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🐢 ENCHANT IT ALL! – Ep 10 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

🐢 ENCHANT IT ALL! – Ep 10 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

(supofome theme music plays) welcome on back to Minecraft 1.13 back in
the hizzy house in we’re not in the house I’m sorry I lied but I’m
corralling some cows today we’re in double digits finally it’s episode
number 10 and I’m corralling some cows because we need some leather we don’t
have a farm we don’t have uh any corral’s going up so I figured it was
about time to grab these cows because they’re like really difficult to find I
think all of the cows around here they just migrate they left they went they
went south then went south for the winter I don’t know what happened but we
my friends I got to block this off too right so I’ll yeah what did I just tell
you what did I just say there we go now it’s safe that’ll do for now it’s really
small I know guys I’m sorry it’s really small but well that’ll just do for now I
just wanna make sure you guys are safe because you guys keep them going someone came through okay well see now it’s been a couple
days in Minecraft right and now we got this sugarcane growing on up and if you
don’t recall in last episode we accidentally went on a really big
adventure what is up with that there’s something going on we actually– didn’t
accidentally went on a really big adventure down in the mesas all across
the entire world and we got all this terracotta and stuff like that it was
really awesome but today we are doing some enchanted I’m super excited because
we got all these books right here and we got all those levels down there you see
that so I grabbed everything we’re gonna need and I’ll pop away this stuff that
we don’t need at the for the time being I’ll grab I don’t need any more
sugarcane we have enough and the leather books and lapis lazuli we can go ahead
and go the booth and grab all that that’s a lot Wow okay well that’s gonna
be too much but it’s good enough for nope no there you go good enough for
right now only seven books which is okay but yeah let’s do that and we can go
ahead and craft up some of these these these books jams
you know the bookshelves one two three we have enough for three bookshelves
which is which is okay I think what is the maximum what is it like eight or
twelve or something I don’t know alright alright I got some food for you’s two’s
yep you eat that food and you’re NN an you– an you– you eat the fwo— the parrots and the bats we got an achievement guys there’s a
little buddy hello buddy how’s gone I’m– can I grab that achievement from yes
I can’t I grab that experience for me there you go I want to feed you guys
again but it doesn’t work okay I suppose while we’re waiting I can go ahead and
grab that fire aspect and pop that on our diamond sword that we’re gonna be
using I’ll go ahead and put that right there boom and then we got fire aspect
one in the back – is there another fire aspect I think it’s only fire aspect one
because I mean you can’t set something on fire more than on being on fire I
mean that’s make sense but we’re gonna grab that and that’s what was that did
that did that just take three enchantment levels from us would be ever
you know back in my day we would enchant things for one one enchantment level and
then they’d give us 50 cents back I don’t know how that would work but they
did and I think it’s the moment of truth guys I think it’s time to make on the
last diamond pickaxe we’re going to make the last one and I also we have 18 is
this enough to do this I think it will be one two three four five one two one
two I don’t think it will be it’s not gonna
be enough for a full set but we won’t be able to make pants you know what I’m
gonna do it anyway and I’m not gonna make the helmet actually ooh okay well
either I can make that the helmet and the boots or I can only make the okay
we’ll do the helmet and we’ll do the boots
all of our diamonds are gone guys we only have one diamond left to our name
oh my goodness gracious cover me with diamonds we got an awesome achievement I’ll put it on just right now but we better not take any damage I’m gonna
take this off we don’t have any pants on we don’t have any pants but look at the
rest of that look how gorgeous this is I just I can’t believe it oh we are gonna
have to go on a diamond hunt because that is insane we don’t have anything
left and what we’re gonna do now is we can go ahead and do some enchantments
I’m super excited guys hopefully we can get something good with just three books
I’m not trying to super enchant everything right now I just want to grab
at least these two books that we have here so one two three and that’s working
it’s working nice and good good yep it sure is all
right give me some more particles than that there you go
all right let’s see what we can get feather falling power protection you
know what I’ll take the feather falling yes enchanter dun dun dunn in the last
one here what we have unbreaking efficiency unbreaking is nice but what
I want to do is check take a look at these aqua affinity we already have aqua affinity in another book so I don’t need that
protect our protection that would be nice
this would be the same no it won’t be the same okay well we’ll go ahead and
put the falling protection what about this one breaking efficiency ooo efficiency
we can do efficiency one isn’t that good but you know what it’ll
do it’ll do Oh okay so we also got unbreaking one on that okay that looks
pretty it’s pretty good it’s pretty good first starting for our starting
enchantment and the helmet was that again respir– ooh I’ll take respiration
I will take respiration and now there should be different fire protection okay
okay now we’re getting somewhere I will take fire protection what else we got
reading anything else on that one and diamond boots unbreaking unbreaking protection okay that’s not too good so let’s do this there’s this book
protector I’ll just do I’ll do this yeah I’ll just do regular protection yeah
sure why not and the boots give me something good
projectile protection um you know what I’ll do it why not yeah well do protect
our protection because I don’t like skeletons and why not just see what we
get on me ooh efficiency okay efficiency – I’ll go for that for the for the for
the for the shovel and the axe yeah why not no and we’ll just not we’ll just not
so yeah I think that’s gonna be it I think we’ve done a pretty good amount of
enchanting and now we got a couple of things I wish I had more books I wanna
go and see if we can grab some more books really quickly and just do a
couple more phantoms are coming so I’m laying down I’m out of here
we can add aqua affinity to the to the diamond helmet so now this diamond
helmets gonna help us a lot underwater look this respiration one aqua affinity
check it out and I think I want to name this
we can call what do we call this the the divers helmet yeah and yeah yeah the
divers helmet I like that should we yeah it’s only three we should
do that yeah yeah so we got that bad boy and I don’t have any other books that we
can really put on anything Riptide is for the Tridents and punch
two is for bows but we already have punch two on our bow this need this
really needs mending it really does and I keep I don’t want to mix the curse of
vanishing with the lure be– because we already have actually know what could I mix together one of these other ones and have it be better yes I can
okay so well this is nice so now we have a luck of the sea and unbreaking 3 and lure 2 on the same fishing rod will call this the fish protector which doesn’t
really make sense but it sounds cool so we’re doing that we can go ahead and put
feather falling two on our booties right there so boom and we can go ahead and
put the protection one on our fireboat we can’t do that wait a second can we
only do that with I think we can only do that with pants I’m not sure let me just
yeah we can only do that with pants or it’s something that we don’t already
have protection on I think it’s– it only works on pants and that kind of
stinks but that’s okay because I need the leather pants need iron pants rather
sorry my bad I’ve made up a new full set of iron armor because I don’t want to
use this nice stuff yet until we get a couple more things in place I want at
least mending on the on the helmet because I don’t want to lose that guy
because that’s that’s insane we’ve got another one we got ano–
there he is Little Jimmy there he goes welcome to the new world little Jimmy
how have you been doing today I know you’ve only been born for 11 seconds but
I want you to tell me I guess he doesn’t want to tell me all right
guys off-camera I’m gonna go ahead and try and fix this place up a little bit
more just to a little bit more progress maybe get these uh these these roofs up
here so we don’t have to get rained on and I think I’ve decided what I want to
do with this room over here I think this is gonna be our potion brewing room so
I’m just gonna get rid of this piece right here and this is gonna this is
gonna be where we put our brewing stand and stuff like that and maybe I’ll pop
that open this would be our brewing stand right here so I thought that was a
pretty good idea I’m gonna pop it like right there or something any moment
we’ll do it we’ll do something cool but yeah that’s gonna be it for today’s
episode just a short one much shorter than other recordings I’ve done in the
last couple days it’s like last time I recorded I think I recorded for two and
a half hours in the Mesa but today not that long we’re gonna do some awesome
stuff and next episode hopefully I want to go ahead and I want to go back to the
nether probably not in the next episode and grab some more stuff from there and
do a Belize farm because I saw something cool about that a couple days ago so I’m
gonna some stuff set up off the camera and I’ll see you guys later on
give me a slippity slap on the high five and I’ll see you guys later (supofome theme music plays)

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  1. Beautiful base as usual, btw normal protection protects you from every type of damage. A spicific protection protects you from that thing more than others. Protect is best.

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