🐢 HUGE GOLD MINES! – Ep 8 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

there’s more gold here guys and there’s
more op secrets secrets or secrets back to minecraft 1.13 episode number 8
we’re doing some awesome stuff and today you can see in the background there I
got a little bit of stuff going on today put a little background I got some stuff
going on look he deead it looks so good I know but first before
we go over there and take a look at it I gotta show you some stuff so I was doing
some fishing off screen like I always do we got some more levels and I got to
show you the the spawner down there there’s some new stuff with that too
however here we go boom check it out and it gets even better
boom look I literally just got this bow three seconds ago I literally got this
bow freaked out I took a picture and I was like I got a record alright so yeah
we got awesome but this is insane the only thing we need in this bad booy is
infinity mending and in flame those are my favorites right there so we
got some work to do today what I want to do is we are gonna be making I’m super
excited we need to spend some of these levels look good look at all the levels
we got down there we need to spend some of what my book said what a book set
daddy oh we only have two books oh no what we had to fix dad no no no there we
go alright three more books great wonderful so we have five books now
we’re gonna need more than that most likely but that will do for now
let me grab the diamonds one two ah where’s my obsidian we have okay we
have enough one two three four and now let’s get it going it goes right there
alright so we only have four books this is not enough I’m gonna need to griind
some sugar canes Oh No but before I do that I really want to show you what I
did so boom let’s get started I made this pathway down here temporarily so I
can do some fishing this is not gonna be how we’re gonna actually it might
actually I might actually keep this how we get down to the fish and stuff like
that but as for right now this little thing this thing I need to
fix up the tiki torches by the way but what we’re gonna do is I might go
through here and I’ll show you what I did so this is all pretty much the same
like I mentioned before I finished the pathway all the way down with the tiki
torches and everything else through here here where we go here where we go this
is it right here look at the leaves going all the way down and what I had an
idea for was this was gonna be kind of like a big old a big old like kitchen
kind of training room and we’re gonna have a villager guy here so we need to
get a villager I want to have the villager he’s gonna be the chef and
we’re gonna have all the food and stuff in here it’s gonna be really nice we’re
gonna we’re gonna decorate it all up nice and stuff this over here I haven’t
decided what this room is gonna be to be honest I don’t know but there’s a mr.
zombie over there you see a mr. zombie over there I don’t know if this is one
lone zombie I don’t know what that’s about but this is gonna be our room this
is our room right here you go through there might be similar there nice little
couch is here and there’s gonna be our bead back there and over here this is the
enchantment room Bom Bom Bom so we can put this this bad booy down right here
for the time being and I’ll get some books and I’ll put those around I need
to get some more sugarcane though so I’ll be right though was that a phantom
Sun phantom no it wasn’t okay I’m freaking out for nothing it was a
phantom Oh Lord well it’s time for that ah nice refreshing morning oh really oh
and by the way I was over here and I was like you know what I was down here
trying to to grab some of these pieces and I noticed we got that cheast
we never got this one I was like all those pumpkins sweet okay well where do
you have pumpkins now I thought you know I thought it was gonna be something good
but we already have pumpkins now but still worth it though because I didn’t
miss that when we grabbed that pirate ship in the first episode I did miss
that and I was like I thought there was only one chest there but there was
actually two so look at this guy’s I’m gonna grab some of this well I just
walked across the entire island and I only found seven more pieces guys well
we’re waiting for that to grow we can go and I can head back up to the spawner
and show you guys some awesome stuff Oh quick don’t about tunnel the bat water tunnel rather I guess but we’re here and no not that way we’re down here and
the spawner is working great guys it really really is the only problem is is
my sword has seen better days I do want to implement some kind of crusher here
but we’re standing right here and I’m all yes that’s what it was I did want to
the question but the problem is is that I don’t actually have a sticky piston
because we don’t have any slime balls so I can’t I can’t do that they’re spawning
now and look at this take a look at how much rotten flesh is this if we ever get
a dog I gotta tell you if we ever get a dog he’s gonna be living large I gotta
say I gotta tell you so we’re just gonna throw this up I’m gonna take this stuff
out and we’re gonna put all the stuff we get from here all the rotten flesh
rather in there and I’ll keep everything else there was actually baby zombie
chickens that may be zombie chicken writers that actually spawned there I
wanted to grab the redstone and do the crusher today for got that I don’t
actually have a slime ball so not today probably in the next episode we’re gonna
go out and we’re gonna see if we can find at least one slime ball that’s all
I need for that crusher to get all set up I’m gonna throw this stuff in here
for now that’s spawning action going on look at that spawn in action going on
yeah I’ve been growing it all really alright guys we’re running low on
diamonds now we only have wizard 17 left oh now here is the moment of the truth
ease I think what I want to do here is I want to go ahead and and put knock-back
two on a diamond sword but our diamond sword is looking pretty bad right now
it’s it’s seen better days so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna make up a
new one I’m gonna keep this one for now we’re not gonna use this diamond sword
anytime soon I’m gonna get mending before I start doing that cuz I don’t
want to waste this enchantment I’m not back but we’re gonna do this today
because I want to go ahead and and do some kind of enchantment today so we’re
gonna do that knock back do you want a diamond sword
alright let’s hold it there totally but is it like
oh yeah oh yeah I’m feeling it I’m feeling it I’m feeling it mr. Krabs
are you feeling it mr. crab I got a bit excited there I’m sorry I’ve been
recording for approximately 25 minutes and most of this is getting cut out
because most of it was just me walking around for looking for sugarcane but
instead I gotta grab those trees I grab the leaves and didn’t grab the trees
instead of looking for the slime in the next episode maybe we could do that
today and I also want to find a village because we need some more bookcases and
they got loads of them mr. pig get out of here
look at that right there look at this oh there’s more awesome stuff down there I
can’t we can’t do it though too many underwater episodes bah bah bah bah
I want to know how I’m wrong without moving my arms land ho and it’s awesome
land this is my there sugar cane everything this is perfect guys Oh Lord
I was not expecting this okay whoa where’d my boat go stop stealing my boat
boo boo okay well let’s this is awesome let me
grab this first of all it’s this sugar cane yeah yeah yeah yeah baby
gotta grab it and I’m gonna grab some of this too we need some of this check it
out check it out I think ever since they released the Mesa biome update which was
what was it was it it was at 1.9 I think it was I think I’ve been in a Mesa like
three times maybe in this one counts as one of the three and we’re grabbing some
of this what is this – terracotta yet the orange terracotta what what was this
a peach no it’s just regular terracotta okay
good so we can color that stuff right I think we can in red and then more
regular look at this this is insanities I needed some of this to build some
awesome stuff because I want to make what was that really cool-looking
texture what was the really cool I don’t because it showed it up at the top you
saw you making really cool designs of terracotta and I’ve
really want to do that because it really looks kind of aquatic II especially that
the ones that puffed up there it’s like like aqua teal teal terracotta it looks
really really awesome that one looks pretty cool too the one of the top
screen right now those are they all pretty cool so I just want to I want to
do some designs with that I think I grabbed at least one of each of the
colors we’ll have to remember hanging I’ll have to remember where this is
because this is just too cool like I gotta tell you look at this this is just
it’s not very big and it’s not very canyon-y because I’ve seen some really
really huge Mesa biomes this is a pretty small it’s like an island but this is
definitely awesome and I know that if we’re really lucky we can have like one
of those gold caves and those things are like really super sweet it’s like a ah
oh oh oh there’s gold does it keep going I don’t think it does
oh you guys are teases I think this still counts though because gold is high
up on the surface yeah I think that counts well we we found a gold mine what
one piece of gold I guess it’s a gold mine right yeah sure there’s a mr.
Ranger there’s more gold this is a gold mine she’s the sparse one oh hey how you
got how’s it going how’s it going how’s it going explode thank you appreciate it
I don’t look at you I don’t wanna look at you just get out the way yeah this is
definitely a gold mine guys this is there’s a bunch of gold down here
there’s more up there and right here this stuff oh you chasing me oh that
scared me oh man okay he was totally just coming that was whoa
that scared me really bad alright you know I’m tired of dealing
with you so just come over here come here
no you punk-a-reno come here yeah that’s right give me your give me your ender
pearls give me the ender pearls I need them I want to make an ender chest
scape I just took the gold don’t worry about it I guess I guess he was like the
gold guardian he was he was the one protecting all the gold and now there’s
nothing to protect because he’s gone and so is this gold man there’s more gold
here guys and there’s more top secrets secrets all secrets OOP whoa there’s a
lot of zombies here spawner is there a spawner where did you guys come from
where do you fellows hail from this mine is it as funny whoa
maybe not there’s more there we got some archers here guys we got some archers oh I got it it’s a creeper buddy is nature
beauty who redstone in my phone oh no the secrets secrets okay too many
bad guys all right oh boy oh man oh that was some serious running
skills like there did you see me did you see me dashing like that keep laughing
lady I’m out of here no potion throwing for you today man
she’s tough oh oh she’s gonna soak a great wonderful I’ll just do that
oh hi mine’s a spider this must be like the creeper den are you are you kidding
me oh she’s really really just really really really what is up with all the
papers around here Thanks I don’t understand really hmm but guys I I just don’t understand that
there’s what kind of magic is this geez he just come in in nowhere I’m out of
here I’m just I’m all kinds out here I can’t
deal there’s a oh I just can’t deal I have no more space in the inventories
its inventory space is something I do not have look at this look look at this
look what I’m carrying an arrow under my armpit it’s gone now I don’t I don’t
know there’s a yellow terracotta I need this I don’t I don’t need to have a
couple stuff we got a new one my pickaxe was new when I came here and when it was
all kinds of new guys it’s just it was new and now I don’t know what it is I’m
full on all types of terracotta and I’m going home it’s over I’m out of here I’m
Audi 5000 no no no why oh there’s dimples down here Oh guys it looks like
we’re not going anywhere we’re not going home we’re not going anywhere else we’re
just we’re gonna stay here and I’m gonna I’m gonna cook up all this stuff and
then turn them into blocks so we have more space and then in the next episode
I guess we’re gonna go over there and check out those chests and the mineshaft
and I guess we’re just going to do that it’s all gonna be okay there’s dolphins
and there’s there’s ruins there’s ruins down there yeah there’s
ruins and there’s drowned you know yeah but it’s happening it’s all happening
it’s gonna happen in the next episode it’s all gonna happen in the next
episode so I’ll see you guys then and I hope that I hope that you learned a very
valuable lesson always always bring a backpack you know Mojang that way I
really appreciate if there was a backpack Mojang I really would I really
would because I don’t have any money I don’t have anything nothing it’s all
gone I’ll see you guys in the next episode give me a slippity slap on
the high five I’ll see you guys laters

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