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🐢 UNDERGROUND TOWN – Ep 22 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

🐢  UNDERGROUND TOWN – Ep 22 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) welcome back to my episode number 22 oh
man well last episode we we made up that that beautiful still say oh no what what
was that yeah just phantoms is there phantoms
guys oh no I think I think they’re I think they’re chasing me guys are they
inside the base no okay no they are there okay well we are gonna do some
cool stuff today first things first things first I want
to go ahead and make up some books and we’re gonna do some enchanting because
if we got to we got some good stuff I got to show you I’ve been doing some
stuff off camera I found some stuff and I want to to get this stuff done so
we’re gonna go ahead make up no no that’s not how it goes
no no there we go that’s how it is and we’re gonna go make up some books with
all 11 but we got 19 that’s good enough you know what actually I want to do some
more so let’s grab let’s grab some more sugar cane it makes some more paper we
have so much sugar cane the we might as well just use it all from other farm
which I just harvested by the way right before I got on camera everyone go ahead
and grab some that it’s about that it’s a matter oh oh that’s a lot of paper oh
wow okay well that should be enough right yeah yeah yeah we’ll have just
enough yeah 42 47 yes sure that’s good enough
61 books amazingly beautiful and I’m gonna go ahead and put that right there
and right there amia power all right I don’t think we
need power 3 so I’m gonna go ahead and just take regular protection
approximately 2 minutes later sharpness 1 all right that’s good enough
for me that’s a nice start of an episode grabbing all those books it’s just so
many all right guys as you can see him outside the old abandoned old abandoned
mineshaft and I didn’t mention in the last video but I made this bar down here
thicker it’s actually thicker if you can’t tell I changed it a little bit so
this new updated ha so beyond Dropbox down in the in the
description section so go check that out this would be Version three now I got
three versions and spoke amis GUI plus but anyway I went down here to grab some
cobble look for you know diamonds and try out a new mining technique and this
is this mining technic I found on YouTube a bunch of people were doing I
was like this looks like it’s a really good idea so I’m gonna go ahead and test
it out and I tested it out and it works really well so the technique is
Minecrafts new water physics makes it so that you can actually swim through one
one block hole which is really cool so if I go ahead and I hit shift and I
control nice print you can see we can go through this one whole block which is
really really cool so I can go ahead and mine through all of this which is what I
did so I broke all these blocks out and I mined the whole thing out which was
really cool and I kept going I kept going until I found something that I
wanted to find and I kept going there’s some torches here broken and I go
relieved I move really fast through here and you can see right here I found some
diamonds guys and if I if I yeah I’m gonna actually pop through the top there
but that’s alright and I want to go ahead mine is on camera I mind around
them and then oh this is this is gonna be for at least me yeah yeah I’m
thinking there’s actually lava to the side over here yeah there’s lava right
there by the way so yeah they’ve got to be little careful so we’ll go ahead and
I want to make sure nothing’s beneath us alright guys everything looks like it
checks out so I’ll go ahead and with our fortune – we need fortune 3 we really do
but it’s good enough for now we go ahead and we only have a hundred and sixty
three durability on our on a pickaxe we’ll go ahead that was that was eight
blocks and twelve diamonds that is great but you know what’s even greater yeah a
diamond y’all you saw it diamonds are great but you know we got more of them
so why why stop there why stop there I found put that away oh I found this I
kept digging and I found this bad boy and you can see there’s more diamonds
right here what are you not gonna go away
really really I really thank you for really rally yeah okay there you go wait
a second you you sneak stir please go with this get out of here
you know that’s good enough it’s good enough it’s good now yes go ahead two
three four what wait a second now whoa no no okay
don’t do that to me that broke diamonds and nothing came out
oh yes eighteen eighty what was that it was
that just wait a second now I had 12 already thirteen fourteen fifteen
sixteen seventeen eighteen that’s more than four it’s good nothing we got more
check it out so there’s more right here too oh this is this is more than I
thought it’d be okay alright alright let’s grab the rest on first this Bubb
whistle first and that looks good that’s good more diamonds more two more
oh yeah oh yeah oh my gosh can we can we leave here with a full stack I don’t
think there was any more there’s not any more there’s just those two veins
I grabbed some iron and whatnot alright guys I’m back and I’m gonna put our 32
diamonds with two diamonds with 33 diamonds and I to diamonds and make 35
diamonds and we’ll fix up our tools really quickly and then we’ll do
something cool go ahead and do something like that oh my lord I should have never
made those enchanted books they’re all gonna be oh that’s not that bad blue ice
is pretty good alright so you do that one and we’ll do the shovel yep it’s
just gonna be the sword that’s gonna be a lot well I’ll get some more in Jamin
levels down in the zombie grinder off-camera and then I’ll fix that is
we’ve been talking about Interjet Lee and I want to make one I want to make
two of them actually we have just enough to make two and we need blaze powder for
that something go ahead and make up some of that there we go and I think we just
do it just by putting them next to each other yeah there we go
we need two eyes of ender and I’m pretty sure it’s I’m pretty sure it’s really
simple actually I think it’s just the obsidian like a chest would be right and
in the eyes of ender yeah I’m a genius see look at that
so we’re gonna need two of them and of course we need to open we can’t
have just one man and Obsidian and then we need to grab with the place powder
back we can grab them back if we put it back if we put it down in the wrong
place we want to move it later on because so touch I think I’m gonna put
it in our bedroom or you know what yeah no I’m gonna put it and put it right
here yeah that’s that’s why we would have this here right yeah and then of
course we have this right here for the lonely tree so we can look out to all
the think yeah yeah okay I think it’s time to do boom and if I don’t like the
we go no one’s change it later on that is our inner chest just listen in that
sound oh yeah oh yeah that’s glorious that’s good where’s my friends and the
second one we will we will keep with us we’ll carry with us at all times a
checklist for today yeah I did but I don’t really want to do this right now
start the villager town what this was pretty much I want to release the
villagers because they’ve been such good sports you know they just been down
there for so long I just feel bad I want it I want to get them out all right guys
so I just I feel really bad so I think it’s time to finally release these guys
and I want them to get on out of here you come down to the to the fun place
come on now get out of there and this guy right here we can remove him out no
not that way don’t go this way go on go on Billy go on now it’s your time to be
free it’s been forever I know I’m sorry but now it’s your time to be free you
guys just don’t want to come on they see they’re so used to it now they love it
see now if Billy Billy likes it see come on out guys Billy loves it it’s great
out here I promise you yeah there we go all right it’s a nice no to your guys
isn’t it better I know it is I know it is I really do I’m sorry you guys were
in there for so long I just you know it’s I I don’t have an excuse for yeah I
was gonna try and come up with one but I’m just sorry I just am we can finally
get rid of these giant dirt boxes we’ve had up here forever
guys like I said I feel really bad they were in there that long I just I didn’t
want them to get hurt I was protecting them I was protecting them guys and now
we have enough resources that I think we can finally stop worrying about hiding
them and we can actually build something for him I did want to wait until see I
was waiting until we could build Atlantis but that does attach that’s
being proved to be a little more difficult than I thought it would
because we can’t we don’t have any prismarine blocks we have like a couple
but we don’t have enough to build a whole Atlantis which is a bummer all
right guys so I got everything I think we’re gonna need for um this small
little villager town and it’s not gonna be this small I’m gonna branch it up a
little bit there’s gonna be buildings and stuff for them to walk into of
course all within the perimeter of border so none of them get hurt anything
but I do want to dig into this wall a little bit and the reason I want to do
that is because I think it’ll be a pretty cool idea to have them kind of
living a little bit inside of the mountain in a little bit outside of the
mountains so I want to go in a little bit not too much and I’ll just start
this and in today’s episode and then we’ll finish it some other time just so
you guys can get a little taste a little sneaky peeky it’ll go like right here
yeah looks pretty good all right so pretty much well let’s do this first I
want to dig around the edge of this to put a little bit of a cobblestone border
around the edge all right that looks pretty good so far we got a couple of
fence gates all scattered around and they’re gonna head in here for safety
even though it’s dark which is strange I’m gonna go ahead and we’re gonna fix
this floor up I don’t actually have any stripped wood but that’s okay so we’ll
just have to strip some really quickly and I got this little space here I want
to go just for this main room where all the other rooms are gonna kind of branch
off we got a 5×5 and I want to dig this floor out and just do a little bit of
decoration like I said do the floor maybe the walls
I want to go ahead and do a cool pattern like we did before so on all four
corners get out the way Billy all four corners will do something like that
right and then stripped shrimp stripped right so do the mold pattern that we did
in our base keeping it all consistent and stuff you know you know how I like
to be consistent you got to get out of the way guy see he’s gonna be in the way
you know fine be like that and then in the middle we’ll do one two three four
five six seven eight and then right in the center we’ll do that yeah looking
good man looking good you got to get out the way Billy and
then for the side one I kind of want to make this look like it needs support
since its underground so I think this would be a pretty cool-looking idea if
we do something like this perhaps maybe I think that looks pretty cool yeah yeah
yeah I like that alright so you guys are all in here now
they must be scared of the elements at night thank you get out of there man all
right let’s put this one down and then they’re right there all right so the
floor is finished let’s do this well they’re like what you doing they’re just
looking at me they’re like we are the construction committee we have to
oversee your work sir to be work we’ve dug in to the train station guys I was
wondering when we’re gonna hit it this is on the exact same level that is
literally couldn’t be more perfect Wow okay so I have a door here which I’m not
gonna be able to use we’ll have to use this guy because I don’t want them to be
able to get out and I’m gonna actually move that chest right there and then
we’ll just have this be another entrance to the train station so that’s really
nice and handy so no no you don’t ah I see what you’re trying to do you’re
trying to get out man and I’m actually gonna put double layers of this I know
that’s really like oh wow this like turntables at am at an
amusement park now but that’s alright I’m gonna move this chest and these mine
carts over here for the time being yeah that’s pretty good
all right so now we have this we can go through the first one make sure they’re
safe this is an extra precaution you know
that’s pretty that’s pretty good and then we’ll go ahead and I also want to
decorate up this wall of course and I’m thinking I kind of want to go
for like a cobblestone looking effect here so maybe I’ll do just compost on
itself yeah maybe that looks pretty good yeah just couple stone itself and then
maybe I’ll do a wood pillar right here again yeah yeah yeah all right all right
guys so I’ve got a little bit more space here you can see we got a little bit of
a hallway going off this way which is pretty nice I want to go ahead and fix
up some of this stuff here so we’ll go ahead and go off this way and inside
this this is gonna be like all empty I’m gonna clear this out this is gonna be a
room so let’s do that now actually and this is perfect yes this is so perfect
oh my gosh this is the this is the the the hallway the this the hallway to the
thing yeah that made sense uh-huh so you know what I’m saying you can see it
right there and I’m gonna go ahead and put a some more right there so we can
get into the villager town from down here as well which is pretty sweet and
I’m kind of scared of them getting that right there so maybe we’ll do another
double fence kind of thing maybe all right so this for the side wall I think
I’m gonna go ahead and we’ll do these shrimp all along the bottom and then oak
planks and then stripped along the top maybe we’ll do the alternate pattern
yeah yeah yeah I really like that alternate pattern I don’t know I just
looks so cool and then we’ll copy that same thing on this side so I want to do
a pillar right here for support and then from this side we’ll do the same thing
so what was this down then across then down then across in pink paper
uh-huh then this one should be the opposite of that way that way and I
instead of wasting my axe I’m just gonna put these down right there and then just
hit them from and makes more sense than to put them
down somewhere do the stripping and then you know put them back that’s wasting
some some of my axe so didn’t really make sense
alright the doorways are down this is a little vegetable type place right here
for this bad boy and we’ll go ahead and we’ll just put some wood planks down for
this yeah we’ll just continue that all the way through with the wood planks cuz
we got the wood planks over there and yep that looks good to me maybe I don’t
really want a full wall right here cuz it’s looking kind of strange I’ll just
do the the pillar there and then we’ll do something different right here we’ll
just do planks yeah that looks much better
alright so that was a little awkward before that looks much better okay so we
have this area over here to connect to the outside so we can get in from over
there we’re gonna have a rule over here which is gonna be a bedroom I think and
then we have the hallway which will lead to more rooms in the future and I think
we’re gonna stop right there and I might do this right yeah we’ll
finish this and we’ll finish this right here and then we’ll stop alright so we
got this circle and then are you are you for real are you kidding me well you
guys might be over here so bad for we got this circle and then we’re go ahead
and fill this in like this and then there and then this way and then that
way and then strip those and then you’re in the way of course it’s gonna like the
opposite of this right here so I thought that was pretty cool figure we can
alternate with with that pattern over and over again all the way down the
hallway so that was pretty neat with that one for that one right there yeah
Inman so on this side we’ll go back to this design over here which was one
there one there one there you’re in the way guy no you’re still no
who are you who are you you have no name what do you mean you have a name what’s
your name wait Samantha Billy you’re you’re the first guy wait where’s your
name you don’t have a name oh my gosh we I thought I named you what happened to
you what is this alright so we’re gonna go ahead and strip all of these strip
all of these strip those strip please and then in the middle there should be
yet the circle and then the one in the middle yeah that looks good so we’re
gonna go alternative on this one then this inside pattern then this one again
and then we’ll keep going all the way down the hallway so that looks really
pretty cool guys I’m liking it what do you think so far I think this is gonna
be really pretty fun I think it’s gonna be really pretty fun all right so I’ve
dug out this room off on the side over here
and I put a door down just so we get a little bit of door nice going on and
you’re finally out of the way guy oh geez so we can put that one down and now
this hallway really is finished for today anyway we can head through here
close that one up and then do that right there that is really cool I really like
that guy’s so that is the start of our villager town and the last thing I want
to do before this video was over was what did I want to do I have some more
stuff down the list that we didn’t do head out in search of the village
underwater temple yeah we’re not gonna do that today that yeah that’s gonna be
a little bit later on it’s like the coolest thing if you don’t remember
which you should in the first episode I noticed that there was a tree out here I
did not put this tree here there’s a tree that spawned on this little tiny
island and I had no idea I was like what is this this is a little tiny tree this
is the first time we’re actually stepping foot on the lonely tree island
take a look at that well guys it’s official it’s official I’m gonna go
ahead and we’re gonna build up a little bit of the dirt on the side and try and
make this all nice and even and symmetrical and stuff and I think this
is this is it guys this is the moment of truth we’ve all been waiting for
no that’s not it yeah yeah yeah it’s just that okay I knew that I knew it and
we’re gonna go and do something like that we need we’re gonna we’re probably
gonna need some more courts than this but I don’t want to make it all cuz
we’re just gonna do a little bit for today well I don’t want this episode to
be about this I want to do an entire episode just for the lonely tree yeah
yeah buddy what
there’s a cave around here somewhere alright guys I’m just trying to get the
dimensions down for this circle which is proving to be a little difficult but
that’s fine is I have to fix the bottom of this obviously but we have this whole
thing then we take a step back make sure this is actually right we have this
whole thing surrounded in a bigger circle which is pretty cool-looking
right and I’m gonna fix up the bottom but so we’re not gonna do that today all right guys we’re back into the
villager town here which isn’t really much of a town right now it’s just you
know kind of a little a little little outpost you know just a little place for
them to chill and be able to conversate you know and not be trapped in dirt
boxes for like months but but at least they’re out now but I think that’s gonna
be it for today’s episode I really really enjoyed building this stuff I
love this I love the look of this so far this is really cool fix this with wood
for now we’re just I think we just use wood yeah we’ll just use no don’t step
in the way of Mike don’t step in my swing way jeez all right guys we got to
strip the wood right there down at the bottom to kind of tie it all
together should I go ahead and do my famous my famous alternate yeah I should
we can’t do it on half we can’t do it at the time and not the rest of the time it
looks good we might as well just do it the whole time
there you go that’s pretty good looks much better than the cobblestone I think
yeah so that’s gonna be it for today’s episode I really do hope you guys
enjoyed episode number 22 I’ll see you guys in episode 23 well hopefully we’ll
get a little bit more this village or town done and I do want to head out we
really need some prisoner marine to start Atlantis which I really do want to
start and I also want to start doing a little bit more of like the the actual
Minecraft Quest type things like go I want I want
to actually find the stronghold and see if we can try and get to the in realm
and fight the ender dragon which shouldn’t be too difficult I mean we got
we’re pretty buffed up right now but yeah I want to start doing some of that
stuff and I’ll see you guys in the next episode give me a slip and a slap oh no
ha 5 and I’ll see you guys later

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