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🐢 MORE PROJECTS! – Ep 20 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

🐢  MORE PROJECTS! – Ep 20 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) Skiggity stack stack welcome on back back
we’re back in Minecraft 1.13. i hope you guys are enjoying this series so far the
last episode if you don’t recall we went on now to the Mesa and we we grabbed all
this terracotta when we got some awesome stuff we got the the blue silk where the
silk touch him we got some lamps we got some sea lanterns and in episode purport
of that we made this awesome room with this is a project board and I said I put
everyone’s names on the board which I have done so let’s go through this
really quickly because I didn’t show this in the last episode because because
we were out and we were doing stuff yeah so we got a couple stuff we got the kelp
farm by a Colby full of Monty I hope I’m saying all these names right guys I’m
sorry if I’m not seen I’m sorry alright we’re gonna go through the rest of the
names here we got the DJ room by Ray 0 1 St G or st. J yeah yeah Saint J yeah
yeah we got the secret to the project by me which somebody also somebody thought
the same thing I thought if they figured out what the secret turtle project was
so I’m not gonna unveil what it is I did say it in the comment but I’m not gonna
unveil what it is because this is really cool and have a really good idea so we
have the rustic water fountain rustic water fountain ruined by West Allen
which it was a really cool good idea and we couldn’t make it in this room he
actually suggested we make it in this room but we had already did the class
for flooring stuff so we’re gonna probably make that somewhere maybe we’ll
make it like right on that hill where that tree is right there maybe I don’t
know we’ll do something pretty cool with it and once we have we have of course
the lonely tree island which we have to which we have to I still do over there
we have Atlantis which we still have to do and then haunted house which was a
really good idea and they were they said they were saying something about how we
could we could put our skeleton horse in his cool haunted house no that would be
that’ll be a really good idea if we put him in a haunted house
you know because that’d be really really fun so they were saying we should do
something really cool with the with our horse and build something some inform
that’s like we should do haunted house and this is textures are messed up
because of the the actual texture pack that that motion release the new
textures so yeah just ignore that for now
but we’re gonna do some pretty cool stuff today I want to go ahead and start
working on finishing that roof up because we got all the Terra Cotta I’m
gonna go ahead and let this stuff cook up while we’re doing some other things
here and I’m gonna unveil some cool stuff in a second that’s not how we do
this no we need to dye it first and we need the dye which is we need
green and we need a lime green so we got catch screen we got lime we don’t need
any more yellow I don’t think we’re gonna be any more yellow but let’s go
ahead and die this stuff go ahead and do something like that
yeah and then put that right in the middle we’re gonna be some more than
just that a little bit will do yeah that should be good for now we’ll do a full
stack of that and then we’ll do a full stack of this as well yeah yeah that’s
looking good and then we’ll go ahead and we have to cook this stuff up now so go
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and this side we go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 there we go perfect so
now that stuff is cooking up we can go ahead and get that out of the way I did
want to really quickly bang out the the kelp farm so we’ll do that really
quickly let me grab I want to do this with red terracotta then you just put
the rest of this stuff away because we don’t need that right now
yes so we’ll go ahead and we’ll do that and we’ll grab the kelp and I have the
perfect place for this and we also need one more thing we need some rinsed
so we’ll go ahead and grab that red stone and what I want to do is right
here right on the edge I thought this is a pretty good idea I laid out a little
bit of a space here and this is the space I think would be a pretty good
space for us to make the kilt form so I’m gonna go ahead and I want to dig a
little bit of this back just like a couple blocks backwards just like that
and I don’t want to go too far back with this so we’ll just go like right there
that should be enough help right I don’t know all the uses for kelp yeah I know
we can eat it it does restore a little bit of your health points but you guys
know what else is kelp does I’m not sure what else kelped us I think it’s it
breeds something doesn’t it I think it does something like that I don’t know
but we’re gonna find out I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this bad boy all the way
around and the problem with kelp is is that it has to be under water so we have
to do this on the water farm which is pretty cool it’s very small but it’s
just enough it’s just enough for all the kelp needs
and we also have to make sure all of these water all of these water blocks
are filled with source blocks instead of just regular blocks because we don’t
need running water we need this source blocks just like for the mob form the
mob dropper so there we go looks pretty good and I’ll go ahead now fill in the
rest of this and I’ll be back when I’m done guys guys I finished I finished up
the entire base of this the whole thing now we can go ahead and see if all of
these are source blocks I think they all should be I think we can place these on
there glowstone – yeah go ahead and put them on all of these this should be a
lot of kelp oh man ok so I think these should all be source blocks but if they
don’t grow then we’ll know the reason why they’re not growing so we’ll go
ahead that one’s working see that one’s working right there so it looks like we
got the kelp farm up and running guys that’s it that’s all it is
that’s it right there and we’re going to put torches around the edge of this for
the time being anyway we don’t have any sea pickles I was gonna use sea pickles
instead but then again actually glows sounds a better idea because we can put
the cup on the glowstone so that’s more efficient anyway but yeah that is
working I really really like that so Thank You Koby flah mati for that for
that kelp farm idea it’s if it really is growing Wow look at this we cannot when
you can already harvest something look at that look at that two pieces are
kelp right there amazing amazing and as promised guys we’re gonna be doing
some more stuff with some TNT – let me grab my arrows no no I got him on me
already never mind we’re gonna go ahead and do some more stuff with TNT I got a
little bit more of a dugout as you can tell but what I do want to do is into a
little bit mortis and hopefully we’re not too close to the nether portal here
I’m really scared so we’re gonna go ahead and see if we can do this all
safely and stuff and me see if I get up here we no no that was a bad jump all
right there we go there we go and we’ll put one we’ll try and dig in a little
bit and we’ll put one like right yeah right there looks good well pull right
there get an escape hatch going here we go yeah oh there we go there we go
alright come on come on come on oh yeah a little bit knocked back off of that
one and that looks pretty good we’ll go
ahead and put some more in there we’ll go put the both of them right there
hopefully this won’t actually know what that’s a bad idea we go down one more
level no that’s that’s too far okay well let’s let’s just put them back up there
yeah sure why not we’ll put one we’ll put one right right there and then one
might uh right we’ll see this gonna fall now okay well one right there and then
one right there and then we’ll shoot this from the other side yeah all right
here we go the moment of truth guys uh boom that’s let’s take a look take a
look through it oh just dangerous did I know this dangerous oh that one gave a
little bit knock-back to our buddy pal friend oh that’s not good oh well we got
we did a little bit of excavation for the actual room itself now well least I
don’t think of the floor out but that’s a little bit more progress on that bad
boy I think the next time we do anything with TNT it’s gonna be over there
because here is like over in this section you can see the little floating
island a little bit right there that’s probably what we’re gonna do most of our
TNT blowing up most of our TNT blowing up from now and I think I’m gonna dig
out the rest of this over here cuz it’s just too close to the portal for me to
want to keep blowing stuff up over there this is going really well guys oh yeah
we just stand here and just grab all those pieces like that and just slither
on the bottom like that yeah that’s perfect
nine pieces of kelp in no time oh look at that shot look at that shot guys oh
well who wants who wants some more you want some more again oh it was so close
okay you want some no you’re not coming down nope hmm look at that shot it’s so
beautiful give me them experience points oh you
want some oh no I thought it was dive-bombing me nope they’re just gonna
keep flying around alright guys these yet they are they
should be done they are done and we are gonna head on over and see if we cannot
finish up this little rahu yes that’s that’s what I want to do I I wanna I
want to change this this little turtle sanctuary up a little bit and the way I
want to do that is by adding a little bit of an expansion when I look just a
little bit of an expansion I need some glass – yeah that should be enough
and the reason I’m doing this is because I feel kind of bad because the the
Turtles they don’t have anywhere to swim other than in the pond and they don’t
really like the pond apparently only have a so close then I really like the
pond apparently they just they really like actually swimming in the ocean so I
feel kind of bad so we’re gonna go ahead and add in an expansion here and
hopefully they’ll like that a little bit better than just the little pond because
they keep they keep they keep going over here like they really want to be in the
ocean so I’m gonna see if I can make their dream come true I’m gonna go ahead
and come down like this maybe something like of that and maybe all the way down
around this way and I want to get too close to the boat here so we’ll go down
a little bit like this and I don’t want them to go down too far so maybe I can
go ahead and flatten some of this out in the future but for now we’ll go ahead
and just do something like this and we’ll come across alright guys I think
that that’s it I just wanted to add a little bit more a little bit more
functionality well not functionality a little bit more freedom for the turtles
is rather what I’m trying to say I want to add a little bit more for them
because they’re really just so adorable and I really want to make sure that they
were they were all safe and cozy because they really do seem like they are they
wanted to go a little a little bit further with the swimming so we’ll go
ahead and just and connect this up like this and I’ll break that wall that we
got over there this is also why we needed more of the of the the roof tiles
because I knew we were gonna be doing this and yeah we just really weren’t
gonna have enough we’ll grab we’ll grab blue silk here we’ll grab all this glass
back I love how we can do this I just love it so much
yeah get out of here yeah Chum Perino I’m going ahead and grabbing all of this
glass and stone and stuff and it seems like the turtles are already starting to
graduate over here and I think they’re liking it I think that really opens up
the space what do you think I think that really opens up the space I like that a
lot so that looks much better well go ahead
and we’ll fill in the bottom of this with sand so it’s not as deep because I
don’t want them in you know get we get down here
get stuck down here and stuff but we’ll fill in the bottom of it with sand I’ll
dig out a little bit of stuff for now like I do want this to be like a little
bit deeper just a little bit deeper no no not so much that things start to get
all hectic but just a little bit just a little bit alright so if I had more sand
you can see a little bit better while I was talking about we’ll just we’ll leave
it like three blocks down and then we’ll just fill all this in with sand and I’ll
replace all these dirt and stone blocks off the camera and stuff but yeah we’ll
do that some of the time but I do want to finish up this roof on camera so we
will go ahead and do that really quickly look at this they’re already swimming
all they love it I’ll see this this really does make them happy this is much
better than it was before yeah i think i think they’re they’re digging it guys
they really are digging it grab all these back and don’t eat my blocks don’t
eat them don’t eat them I want those we need them back don’t eat the blocks
they’re not food I know they look like food they look really good and tasty but
they’re not I promise you they taste like they taste like cardboard I really
I they really do I promise you all righty so that looks like the frame for
the for the for the stone is all fixed up we need to go ahead and finish up
this this green layer here alrighty that is the circle all the way around
now we go ahead and we go back to the regular green and then we’ll do the lime
one more time I think we should have just enough actually to to finish this
all the way across so this would be the dark green again right and in the lime
green and then the yellow so that should we should have just enough maybe where
it might be a little short but we have an up terracotta that I’m not scared we
just need to go and make some more oh my gosh that is so we literally need three
more pages I can wait a second now wait a second wait a second I did use a
couple of these because I ran out of dirt oh that’s – oh my gosh we’re gonna
need one more piece oh my god wait wait wait wait wait wait what is that now can
we do that oh my gosh that’s literally gonna be just enough can i oh one two
three oh my goodness this looks gorgeous let’s get rid of that piece with you oh
man I am so loving this this is awesome oh my gosh okay let’s go let’s get the
lime green in then we’ll do the yellow and then she’d be done
oh we had way more than enough for the for the lime see how it’s getting
thinner you know it’s getting thinner so but now we have all the ability to do
that this looks incredible let’s get down here and take a look let me not
fall to my death here that’s not gonna pop I may eat some of the steak look at
this this is so cool oh man it’s like it’s like the best
turtle turtle dome ever let’s let’s go grab the yellow and then this should be
complete all right guys 42 pieces of look at that
from far away 42 pieces of yellow glazed terracotta and this should be way more
than enough so we should be completely fine finish this up right now right here
on Kim let’s do it guys all right I’m not gonna cut for this either we’re just
gonna oh look at that that’s so amazing it looks like the Sun it looks so cool
all right all right all right now all right let’s go ahead and do some of that
like that right there all the way across and then yeah right
there and down over here okay no we’re not gonna have enough oh well that’s not
good oh we’re not gonna have enough oh okay well that’s it’s a little bit a
little bit less than a half yeah it looks all right that’s that’s that’s
doable yeah yes let’s grab can I grab this his dirt piece that’s right here
yeah yeah yeah okay cool and then we’ll put that guy back and then kind of fall
in the water nope I’m not gonna make it I fell in the
turtle this looks incredible and I’m gonna go ahead and I think I’m gonna put
a couple pieces of glass and the ceiling in different random places like we’ll
put one right here maybe right do something cool like that
right we’ll do something put one right there and then one right here maybe
can’t reach out yeah yeah and then we’ll put right there yeah yeah yeah this
looks pretty cool and then there no no not in the water there you go and then
one right there and I think we also go ahead and put some glowstone around and
some in some specific places too that looks really cool yeah yeah
pick it up some more glowstone here just a few more pieces and
that is looking pretty cool we need like a piece of glowstone right here I do
know that much because that is not bright nothing one over here two would
look pretty good maybe one right there yeah yeah man I’m liking it maybe a
piece of glass like that yes I can boom sweet no dirt columns necessary there we
go there we go and I think I’ll go ahead and finish the roof off camera because
these last couple of blocks I’m gonna need some more on the yellow we can put
the last two pieces that I got up here from putting all the blocks in the
glowstone in the glass and stuff but we’re gonna need more than just two so
I’ll go ahead and put one there and maybe one there yeah sure
I just beaten those down for now and I think that’s gonna look pretty good
maybe I want to go another piece of glass right here maybe perhaps perhaps
and then maybe here maybe there yeah yeah that looks pretty
cool I do want to break up the yellow a little bit cuz it is looking kind of
pattern II so we’ll do something maybe maybe a piece of glass right there to me
I like I like the idea with the glass in the yellow because I think it looks
really cool so we’ll do glass there maybe two and maybe right here on this
side why don’t we start there and then glass there as well and then maybe we’ll
look branch on out and glass right there too yeah it’s pretty good and then I’ll
just go ahead and I’ll fill in the rest of the yellow off-camera so I know
exactly how much I need if I do it this way and put all these pieces in first
you know so we’re gonna do that and I think that looks pretty good yeah we’ll
do that yeah yep yep yep so that’s gonna be all the yellow I’m
gonna greet me to grab off-camera and I will do that definitely off-camera and
I’ll be back in the next episode so yeah that’s gonna be it for today’s episode
I’ll see you guys in the next one well I gotta fix that up let me do that right
there and maybe I’ll just put one there in there in there yeah yeah and I’ll
fill this piece into we’ll need one more piece of sand for that let me grab this
guy right here hold on for a second wait a second he grabbed this piece
yeah see there’s sandstone right there now I gotta fix that
knew that sandstone there – oh Lord I’ll do this later but yeah I’ll see you guys
in the next episode I really do hope you guys enjoyed it give me a slippery slap
on the high five and I’ll see you guys later

17 thoughts on “🐢 MORE PROJECTS! – Ep 20 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)”

  1. No offence Supofome I love you bro but its episode 20 and I still don't have that Seed number or a world download 😛 PS: OMG!!!!!! did supofome just give me a Shoutout?! 😀

  2. You should upgrade your kelp farm with hoppers and pistons. Once thats done, make a hopperline going into a furnace system, that runs into a large chest with two hoppers going out the side facing the opposite direction, one going somewhere for eating and one that goes into an area where you can turn it into kelp blocks, and then put those kelp block in the furnace for fuel.
    Sorry if its a little hard to understand!

  3. +Supofome smelt kelp for dried kelp, 9×9 dried kelp for a pretty decent farmable fuel source that costs just a bit less to make than Charcoal. also nope you don't have to worry about water source blocks cause every time you place kelp it turns the air in that block to a water source block it makes building 1.13 elevators allot easier as you can just place then and swim up them as you place them then go back to the bottom and break the bottom kelp block and it removes all the kelp from the shaft 😛

  4. +supofome Just a thought I had regarding Squally Planet's idea of you making your very own Biome… I think you should do a floating turtle shaped Island with a volcano shooting up through the middle with Quicksand, Palmtrees(made from jungle wood and birch leaves), and tidepools dotted about the place, try to give it a premodern underdeveloped Hawaii sort of vibe like back when the island was still young and there weren't so many people. just a few thoughts on the subject, whether or not you use them I just like hearing myself talk xD

  5. +supofome Hope you're doing alright Buddy, haven't seen or heard anything out of you in 3 days. Not pressuring you to make videos or anything just that as an Acquaintance/friend I'd like to consider us friends) I worry about you when you go quiet. 😀

  6. Yes, kelp breeds sea turtles. The kelp blocks are really efficient for smelting, instead of using coal all the time. But that's basically all you can do with it, aside from using it as decoration, or to create water source blocks.

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