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🐢 MESA TREASURE! – Ep 9 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

🐢 MESA TREASURE! – Ep 9 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

welcome on back to minecraft 1.13 its
episode 9 we’re almost in double digits guys and if you don’t recall we left off
here and I’ve been sleeping through the night guys I’ve been sleeping it’s
daytime now I’ve been sleeping through the nights and all this stuff is cooked
up and I turned it all into blocks as you can see so we’re busted on out of
here and we’re gonna go and head off and see those chests that we found in the
last episode one two and the mineshaft this continues through all of this stuff
by the way I don’t know and most importantly these ruins I’ll be right
back alright I have a little bit more inventory space it’s it’s not enough but
it’s it’s better so we’re go- check we’re gonna check out the ruins first
unfortunately I’m not gonna be able to grab all these blocks which is a shame
look at this there’s some awesome stuff in here okay go quick go quickly now oh
boy oh boy oh boy oh boy okay so this should there’s a chest in here somewhere
and we got to find out weird look at this awesome
emblem on the ground guys I don’t have how how all right it’s probably a bad
idea but I’m dropping the bones because I want some of this mossy cobble I guess
there’s for real another chest in this one I guess that there’s one right there
though oh emeralds that’s nice okay
well that’s good it’s good enough it’s good enough I’ll take the emeralds
that’s nice taking another look here where you go
with this one give me that chest where is it where is it at where is it at
right there nope nope nope okay come back oh Lord
sweet that’s great that’s great I will take that I need that lure one last
quick check to make sure there’s nothing else actually in here is there is this a
second one that spawned over top oh there’s this ground right there oh boy oh boy
oh I just realized oh whoa oh boy okay well I just realized that it
was not actually a way out of this temple I have to I had to swim through
that one hole and it just was not working out and there’s a drowned and
I’m okay all right okay got some prismarine crystals I think we
need four to make a full a full a full piece back up but I think we need to get
on out of here now go ahead go ahead I don’t think there’s anything else down
there and if there is then oh well I’ve had on over here to these chests and
then hopefully there’s not that much awesome stuff over here we can actually
go home because I am so out of inventory space and this lag spike stuff is just
not cool it’s not it’s not any kind of fun no no no no all right you know open
oh no oh no oh oh there’s ripped I do awesome perfect okay well this is for a
trident which we don’t have at the moment but I’m gonna get rid of that a
bunch of torches that’s kind of weird and good at the same time iron which I
just dropped the torches which do you know what I I didn’t that was weird
what is happening with this lag spiky-ness guys I just saved and reloaded
because there was some weird stuff going on it’s all the way back Oh Lord of ever
let’s go re-grab this awesome stuff alright guys I’m back and I grab that
chest and did everything again let me go ahead and grab this one see what wait
just a second yeah no wait no wait wait there’s one right there
no what what Oh No all right let’s take a look while they’re burning oh this
one’s nothing ah that golden apples nice I guess
the torches iron that’s okay yeah that one wasn’t too good no no no no no we’re
so much good stuff okay well it’s not that good I always forget I can carry
something in my off hand now so I can actually grab that amount and so now we
have another free spot which is nice I did I gold gold gold oh my lord how is
it oh my gosh how much good stuff is around here that I’m not gonna be able
to car- carry ooo there’s a spider over there
not today there’s a chest up there too not today I don’t see anything else I
don’t think Oh these chests are just starting to stink now there’s another
small right that all my goodness gracious I can get Flint in a different
time I’m just gonna drop that cuz I don’t need it and I’m gonna eat the
Golden Apple now all right let’s do this guy’s oh it’s I could if I could get
away from the lag there’s I think there’s just too quick there’s just too
many spiders wish I had bane of arthropods huh huh oh of course they would tap me
okay here we go oh boy oh my lord there’s just too many
of them I need some water oh there’s a bunch of them okay okay all right it’s
okay it’s okay it’s gonna be all right we have food it’s gonna be cool okay
okay okay it’s a creeper right behind it – all
right it’s gone it’s gone it’s all kind of nope nope not today
oh the creepers coming through their webs blow up just blow up please I want
you to I really do uh-huh I’m running to the back oh okay
take a second eat okay I’m in webs
I mean webs i’m in webs I mean what okay oh my lord I always manage to get there
jump how do they always manage to get that there’s another one there’s two
more okay okay okay really low really low all right
my absorption is gone is the power of this book is not helping me
nope not today not today nope no another one there is he’s stuck unstick them all
right here we go come on not today not today oh he got me anyway okay all right all right okay I think
that was the last one I don’t know though oh boy how bad is my how bad is
my sword doing okay not that bad not that bad we still got 203 203 to get
it’s all right it’s okay it’s okay okay we’re safe they’re just lighting up
anyway I just lead to the surface okay so that’s that really it’s fine okay
okay all right let me get rid of this crud I hear
another one there he is right above me come down here yeah come
down I know you want to stop I already saw you you’re not fooling me anymore
right there you yeah yeah cheapskate come here oh no lag Oh lag Oh No
I really despise that there is not enough there’s another one oh my lord
what is that three three right next to each other what is up with this there is
not another one No okay good okay it ends oh man I was scared all right
here’s the chest right here both diamonds hey I thought I heard a little
scuffle all right hold on the meat let me make it so that I can see yeah there
we go I hear a spi- I hear skeleton which is
not okay I keep forgetting I can do this what the coal blocks do so that gives us
into the space or two which is nice all right that’s the end of that too that’s
the other tunnel right there what is that lag coming from that is crazy that
must be something really weird going on somewhere all right guys I’m gonna do a
quick perimeter search just to see if I can see anything else that’s immediately
really cool and if there’s not we we’ve got to get out of here I literally have
like no space I’m gonna have to stop start dropping like my axe and stuff and
I don’t want to do that oh the Phantom’s are back guys and I
don’t oh Lord all right looks like we’re safe I think the Phantom’s did they see
me I don’t know if they do or not is that in a case you biome no I think what
biome is this I think it’s just a really weird colored regular biome I think
that’s what if for a second there I was getting excited because I thought it was
a swamp biome but it’s not it’s just a regular Mesa regular Mesa biome the
bleep the leaves are weird colors because it’s a meso and there are no
swamp for us note we came all this way for swamp and there’s still no swamp oh
my lord look at this and we can’t even explore it all cuz I don’t have any
space oh man oh my lord this is just like a super hostile map over here ooh
this canyons like the monster cavern it just like has a bunch of mobs going all
through it no sugarcane this what we could use this too hee hee Oh No Oh guys
there’s another entrance to the mine shaft over here oh boy
hopefully there’s no spider spawners looks it looks pretty safe so far but I
don’t trust it no but no I heard it I heard his fire sizzle
I had a spider set off please be a regular spider please be a
regular spider there’s gold on the outside of the mountain okay there’s a
regular spider good woohoo gold gold on the outside of the mountain
it’s trying to entice me to take it it worked it worked my friend no no I see
spiderweb there’s gold here too oh hey guys anybody else up they might see
something really good right here just real only tell me if it’s really
good because I don’t want to see it if it’s not I don’t have space for that
no no spider noises no no no there’s so much he’s gone it’s gone Lord of ever
there’s a chest right here on the outside oh well I guess it’s okay it’s
keeping me going anyway the melon seeds are really nice I’m hearing too many
spiders for that to be a single spider there is another spawner are you for
real are you kidding me oh my oh my gooosh what is this arachnophobia okay okay okay take that take that take that there’s
monsters everywhere I’ll take this too well the good news is we should have
enough sugar cane to make a bunch of paper so we can make all the bookshelves
we need for the enchantment table oh there’s more over there – yeah urn
skeletons get out of here oh there’s too many creepers there’s too many creepers
oh-ho boy I’m not trying to have one of these lag spikes make it so bad the creepers
aren’t moving and all of a sudden they’re right in my face and they blow
up instantly because that’s not gonna be fun I only have oh my lord my my 6!
there’s gold right there I am so done with this oh my gosh oh here’s an
enchanted bow oh no oh no please don’t let me explain oh you wanna give it to me guy you know
what you don’t want to give it to me guy how about you you’ll have one you’re
just a regular lame-o you’re a regular lame-o all right what’s
over here more go just go I don’t understand I know that it it’s not gold
behind there’s what I was going to say but I don’t know why it wouldn’t be oh
my gosh I know I don’t see I are you for real
well this way one two three what what Oh what are you laughing about
really really what is this are you kidding me I think that’s it guys I do
no no well at least there’s a bunch of sugarcane around here like I said we got
a lot now and I’m dropping the torches cuz we actually don’t have not one
cactus at home so we’re gonna do that yeah we’ve never grabbed the cactus
before so we can replant these and we should be y’all good no no no no no and
there that goes here I am just mining you know casually a bunch of gold with
iron pickaxe might as well just do this while I’m here you know just casually no
big deal it’s not like I can light anything up
cuz I dropped the torches to pick up some cactuses oh no no all right guys I
can literally you know keep looking for things all day and we’ll find something
every single place around here cuz apparently this is like the best seed
ever so we are I’m gonna grab this sugar cane right here and I’m just going I’m
going home that’s it it’s over oh my gosh I just
said what did I just say you’re not gonna that could have been bad gold gold gold
gold gold what why why why mind chat right here
literally right here really literally Oh aqua affinity okay I’ll take it I won’t
complain oh oh no no no no no not with this lag
not with this lag nope nope definitely not are you kidding me
is that another chest right there are you kidding me Oh fire aspect yes thank
you finally something fantastic enough for
me to care okay yeah I can’t even okay really quickly now really quickly now
drop that take that put that in your hand and grab that again okay at this
point the only thing I’m looking for is books now okay only only only stopping
for chests and that’s it that’s all oh hey mr. zombie how’s it going see you
chest around here nope you don’t see anything anymore
Oh gold gold gold wait for it wait for it gold oh oh no oh no ooh there’s a
creeper he wasn’t moving so I got scared no all right you got me last time but
nope hey we’re out here we’re out here now it’s over
goodbye island we don’t need your we don’t need your negative 2000 oh my goodness gracious oh oh oh there it is there’s that there’s this spawner exit
world’s not the exit but the entrance there’s the spawner entrance oh my lord
it’s over it’s over guys it’s all over I’ll meet you I’ll meet you back at the
safe house oh look at this I don’t even know I know no well guys I don’t think
anything crazier has ever happened before I think this I think this was the
craziest last couple episodes of the last play I think it really was I am
gonna cook up all of this stuff I don’t have any coal I gotta break this
I don’t have any any any nothing I don’t have any nothing nothing nothing of any
that’s it I don’t think it’s ever felt this good to have my inven- wait no wait
wait a second now no no this is you have to do this right I’m gonna do this I
have to yep uh-huh I don’t think it’s felt this good to have my inventory
completely empty ever Lord of BG’s I don’t understand what just happened to
us today I don’t know let’s go see if the rest of the sugar cane finished go
grant what what what perhaps it didn’t grow because it was too close to the
edge or something I don’t know that’s never happened before but I fixed it I
think well guys that is going to be it for today’s episode first thing in the
next episode we go and make up the books that we needed for the enchantment table
I can’t even speak I I gotta go guys I gotta go
I’ve been doing this way too long I’ll see you guys the next episode I hope you
guys enjoyed I hope to see you there give me a slippity slap on the high five
and I’ll see you guys laters (supofome theme music plays)

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