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10 POPULAR MINECRAFT SKINS! – Top Minecraft Skins

10 POPULAR MINECRAFT SKINS! – Top Minecraft Skins

Hey there! What’s going on guys?! As I said in a my 10 Funny Minecraft Skins
video recently, the Top 10 Minecraft Skins series on my channel is one of my most popular
and features some of my most popular videos. A lot of you have subscribed due to it and
I have found a way to make the series interesting for myself to make again. This week’s
video is going to featured 10 Popular Minecraft Skins! These are some of the most popular skins on
Planet Minecraft.. which is, of course, my favorite site for skins. These
aren’t the MOST popular skins ever but just 10 really popular Minecraft skins that I personally
like. I hope you enjoy this video and thanks for
watching! Let’s get started.. *Music* To start off, we’ve got this Link skin from
The Legend of Zelda. Last updated 5 years ago, this skin is, obviously,
quite old. Over the time it’s been on PlanetMinecraft
it has over 72 thousand downloads and 195 thousand views. It also has almost 300 diamonds on PlanetMinecraft
which is pretty much the equivalent to likes. If you’ve been
playing Minecraft for a long time, or even a short time on servers, you’ve probably crossed
paths with somebody who has this skin.. or a skin similar to it at the very
least because it’s a very popular one! Given the popularity of YouTuber DanTDM, his
skins are, of course, very popular too. In this instance, I just picked one skin. This isn’t the skin with the most downloads
for DanTDM but it’s my favorite of the ones I
saw, or one of the favorites, so I’m just featuring this one. With over 13.6 thousand views and nearly 7
thousand downloads, this skin has clearly been seen by a lot of people
and used by a lot of people. There is a version of DanTDM’s skin with over
12,600 downloads on PlanetMinecraft too. That one
has brown hair. But yeah, given the popularity of him, I figured
I’d throw in a DanTDM skin into the video. This skin that I’m showing you now is a Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles skin. This skin specifically is Leonardo. However, you’ll also be able to find the Michelangelo,
Donatello, and Raphael skins on the download page. The Leonardo version of this skin has nearly
17,000 downloads. I’m very curious how many people also downloaded
or just downloaded the other turtle versions of this skin too. I really want to know the actual amount of
downloads this has in total. I’m sure that number is pretty high given
the overall popularity of this skin and the overall number of downloads
the Leonardo skin has on it’s own. I just want to mention that I really like
the level of detail that has gone into this skin
too. It’s really cool. I actually featured this on a much older video
on my channel when I was making my Top 10 Minecraft Skins series all the time. Next up, I have another YouTuber skin. This one happens to be LDShadowLady. Perhaps in the future, if I make more Popular
Skins themed videos, I’ll add some more YouTuber skins into the video. I just need to know which YouTuber skins you
think I should add. Regardless, YouTuber skins are obviously,
like I said earlier, going to be popular. Just as was the case with DanTDM, LDShadowLady’s
skin is going to be popular too. Lizzie does have a pretty cool skin though. I like the hair color, to be honest. But yeah,
that is Lizzie, or LDShadowLady’s skin. Another popular Minecraft YouTuber skin. Next up, I have an Iron Man skin. This skin has almost 19,000 downloads and
54,000 views on Planet Minecraft. There is actually a more popular Iron Man
skin on the site too. That one features Iron Man in the Mark V suit. This skin here features Iron Man in the Mark
VI suit. I personally like this one better. I think it’s a bit more detailed and
I don’t know, I just like it a bit better. That’s no knock on the other skin either. That one is clearly very popular as it’s one
of the most downloaded skins ever on Planet Minecraft so yeah. I just added this skin because I like it. Both very popular popular skins with lots
of views and downloads. Sticking to that Marvel theme, this is a Deadpool
skin. This skin has over 42,000 downloads and 131,000
views. Personally, Deadpool is probably my favorite
Marvel character. Well, I guess Iron Man is up there too. But I really like Deadpool. Like with the Iron Man skin, there are plenty
of Deadpool skins to choose from. I chose this one and it
happens to be the most downloaded Deadpool skin on Planet Minecraft so it’s very popular. It was created 4 years ago but last updated
2 years ago. I assume it was updated with
the Minecraft 1.8 skin change. That would make sense to me. This is a very detailed and really nice looking
skin. I actually really like this skin. If I were to use a Deadpool
skin, I’d use this skin. But I’m not gonna use a Deadpool skin so I’m
not gonna use this skin. Since I’ve been showing all-time popular skins,
I wanted to throw in a popular skin from the last 7 days, or a week. And this is the most popular skin on Planet
Minecraft over the last 7 days. This skin was made by Planet Minecraft user
Beverly. It’s got 60 diamonds in just 7 days which
is actually really great. With 700 views and 95 downloads in
only 7 days, well, that’s a lot. If you guys want to see some videos just featuring
popular skins over the past week or whatever, let me know. That may be something I would
be interesting in creating for you guys. That’s an idea. I just came up with an idea while writing
this script. Good for me. I’m coming up with ideas. Wow. I like funny skins. I like random skins. I like funny and random skins. I suppose that’s why I like this skin. Maybe not like super funny. But it is definitely random. I’m not sure what made this person create
this skin in the first place. But this is a gumball machine skin. The skin creator, coldfeets, has a quite long
backstory for the skin. I’m not going to read it for you but you can
read it if you want on the Planet Minecraft post for this skin. Again, just random skin, a funnyish skin. And it’s got
nearly 36,000 downloads, 127,000 views, and 960 diamonds. Yeah, It’s insanely popular. It’s crazy. Next up, I have a skin that is popular for
some obvious reasons. The first reason is, well, it’s a pokemon
skin. Pokemon is, of course, insanely popular in
itself so people will be looking for Pokemon skins. The second reason is that it’s shaded nicely. Shading is important for skins. So that’s a big one. And finally, it just looks nice. Yep, that’s some high-quality reviewing right
there. But in all seriousness, this skin isn’t necessarily
as popular as some of the really really super popular skins in
this video but it’s go a very respectable 4,700 downloads and 52,000 views. So it is certainly popular enough for me to
add into the video. I mean, it’s not like I have any
real criteria anyways so… yeah. The final skin is this Lazer skin. You can figure out what the reference for
this skin is by looking it up. I mean, it is a pretty easy Google search. Shoop da Whoop. Old meme. But regardless, let’s just examine and talk
about the skin. There is an illusion with this skin that will
make the eyes follow you wherever you go. Ya know, like those painting
illusions or whatver do? Well yeah, that’s what this guy does. It’s creative. There are multiple versions of this skin too. This one is the 3rd version and it is in a
suit. It’s also incredibly popular. It has over 57,500 downloads. It’s been viewed 179,000 times. And it has 226 diamonds. It’s very popular. So yeah, it fits my criteria. Ya know,
since these are supposed to be popular skins. I think you understand. I hope you understand. I know you understand. Imma Firin’ Mah Lazer. That’s the meme by the way. That’s gonna do it for this one guys! Thank you all so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed! As I said, I’ve worked out some ways to make
this series enjoyable for me to create again. I don’t know how many people will want to
watch it after it not being on my channel consistenly for a while but I’m gonna create
the videos anyways. I have
some ideas that are similar to this video that I’m going to be creating. I’ve also already compiled some funny skins
so you can look out for more 10 Funny Minecraft Skins
videos coming in the future as well. If you have any ideas, feel free to suggest
them in the comments but I can’t actually garuntee I’ll create the video you suggest. Some people get upset that I don’t do their
video suggestions so I have to say that. But yeah, if you’re new to my channel thanks
for checking out this video and feel free to check out some other videos too! If you’re not new to my channel, thanks for
watching another video! Make sure to subscribe, click the bell, and
turn on notifications so you always know when I upload a video! Thank you all, once again, for watching! I hope you enjoyed! I’m outta here! See ya!

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