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10 People Who Survived The Wilderness

10 People Who Survived The Wilderness

ten people who survived the wilderness
number ten Edward Rosenthal in September 2010 real estate broker Edward Rosenthal
was about to close a lucrative deal and decided to celebrate with an afternoon
hike in Joshua Tree National Park the 64 year old only planned a short trip but a
wrong turn on the way back to the car left him completely lost during one of
California’s worst heat waves in years he continued to walk but with no bearing
he just got more lost in total he traveled 24 miles in heats of up to a
hundred and ten degrees before he was too tired to walk and took shelter in
the shade of a small canyon eventually Edwards supply of water ran out and he
began to accept his fate he had a pen handy but nothing to write on but his
hat so that’s where he left a heartfelt goodbye to his family friends and
clients with instructions to eat Persian food and party at his funeral rather
than be sad thankfully though these instructions were never needed as a
helicopter finally spotted him after six days of extensive searches he was
reunited with his family in intensive care where he made a full recovery
number 9 Yoo Lian of Kafka on Christmas Eve 1971 uliana Coco was on a flight
across Peru but lightning struck the plane and it began to disintegrate the
plane crashed into the Amazon rainforest taking the lives of 91 passengers and
crew members but the plane had been carrying 92 people and 17 year-old
Julianna soon found herself the sole survivor of the crash she was still
strapped to her seat bruised and with a broken collarbone or she had to survive
on with some candy she found while searching unsuccessfully for her mother
while searching she found a small stream and used the survival tactic her father
had taught her following it downstream and keeping alive by drinking from it
eventually this led her to a boat where she didn’t want to take because she
didn’t want to steal she did take some gasoline to disinfect a wound in her arm
that had been infested with maggots she rested in a nearby shelter and the next
day 10 since the crash she was discovered by local fishermen and taken
to a nearby hospital the story was adapted to film by famed director Verna
Hertzog who by some insane chants had canceled
his seat on the very same flight last minute eight Robert bukkake on July
26 1999 West Australian authorities were alerted to an abandoned bike just
outside one of the most hostile terrains known to man the great sandy desert the
bike belonged to Alaskan firefighter Robert Berger key and an intense search
was quickly launched for him police and aboriginal trackers scoured the desert
for Robert for two weeks before the search was controversially called off on
August 9th even in the winter the deserts daytime temperature is around 90
degrees an Australian police weren’t confident
but gooky could have survived the scorching desert but his parents
remained hopeful and recruited an American search team headed by Vietnam
veteran garrison Sinclair this attracted the attention of the local news media
who basically did the job for them they found Roberts footprints then his
makeshift camp before a news helicopter spotted the man himself stood by River
very much alive Robert had walked roughly 15 miles a day totaling almost
250 and had survived a biblical 40 days on bush pants and ground water he’d lost
44 pounds and almost died making it all the more ridiculous that he’d left
intentionally with no supplies wasting everyone’s time and money for his own
spiritual journey number seven Keith Parkins the youngest wilderness
survivor on the list Keith Parkins was just two years old
when he mysteriously went missing in 1952 he’d been at his grandfather’s
Oregon ranch when he disappeared behind a barn and into the empty snow coated
land that surrounded it police and his family searched extensively for a day
and a half and began to lose hope but eventually after the field of search
have been drastically increased they found Keith he was lying face-down
unconscious on top of the lake that had frozen over his clothes were ripped his
jacket was missing but somehow he had survived the cold and wound up eight
miles from the ranch of course the two-year-old wasn’t
exceptionally talkative about how exactly that happened but the 2016
documentary missing for one one looked into the occurrence and found that he
would have had to have been walking for 19 straight hours to have traveled that
distance obviously this has been highly doubted and many suspect that keith was
abducted but he has no memory of how he got there or how he survived the extreme
can number six lianxiang you in 2017 21
year-old Liang Shang Yu and his 19 year old girlfriend Liu Chang Chun were
hiking in Nepal when they got caught in a snowstorm unable to see where they
were going they tried to follow a river path hoping it would lead them to a
settlement but instead it led them straight to a ravine which they both
slipped and fell into they now found themselves stuck on a Ledge only able to
show to themselves from the extreme weather in a nearby cave otherwise there
was no escape they ration the food they had but after 10 days it ran out with no
sign of rescue they took to drinking melted snow and eating the salt they
brought to season their food but after 44 days Lu died of starvation search
efforts had varied from helicopters to morbidly tracking the movements of
vultures all unsuccessful until one of the search party spotted two bodies when
they reached what they assumed were corpses one of them began to talk and
the emaciated Liang was rushed to hospital he just survived having lost 66
pounds in what doctors described as a miracle but sadly Lu had been just three
days short of the same miracle survival number five Lisa Paris on July 23rd 2017
radiology student Lisa Farris was reported missing in Midway Alabama a
huge search was launched to find the 25 year old but the mystery was solved with
the arrest of man Lee Davis and Randall Oswald
they’ve met their assort Lee before her disappearance and after their arrest for
a nearby burglary they each tried to pin her murder on the other the story seemed
to have reached a tragic end until 25 days after her disappearance Lisa was
found completely naked but distinctly not dead having lost her glasses she was
partially blind and without food but survived by drinking dirty puddle water
and from wringing her hair when it rained
she ate berries and mushrooms and lost 40 pounds in total Lisa told police
she’d been with the men but hadn’t wanted to partake in their burglary of a
hunting lodge so she’d run into nearby woodlands have forgotten how she got
there walking for almost a month until she heard the sound of a highway
Lisa collapsed on the road and was taken to hospital by a passing drive
but police suspect Lisa had actually taken meth and had stripped him run to
the woods during her trip number 4 Yossi Ginsberg in 1981 Yossi Ginsberg and
three companions were travelling through the Amazon rainforest when a
disagreement split the group Kevin Gale wanted to travel downriver by raft but
the other two travellers deemed it too dangerous so he and Yossi went alone it
was of course too dangerous and while Kevin washed ashore Yossi was thrown
down a waterfall this left you’ll see alone and needing to fend for himself
against the termites and fire ants that ate him alive the 14 burrowing worms he
had removed from his head and a Jaguar yes you heard that right with a spray
can of insect repellent and a lighter he Jerry rigged a mini flamethrower to fend
off the big cast over 19 days he survived on fruit and eggs he stole from
bird’s nests he almost drowned when he got stuck in a swamp and walked until
his legs gave out but just as he was about to give up hope he was reunited
with Kevin who had searched tirelessly for him sadly this would be the only
reunion as the other two travellers were never seen again number three
Ricky McGee Ricky McGee was driving down an isolated Australian Road on the 23rd
of January 2006 when his car broke down but that was the last thing he
remembered before he woke up in the middle of the Australian outback that
began a 71 day stint that saw McGee leeches frogs lizards and cockroaches
just to survive luckily he found his way to a dam which meant he wouldn’t die of
thirst but his diet ultimately lost him around a hundred and
thirty pounds half of his body weight he’d make a makeshift shelter where he
was eventually found by farmhands on April 6th barely able to walk they took
him to the hospital he made a hasty recovery and instantly started trying to
sell his story he claimed he believed he was drugged and dumped by hitchhikers
but his car never surfaced and police found no evidence of criminal activity
this his desire to sell the story for $15,000 and his recent drug convictions
have thrown his story into doubt as proof McGee said he’d eat a raw frog on
TV which doesn’t exactly help his image as someone who might do something
extreme for fame number two Shannon Leah Fraser on
September 21st 2014 30 year old Shannon Leah Fraser was at a swimming hole in
her home state of Queensland Australia with her friends in her fiance but a
fight with her fiance saw Shannon storm off into the brush that’ll be the last
time any of them saw Shannon for over two weeks
despite 800 hours of volunteer searching Shannon didn’t turn up until 17 days
later when she arrived in the exact spot she disappeared from she was 35 pounds
lighter and sunburn covered her body so extremely that she was almost bleeding
naked except for a plastic fertilizer bag she was found by a farmer who drove
her to the nearest hospital there she told police how she’d got lost in the
bushes and tried to find higher ground so she could see this took her up mal
Bartle frere which without a track or a machete is practically impossible to
ascend the route is so difficult rescue teams didn’t even attempt to search
there and Fraser had to survive on the side of the mountain eating bugs fish
and drinking Creek water until she found her way back down and to safety number 1
ADA blackjack despite a deathly fear of polar bears
Alaska native ADA blackjack took a job at an ill-conceived Arctic expedition so
she could afford to take her son back from foster care on a one-year contract
the expedition set out in 1921 to claim the uninhabited Wrangler islands for the
British Empire they only had six months of supplies and a reassurance they could
hunt for the rest but when the ship picking up the five-person crew was
delayed by a year the predicament changed starving three members weren’t
looking for help but were never seen again ada the crew’s
cook and seamstress was left to care for the ailing lawn knight who constantly
criticized her for her efforts Knight eventually died leaving just ADA she
learned to hunt built an entire boat a platform for spotting polar bears and
lived off seal wolf and bird meat for two whole years when the boat eventually
came to collect the crew rescuers claimed she could have survived there
for another year but instead despite being paid less than she was promised
she returned her son but while others profited from the story ada saw nothing
but blame for having not ignite and she died in obscurity and
poverty in 1983 so those are our 10 people who survived the wilderness if
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  5. We just had a 22 month old go missing in the woods by his house here in eastern ky. It was in magoffin co, kentucky. The youngsters name was Kenneth Howard. They finally found him after basically the whole of the county as well as surrounding counties police, fire dept etc. as well as dozen upon dozens of volunteers looked for 3 days.

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