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yo what’s going on guys it’s Papa J here
and welcome to my room to our part 2 where I show you all of my offs and
things like this massive monitor over here I’ve got so many things in my room
to show off I’ve got monitors I’ve got Jeezy’s I’ve
got expensive clothing I’m sick and tired of you showing off all your
material objects it’s like all you care about now is your big fancy computer
your bed that goes up and all the crazy gadgets look and how can you say that
how can you say this stuff’s not important okay look at the size of that
monitor alright you’re talking I don’t need a big monitor you told me I don’t
need a second computer over there it goes up it goes up what about these
monitors I don’t know what they do but they’re over here easy look at them
that’s exactly what I’m saying Jay you don’t need any of this stuff to have a
good time I bet you I could make a better box for it for $1 then you can
make with all this fancy dancy stuff alright
so we’re talking about a $1 box for versus billionaires box for I like the
way you’re thinking check this out Alexa what’s the weather lexan stop you can’t
do that vocative you really think you could be
my billionaires box port that’s got a flat-screen TV in it well you know what
Jake we’re just gonna have to let the viewers decide all right it’s on them
$1.00 box for versus billionaires box for here we go
eh Oh what’s going on guys is Papa Jake you from cheap of me and we are back
with a brand new video no I think we need to do an ultimate
Segway jump off the stairs oh loading explosions going away all right I know
where he’s going but anyway guys that’s not the point today we’ve got another
awesome video because we are doing $1.00 box board versus 10 million dollar box
worth that is right guys as you read Logan thinks that all you need in life
is a $1.00 box worth you don’t need these fancy things like hoverboards and
stuff to make an awesome box for the Logan doesn’t think you need to be fancy
but I think you do I think when you’re making a box board you need to go big
you need to go huge because that’s what makes Fox Sports awesome so we’re gonna
have a competition I’m gonna be building a 10 million dollar box fort while Logan
built a $1.00 box pour it out of my cold box so check check this out guys check
this out look at the garage it is a box heaven in
here so Logan to me taking a bunch of the crummy boxes I’m gonna be taking the
good boxes and we are gonna go all out I’m gonna have a segue I’m gonna have a
room but I’m gonna have a nest thermostat I’m gonna have everything in
my box for while locust have a regular box for pure imagination guys that is
what my box for it’s gonna be so because time we grab our supplies and head
downstairs and start building these things because there’s gonna be a
competition today all right so we need boxes we need tape I need all my cool
supplies my budget is ten million dollars Logan you have one dollar so you
pretty much have to use only cardboard that you can find in this house and like
maybe one roll of tape is all Logan’s gonna get over here billionaires box has
come nicely stacked nicely ready Logan how’s it going over there yeah they’re
all over the place but should be enough for us let’s take this downstairs we’re
gonna have to give Logan a little bit of time to sort through all of that so the
good news for me is I have a lot of options the bad news is there’s a ton of
garbage to sort through all right guys so while Logan’s up there trying to find
his boxes I think we should start down here building our billionaires box for
it and this place is a pretty awesome way to start in here we’ve got lots of
room it’s also got this kind of like grand entrance where we have to step up
like this and there’s doors that we can close on both sides to give extra
privacy to the box I think this is gonna be a great place to build the other
thing is Logan’s gonna be trying to copy everything we have in our box for so I’m
gonna have like an Amazon echo I’m gonna have lighting I’m gonna have a gaming
room I’m also gonna have a Roomba and of course got the easy top he’s gonna have
his work cut out for him but let’s open these boxes and start building this
thing I wonder if this can be considered part
of our box for box what is a pool table and had no way low and can beat that
I think that should be good enough for the base of the box for it again it’s
not about how big it is it’s about how much cool stuff we can put in it so this
should give us the windows going as well as an awesome front entrance and then
what’s the box board itself is built that’s what we can start decking out
with all of our cool stuff I Loki have no idea where Logan is I’ve gone lost in
the garage but he hasn’t started over there and we’ve got our floor done so I
think we’re already winning this thing so this is pretty much the best
cardboard that I was able to gather that’s just a pile of garbage over there
don’t come looking at the billionaires box for it this is billionaires section
buddy you get over there that’s some problem Jake Jake still got nothing on
us we still got lots of great cardboard I’m not worried at all so I’ve got my
boxes sorted one roll of duct tape one box cutter
let’s see what we can do so far this fort is actually looking
pretty awesome considering the materials I was given it’s looking pretty good
check it out I’m not sure what’s going over on Logan land but our Vox board is
looking Lidz check this so but we self to do the roof and of course the deck it
out but it take a little bit of time to make a really cool feature because every
billionaire box board needs a cool entrance and for this we’re doing a
sliding door so it’s not done yet but as you can see here there’s a door open you
can get in and out up and then when you want to close it you activate the
sliding door mechanism it slides over like this and stays in place using this
little mechanism here I’m gonna add a handle and some other cool features but
that already is making this thing look awesome so let’s get started on the roof
and then deck it out so right here we’re building two sleeping pods so two people
can fit in the fort and next up I’m just gonna be building the walls the roof and
we’ll worry about decking out the box for once we’re finished that so since
we’re kind of running out of cardboard I found this weird kind of papery
substance that I’m gonna have to use for the roof and the rest of the walls most
likely this is just a cool add-on to the box for it well guys there she is
the roof is finally complete and it is looking awesome I mean considering I had
one rule of tape scrap pieces of cardboard from the garage this thing
turned out pretty awesome I’m not exactly sure what Jake’s been up to but
I think this fort has a chance check this out just finished the roof
the fort is looking awesome so now we have to go inside and start decking it
out so first things first I’ve got to get some lighting in there got our
sliding door here but I think it is a handle in front of it so that we can
easily open it from the inside and the outside then once that Sun I can start
bringing all of our equipment inside I’ve got to get a Roomba I’ve got to get
sleeping quarters supplies and the Amazon Alexa and I’m even thinking about
adding a third feature which I’m gonna keep from you guys it’s gonna be a
little bit of secret but it’s gonna be really awesome
it’s a little bit dark but I went for an open-concept looking for the box for I
didn’t want a room off the whole area cuz I’m gonna be like a billionaires box
for nice and open but let’s take a look and see Logan’s doing over here so as
you guys can see he’s not doing much it’s not the best place to spy from from
what I can see Logan’s roof is literally paper literally paper look at my room
this is solid but Logan’s is paper so we both just finished our box Fords I’ve
got my a billionaires box for it over there and Logan has is trash pile over
over behind me Jake what are you talking about it is not a trash pop it’s a bunch
of trash in a very nice-looking pile that you put together nicely that looks
sort of like a fork made of trash but anyway that’s not the point guys the
point is we are now ready to show off both of our box sports we’re gonna start
with Logan’s $1.00 box board we’re gonna see all of his cool features he’s trying
to mimic my cool features we’ll check it out and then we’ll go check out the
billionaires all right Jake come here come here so right here we have the
front entrance okay yeah no I like it so I got the easies on below ok well
I’ll give you credit the floozies actually look pretty fresh I’m not gonna
lie they match the fort they match the fort that’s pretty sad I like that the
roof allows for some like external lighting to come in cuz it’s not you
know it’s not solid yes no it was designed
okay right now you’re sitting in the kitchen slash the gaming room okay as
you can see we got a ball in the cup you might have your fancy dancy gaming
stations or whatever but here’s where the real fun is that we got a ball at
what what’s wrong with some ball in a cup Jake I’m actually not gonna lie this
is like a mess I’m like I want to try it so you have to get the ball in the cup you know you can spend hours doing this
there’s a bit it’s a bit difficult not gonna lie alright 2017 we had bitches
spinners 2018 ball on the cup Jake solid minute ball the cup is pretty fun one
after ball in a cup we have Logan Alexa which is a pretty sweet feature you know
you can ask what time it is you can ask what the temperature is it’s it’s kind
of like Amazon Alexa you know you’re saying you have your own version of Alex
in here Alexa what time is it where is it
there’s speakers in here you got some speakers Alexa what time is it
it is 9:20 Logan that was just you know what wasn’t I likes it what time is it
9:00 Tony okay that’s literally you I can see you moving your mouth look I am
a hundred percent sure that that is just you in a different voice oh it is not
just all right you know what you know let’s move on from some nice pillow
stuff that’s cool but Logan I have a question for you alright in my box for
it we’ve got something called a Roomba that could clean up after myself if I
spill so if I for example dustpan kind of breaks the budget of the $1 thing all
right all right I’ll you know look I’ll let that slide all right but one more
thing I haven’t shown off yet Logan is my box for we’ve got central cooling how
do you cool this thing down I got a fan look that’s not a fan that’s a dustpan
okay all right don’t you know what Logan I’ll give it to you this box runs pretty
sweet on a $1 budget you have a lot of cool stuff mind you is pretty much the
cup game that I love most but it is a sweet box for Yugi but I think it’s time
to now go check out Papa Jake’s billionaire box boy
you’ve seen the $1 box for it now let’s go to the other side and check out mine
let’s go so we just checked out Logan’s box for it now it’s time to check out
the billionaires box for it come on in to the billionaire’s side of things
you guys can see this is the box what is much bigger it’s much cleaner and we’ve
got a nice front door I’m like Logan you’ve got security in top priority but
of course here we’ve got the sliding door mechanism so you can open it like
this I’ll be taking my Easy’s off to go inside because inside the billionaires
box sport but watch you guys come on inside I’ll show you around
welcome inside the billionaires box board as you guys can see we’ve got
lighting on both sides here we’ve got rooftop lighting as well as LED lights
around the box itself and we can control these LED lights with a control panel on
the wall we can make red we can make them green we can make it blue you
pretty much do whatever you want with them I mean okay okay Jake I’ll give you
that it’s much nicer than my fort but what do you do for gaming and
entertainment well I’m glad you asked Logan if you look behind you on the wall
there we’ve got a Nintendo switch you can chill here grab your controller chilling all my nice blanket with my
nice furry pillows but if Mario Kart doesn’t tickle your fancy we’ve got an
Apple TV with a flat screen check it out that’s pretty cool I mean you can play
the switch on the wall you got your Apple TV but do you have a Logan Alexa
well Logan I got something better I’ve got real Alexa Alexa what time is it
what’s the weather like today it’s minus 12 degrees with partly cloudy skies
Alexa stop that’s all we’ve proven that point we got flat screen TV with every
movie Netflix Apple TV we also have a nice bed check this out Logan my bed
comes with a beautiful neck rest this is a memory foam neck rest that allows you
to get the optimal sleep while inside your billionaires box for it you might
notice I’m not using blankets well that’s thanks to our central heating
system courtesy of our Dyson fan you might also notice Logan fan has no
blades that’s how you know it’s legit there’s no blades Logan
it’s just air that actually is is quite nice I don’t know how they do it science
link but the point is we’ve got this whole thing decked out with all the
technology you could possibly ask for a nice bed gaming on the wall flat-screen
TV LED lighting you can make any color you want okay Jake I get it your box for
it is really cool maybe I could hang out here for a
bit and we could chill and play games and stuff and maybe I’ll just go back to
my box for it later I don’t know you’re gonna have to ask Alexa Alexa can Logan
stay here tonight sorry I don’t know that one you know I’m gonna allow you
staying here because the box sports always more fun with friends so once you
grab a seat enjoy I’m gonna play some more Mario Kart Wii cheek what’s that
his name’s Fred Fred Fred you have to clean right now gets over Fred I don’t
need to use a broom I just have my Roomba go around oh and I forgot to show
you loaded in the night if anyone comes in our box for it we’ve got self-defense
nerve shotgun how cool is that dude all right Jake I get it Oh
the billionaire box for it is super cool but guys let us know what you guys think
yeah guys I think we have a clear winner here with the billionaires box for but
you guys are gonna get to decide who wins this challenge we have Logan’s $1
box for with all of his cool features and I’ll hand it to him he’s got that
cool ball in the cup game but then we’ve got my billionaires box for it with no
flat-screen TV central heating Roomba and so much more but let us know down
below is it Papa Jake’s box fort or Logan’s box fort that should win and of
course guys if you don’t want to miss any of our videos be sure to hit that
subscribe button but also more importantly smack that Bell button and
join the hashtag notification squad if you guys do in the hash tag notification
squad put a hash tag notification squad down below and I’ll know you guys are
part of it thank you so much this has been Papa Jake and we’ll see you guys
next time for another awesome box for video

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  4. Papa Jake's box fort is better but for one dollar Logan's box fort is pretty awesome!

    Edit: and yes I do know that this vidio was posted a long time ago.

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