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🐢 TURTLE BEACH! – Ep 21 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

🐢  TURTLE BEACH! – Ep 21 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) doop doop welcome on back guys it’s
episode number 21 of minecraft 1.13 survival and we’re back as you can see
behind me I I’ve done so much work I don’t know you I don’t even know what to
say I’ve done so much work off-camera it’s so bad yeah there’s a lot of stuff
different I got to show you but the first thing I want to say is that right
now there’s comments up on the top of the screen from now I’m gonna be putting
up really really cool comments really wants to have really good ideas or funny
ones or ones that were just saying hey what’s up just a couple of those up in
the top of the video so I thought that was a really good idea to highlight some
of those because not everyone goes down into the comment section I want to keep
I wanna make sure everyone is up-to-date on what’s going on and also we have this
to-do list because I got to keep everything all straight and organized
now so I’m gonna go ahead open this up for episode 21 boom we got a couple of
things to do I want to fix the glass wall if you didn’t notice it’s actually
gone down there I want to fix it up I fixed a glass wall add new projects to
the project board palm tree the Turtle Beach which is the total beach over
there and honor the sunken ship so the first thing I want to do is head on over
here to the project board let me grab them some signs and show you
what I have been doing I’ll grab all of them why not and I actually added a
little book over on the right hand side of the the project board room over here
because I want to make sure that we have all the projects being actually
completed in a book somewhere so we did the kelp farm which I want to actually
fix up but we’re probably I can do that today we’ll do that in the next episode
or sometime then but the the kelp farm is done and that was by Cobie flim aunty
thank you for that once again we got that and I want to make sure we always
remember all of the all of the projects that we did complete summer I’m gonna
leave a book like a log right there which I’ll put a sign on by the way I’ll
put note no but a sign on and we’ll do a project project log yeah yeah yeah yeah
alright so we’re gonna add some stuff to the board guys my glowstone texture
isn’t working what’s up with this I don’t know what’s
up with that I gotta I gotta fix it oh man
well it’s not it’s not in mine it’s not in my um it’s not in my resource pack
those open that but right anyway um I want to add these these projects is the
board they’ll be had because we had a lot of them I got to go back in
reference the names brother quickly but we have an egg we would create our own
biome which was really cool so we’ll do and we’ll type in a great custom biome
by a squally plane and hopefully I’m saying these right like I said guys and
we have the custom biome which is really good idea he said we should make it like
a custom by I’m out in the middle of the ocean now I was like maybe it could be
like a Candyland now it’d be really cool if we did like a Candyland with like
lollipop trees and stuff like that we were really really cool but that’s gonna
be a really pretty big project to create an entire biome and I don’t think it
should be as small as I can Island it should be definitely be bigger than an
island but that is a really good idea and and Wes actually said we should do
like up like a volcano like a volcano island that would be really cool to like
a turtle shaped volcano island that be really really cool so what else did I
want to add onto the board today a trident farm we’re gonna do a trident
farm in a trident in a giant trident and this one was by resurrect and that’s a
really cool idea so like we build a giant trident in the ocean and then have
that be our Triton farm since we need tribes guys so we haven’t even found one
yet and we have loot we actually even have looting on our sword of looting our
store but we still haven’t even got a trident and we have all the cool and
jamuns for a trident and we just don’t have one yet it’s it’s terrible and of
course the putting the palm trees on the Turtle Beach which was a really good
idea I thought that would really piece everything together
I was I was planning on decorating it but I didn’t really know what we
should’ve did I wasn’t really thinking about what we should have done um but
this was this was by and I’m really sorry I figure guys with a bye bye is
not supposed to wait wait a second now wait if I got a things bye there we go
I really hope everyone since I’m gonna try my best alright here we go
Arthur casts Mac cat cat cat cat yeah yeah that’s how it goes Arthur Kay
that’s what it is right there ya are Arthur Kay article yeah I like that
alright I’m sorry I’m really sorry I hate giving people’s names around but
those are all the ones I think we’re indifferent for right now so we’re in go
ahead and we put the projects on the board that is Crissy crossed off and I’m
gonna go ahead and we’ll fix the glass wall next
Mystikal let’s go do that first and for the next project after we do the glass
wall I’m trying to prepare we actually don’t have any wool at all so we need
wool wool we’re gonna need a couple of pieces and we also need to make this red
and I wait a second I think I might have arty no no I this is how we do it right
so we do the same way as glass right I think we do know we don’t
oh wait it’s like yeah see it’s easier than glass right you
know so that’s good right there and that’s all we need for the second
project that’s going but I grabbed all the glass I think we’re gonna need I’m
only gonna do three colors this time I think we had four before last time I
don’t know but um I have a different kind of layout I want to start with the
pink since we have a lot more pink than anything else we’ll go ahead and we’ll
do two stripes of the pink along this way right and then we’ll do one stripe
of the red yeah then two stripes of the pink wait no no no no no let’s do let’s
do the orange next yellow it’s supposed to be the orange next so we can grab
grab that back yeah I’m glad we have the I’m glad we have the silk touch that’s
nice and then orange we’ll do one of those and then we’ll do two Pink’s right
you see what we’re going with this right it’s kinda like little stripes right and
then the red yeah yeah red flame the flames of red and orange just going
through right there and then pink and I think we’re gonna have just enough wow
this might be perfect guys it might be perfect guys
1 2 3 4 500 1 2 3 4 5 oh my goodness look at that that looks cool all right
yeah that looks much better than it did before I’m satisfied with that and I’m
gonna go ahead and I’ll take the we’ll take a look at this real quick I dug out
all this stuff because I do want to create a lot of more projects obviously
with this is there going to be a space we’re gonna do it in I haven’t decided
exactly what we’re gonna be doing around here I do know I want to do a lot of
stuff that I do you want to keep a little secret for now keep you I missed
some coal right here well can’t believe I missed a but I’ll try to go through
and grab all the stuff I didn’t do too good of a job
but um we have a we have a lot more space to do some stuff which is really
pretty sweet I’ve cleared out the entire thing this all used to be hilly Titan
Mountains and I do want to fix up this this this cage I thought it kind of like
cool hanging from the sky these look like chains
maybe we’ll grab iron bars and make it look like they like chains or dangling
down instead of the things I have there I don’t know if we should you do pillars
or but you can change make it exploding I don’t know let me know what you guys
think in the comments section we make pillars all the way down to the ground
maybe like some really cool things to go along with that or should we do should
we get rid of these things that I have already and then replace them with like
chains dangling off since it counts like a cage already anyway I don’t know I
don’t know we should do but but that is uh yeah that’s that’s it that’s for
another time alright so they’re up there burning don’t worry about them we’re
back and I do want to pay homage to this sunken ship here because this is the
first thing this is the first bit of treasure that we found out you know
aside from the the thing that was down there in the first episode actually what
you do first up see I think was first the first a second episode it was the
first but I want to pay homage this something that you said that we should
make an aquarium I think that was Wes again but has awesome ideas but we can’t
really do an aquarium because it’s it’s it’s really just too close to the shore
and I didn’t want it to be that what are you doing out here what are you doing
you don’t have a trident get out of here didn’t even have a trident for me get
out of here dude his weight just too close to the to the turtle sanctuary and
I really didn’t want to take any attention away from the turtle sanctuary
so we can’t really do an aquarium and that was a really good idea like we
should preserve it with a with a giant glass dome that would be really cool but
we can’t really do that because it’s too close so instead I’m gonna go ahead and
we’re gonna add in a giant flag to this guy like you know this is this is this
is uh we’re gonna remember this we’re gonna remember this ship from this flag
right here I thought that was a really cool idea so we’ll go up a little bit it
maybe something like that that’s why we have the red by the way for the flag
here and maybe I think the two will be wide enough maybe we’ll do yeah let’s do
three that’s two three and then we’ll go over like this oh I’m already out what
maybe we only do two then yeah all the two layers that yeah yes that looks so
cool all right so maybe I should have done it
the other way no I think it looks good from this angle too so we got the under
the sunken ship we got the project board we got the glass wall so finally I want
to go ahead and put the palm trees on this Beach right here oh and by the way
um we’re severely overpopulated as you can see so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna go grab some wheat and we’re gonna fix these guys up all right guys I got
some wheat and we’re gonna oh my we’re not gonna have anywhere near enough
finally have 20 pieces it’s already gone oh my lord
all right well here we go guys okay yeah that’s yeah that’s about it oh my gosh
look this is so much stuff oh my goodness
well yeah that just that just gave us like a billion frames I was wondering
why we were getting so much lag in today’s if I was like what’s up I’m like
oh we got a billion cows over in the over in the pin I’m like oh my goodness
okay well that’s that’s all aside for now we have an entire beach to make I
wanna I want to grow out the sand because we don’t have that much sand
around here so I want to go ahead and put some more sand down and kind of open
this space up and I’ll be back when all that’s done well I cleared out the area
oh oh well I heard that I heard that I’m we’re getting lag from all the blocks
laying on the ground guys that’s not good wait a second now wait all right
would you justify turn with the block lag that’s fine
come on give me the Trident dude please please no nothing why are they all so
cheap all right guys so we go ahead and grab some strip wood I’m gonna go ahead
and strip some of this stuff down so we can have enough pieces I have completely
finished the say end pretty much any way for the bulk of it I need to grab a
little bit more to finish up a couple of the edges here and there and I need to
finish fix up the sand stone and the grass and stuff on the the pathway up
but that’s all right I’m gonna go ahead and grab all of this stripped wood we
might need some more of that we probably gonna need some more but I made
a pathway all the way up here so we have an official way to get up and down which
is right here which I thought be a pretty good idea so we’ll go ahead and
we’ll start off with the random placements of the wood which looks
pretty good good I was gonna say great but then I said good so it’s a nice wood
which is which is okay grudzien we’re going to do something like that
and then down for there right and then we’ll just go ahead and place all of
these randomly down so I can get these out of the way right yeah something like
that just going all the way across you can see now we got all the sand taken
care of right you see all that leading up to the door of the total section
where I got to finish this up right there and that little piece right there
but the main part of its done we’ll go ahead and fill this in with some
stripped wood here and there fix that one to go maybe that way and nope not
there definitely not there I’d say no wait like that and just all the way
across Finland yeah we’re gonna need some more of that just filling it in
just in some random places here I don’t want to have two of these right next to
each other though I don’t think that looks too good so we’ll go ahead and do
that and then we’ll go back through and I do want to use some of these oak logs
because I think they look pretty pretty bode right like look kind of aquatic
like you see them in a pirate boat or something like that and I think that
looks pretty good and then we’ll go ahead and finish these
off with some snow with some stairs like that so that looks pretty cool yeah
yes I love it I think it looks really good I like that a lot oh yeah and maybe
I want to widen this just a little bit and we’ll put one there maybe and then
stripped on this side perhaps and then of course it’s not complete if we don’t
have those guardrails you know so we got to put some about right here
right nope not there that’s about right here just spacing them out a little bit
something like this maybe follow this all the way across and we’re gonna need
a little bit more of that but that’s alright you can see you see how it’s
coming together all right so this this little pathway was a little let me fix
that this pathway it was a little difficult but I got it I got it up and I
could get up and down pretty easily uh so there’s no pieces you get snagged on
you won’t get snagged anywhere you can walk up and down the whole thing without
having to jump which is what I was trying to accomplish and right here I’m
just filling in these pieces right there so it looks like it kind of continues
all the way through which I think that’s it yeah right there right there there we
go so it finishes all the way through and it kind of slides down a little bit
which I think looks pretty cool yeah yeah I like that
alright so that’s done and let me go grab the let me go go go go grab some
more fence post is what I’m trying to say I need to eat Wow I grab some more
fence post me can finish that up and then we’ll do the palm trees really
quickly alright guys so I have the one acacia sapling that we grabbed like two
episodes ago I think which helps us go yeah and we’re gonna go ahead and use
this guy – oh yeah – bonemeal bet and that looks like a palm tree already but
we don’t make it over here we need to grab this this would rather and then let
all those saplings fall down hopefully we grab another one and we only have six
acacia logs which is alright because I don’t want to use too much of this stuff
because it’s kind of dark and doesn’t really go with the rest of means to like
it goes enough but I want to use mainly the oak because it kind of goes really
well together I’m go ahead and put these torches up here by the way but I’ll do
this off camera but I do want to do the the palm trees on camera so we’ll go
ahead and we’ll grab some we’ll grab a palm tree and put it like maybe we’ll do
one right here yeah no no right there right here yeah we’ll go up – I should
have grabbed some dirt you let me do that alright guys I got some dirt we’re
gonna get up on top here and see if we can make some natural-looking palm trees
I do want them to go ahead and and curve and swirl all around this one be kind of
tall I do want to use a variation of leaves
so we’ll go ahead and use maybe two stacks of the yoke right and we’ll
switch up to the perch I want to make sure it looks all variation you know
what I mean you know what I mean guys and we’ll go ahead and go down like this
perhaps nope not dirt no that doesn’t go on a tree
I guess dirt is in trees I mean treats are dirty right yeah I guess but we
don’t want that today and I want to kind of grab those those pieces that come off
the side and kind of Hank well that’s easy way to get down and kind of hang
down something like this maybe this would be a droopy one you know maybe
perhaps and we’ll do something like that get cross down and maybe we’ll break
that yeah and then on this side I’m gonna kind of have this come out just a
little bit more like this and then maybe this one will go out and then down like
that and I want to get rid of that piece right there yeah yeah so that looks like
that’s the first palm tree that’s going to get rid of the dirt here something
like that yeah that looks good I think this should come down some on this side
it has to come down on all sides down so it’s gonna look kind of weird there we
go yeah that looks cool I liked it I liked
the the hanging nests of this one it looks cool it’s like a weeping willow
palm tree I like it let me feel this this sand in really
quickly so we have some more space to put some stuff I was thinking about
making a pond like a really small pond like right here and I think we’re gonna
do that so we’ll do like a little tiny little little tiny palm tree pond yeah
like a palm knee pond I just made I just made a perfect Wow that’s not yeah I
don’t want to be perfect that’s gonna look weird we’ll do something like like
that maybe across like that yeah yeah okay I like that
that looks pretty cool and I’ll go ahead and I’ll fill that in with water and
I’ll do that I’ll do that off-camera but I just want to get these palm trees down
so it looks all populated and stuff let me get rid of all of this yeah cuz we
don’t need that either and maybe some maybe some in case you know maybe we’ll
add some oak fence post us some branches maybe
without work maybe I think that looks pretty cool yeah yeah yeah it looks
pretty cool yeah and I think it looks like it fills
it out a little bit you know maybe one they’re just coming down random places
yeah I think it looks pretty cool yeah yeah man all right so let’s do a good
and doing okay she’ll one may be right about here maybe on the UH on the beach
on the real Beach part maybe this acacia one can be even taller
maybe it can go up like this maybe I really want some like outrageously big
trees because I think that’ll really set this whole this will please look at this
look at this view we have here that’s pretty cool we’ll go up and around maybe
like this and across this way and I don’t want to fall from this height
that’ll hurt but let’s go ahead and do something like that and I want to make
sure I have a place where I can drop down all the branches on all sides so
something like something like that and then on this side course the same thing so that one will go down and then maybe
I build some there pillows up there to get up there and do these swoopy swoops
alright let’s take a look at this one I think I think this side needs to be
filled about a little bit more yes that looks cool all right so we got two palm
trees I think I’m gonna do a second maybe we’ll do maybe we’ll do just a
bush right here maybe like a little tiny wooden bush
perhaps got some wood right there and then we’re gonna fill it in with some
leaves right there yeah yeah yeah something like that just to populate the
area you know guys maybe one right here without wood in it yeah yeah maybe give
her that yeah kind of wanted one right here hanging off into the into the ocean
maybe this one will be really slanty you got these these leaves drooping down the
sides here which looks pretty cool right let me get
these this dirt pieces we don’t need none of that dirt but all right I think
that looks good from below anyway let’s go ahead and take a step back see what
it looks like maybe over here yeah that looks really cool I like the house is
leaning right into the right into the ocean like that that looks really pretty
cool and I think that is gonna be I might add another one another couple of
palm trees maybe one right here yeah and the final palm tree is complete now
go ahead and I’ll put the oak fence through through all of these maybe I
should do yeah I should do acacia offense for the acacia trees and oak for
the Oaks yeah let me do that oh my guys let’s go ahead and take a quick little
walkthrough see all the progress we’ve got done today we can go off this side
path here which looks really cool I love it I love this little side path and go
down here and got all the torches on Tiki posts and stands and everything we
have all this huge walkway we can walk down
we got the bushes and the other bushes with the trunks in the middle we got
palm trees as far as the eye can see I need to do the the fence post for the
acacia for the acacia trees but that’s alright the acacia palm tree but that is
fine it leans all the way on up to the door I
need to do the little pond but but we’ll do that later like I said and then you
head right into the turtle sanctuary which looks really really awesome I
think I might even want to leave these doors open you know what I might
actually replace these doors with with what are they called a fence doors fence
hatches yeah yeah I think we’ll do that instead actually so yeah I’m gonna do a
little bit of stuff off-camera and fix that I think I’m gonna make the flag
smaller too I’m gonna make the flag smaller cuz it is a little distracting I
was noticing but other than that I’m not gonna do much I will see you guys in the
next episode let me go down here and do the outro I really really really do hope
you guys enjoyed this episode and I want to I don’t think this time to I just
want to say thank you guys so much for the support you guys have been showing
on the let’s play and on the channel and everywhere it’s just it really is
amazing and I really really do appreciate that need some
steak while I’m talking I really do appreciate you guys are so super
supportive and so nice and I just really really love it and I love making videos
for you guys I love making videos with you guys I love growing the community up
and and I just can’t wait to to keep growing and start the SMP server once
that once the community gets all all large and stuff look at that look at
look at the diamond armor with the green I just love how that looks by the way
but we finished up some nice palm trees today I think that it’s all in a day’s
work I’ll see you guys in the next steps episode give me a slip into slack on the
high five and I’ll see you guys later

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  1. You should make a furnace system! I takes a bit of iron and rails, but thats pretty much it!
    Edit: I guess it depends how many furnaces you have to make it expensive. By the way, hows the kelp farm going?

  2. Nuuuuuuu! leave the portal room the way it is it looks like a really Nethery looking Manmade Floating Earth Mote… Just change the bridge so it looks like an old weathered Magical/floating rope bridge going straight from the base to the portal room at an angle 😛

  3. +Supofome You ever going to accept my follow request on Twiter? 😀 DarkestRune. @Alister_Astaire I'm your biggest fan and I can't even see your tweets 😛

  4. Honestly this is an amazing channel i know and hope that u will have (at least) more than a million subs keep up the great work 🙂

  5. Honestly this is an amazing channel i know and hope that u will have (at least) more than a million subs keep up the great work 🙂

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