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10 Smallest Countries You Never Knew Existed

10 Smallest Countries You Never Knew Existed

10 smallest countries you never knew existed There are more than 200 countries in the world And we’re sure you’ve heard of each of them at least one however there are territories on our planet We never knew existed they occupy a super small area and some of them are inhabited by just a couple of families here The list of the top ten tiniest countries with a population smaller than that of a village number 10 pas La who area 177 Square Miles or 459 Square kilometers population 21,000 347 people population the republic of Palau is an Island country which consists of more than 300 islands of different sizes Pilato is one of the most amazing places on Earth its Rainforests are full of unique plants and birds and its territorial waters are inhabited by 130 threatened species of Sharks the most remarkable site in the country is the lake with over two million jellyfish in it Don’t worry over time they’ve completely lost their ability to sting number nine new area 100 square miles or 260 1.46 square kilometers population 1190 people new is a Tiny island state in oceania despite the amazing views tourism is not popular there therefore the country depends greatly on foreign aid, especially from New zealand The capital City is just a small village with a population of fewer than 600 people However, the Island has an airport and a real supermarket the only one in the whole state number Eight State Kits and nevus area 104 Square Miles or 261 Square kilometers population 52,000 329 people the state consists of two Islands St.. Kitts and Nevis One of the main sources of income is the economic citizenship program. It allows anyone who has at least $250,000 to invest in the local sugar industry and thus obtain the status of a citizen of st.. Kitts another way of obtaining citizenship is to purchase a property worth no less than $400,000 on either of the two islands number seven the principality of hutt river area tWenty-nine square miles or 75 square kilometer Population 30 people the principality of hutt river is a micronation located in the province of the same name in Australia It was founded by Leonard Catholic who declared his farm to be a new and independent state Although the country isn’t recognized by any state it still has its own currency stamps and Passports in different parts of the principality tourists can see the busts of his royal highness prince leonard the first of hut number six, Tuvalu area 10 square miles 426 square kilometers population 10,000 959 people Tuvalu is one of the smallest and poorest countries in the world the economic Situation of the tiny state could be even more disastrous if duval who hadn’t been given the internet domain? TV which Annually brings millions of dollars to the Country’s budget Number-5 Knott roof area 8.1 Square Miles 421 Square kilometers population nine thousand five hundred and Ninety-one people Not aroo is the smallest independent republic and the smallest island state on our planet? The Aru has neither an official capital nor public transportation system And twenty five miles of its roads are used by locals driving their private vehicle Environmental problems make the republic very unpopular among tourists another record of no roof is a number of obese people The obesity rate in the country is more than seventy percent number four the principality of seborga area one point nine zero Square miles or four point ninety one square kilometers population 312 people this micro nation on the territory of Italy is ruled by his tremendousness or sello the first the principality of seborga Is a village of the same name near the French border the unrecognized state has an army that consists of three people? the minister of Defense and two border guards number three the rain Military order of Malta area 0.01 to square kilometers population one hundred and Thirteen thousand five hundred people Apart from Vatican City there is another tiny state on the territory of Rome which is called the Serene military order of Malta its area is 0.012 Square kilometers and it occupies three buildings two of which are located in Rome and the third one on the island of Malta The country has its own currency stamp Website car numbers and passport its citizens have the right to visa-free entries in Several countries around the world the Supreme military order of Malta is the only country in the world where the latin is the official language number two the principality of Sealand area 0.0015 square miles or 0.004 Square kilometers population 27 people the unrecognized state of Sealand is a sea platform located six miles away from the coast of Great britain Sealand is governed by a self-proclaimed prince regent and anyone can become a count Baron or even a duke One can buy a noble title for a few hundred British pounds on the state’s website number One the Republic of Molossia area zero point zero zero two zero square miles or zero point zero five five square kilometers Population seven people the self-proclaimed republic of Molossia is a micro nation founded by Kevin Bell Located in Nevada, UsA Its population consists of Mr.. Bao himself his family three dogs one cat and one rabbit Molossia has its own national anthem national Emblem and the national flag they even have the death penalty for particularly serious crime issues don’t ask for it and even has a space program in May 2017 the republic turns 40 years old, so Which country or countries would you like to visit and why? share your thoughts in the Comments don’t forget to hit the like button below the video and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life look you

100 thoughts on “10 Smallest Countries You Never Knew Existed”

  1. How big is your country?

    Btw, there is a tiny lake somewhere that's extremely dangerous

  2. The only thing I got from this video is that I can proceed to make my own country right here in MD. Maybe I’ll call it “Batshit Crazy Land”. This video was garbage 🗑

  3. Dude almost everything you Said here was a lie. Vatican city Is the stallets country look it up yourself There is no such thing as ”Enclaved country within the U.S. This whole Video is a lie, Im disliking

  4. Actually sealand is big because it's called Sea so it controls the entire ocean except Caspian sea and great lake

  5. Fun fact! Palau was recognize as a part of the Philippines dated back at First Republic of the Philippines, but achieve independence from it. Palau was also invaded by the Spaniards when they discover it.

  6. The Principality Of Seborga Has 164 Italian People, 47 Polish People, 11 American People, 138 Greek People And Some 52 People From Other Countries. And Its Population Isn't 312 It's 412

  7. I ‘d love to visit Niue as it is situated in Oceania which has many islands and is situated in the middle of the ocean and one more thing I knew all the countries

  8. No joke but…
    Have you heard

    St. Pierre and miquelon? I found it near Canada. Just search it on Google maps and you will get it

  9. As a minimum to be recognized as a country you have to be recognized by at least one other country, and the citizens it taxable to the country. If not, I can also make my house a country, it only depends on the level of craziness I want to portray

  10. Mom: do you have a Crush in our Country?
    Me: How can i have mom when we live in a country where only Ten People Exists.
    Mom: Too Bad for you my SON.

  11. My country:Oplis
    National animal:wombat

  12. Country : My Home
    Prime Minister : My Mom
    Capital : Living room

    Food Minister : My Mom
    Sleep Minister : Me
    Wealth Minister : My Dad
    Education Minister : My elder brother

    Area : IDK!!!
    Population : 4 People

  13. Country : YouTube Nation currency : knowledge language : french,germen,English,Japanese,Chinese,Korean,lantinspanish,Italian,nowergien

  14. Country: *Pending
    Population: Changes quickly
    Usual human lifespan:5 sec- 3 min
    Report: The place is is filled with stuff, Some dissapear in mere seconds and get replaced by others.Each Sq km has different owners.

    Notes 1:
    Anything is possible to the area owner
    (Ex:Super strength, creation, destruction)

    Note 2: Life is created in the area however, all life created by the individual
    Will disappear along with the individual

    Note 3: Time movement depends on Which sq km The area is in

    Note 4: Somebody said: The world will soon shall crumble, For the greater good

    This area is currently in Further investigation

  15. The republic of my bedroom.
    Capital- my bed
    Language- english, hindi
    3 provinces – the mainland bedroom, the attached bathroom and the balcony.
    Extremely good foreign relations with the kitchen republic, mostly due to trades in food.
    Wildlife – My dog, Cockroaches and many species of occasional birds found in the balcony province.
    Currency – No currency just love and trust.
    Government- dictatorship
    Official religion- atheisism
    Resources – water 💧

  16. Who knew? Liked the several spots about some of the very small countries in the southwestern Pacific. I wonder if these small countries had the notion yet of setting up a banking system that included tax heavens? Ka-ching!!

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