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hey guys today I have a multifunctional
tool to show you it’s an emergency radio backup power supply in a flashlight
all-in-one this is the MECO emergency radio Solar
Hand Crank multifunctional survival tool I believe that it’s important to be
prepared for any type of emergency especially weather-related
situations where the power might be out and you might find yourself stranded
somewhere and you have nothing or maybe you just have your car
this device is waterproof to the level of IP x3 which allows you to use it
outdoors and snow or sleep doesn’t mean you can fully drench it or dump it in
anywhere mainly just it gets enough wetness nothing severe it is very easy
lightweight in its very you can hold on your hand it’s nothing big or clunky
it’s not even that heavy so let’s show you what comes in the package so the
package includes your radio device it also includes your USB charging cable
your output charging cable USB connector connector to USB converter which you
would used to place in here and you have your user manual that comes
inside as well now what’s unique about this device is that it can be charged in
three separate ways you can do it in USB port via solar power through the solar
power fountain panel found on the top or by using the hand crank which one’s up
the internal alternator you like that one minute of hand-cranking supports
over five minutes of cellphone talk 15-20 minutes continuous torchlight or
even 15 to 20 minutes of radio play in a medium volume of course if the radio
itself works with am/fm and NOAA radio and there’s a six lumen LED light the
button is found at the top right here it’s very decently bright it can be
bright for us how much you crank it for I would assume there you go so this
device can also be used to charge any other device as well all you have to do
is use the output charging cable which is this one right here
right here you plug it into the spot on the side the circular input make sure
you attach the USB connector to USB converter and place your cell phone
charging cable or whatever charging cable you need to use or device you need
at charge all right so when you’re trying to use the radio there is a
tuning knob and the volume button and you can switch between WB FM and AM so
I’m going to try FM I turn the volume up do as well on Saturday well there we go
then for New Year’s Eve would we have Sunday night
down to 60 believe I found The Weather Channel and Alex helpful so that is the
radio portion of this device so this is the MECO multifunctional radio
flashlight this would be a great item to keep on hand in your home backpack or
your vehicle especially for emergencies thanks for watching you


  1. I have one that I saw about 6 years ago but Iwamy to get that little one its solar it fits anywhere I'ms to big. Thank you for inspiring me with this God bless you and your family always.

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