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1.13 Skyblock – Episode 2 – Exploration – Let’s Play Survival Minecraft

1.13 Skyblock – Episode 2 –  Exploration –  Let’s Play Survival Minecraft

Hello everybody, my name is Hudinio and welcome back to 1.13 Skyblock this episode too and in between episodes. I did just a little bit of work not to too much I haven’t actually had a whole lot of time this week to sit down and play I did manage to get a little bit of iron as well as some coal as you can see here and I mined out a good chunk of the underside of our island here But I did leave our first diamonds on the bottom. So I want to experience that with you for the first time Let’s head down and take care of these diamonds And done let’s see one Where they go. Oh, okay. We have it two And three. Alright. Those are our first three diamonds together Oh No Right into the water below good thing that’s there and it’s not the void good for us Alright, so in this episode what I want to take care of today is maybe do a little bit more reefs resource grinding off-camera, but On camera, I want to explore the rest of these islands. So we have one here. We have the sand islands we have the nether and We have this awesome beach island down below. I don’t know if I need to get down there right away Unless I really want jungle saplings But I do want to get into the nether for sure as well as like I said finish exploring the rest of these islands So let me just go ahead and make a few slabs. I might as well make my diamond pick while I’m at it And I guess a handful of more torches Just go do this diamond pick done aa few sticks maybe Maybe that many a couple torches Okay Let’s see. Do we have iron? Yes, we do. Let’s got to make ourselves a good set of iron tools iron sword check iron shovel question mark check and an iron axe Good to go. Alright, and we saw a three iron leftover. I don’t know that I need anything else just yet. Okay What’s gonna put some of this stuff away iron can go this can go stone. Tools can go I will put my diamond pick away coz I want to make sure that We keep that safe. And as you can see our tree just screw which is amazing gonna throw this wood away And make a ton of slabs that should be plenty I don’t see myself needing more than that Go here, okay So first thing I’m noticing is that this platform is a little small. So I think I want to extend this out Maybe two more blocks That was three, yes, I know Three okay. Alright fine three blocks. It is one two, three. I Don’t want to lose any of these saplings into the water. It’s the only reason I’m doing this too And we’re just basically making a cobblestone Slab of a world. It’s not too pretty to look at just yet. But you know what? There’s still the starting time of a new world there’s all the resource gathering to go through first before you can start making things look pretty and That’s exactly what I intend to do is I want to make this world look as pretty as I can Give me those back And check. Okay, maybe a few more here And this is the last set on this side Okay, good to go. We did manage to get some sheep going here I penned them in because I actually had one D spawn Which took me from three sheep to – and I just bred these guys up and got a gray sheep So nothing has changed here Alright, I’ll come back and take care of those later So I did actually remove this block from the island as well however, villagers were actually running all around my island as I was trying to mine cobblestone and I wanted to try to keep them as safe as possible. So that’s why if that’s missing in case you’re wondering Alright, so let’s go ahead and make our way over to this end island I really don’t know what to expect but I can assume that there’s gonna be some type of treasures maybe an end portal I don’t fully know. I hope it’s something good though so like so it should be good and Okay Alright so I first thing I’m noticing is that there’s no lights right inside Which is great and I see some shockers now. I probably don’t want to go head-on with the shoulders, right? So maybe what would be a good idea just to break this block try to get them to attack each other? Or maybe I can just do it from here Is that working that worked huh, and we got shulker shells, all right Okay, that’s two done Three four five nope, nope, nope. Nope Okay, they are attacking each other maybe Okay, yes, they are definitely attacking each other only one more This might have been the easiest shulker kill in the beginning with no armor, that could have possibly happened Yeah, absolutely that’s okay good to go let’s go ahead and break down the store How many shorter shells did we get? We got two shorter shells which means we can make ourselves a joker box Elektra first Elektra of the series done. I Don’t know equipment because let’s face it. I don’t know how to use it. Okay, what’s in here some terracotta? gray Iron, boots iron helmet totem of undying as well as fortune three. Excellent mending and Efficiency five. Wow, that’s incredible. Okay, so that’ll go nicely with the diamond pick. We just made and excited about that I do want to take these banners and the sign The rest of it we can leave for now, I think Yeah, there’s no reason to take anything else just yet. All right one Island done Okay, what’s next? What’s next? I think let’s go check out this red sand island over here Sun is going down So I may want to sleep soon Yeah, we’ll be okay famous last words Okay, ah let’s see where do I want to jump down to maybe right here is fine Good Alright I’m gonna take this cactus And just build myself a little stairway down here Just like so okay. Perfect a Little stairway, it’s good and drop a torch. I Want to keep this lit I believe now what’s under here? This looks like it could be housing something Let’s just kind of break through this Okay, maybe it’s not holding anything and it was literally just some red sandstone actually all it looks like Okay, so it doesn’t look like this island has any treasures trust to find But I will take all of this cactus that I just loose some cactus No doesn’t look like it I should have six yes, I do. Okay. We are good to go. Let’s get out of here Okay, our trees look like they’re basically ready to be mined up, however, I want to throw some torches down here I know nothing can spawn here, but just for my own sanity Let’s go ahead and drop down some torches. Ah Let’s put our things away all of our new treasures. So this can go that iron boots and helmet, I will wear a Light robe we’ll go in here We can put this chest down I guess right How do I how do I make Jess join how do I do this? Why can’t I do this I Don’t know how to make chess join each other. I don’t actually know how to do it. There’s new 1.13 feature. I don’t know That I like or maybe I’m just not used to it. It’s probably that. I’m probably just not used to how this works Do I need a another block here? Let’s try that Little check is this a trap chest? Yeah, that’s a trap chest that’s why well that makes sense so What why would they put a trap chest here? Okay. Well everyone’s really hoping I have a double chest I guess was put it here. Ah, there we go All right. Good to go. Let’s gotta clear out our inventory just a little bit Everything’s gonna be a mess for a little while. I don’t feel like organizing just yet. Although I know it probably should Okay, so next I probably want to go and explore the nether a little bit so For that I’m gonna need a bunch of cobblestone half my torches. I might want to take my diamond pick I Think that’s a good idea. We have some armor, so I’m not too too worried Yeah, I think we have everything we need Just gonna plant this back one two three Okay Uh, yeah to the nether let’s do it I Am scared. Oh, I don’t know if you can hear that in my voice. Yes. I almost did just run off my Island. Okay? one It’s gonna take a while Alright, we made it and so far. The first thing I’m seeing is a Bunch of lava, and I don’t want to destroy the slovaks. I do only have one source So I think I’m just gonna pillar myself over it Maybe like right here Just make my way over to this island Okay into the nether we go. Let’s see what we find. What I’m hoping for is another fortress. That would be ideal I do need some blaze rods as well as other things that the nether offers, okay, so Looks like we’re just in a giant bedrock box, which I’m not complaining about. It means I’m a little safe here, but I can’t help but think that there’s stuff to explore like this down there this giant obsidian wall Okay, let’s go see what we have. I think the only way down would be to maybe make myself a little bit of a staircase Like this like this There is a lot of gas that’s all I’m hearing or gasps cries or gasps, I’m so sad Okay So there’s not really much in here, I know I want to grab some of this soul sand for sure But when I do eventually find another fortress I’m gonna want to fight the wither pretty quickly Right almost have all of this. I wonder what’s behind this. Obsidian Well, I almost punched that Pigman right in the feet that would have been bad Okay, so obsidian there’s got to be secrets behind this right? Let’s go ahead and try to dig through it Okay, another another black lips idiom, okay third block of obsidian What you serious another one? Okay. Um, how far does this go? So far it’s for at least four blocks deep Okay, we’ve broken through the other side oh there’s gassed Of course, they’re being gassed right there But we have broken through the other side and it looks like this was nine blocks thick nine blocks of obsidian If any idea how long that took to mine Actually, it wasn’t too too long. It’s only a few minutes still It’s ridiculous. I wonder what’s on the other side treasures galore. I hope And That is the last one. Okay, and Yes, so it’s not The worst thing it is a nether fortress, which is great. It is something I need However, I am not equipped to fun to take on this nether fortress just yet But at least now we know it’s here. Hello another Pigman You’re gonna you’re gonna hold your sword at me my sword is better though. Your course is bigger Goodbye Alright, so I think that does it for the nether. I do want to maybe take a little bit of this netherrack as well Let’s just go ahead and take care of this little islands of netherrack For no other reason than just to have some so I can bring some back to the overworld The first thing it looks like I’m noticing is a bunch of nether quartz, which is great That’ll be useful for making comparators some redstone devices as well as observers and I guess just all-around decoration One thing I’m not too familiar with is actually redstone itself. So I’ll probably end up using this more for building than for making any type of fancy redstone contraptions Okay, how much nether quartz is here, oh wow, there’s a pretty decent amount And it looks like just the bottom is more bedrock so I am literally in just a bedrock cube right now Which means I am pretty safe in here But I still might want to put slabs over all of this just to prevent gas from spawning because gas do spawn on Any surface, I believe that is 2×2 Might be 3×3 and there is plenty of flat surface in here. So I’m gonna want to make this spawn proof Okay, this is a pretty fair amount of nether quartz and Honestly, I probably should have applied the fortune 3 to my diamond pick first, but we do have access to a full nether So I’m not really too too worried about Mining a few nether quartz blocks without fortune. It’s not the biggest deal in the world All right, so overall successful nether trip. Let’s head back There’s one more thing that I want to explore in today’s episode and then I’m gonna get to some resource gathering off-camera Okay, so what do we have here just go ahead and put all of this stuff away This this this and that now the quartz goes up here and You can go there. Actually, I’m gonna go feed up my sheep two, sheep will get fed. The third can suffer Okay, white and Gray, I want you to make me a light gray baby. Can you do that? Yes, you can Is that like gray or is that just another gray? It looks the same All right. Well, that’s fine. We now have four sheep. It’s better than nothing now The other thing I wanted to check out today was this island here? So I’ve already been over here and I saw it. There’s chickens and pigs in the back But this looks a little suspicious to me So as I was digging this out, I uncovered a whole bunch of iron and coal and gold just a whole bunch of resources Just in this little area here And I’m thinking there might be something under this as well. I mean, why else would it be so Thick at the bottom and rounded I mean look at all the other islands. That one’s fairly flat. That one’s a hundred percent flat This one actually might have some hidden treasures below it as well And this one we explored and there wasn’t anything but you can see it’s only a few blocks thick so I didn’t expect anything here This one this one’s much much bigger. So I don’t want to destroy the inside of the house. I don’t want my villagers getting lost So I’m gonna go ahead and tear some of this out here. I think this is probably good Okay, and the first thing I’m finding is some acacia wood and that’s the world okay, let’s not let’s not do that so acacia wood and Looks like grey clay perhaps No, that is quartz, that is some quartz stairs, it looks like Okay, and yeah, we did find some treasure we found a few chests underneath here so Yeah, my intuition was right. There was something under these we do have inventory space Wow. Oh Okay, that’s only wool. I thought those were gold blocks. Well, it’s crazy All right, so we have some yellow wool some glass and some slime as well as a whole bunch of cyan wool as well All right, we can make some colorful things. It’s gonna take these chests. So I know that I’ve been here more yellow or glass more slime and this time purple to go along with the cyan and I can’t actually fit all of this into my inventory. I guess we can get rid of that throw our torches in our offhand Okay, we can take everything All right, look at that and we have glowstone as well So overall pretty successful. I don’t have any seeds to get my chickens. But what I do have are eggs that I can’t pick up Let’s see if we can get ourselves a few more chickens in this room Two eggs better than nothing then work no more eggs. One more chickens. I Only see one chicken, where’s my other chicken? Okay, you’re that you weren’t, you know kiddo, alright, that’s fine Chickens, okay. So overall some pretty good exploring. One more thing I do want to take care of is Exploring down below under the ocean just a little bit. Nothing too too crazy because I don’t have any type of water breathing I don’t have night vision to see under there, but I can see what looks to be some type of blocks right here Definitely over there near that dolphin and There are bubbles coming up from the ground You can’t see him at the moment, but I did fall into the water and I saw bubbles forming right around my water pillar So I want to go ahead and explore that as well So let me just put all this stuff away and then we’ll just take the plunge Okay and chest isn’t big enough to hold everything so let’s go ahead and add this on top Can I can I do this Is this gonna connect no, it will not I don’t know how this works yet Okay that takes care of that we have our iron pick which is about to break so Do I have three iron? Can I make another one? Yes, I can – and my sticks One stick oh I threw my sticks over here. That’s fine. We have plenty of wood And a brand new iron pick Okay. So let’s go ahead and just jump into the water and see what we have one two Down we go. Okay. So as you can see here are my bubbles Looks like there’s the bottom of this island here with the tree on it okay, some fish and Not much else I can see at the moment Okay, a little bit of a netherrack building for our lava What is that it’s that coral okay, so these are coral blocks and It looks like I found a chest as well. So let’s go ahead and surface so I can breathe. I Really? Hope there’s no drowned under here Okay, I think we have our water breathing let’s go ahead and see what’s in this oh that’s a torch Smite five. Okay. Well, that’s good. You can definitely throw that on a sword or even my axe Take that chest and get out of here Swim swim swim. Okay, don’t drown. Yeah, there’s drowned What did I say? Didn’t want to see you Two All right, first kill get to go All right, so I don’t want to Be down here too long But one thing I did see was a whole bunch of gold blocks right around all these bubbles And when we get some water breathing and depth Strider will definitely come back here and explore a whole bunch more So I can hang out right here and breathe happily All right, so let’s go ahead and take a few of these gold blocks and see if there’s anything lying in wait underneath here I Don’t want to mine all of this. Let’s face it. I don’t want to be down here just mining gold for hours This is gonna take longer than mining obsidian without having the aqua affinity and water breathing and all that stuff So I’m just gonna maybe take down to the bottom till I see something And it looks like that’s it Come on, one more one more don’t die. Okay so two, maybe three layers of Gold blocks or down the bottom there, which is helpful for sure. And since we found the one chest I can only assume there’s more scattered throughout So that’s great. All right overall pretty successful now This video comes out in just a few hours, so I actually need to get to editing And uploading of this video my computer is not the fastest. So rendering and uploading takes a little bit of time so I’m gonna get started on that and In the meantime, I will do a little bit more research Resource gathering off-camera, so I hope you guys enjoyed this little bit of exploration in the next episode I’m thinking I might play around with the time-lapse and actually tear down some of these islands that you see around here and I want to Mine out that giant ore island for sure as well as get a little bit more infrastructure like a bigger farm going some more trees and Maybe a few animal pens. So I think that’s gonna be it for this episode if you enjoyed it Make sure to hit that like button comment below to chat with me Subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see all you guys in the next episode

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  1. Sorry this one is a day late. Real life got in the way this week. Also, it's a tad bit shorter than I'd like, but with all of the exploration out of the way. Next episode I hope to get some infrastructure set up. Such a proper tree farm, proper crop farm, and other goodies.

    Thanks for watching. Make sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven't already! πŸ™‚

  2. Really enjoying this series, I love vanilla skyblock and it's great to see a 1.13 version. Are there a set of goals for the series?

  3. To join chests you have to shift click ON the chest. If you click next to it, it works as well, but not of you shift-click next to a chest. However if that trapchest was a normal chest it would still not have worked, due to the direction the chest was facing. You can only join chests by their side. They don't flip anymore to a new direction. Only thing you could have done was placing that bottom chest again in the direction you wanted. (hope this clears things up πŸ˜‰)

  4. If you dig the whole bedrock cube out, nothing will spawn, because nothing spawns on bedrock πŸ€”πŸ˜‰ (plus getting lava isn't an issue now you're out of that box)

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