes wish I didn’t have to remember every single day, over and over. I think it’s good to confront your past though, and this is probably the most head-on way to confront my past. If you follow me on Twitter, you definitely know how much I rant about being sad about this one person. It’s just weird and it’s confusing. It’s confusing to like, forget that this person exists, and then randomly have to work on a song with me like [crying sounds]! It’s just a little sucky. I’m in San Diego right now cuz I got to get my passport renewed because I’m going to record this song out of the US. Hopefully I can get that fixed. I’m watching Carrie Diaries for the morning, just kind of trying to relax, and I’m gonna meet up with Summer later. I feel like lately in vlogs I haven’t really been talking as much as I’d like to so here’s my little talk. Here’s what’s on my mind. I’m gonna get back to that show… yeah. Good morning! It is two days later! After I got back to LA, I just went straight to editing. I edited for like seven hours, and then I edited for seven hours the next day, and I’m gonna edit for a couple more hours today, but I thought I’d go ahead and end the vlog here. I hope you enjoyed it! Not really that much happened, but I just felt like kind of documenting a normal week of my life. [BIG yawn] In the comments below I’d love to hear what you did during your week! If you did anything fun, if you did anything that you think I should do sometime. I’m so tired, but I have to go do stuff 🙁 Thank you so much for watching these videos. It means the whole world to me, it’s everything, and I’m just- I’m just so happy that you watch these, um, so thank you. I’ll see you in a couple of days with a brand-new video! God bless and goodbye! [end card]

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  2. It’s so weird to me that there are people that are excited by and enjoy rain. I guess if it’s a rare thing for you. Here, everytime it rains I don’t even notice but it just subconsciously dampens my mood. I’m so jealous of sunny climates 🙁

  3. u look so unrecognizable to me with a hat on; its surreal to not see your iconic thicc™️ hair up top, boi.

  4. comes back to this video
    continues the part where elijah who plays the ukulele in the background and conan records california in a train perspective to get me in the emo mood

  5. 5:20 I got you. Than i think you should do your songs fast, like one or two trying. Just do it, and it's enough i think. I understand youu…

  6. aw im sure u get comments like this all the time but your music and style and just general attitude have actually been pulling me out of my depressive states, and i cant thank you enough your just so kind and seem generally put together and looking forward to life and having this positivity is helping me so much thank you it feels good to feel again

  7. i love writing music for a hobby – but yeah, the 'business' of music i would want no part of – i just compose everything on the spur of the moment for myself and my own flow of expression

  8. i hate and love that all these places are familiar, I love the Century City Mall and there usually is little rain in LA.

  9. i have to go to theatre after school every day this week along with the next two for my schools play on top of all the work i have to catch up on. this is the first play ive ever done thanks to how late my district starts the theatre program, and i have a somewhat lead role so im doin' a big ol friGhten. and im the type to consistently worry about my friends as well, so watching conan make the best out of his weeks and still be able to push through to the following one encourages me a ton :°) so i made a list of stuff that im happy about to keep me in a hawyee good mood

    * the theatre cast i have is like the best ever omg?? everyone is so sweet and accepting and big goofballs. legit yesterday someone i barely know peeked out from behind me, said "follow me young one" and motioned me to a bathroom where they were legit baptizing these medical glove water balloons and i was snorting

    * i get to hang out with some friends over the weekend to just vent it out and bop to some alice pheobe lou/wolf alice on record. my friends are the yee to my haw, it wouldnt be the wild west without them :'(((

    * in theatre we get to put in more time practicing 'babkak omar aladdin kassim' (im omar) and its a boP

    * language arts is always a great time, and because of the schedule this week i have it first so hA

    * i have tons of drawing ideas so i cant wait to start on those


  11. Your vlogs are literally the only thing that can keep me motivated and happy right now, Thank you so much

  12. your vlogs are always so calming and pleasing to watch! thank you for giving us that feeling of being content Conan! 💛

  13. conan, you explain things i never thought could be put into words. almost everything you say is a constant 'wow that's exactly how i feel' in my brain. thank you for blessing youtube <3

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