🏝 Ylands | Survival Multiplayer – Finding more Islands

and how is everyone doing looks like we’re running pretty well here today so I’m just at my base kind of getting my house half put together wooden logs take a little bit a little while to to grind so building a house actually is quite a bit of effort we’ve unlocked some stuff learnt some things I went started just crafting all the tables I can make that way I have them that way I’ve unlocked whatever making them does and we’re good to go so today we’re actually gonna go exploring and we’re gonna find ourselves in ila me hey what’s up one two three and our 3d and everyone else is this game free no it’s not free dude but it’s pretty much free it’s $12 us I think right now if you’re Canadian they favor you it is how much is it canadian again $9.97 on our he let’s get going here so we’re gonna head out find a new island see if there’s anything we can see all that said the tombstone Jamie was talking about I’m Jade log dealt with his character on the boat your character stays where you log out guys you can get attacked by animals killed by other players so when you log out make sure you’re somewhere relatively safe right or you’re gonna log in here you’re gonna be dead I actually whoa a little sharks damn you you guys doing kill them sharks psychos I don’t think I can outswim them you know you don’t to kill the Sharks do you not have any any ranged okay apparently there is also no raft and that’s okay though rafts are really easy make I think we just make one right off the bat let’s take a look here I’m not far we want to go raft here we go so make a raft ten logs ten ropes BAM done done deal so I won’t get attacked as long as I’m on this thing so if I get up to the ladder and get on quickly I should be okay yeah I’m definitely enough to raft out to them let’s head her they still they still have sharks chasing them is that a shark I’m pretty sure it is what is it doing it’s like psycho finning let’s go get you here we go here we go yeah look at that huh stupid shark what are you gonna do about it where is my here it is cool you know what we do with sharks especially ones that keep ramming your boat this is one aggressive shark we kill them that’s what we do I think I’m in I should be at least what’s up guys how’s it going by the way oh I guess up.maybe was only one shark that we seen earlier I thought it was – either that or it’s a really tough shark no I definitely hit it it reacted wow it’s gonna take all my my bolts huh stupid shark I guess they are pretty weak so I’ll give it that man that shark is an asshole that’s coming back at us again look at it boom right in the face I think I just killed it yeah see you later shark what’d you get I got them guys don’t worry I took care of this so we are going for a sail here so I I’m gonna try some free cam tricks here oops how do we do that again cuz I’m gonna do some cinematic stuff well maybe I can’t go into free cam when I’m moving oh you know what it is free camera ah there we go oh that is awesome I can make six cinematics with this like look at that there that there we go guys see you later have a good one pace this is so cool yeah I can I’m totally gonna experience parent with some cinematics with this game I think I’m gonna make some short Let’s Plays well we can you guys can move any further am i are you getting stuck by the freaking I can’t see the chat so let’s uh do a chase can hear alright let’s get going what this is is a survival game dude you start off at an island well islands gone cuz we’re out of you know but you start off in an island and it’s survival and then you can make a boat and get to other islands if it comes a little derpy when you’re sailing a boat but like setup like this make some pretty sick little cuts I think the guy’s pretty sick looking this has a lot of potential let’s go up a little bit here alright guys here we go haha freecam is sick thank you for the free cam developers thank you thank you I’m holding your map I am actually not holding my map apparently that’s actually not a requirement what I was doing was I think I was sleeping when we were moving so yeah that’s what was happening I know we can actually mix I like I can make some sick cuts with this even sailing is easy cuz I wouldn’t have to log out between accounts and stuff but this is kind of the kind of stuff I really want to get the the second PC for yeah I kind of bring the camera around the side of the ship while moving is a little derpy I’m gonna try another one though oh wow oh wow look at that I can make the cam the camera move fast oh if I press shift it makes the camera move fast here we go I can even make our journeys fun Mariya go check my community tab on my channel my update you guys with all that stuff in there my ps4 is stuck in a loop I have to go and take it get it taking a look at see what’s going on with it I can’t I can’t use it oh that is cool you can even see the chat and stuff like the chat like I love having a chat there just right away as you’re going to lead or connote over this hey what’s up oh this is cool and then I can like get a second player and then like third person like me building and stuff has so much potential okay it’s not gonna been watching since a huge building the Mount and that’s awesome dude I wanted to start doing some like cinematic stuff like big-time man honestly I’m bored of like the Let’s Plays and stuff too like even this views pretty sick like I could probably go like up here how high can I go it seems I can only go you can’t go up to the clouds oh maybe you can you can do like a an aboveground vo ah buddy go holy crap look at this freak am this thing is so sick I love this hey what’s up David how you doing man welcome to the stream this makes your sailing journeys fun too because you just you can actually watch you sail from pretty I look about you can even see that’s huge taking so many screenshots yeah and even the water from up here looks incredible like look at the water from up here oh we can totally do like a roleplay cinematic on this I think that would be so much fun Mergent multiplayers for seven days to die it only works when I’m loaded up dude or if you’re not a dude I apologize I just say do a lot so but it only actually works like this is sick you can almost actually see like the bottom of the ocean to like the light green and and stuff there that shows like a some water retracting off the off the sea there’s a camera go underwater oh you bet it does let’s go check that out actually let’s give her a go see what the ship looks like underwater even getting some underwater cuts of a scuba diving and crap oh that would be friggin awesome it was like this game it the journeys are pretty long yeah let’s go check out the underwater here here we go there you go oh wow look how deep this is where is a ship now looks like you kind of lose sight of it oh oh oh there it is it’s right here okay oh yeah it’s sick Oh imagine the cinematix with thunderstorms oh we better get a thunderstorm while I’m doing this yeah I’m definitely gonna make some content on this that’s pretty damn sick hey that’s kind of cheating Jay but this is sick though thank you for putting this in devs if yeah I know you won’t be watching this but have you ever happened to watch this guys I’ve been wanting this so bad in the other game I was playing that’s so sick looking oh oh did we crash we crash guys no that’s been happening since the last update I checked the forums and I’m gonna actually take those crash notes I check the forums and they know about it and they’re replicating it so they can fix it for us hopefully they fix that soon this is a real good test at this point to see if these devs are really quick on fixing like game breaking stuff like when the game crashes like that okay let’s get this going again so that’s what s is like players gonna have to put up with here for a bit but you know what it’s still not that bad finding a mantis like this we’re still moving 200 no we’re gonna stop you’re gonna stop the boat I gotta I gotta pull anchor Cassie’s out to sea whoo we just saved Cassie’s life Cassie don’t get eaten by a shark okay we got to get you in here am I actually gonna hide my game catcher for a second so I can go with multiplayer we need to get you in as quick as possible okay here we go okay perfect we’re good to go a multi-player we have to wait for Cassie to get back on because she got dumped into the water somehow don’t die Cassie get getting quick go overboard do we have a life preserver and Jay still sitting here controlling the ship he’s like whatever dude whatever dude I know David I have to hide the screen for a second see they don’t see what I’m in putting for the for the surfer dude okay there we go somebody’s back in the game of the game crashed on us when we were when we were sailing I was like checking out the third-person camera and stuff B yeah we’re good we’re gonna be laggy for for like a minute here while everyone tries to jump back on I think actually what we need to do is get a good group of us together and kind of keep it a little more tight because they can get bad are you okay oh this game rocks guys but it does need some work dammit I think when I stream like this because my internet connection is not the greatest either it’s not very reliable sometimes so I think when I stream this I’m gonna have to go with like a select few players unfortunately just to keep it so like if there’s people on the island it has people there loaded and then we have us going like this and we found two that because the items stay look gasps he’s still floating out there really hope she doesn’t get ganked by a shark [Music] are you guys able to get back on are you still loading and oh there’s Cassie sweet swim swim swim I saved you with the anchor J tried taking off on you Cassie JH I’d taken off I saved I saved I saved the day Cassie I saved the day now we just gotta wait for Jay because he’s still got his foot on the gas he’s still going isn’t that scary and that scary my quick moves oh you saved the day that was fun see you again we gotta wait for Jay here I have to reel OGG map is reset damn it okay am I gonna try my map here and see yeah it doesn’t seem to be holding player data so I’m gonna ask some about that one too I actually really plan to be I’m being really active on the forums with these guys okay um oh here we go okay so yeah I’m actually I am missing some our trip from here to there is missing but I see it on the map where we’re good I see our home island there so the hoe still has information yeah we got to keep this real yeah when people join in it starts late you get a leg spike like crazy like my frame rates doing good look at my frame rate it’s like 100 frames per second I think when we start streaming this we have to keep like a keep a closed group and then when I’m not streaming it will open it up just because of that like those lakes bikes are pretty brutal we’ll wait for Jay to get back into but I’ll hold this open while we sail I may as well sit on a car passenger seat that seems like an appropriate thing to put on a ship there we go okay we’re good to go Jay we’re good to go I shall drop anchor here Jay here we go J I have dropped a or I have pulled anchor I pulled anchor I dropped anchor in save the day to day whoa where are you going it’s like I just need to go get wet dude okay we’re good we’re good should get going awesome time for some awesome more epic freecam stuff I’m gonna park my butt’s so I don’t like fault okay I’m gonna sleep then that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna just oh wait no I can’t so I need to have the map open in my hand here we go where’d the map go well it’s in slot 7 my bad okay so I got the map in my hand I’m standing here so at least we won’t receive any funkiness I was in the water oh you went back in the oak Cassie went back for another swim just wanna go and get another swim but time for some more free cam fun here we go free cam around I want to get some practice with this cuz it would be sickening some cinematic shots with the free camera like this it’d make for an interesting let’s play that’s for sure like heading off into a storm oh that would be a sick shot – I can’t wait guys if we get a thunderstorm I’m gonna see I’m gonna get some practice with some act back with some epic thunderstorm stuff that’d be pretty awesome you can fish off the boat yes I heard that you can fish off the boat I have not actually made any fishing stuff yet I want to get that done too but honestly man like I’ve been wanting to play and play and play and play this game but with my other obligations but we’re giving us some more time here today again we’re learning a lot we’re getting a lot done this makes a sailing – because sometimes you have to sail for a long time so this makes us sailing at least a little more appealing to watch while we chat it up are you guys be careful we are be careful ma’am fish the fishing Alaska video on this I guess I’m an official no like a but like this and I clicked on this and watch your stream what’s that Dave that’s how you got here that’s how you got to our stream through a random fishing video that’s awesome dude we’re just a gaming community man that chills out I like to make videos we like to play multiplayer stuff so oh look at this look at this Sean you know damn right like some 4k content like this guys damn I think this is perfect for a few players to do let’s play like this that would be fun oh dude this is a hundred percent PC man it is on Steam right now it is $12 us and nine dollars Canadian for some reason is cheaper in Canadian but I’m sure that’s an oversight somehow look at the reflection in the lake – and this is a box with eyes game guys you can build stuff you can build on that ship if you want you can add to it that’s so sick watching the Sun go down like that like how’s that for a cut right there I’d like to see if I can get my hands on the soundtrack for this game too because I want to keep the original soundtrack as a soundtrack for the game and then then of course we’ll have some witty chatter as we do well if I do get a second PC oh look it’s getting foggy out now that’s awesome seeing them in it would get foggy because we’d have some witty chatter on the way there of course right and like as it gets foggy out we’re gonna do scenes like this like nice and close this free camera is bad ass needs sailing music yeah when I stream this on twitch is a live music as much as possible the playlist is really big and there’s some stuff in there that’s like that’s not sailing music at all there we go past the Sun but yeah it’s saying some really good quick angles like right here mm-hm yeah I know this is awesome I can actually really make a good let’s play with us even when I’m building and stuff with the second camera I can have it like zoned out and actually you can like pop out the third person and watch me do it probably in like a time lapse form there’s just so much more I want to do than just a let’s play now so that’s why I’m kind of like reaching out looking at games like this even just like traveling because traveling takes a while to find an island it takes like 10 20 minutes of honest traveling you have to feed yourself keep yourself warm and stuff you know events happen like thunderstorms and storms while you’re out you know what I mean I hope we have a thunderstorm I really want to see what cinematic cuts look like in this game or with a thunderstorm that would be absolutely amazing I need to get my dashboard up here one second guys I know the audio cut out but we should be a-ok here we go damn yeah this could be this could be actually a lot of really good practice honestly I think I could pull this off decently with 1pc it’s a lot of work but I think I can do it there we go the ambience in this game is awesome the sound is awesome the music’s YouTube friendly can you tell me what you do in this boat is just moving that doesn’t seem to be any points what do you do when you get on a boat did we’re looking for another Island right now man we just left our original Island and we are actually headed towards our new Island okay I’m actually in free camera mode so we I’m just kind of practicing for let’s play this is a straight-up survival game dude we literally left our island and we are looking for a brand brand-new island so since I’m streaming this and boat rides take forever I think cinematically watching it like this is good innit me to get a lot of practice for like good shots and stuff like that gives me something to do you do have to keep yourself fed and stuff though I mean I have to pop back in the my other my other person and do it oh yeah like look at that with a moon in the show awesome there we go yeah that’s actually some pretty sick shots I wonder how easy it would be to make the free camera move when you get close to the ship it seems to really do some really weird stuff oh no here we go I can’t really make it move at the same speed kind of derps out a little bit around the ship I see how it gets like a little jerky when the ship kind of the ship seems to interact with the camera for some reason they know there’s a visual bug like if you go in the first person as a host you can actually really make a ship do some wonky stuff oh if I hang it out back here a little bit it actually doesn’t seem so bad hey Jay have you scouted out an area yet this game is a blast dude I’m digging around with a free camera right now cuz you guys know I’ve always wanted to make cinematics like we can literally have a conversation and stuff and I can like take the free camera and do this and still have a conversation like this game would actually be really easy to get good some good cinematic practice yeah seems like that ah why does it do that on the ship yeah there’s got to learn its limits and stuff right it’s still not bad that’s pretty badass for a camera I’m gonna I’m gonna try this around the island a little bit too now if I’m doing actually doing stuff with my character I am gonna have to use a second computer I can have to use my character doing all the building on my second computer because the graphics aren’t there aren’t that great and then use my main computer to actually record from the third person so in order to do like Island stuff I’m gonna have to like log in and out of accounts but I think I can make really entertaining 20 minute episodes because like sailings a big part of this game oh oh wait I’m starving oh yeah free camera here we go let’s get some food in me yeah I got a really pay attention to that to see that blinking that meant that was starving my bad guys I’ll feed myself I got this we’re good so how you can tell you’re starving is by that little meat icon that comes up that means you hungry should have brought the seed box you forgot the seed box this game is great because you can press the tilde key a couple times and it’ll actually hide your HUD I actually played this game a lot while I’m out gathering and whatnot without the HUD like I actually play it like this without anything showing up I actually really really love this game for its immersion this game is amazing it’s one of the best survival games I played in a while and there’s there’s like it has goals like you got to go out find new islands when you find new islands you can find new technologies you can unlock stuff you can find new ores unlock like better armor find harder enemies that’s what we’re working on here we found those shiny red ruby things in a cave on one of the islands they’re pretty cool you can place them down and they make shiny oh you know what I should do also did anyone bring a lantern I guess I guess we’re holding our Maps open for a purpose let’s look at the map here oh that’s not the map that maps in number seven seven six seven okay let’s take a look at the map here this is how far we’ve traveled so far this is what I mean the like we left here and we’ve started traveling out this way this is this is a survival game what Jay is doing here our fearless boat captain with his feather in his cap buddy he is actually steering the ship and what he’s doing is looking for birds you want to look for birds birds indicate that there is land nearby so you start sailing out you go off in the direction you haven’t gone in yet and you look for dem birds there is the high possibility that if you’re not prepared enough you could starve to death or freeze to death so prepare yourselves we should definitely get more it should definitely improve the sails on this put a couple more mast on maybe get some hardcore mast on hey Presley what’s up yeah this game is awesome what we’re doing right now is weird like legit sailing right we got to keep ourselves alive while at sea we can encounter storms we can encounter snowstorms end up being cold so we’ll have to like light bonfires and like all hover by it while we’re we’re going through a snow storm is the wind in our favor no the wind is definitely not in our favor is completely against our favor so we are going really slow now see that little thing right there that little flag that shows you the direction your wind is going Danielle green welcome it shows which direction the wind is going in right and unfortunately we are headed directly into the wind so we’re not moving it very quickly now if the wind was going in this direction where I’m facing no me right here we would be moving a lot quicker but we’re kind of tugging along right now now I have a good on the food here so we’re gonna go a little bit into some more free freecam and I’m gonna get some more cinematic practice with this because I really really I’ve always wanted to do cinematics and these awesome devs have put free camera into the game for us already look at that right off the bat free camera so I can get some cinematic shots like we can talk and stuff while we’re traveling I want to get my hand on the original soundtrack for this game cuz it’s YouTube friendly and actually cut it in to appropriate moments right appropriate music for appropriate moments and stuff like that’s cool we can talk away talk away and then you know we can cut in the first person take another cinematic cut so stuff like this won’t be as boring in a let’s play right I think it would be a pretty damn cool like it’s it’s dark I I love how dark this game is night is dark in this game it’s very realistic in that fact because there’s not a lot of light pollution right it’s just you sail boat and some ocean do the Seas actually get rough with the Serbs they definitely do man you got to hold on to your your pants when you get a storm storms can also damage buildings as well so you got to build your places kind of beefy ish I haven’t seen storms do damage but Jay has informed us that they do this free camera thing is sick it makes us so much more fun to watch and I’m gonna do some tutorials on this game as well this game is like like I said 12 always us right now it’s probably $15 regular well worth of money you host your own servers with your own friends and you go on an adventure together right if your friends you can you can just chat it up while you’re going like this we found books on one island let’s actually catch up here a little bit we found books on one island and you can actually literally it has a whole book like fables and stuff right it has a whole book in it and you can literally sit there if you’re bored and read through it what kind of books were there oh the storm damage buildings awesome well that’s cool dead step honestly dude yeah that that’s that’s that’s your opinion but that’s not the direction I want to go people people want to see some better shit dude they want to see some character in the game this is possible for anybody to do you want to what you want to watch 20 minutes of me holding a map open and standing there no people want to watch this stuff man that’s why channels like neebs gaming does so damn well it’s because they take the boring and make it fun and survival games have a lot of boring so they can be challenging zero what’s up yeah I love neebs gaming – moby-dick yeah one of the books you can read is Moby Dick I found that one – I just I can’t remember which ones offhand so one of the books you find that and it’s literally the whole book you can sit there and read it it’s pretty damn cool you know what is my end game sounds at I’m gonna turn them up a little bit here for you guys because this game does have a lot of dynamic sound and I honestly really don’t want you guys to miss out on that okay because it’s mid/side type of game dude it’s one of those games that engross you in the game itself and what does someone do on the ship like this on long long journeys they read books afferent and Moby Dick would be one of those books that you find that’s what I love about this game I won’t read it but it’s awesome that they put that in there it’s about the little details mein all about the details that’s what I think I’ve loved about this game is because it’s very atmospheric the art is amazing a lot of people are like graphics but the way I feel about that is people look at this game they’re like oh that’s crap graphics are people that look at Picasso and go oh you could have painted that to make it look a lot real more real right like they just they don’t understand the art of it they did the art in this game perfectly they balanced it awesome like look at this sunrise with the free cam oh this is amazing I love the views is their wheels in the game yes actually you can work your way up the generations and eventually end up with like JPEGs and shit it is so much fun I love the graphics I love that the the chat bubble still pop up and they’re still readable from a distance that’s actually this game has so much charm to it so much charm I know I sorry I mean like I’m a kind of person that can actually like I’ll sit there and appreciate of you and this game is just so relaxing you go on the sail a sail ride with your friends and just kind of go off into the distance monster wheels attached to the boat pieces dude all right oh let’s watch the Sun come up with a boat right in the middle you got to do that here we go that’s why I mean like I can get some real sick cinematic shots for like some real smooth crossovers and stuff you you were my first subscriber mmm it’s a long time ago [Music] that’s that’s cool damn Joe if you don’t think it’s cool doll you’re looking in the screen and there’s no point you’re the one that’s been watching for the last 15 minutes complaining about it so I mean your building is still back at it’s still back there what I’m gonna do is finish it it’s not done yet dude it’s gonna take a lot of effort I gotta get my place done I heard a bird yeah the the ambience in this game is amazing the sound is perfect they nailed the music there they’ve also promised us that they are going to make the music actually correspond with events so if it starts sundar storming out you’ll actually get like music for thunderstorms and as the Sun comes up you’ll get appropriate music for a sunrise and as the moon goes down you know what I mean it’ll be a lot more atmospheric in that way but like every other way they’ve nailed this game 100% it’s actually an epic game you definitely gotta appreciate like the finer things really and I’m true survival really get a game like this but I think this is actually technically our longest journey so far we’ve gone quite a ways as a wind turned in our favor yet no we’re still going against the wind I have cookies do you actually have like real real life cookies like in the game because I’m just eating some cooked fruit you’re looking in the making the music downloadable oh that’s sick man yeah because I’d love to insert it into the appropriate scenes for this right because with this if I did a multiplayer with like other people it would be a lot of conversation right so I think it could be well done we tell a story as we go like the lits plays a story right we’re still informative we still show people how to do things I want to make like a cinematic informative let’s play I have seeing those two really mashed together at all because like even trying to find decent tutorials for this game right now is like pulling teeth I need to make some of those very soon I read some players didn’t find islands to the north huh is that possible we could be sailing off into nothingness here Jay against the wind to the whole way Jay you’re a horrible pilot pilot captain no kidding dude you’ve actually found all of our other islands but is that nice whole thing Jay could be leading us into a trap Jay whoa I’m in the ship do not mean to go there here we go Jay Hey J right in your beard did you hear that in the chat like even the camera itself is pretty smooth to use with the mouse like it’s a little jerky but I’m sure I could fine tune my mouse to get it perfect but like that’s it’s not bad I can do short ones like that it’s a little jerky but I’m sure to improve over time there’s a nice free cam though into the sunset I know I love it yeah because we haven’t found an island yet and it’s actually been a while you know what I’m actually gonna get out of free camera there we go and we are gonna take a look at my map and see what what okay yeah this is uh this a long time ago have you seen any birds Jay like any birds at all cuz yeah like we’ve literally gone way out like at least here you start seeing some more shallows you know what I mean around the islands have we even seen any shallows out this way yeah we haven’t even seen any shallows Jay I think we’re just heading off to kill ourselves do you think that’s possible there’s so much to learn about this game guys that’s why we’re playing this pretty hardcore I don’t know if you can see this well but look how its translucent so you can still see the background well you’re looking at the map I really like that this game has a nice bunch of nice little touches they didn’t overdo or under do any of the graphics perfect balance where y’all going you just got here yeah hey hardwood we’re looking for another Island um but I do not see any birds either Jay you know usually we’ve seen something by now I did not see any birds yeah I’m starting to think so man this is a long time not to see any shallows or any birds yeah that’s so let’s turn around and go south again man yeah maybe so let’s look at the map here we haven’t gone in one direction well we haven’t gone east so let’s go southeast dude go south southeast we haven’t gone south east of our starter Island maybe there is nothing north of the starter Island so yeah let’s go south east and try to find ourselves another Island we came down found this island the one time found this one but if it’s true that there’s nothing north then yeah like there’s I don’t see anything here dude I don’t see any birds pretty birds I don’t see any shallows like at all yeah let’s turn it around yeah we should we should go check out in that direction because yeah I don’t see anything dude like at all well check out the forums and see if it’s an actual thing later Toreros on the phone Jay Jay Jay never text and sale dude see see what you’ve done now we are approximately 10 kilometers in the opposite direction that we should be MJ what have you done [Music] yeah cuz we’ve gone for like a good journey we should have found at least something by now man that might actually be true because like there’s no birds there is nothing whoa did I just turn the ship again being the first person view hey which direction are you facing now oh there we go look we guys turned around perfect there we go let’s let’s head out we went to all the close ones we do we didn’t go yeah no we haven’t it does hit there’s nothing north dude there’s literally nothing North but sits we’re gonna we’re gonna just start going out this way should we got to turn around anyways so we may as well go in like in an opposite direction because we’re far out if we go into triangle will will be far out on the other either west south east yeah cuz like this is this is a little suspicious I thinks we have a bunch of empty storage to you alright we came from there not Southwest we came from there is that the island you guys went to the other day without me you’d even tell me you’re going to an island you’re just like screw you we’re taking off we’re going on some sort of weird exotic trip together and leave me out of that [Music] okay I’m gonna look at the map here again [Music] ya know we gotta like completely turn around apparently there is nothing north so did not go north of our island because we literally confirm that that we haven’t seen anything [Music] so what we need to do is like go in like a south west direction ish and like check out this area over here no I mean because there’s areas we’re sailing around over here where there is birds like on one side and you’re chasing after the ones over here so all the islands I think ours are south of us man so we need to we need to get down there we sailed a long way at least this way the wind will be with us this time that’ll be a little better because yeah like look how far north we went like nothing there’s literally nothing I put a link on disk over the thread no not straight West guys there is nothing north nothing north we got a head either Southwest or so or north or northeast damn it like don’t head off on an angle straight you’re not gonna find anything there’s nothing north of our Island that’s what the thread says there’s nothing north of the island yeah like we’ve gone way past dude there’s nothing out here so we got to either go we got to head back to the our original Weiland or off to the other often one of the other directions and start to round those areas because we see multiple birds in those areas that we haven’t gone to yet so we need to like get get our asses right back is it all there’s a wind still against us and the wind is still against us of course a witness against us I think too we should always check to see which way the wind is going and then just decide to go in that direction when you’re searching for stuff going against wind is so slow we were never going straight north no you’re never going straight north you’re going northeast dude but there is literally nothing north as we can see up here up this way so we needed like head back down and like search out areas south of our island we shouldn’t have even went north apparently like there’s apparently nothing north of our island man anything above ears so that lasts 54 minutes we spent getting here dude Lee waste of time so we need to like tail like you need there either heads straight self and look for another islands around that island you found over here off to the east of us or we need to head back down this way but we need to like hightail it self man we can’t be angling again we got to make it worth it who’s gonna take us another hour to get back down there and take forever All Right see you later bum have a good one man he sailed for three hours north with no islands yeah and the maps huge – like when I first looked at it that’s why I was like you got a plan for days and days and days cuz I looked at the map and it just kept going right so I’m like holy crap and I think that’s it everything’s south of your Island hey who’s writing the captains elfrid the one that led us north and then nothingness him he wouldn’t he Hey look at that we’re headed in the opposite direction we were going the whole time here and the wind is still against us captain captain I hate to point out the tiny little flag but it is not in our favor either great can you put motors on boats I do like to motorboat but I’m not sure if you can in this game okay so since we got it all let’s go out to free camera so I can get some more practice here like this this would have been a whole episode of watch us do nothing you know what I think this is where I’m finding the episodes where people went and they like sail for like four hours and died because they just didn’t have enough on them maybe they ran out of like supplies and stuff and it got too cold and they I think they froze to death that’s what happened I think those that’s what those people did maybe they went north doesn’t always work it always blows that way yeah I’m not sure if I believe you Jay I think I think you’re blaming the flag on your navigational skills I love the chat bubbles – how the chat bubbles come up like that like even in the let’s play that could work really well someone on the boats log out log back in and wait to see what happens I want it South and found snow island you did that’s exciting so yeah I think the snow is south I think that’s the thing too I think from what I’ve seen snow is a pretty soft thing your birdie birdie birdie birdie I love this free camera though it makes traveling so much better like you can do stuff on the ship you can fish and stuff but hey when I’m streaming I’m more of like I want to talk to you guys and you may as well get a nice shot of his traveling while we’re doing that instead of just seeing a whole bunch of like first-person stuff doing nothing ya know what happened William it’s cuz we crashed to rights so I’m not sure if it saved her in the right spot but thank God I dropped that anchor thank God owes main attention we would have been like out of there fo sho hey where’s the Sun what’s up there I wonder if I can get a six shot oh wow look at the ocean holy crap whoa Oh apparently got knocked out of freecam are you doing there oh it’s Cassie Cassie’s dancing that’s way Cassie yeah it sounds too high but like even though even the water shots are pretty damn cool I’m like underneath that looks neat they did a great job with how this game works hey what’s up Damon I’m someone on the boat and I just read that that’s a horrible suggestion that’s right when you’re when you log out your body stays and from what I’ve seen it stays on moving stuff I think Cassie’s had to do with the fact that we crashed our sailboat across the bay if you’re sleeping or sitting down and it crashes a caste can happen okay yeah that makes sense okay thanks man for the heads up on that one yeah we’re learning we’re learning what to do what not to do little tips here in there and that’s good because I want to make tutorials on this game I think would be fun mmm man this is the perfect sit back light or whatever do it whatever and chill with your friends game you know what I mean like even the building it takes time this is one of those games were you they can actually like it’s it’s a good bonding game I guess is to say right like we just learned a lot about each other right now we learned that you can’t go north of the island because apparently there’s nothing and I’ve seen a lot of videos too that makes sense now that’s why I was like you got a really prepared because I’ve seen people go for like four hours and die and then they’re like no we found one in like ten minutes and I’m like oh but ya know apparently you can’t go north see we just learned a big a big tip there BAM nice thanks guys but we learned it the hard way because this is us traveling now do anything the fist thing would look pretty damn cool though like I could take my character and like hang them off the side with the fishing rope for some screenshots for some scenes I really want to get that second PC so bad so bad like I like Let’s Plays but I want my Let’s Plays to tell a story right like I want you to watch it from the beginning all the way to the end and be vested in what’s going on and this was one of those games where you can make a story up and like the music’s amazing too and it’s YouTube friendly [Music] hey Titus Titus Titus how you doing I’m sorry it’s Titus right this game is absolutely amazing I can’t like even the ceilings and experience right because if I was like playing the single player with them right now we’d be chatting it up I’d probably make fun of Jay for leading us out into almost starvation I’ll be cracking the whip I love this music it’s amazing this game is so ambient I love it [Music] like I can get some sit Wow look how high up you can go hmm excuse me sorry guys look how high up you can go like look at that I wonder if I could do that with like the whole mile and have us like pulling in the home port at home island and stuff when we do like pirate battles when we battle each other I can get like six Greenshaw or as sick like cinematics of us I’m battling each other with our ships because there’s cannons and stuff too right so we can do a lot of stuff with this game be a lot of fun mr. squeaky voice that is from my I’m going into the fourth stage of manliness I’m working up to the sixth stage which is Chuck Norris so every time I hit that stage my voice just keeps getting squeaky yeah I say I mean I won’t get I want to do cinematics so bad seven days a die is really tough to do that with there’s no free Camry either and I would the machine I required have to do seven days of dies is a lot like actually and I wanted do in a 4k it in 4k 2 because I natively play this game at 4k but when I stream it I do it in two case so that it’s windowed and I can see everything else and one monitor but I can like deliver this incomplete 4k to and it will look just as good in 4k trust me guys what’s amazing now like actually using the camera seems a little like shots like this isn’t bad actually because I’m moving the camera but it’s in slow move mode but it’s a little jerky you can see a few jerks so I hope that improves I don’t know what that corresponds with but like that’s a I mean that’s a great moving cut right like this is where like you adhere me off in the distance telling Jo for leading us up into the north you know what I mean in a let’s play style game zones perfect for it those like those jerks are gonna be a little hard to get used to mmm I’d have to what I do when I go to editor is I’d have to try to get like nice cuts in between where it starts jerking around like that right okay David when Presley that’s funny yeah he was leading us off because he wanted to get us secluded that’s what was going on Jay I’m not into what you’re into dude no no like it and whenever like zoom don’t like this like I could put an echo in according to how far away we are I know how to do all that stuff I’ve spent some time learning to do a lot of cinematic type stuff I just I can’t wait to be able to actually do a full-out and I think this game I think I can it’ll be really hard without the proper second machine but I think I can make it work whoa oh yeah I moved myself with a free cam alright Here I am again though this is what it looks like from the ship like I mean I don’t have to use the cinematics all the time we can do it like this while we’re having a conversation 10:4 on that David okay and this is uh this what David says David says I didn’t mean I didn’t mean to say that when I meant to say what I’d like these youtube videos I’m talking through the mic and what a and Mike what exit in Austin said I don’t like this YouTube videos so that I’m talking to okay David have you checked for signs of stroke you probably should not use voice of text dude you sound like my parents trying to learn how to auto text that would suck so bad you do not want to die out at sea I think maybe at least if you died on the boat your stuff will drop on the boat and they can pick it up and put it in a container but like if you died out in the water and they can’t get your stuff back like there’s a ton of sharks around you then you’re really really in trouble okay I get it David it’s all good man it’s all good it’s just funny when the how the how it picks up like voice-to-text all the time my parents try to do the same thing man and I can’t make out what they’re trying to say love it but I should probably check my food levels here I’m about to starve so let’s you know how much fruit roasted fruit I’ve had to eat Jay you know I really like in this game especially at night is the the lantern the lighting in this game is absolutely amazing I love it it literally looks like an it look like you can make this game a let’s play and like for your journeys and stuff like normally the boring stuff you’d have to do hours of and cut it all out you can actually make really really interesting by making it look like an animation right like this literally looks like it’s animated it’s like an animation I love it it’s beautiful like the artworks amazing they didn’t like they did an a like a bang on job they didn’t overdo it they didn’t under do it it’s okay dude you’re you’re really still well sorry dude man one second here you’re really a cool youtuber I’ll just keep watching this and I’ll keep watching these YouTube videos you know give this some YouTube like well thank you very much man you’re welcome Skippy I put a lot of roasted fruit on board did you oh I had a whole time myself man I was roasting fruit all day yesterday but I do appreciate that there we go let’s get the sword out we may as well looks look some badass here see you later guys peace out see you like how the music started like that now what go away then there would be like a little bit of an echo to make us seem like as we’re talking far away and it would slowly get quieter as we went away and this would be a cutscene and then something else would happen like we’d find an island or something and then I’ll cut it into a scene like that Let’s Plays can be so much more than what they are right now I love it love it the views in this game are amazing the water is probably the most epic water I’ve ever seen in the box lies game in my life I think that’s what ever really got me was the water this game apparently I’m a vegetarian Hey Dude do what you have to do men okay David Haye bad time how are you doing man we are going on an epic sale right now we just sailed way too far out and found out that there is up no islands north of your starter Islands we just learned a valuable lesson but this entire stream we’ve just been chatting up get know each other this is actually the perfect game for streaming I tell you what yeah I can even go into cinematics just for streaming right like I’m not doing anything else in the ship anyways we’re just trying to find a new island the new places to explore and find things [Music] yeah Presley says yeah my mom only voice text completely incomprehensible yeah me too I get them and I just I called him back and I’m like what I’m like nothing that made any sense but I’m pretty unsure of ingesting any bananas that are in your household anymore my Linh came back John what we found on multiplayer is that when you die you end up actually going back to the home island when you die so I’m not sure if it’s a single-player thing or a multiplayer thing the seed does gets a little derpy through the the flood of freecams too far out so I’m gonna have to keep that in mind too for when I’m recording see this is valuable time guys Mike and I can learn I love doing this type of stuff this is what I really really want to do we’ll get a nice cut up here this way with the Sun in and in the ship going across maybe level with the sea now’s a Mapple x’ the cinematic thing is amazing yeah it’s awesome who made me told me about this today like I’d say guys I’m so busy right like I want to learn everything I don’t have time but I’ve been really tapping into my community lately the power of your community was amazing by the way and someone told me there’s there’s options like to do your options all you have to do is go press ENTER to go into your chat menu and there’s commands you can actually do I’m gonna do CMD no tell me something here mobile is show up if I don’t have command help Oh CMD list okay so you go CMD list and it will actually give you a list of stuff you can do so I can actually kick a player from the game use free cam you can kill yourself you could promote another player to amend status there’s an unstuck as well if you guys are stuck go into the chat and go slash unstuck and it’ll actually get you unstuck that’s pretty damn cool Hey huh well thank you David yeah it does this game feels like a movie that you get to play through their friends because it’s real survival and stuff happens right I don’t know if you guys watched our stream the other day when Jay just came in and and kept getting owned because he’s used to seven days to die it was so funny him in that wolf there they were best friends they were doing it wrong he adapted quickly though and learned we got it done maybe LTT me how are you doing well we learned a valuable lesson today we learned that there is no island north of your starter island and we went north so we’re we’re heading back down now to find another island possibly and I’ve been practicing at getting some cinematic screenshots that is what I have been doing I kind of checking out different angles kind of checking how like the camera and stuff works like this could be a cyclic cinematic screen shot because all I have to do is hold the button and it moves my camera but like I said is the speed isn’t very reliable well you almost jumped right it yourself right off the ship that’s funny so I I don’t know right about now like getting the really sick moving shots but like even like shots like this with the Sun going down and us sailing through while we’re talking away I’m doing stuff we can make the boring stuff in survival games entertaining there you go Suns going down what do we got going on someone’s a little fire I see that’s good the freecams amazing man even for streaming when we’re doing like when we’re going and looking for islands this is so much better than watching than me just like standing there that’s just like standing there like making stuff for doing things right I can talk to you guys is so easy to talk to you guys while streaming this it’s multiplayer so I can play with my friends because honestly playing games like this with your friends is the best it’s fun you get a good great group together you’re good to go oh look at that like the Sun almost went down as the ship cuts out that would have been like the perfect shot right there that’s awesome oh it’s getting windy guys do you hear the wind look at the waves oh oh we might be due for a storm Oh sick I wanna see what cinematix look like in storms with this storms are gonna look epic oh I can’t wait it’s gonna look awesome see the sea the waves guys it sounds like a storm’s whipping up see the how the clouds are starting to get thicker to the weather system in this game is a plus the weather system is the best I’ve ever seen in the game before it’s absolutely amazing yeah we’re starting to get some waves gonna get some waves going on nuclear no he’s has a hard time with speech so he’s using this phone and that it’s not catching with his ain’t very well in the storms break your boat Lake homes if you have stuff built on it maybe because yeah like I said the homes can get it oh I think we might be due for a storm I hope so that’d be that’d be pretty slick it’d be fun but I’m really into games like this like actual like real survival games like we just almost got ourselves into a situation where we could have starved to death or you know what I mean take hours to get back it’s all good David so good man can you look at the map how far are we yeah I can look at the map oh look at that moon I love what they did the moon in the polygon – it’s amazing okay we’re gonna go back and we are gonna get ourselves out of the camera there we go Here I am guys whoa that’s right you can’t jump on the ship because you actually like in real life if you jump on the ship and it’s moving pretty quickly oh wait you don’t move with the ship right that makes no sense I’m having a moment here alright I’m gonna get a torch in my hands we can see I love the torch it’s like look at the lighting in this game they cut look how the torch lights up the area love it this game has so much class it’s fantastic alright we’re gonna look at the map here though and we have we’ve come a long way here Jay we have come a very very long way we’re almost back we’re getting there we’re getting there I think the wind actually may be in our favor because Jay says he blames us Singh here he says a little flag doesn’t work out work hard work all the time and he blames it on that but if you look at our sails they look pretty full maybe it’s cuz the incoming storm maybe look what that night looks like guys it literally looks like night I love it okay let’s get a little cinematic on here again like night look how dark it is I can literally see as a ship itself it’s not the size of the flag that matters yeah as J’s excuse too it’s like yeah you know what it’s just tiny that’s why it’s just it’s really tiny that doesn’t work that’s what’s wrong with your flag you knew tiny flake Wow is it ever actually really dark at night love it lighting in this game is just perfect to you because I’ve always been a really big fan of actual dark dark nights at least we know what general direction we’re headed in we’re not just sailing into the dark to be in the dark it’s definitely not my excuse yes to make up for it he put a really large mast on it so no excuse at all yeah we haven’t really gone out with it all with this ship yet we just kind of put sails on it and some storage because it keeps us going but at night time that the cinematics are a little harder because you can’t see much so I keep having to catch up although like a cutscene like this off into the night is kind of cool like I can focus the camera in like see all the ships going off in a distance I can also make the the scene camera focus in on it and like fade into another scene it would actually look really sick it look like this ship actually faded into the next scene there’s so much I can do with this and I can get out of it though because there really isn’t much you can do at night with the camera apparently sup what’s up Ceylan pitchblack wishes us on seven days to die I know man disco that’s Ari I mean like this game does everything I’ve always wanted in this survival game it’s you versus nature you know what I mean see you first is whether there’s like there is radiated stuff and carving the dungeons but it’s still you versus nature and it’s nice refreshing you don’t get that too often anymore it’s all about the zombies or aliens or whatever the hell is the current trend I like zombies don’t get me wrong Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows but I also like fast food but I tend not to overdo it sounds not special anymore um what we’re doing right now you mentioned the can of the cannons that is actually a very good question what we’re doing right now is we’re looking for other islands so we can unlock stuff like that as far as I know none of us have cannons unlocked yet but there is cannons there is cannons in this game we could essentially like have some fun in the end and attack each other with ships when it’ll be the captain when will Legman the cannons you know and I mean we only need four of us to do that that would be a blast there’s scenarios in this game that you can download player made scenarios I’m pretty sure there’s quite a few pirate ones where you can like just go out and do a pirate battle without doing anything like survival mode like this the workshops a real thing already with this game I’m a big fan of that you can already like share stuff on the workshop pretty sick [Music] look at the movement over there now they do talk about getting dedicated player servers but but the thing is resources in this game do not replenish once you use up like an iron ore node that’s it right there’s only 8 to 12 islands so a server like this wouldn’t work out so well at this point the game right now it’s it’s something you host locally and you play with your friends or play it by yourself I would really actually you know what I would really like to do a castaway let’s play at this game I think that’s why they’re gonna attempt first guy’s because I am looking for a team players I can play with that are constantly around because I would like to do some multiplayer stuff what we’ll do it we’ll do it Skippy style you know I mean kind of like this this is a very good streaming game as well hey Jessie what’s up write about a flying pig but I think is a glitch yeah it sounds like a glitch I hadn’t been able to get into Vikings Jay I could have to give it another try man uh-oh [Music] Oh Cassie what you doing well that’s Jay OJ’s going for a swim that’s what he’s doing he’s messing around yeah I would laugh so much if you got like instigate from a shark you didn’t see I think Jay got a little impatient jiae’s like screw this hold my wheel we don’t need someone to steer well it’s a it’s a sailing ship right so you really don’t need someone to see it to hold it it kind of goes on its own for the most part have you found any cannons not yet we’re out right now looking for more islands so we could find some more of that stuff yeah look at that look ma no hands it’s a beautiful thing I love that though the guys this is shadows in this game nailed it the ambience nailed it like even that moon nailed it it literally looks like an Anna like a like an animated game I have found some cannons in a single-player where’d you find it on an island Jay oh right the Moog oh it’s mom god she’s about to turn to be daytime turned to be daytime is it almost daytime like look how the light looks in the water – with a ship like it’s just it’s done so well it just it feels like it all meshes together and it really envelops you in the game when you’re playing it yeah my starter Island oh shut up of course you got like cannons on your starter Island this game – is random Jen we’re playing random Jen’s so like anything can happen any different island any different thing I hope we get everything I hope it looked up if it’s a thing that you know it’s possible that maybe you can’t find stuff I don’t know if that’s the thing the crafting is incredibly complex as well they really complex let’s see if I can nail like a shop where it like just sweeps by these guys here because um yeah like I said it’d be great to do a cinematic red moon it’s hard day I know right there we go see that’s a good shot right there Jay’s leading the helm I’m running this at 2k right now and streaming this at the moment and my framerate is anywhere between 90 to 120 frame rates so the game framerate runs well they just say they have a few bugs in the game where they come the random crashes or there’s a jitter when people join the game you get a little bit of a lag as a host which is which is forgivable I mean the game is $12 right it’s literally pocket change is well worth money and they admit it they know about it and they say they’re gonna they’re replicating it if you go look at their forums their forums are set up nice what they do is you put a bug report and you go and you like link the files and stuff you say this is what happened this is what happened you link the files and what they do is they take your post and they put a big pin on it that says you know like replicate a duplicating bug so that you know what what stage that bug is in fixing like they actually they’re active on the forums so that one as me as a content creator it sees a game I really like with a few bugs that need to be fixed I’m gonna go ahead and spend the five minutes it takes to do that and post it on the forums for them if they’re gonna be that responsive I’m gonna be all over that I think that’s a big responsibility as content creators you really need to support the industry that makes our money for us look at that the Sun Rise we’re going away from the Sun Rise if it’s gonna suck playing alone I honestly no I think I want to do a single-player let’s play at first just to kind of get the feel for like how to do the cinematics how do like flip back and forth constantly because like I said the game still new nerd bird oh he’s I thought you said in there do you found a bird bird bird his word it might be our own Island dude [Music] but I would it be fun to do a castaway like I would actually roleplay it myself like I would still be informative I would be informative Skippy but I would also be role-playing as a castaway so I’d be like wow looks like we’re stuck here you know what I mean I’d still tell you guys all the do stuff give you hanson crap but we’ll do it in style like this right like as I’m saying away I would be also be like you know don’t go north yes that is home okay so I was right I was right see I can see them talking on the ship as they’re going by I love this this is so easy to stream to that’s the one thing I miss is being able to communicate oh look at this shot look at this shot right here that’s the money shot like this would be a sick opening sequence what I would do is I would put I think I’ve come up with a new logo just for this series like a new logo for it I’m going to take a look at what I have but what I’m gonna do is like I could do this as an opening shot and then have like my logo at the horizon I could like blend it right into the shot very easily masking this is incredibly easy because of the horizon oh that’s such a sick shot yeah that’s why I mean like I want to make let’s play some interest I want to challenge myself to to do stuff like this right I’ve always kind of liked stuff like this it’s never had the opportunities I guess but look at this I have live animation I have an animation engine I can use the engine to make an animation I don’t have to do the animation myself that’s a beautiful beautiful thing about games like this here we go let’s see what it looks like directly whoa went right in the water directly no look at that the boat right in the Sun like that coming straight at us oh that would be cool doing that with the fog having to come up with a fog like that am i lined up there we go I think I’m lined up yep it’s just a lot closer than I think get some leg right here maybe it’s the Sun this is the Sun legging me out drop into above 15 frame rates right now you guys could probably see it too I need some direction from the map you may be rendering in an island oh that’s right – right yeah I don’t know I get a pop at a freak am here to see see what’s going on it might doesn’t said that the game just might simply need to reload oh yeah I know we’re rendering in an island right here so I wonder this is our home island up here so I’m not cheating at all but there’s our boat and I see stuff yeah here we go it’s gonna render in here soon I see is this our home my way nope it seems to be not rendering okay I see I see it won’t render and further than what the boat will Radnor in okay I get it so I’m just free camming it but literally that spot hasn’t been rendered in yet as far as this goes whoa whoa check this out how’s this for a screenshot or how’s this for a shot the frigate shark in there swimming around doing its thing being a shark bottom feeder shark apparently this money shot right there look at it Darren Darren er der still out like 20 frames per second so it’s derpy as fuck but yeah that’s actually really cool I hope this is our home Island I’m pretty sure it is this looks like it yeah wow this is a frame rate every drop in free cam when you’re loading that in okay nope I did it wrong here we go there we go are we home I think we’re home I think that’s what’s going on Wednesday in here now pull pull out our map and I shall let you know here J no actually I am sorry this is a brand new island J I think and it’s right beside us because I’m facing yeah I’m facing this island no this is a brand new island dude look at that there’s a brand new island it’s literally right beside us man how did we not catch us last time we sailed right by it on it’s just timing too for a crappy storm but yeah look at that we found an island literally right beside our island we went oh so guys here’s a valuable learning lesson if you’re watching this there is nothing north look what we did four days whoops I clicked right off the the game window here we go we found an island I’m really suffering some major framerate drops here the bez I’m thinking that’s a good time to restart we might have someone lagging me out to write with a multiplayer okay so Jay yeah I can uh we’re gonna go ahead and restart the game so don’t go too far dude don’t take off without me we’re gonna we’re gonna yeah we’re gonna do a restart here the leg is real there we go let’s get very good I’ll restart land ho you should make a castle there it’s actually really close to our home island it’s literally like almost right beside it I’m surprised we didn’t find it the first time did it not save oh that doesn’t look like where we were at all huh well we’re about to find out here guys we might be going backwards here I hope no it I hope that’s not a thing oh no we’re good we’re good mmm panic mode there for a second all right so I have to hide here guys I’m gonna I’m gonna hide the the game because I have to I have to do the multiplayer sentence and I don’t know I don’t want you guys seeing it because it shows it right like it shows the passwords and stuff just takes me a second to get this sucker going so I’m only going for this time so please like just like a couple people join Cassie and and we’ll try to keep it down a little bit so it does seem to get like insane with too many people on I get why though I get why okay there oh wait wait wait wait wait sorry guys I did it wrong oops I did it wrong again I put it all in capitals oh my god guys sorry about the black screen this is the absolute worst someone’s joining right as I’m trying to like update the password so I hope it’s hope it’s one of our good players here we go so I’ve updated the password so we’re good to go Game Capture there we go so you guys can see it now now the one thing with this game is when people do join it we have noticed big leg spikes so that’s why I’m saying like right now I can just limit it down especially while we’re streaming we’ll just limit to like people that are traveling they need to do a lot of work with this game as far as like how it deliveries its information but for how much we spent on it like nine dollars Canadian I’ve enjoyed what forty some hours of it so far that is more than I spare more than I spent in the most recent triple-a game I bought wait where are we oh boy oh okay we’re over up here Oh where’s Cassie oh I only see two bodies here are we still traveling oh shoot Oh what what what’s happening oh oh oh J get back on J hey J why is my camera being therapy Oh Jay Jay get back on get back on Jay okay nuclear take care of it you guys know what to do fuck okay this is not cool hurry up game like I don’t know why I’m going at such random angles like this white so senseless okay here we go seems to be calmed down a little bit okay I think we left casting way behind why is it directions weird like it keeps shooting me off in the wrong direction here we go okay I’m gonna at least stop us soon holy crap yeah we really need to cut this down to people just traveling signing on had to pee Jesus alright I think we left Cassie like way behind I think we may have a non survivor oh crap yeah why is my directional weird why I might like going forward that way okay I don’t know I can oh we’re gonna actually stop the stream here and I’m gonna like reload all my stuff my keyboards all fucked up it’s not just a game either it’s outside I’d like the game so I got to see what’s going on with my keyboard here which way do I swim you want to go we load it back in back here instead of like out where we found the island so you must be up here somewhere so you want to go swim directly southwest see if you can make it to us I’m gonna leave it like this for right now I don’t know if your directions are like messed up or whatever but yeah like when they’re press W he’s turning something’s wrong with my keyboard right now so have to get that checked out but yeah I’ll leave it like this and tea and ketchup Cassie hopefully you can get here can you see us off in a distance it’s okay yeah yeah we gotta work with it guys but anyways it has been the front stream it was a couple of hours of just sailing around we did find an island so that’s cool it’s real close to home we’ll go and see it again anyways guys thanks for chilling out it was great I will see you in another episode you guys are awesome if you haven’t joined our disco please do so we have a lot of players playing this game and they’re looking for other players as well you guys are cool if you need the invite it’s on WWC and I will see you guys it’s moral probably or I might come back later and stream this a little more I probably actually will come back later and stream this to be honest Oh Cassie made it over to us Oh a sick I just seen her okay we’re good we’re good Cassie made it to us awesome guys anyways I will see you later peace out

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