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10 Upcoming PC Base-building Games in 2019 & 2020 ► Strategy Builder Simulation Management Gaming!

10 Upcoming PC Base-building Games in 2019 & 2020 ► Strategy Builder Simulation Management Gaming!

A mix of simulation, colony management, and strategy. This isn’t just city building games or RTS (Real-time strategy). Welcome to 10 upcoming PC base-building games in 2019 and 2020. Now, this is a genre that lands in the middle ground that appeals to a more specific group of strategy sim (simulation) gamers, Though as with any genre today, there are grey areas and crossovers. Today we have 20 games to talk about and this video is in collaboration with Clemmy games an indie games enthusiasts. So, expect lots of pixel art, isometric views, and hidden gems on his channel. I’ll let him introduce himself: Hello, and thank you GamerZakh for the introduction. Like many of you, I’m a fan of base-building games simply because I want to see massive cities being built and having to manage the various systems and to have it all working together in perfect unison is such a fulfilling task. Indie games in particular often have novel or unique spins on the formula, which is why I love them so much and we certainly have some very promising titles for you today. Now, we split the work between two videos one here and one on his channel, so be sure to check out the next 10 games after this set and let’s get started. Kicking things off, we’ve got Trollskog called by Andreas Carlson. An open-world city builder RTS (Real-Time Strategy) with economic engine building and tactical battles, this is a unique blend of a base-building game where you’ll explore a forested fantasy world, secure resources, complete quests, and engage in diplomacy. Visually, it looks decent, blocky but textured, but not too much of the final gameplay has been implemented or shown off yet. Entering early access in the second half of 2019 and looking at a full release for quarter two 2020, you can get a good look at Trollskog soon and be able to see if it’s something you’ll like. Now, I’ll let Clemmy games let you know about the next one. Make your Kingdom as a low-poly town-builder where you build expand and manage the needs of your citizens. It appears that you can zoom in and follow or control individual citizens as well, which is an interesting perspective and I like the construction animations in particular. gives me very strong banished vibes. And then for some castle building with Stronghold Warlords by Firefly Studios. The Stronghold series has had its ups and downs over the years and this time they’re trying to switch things up by going to East Asia. Vietnam, China, Japan, and Mongolia are vying for power with new units, a new warlord system, and a whole new setting, but there is a focus on reintroducing classic mechanics too, with grid-based building, a more economic focused gameplay, and generally trying to feel like the older Stronghold games. Footage so far has been a little rough but visual improvements, refinements like unit collision, and gameplay mechanic reveals are still on the way. So, we’ll see what Stronghold Warlords builds up to for its targeted 2020 release. Dwarves, one of fantasies most beloved and perhaps most stereotyped race but here we are again with Hammerting where you have to establish a mining colony deep within the unexplored Mountain of Mara. The game’s own subtitle is the vertical Dwarven mining colony sim and that is the aspect which I picked up upon since gravity and depth play a role and mining blocks actually removes them from the world, which eventually should result in some pretty impressive constructions. Colonies sim elements are also present with each dwarf having their own unique traits, which is affected by things like ancestry and are affected by events as well. The main emphasis seems to be to forge and supply weapons and items for your allies in the world above such as silver swords to be used against Vampires or a crown for the Elven princess so very strong thematically. And then for a new version of an old game, it’s The Settlers by Blue Byte. One of the great classics in gaming settlers is a base-builder where you collect resources, plan and construct resource chains, and expand your territory, but the series has taken some turns. The originals from the 90s are quite different from the more recent ones and now with the seventh (Sorry I meant EIGHTH) main Iteration on the way for the end of 2019, people are wondering whether it’ll be more like the older games, the newer ones, or something completely different. Visually, it looks good maintaining its charming aesthetic and we can expect a mix of economy management and military. Interest was also revived by the release of the History Collection not too long ago. However, I don’t think there’s a single format of The Settlers that will make everyone happy. Autonauts is perhaps the most Factorio-like game on this list, since it is about colonising uninhabited planets with the use of automation and robots. Rather than production lines and conveyor belts, we instead have autonomous robots but you have to program them using a visual programming language, making them repeat actions in order to learn. From cooking, fishing, building farming, tailoring and more, there seems to be so many interlocking systems, which should be a fun challenge. The low-poly art also chill vibes also makes this really appealing and best of all that should be releasing in Autumn 2019. Going up into the sky, we have Airborne Kingdom by The Wandering Band. A colony base-building games set floating in the sky. Wander the desert searching for technologies, gathering food and resources, satisfying needs, and trying to keep everything afloat. Production chains, trading, and multiple play styles are also promised. It looks pretty and the approach to building is kind of new being up in the air and all. Hopefully gameplay in Airborne Kingdom is deep and complex with room for creativity and progression, otherwise this kind of builder could become a bit stale after a while. Space Station builders are an intriguing one conceptually, since how do you even add rooms and modules to a thing floating in space practically? But that aside Starport Delta requires you to balance between gathering resources, station maintenance, and resident requirements. Interestingly this uses hex grids and has a system where station upgrades are applied through proximity, so grouping three power plants together would result in a cluster supplying a larger area while requiring less maintenance, which seems like a fun system. For the penultimate entry, it’s Evil Genius 2 World Domination by Rebellion. Play a diabolical mastermind as you design your evil lair, meant to be your base of operations for world domination. Take on missions and challenges, set traps for spies and infiltrators and develop horribly destructive technologies. You can expect something like Dungeon Keeper, but more modern. It’s always hard to say how games like this will turn out though. It looks fun, quirky, and unique, but I’m all too familiar with buggy launches and missing features. Aiming for 2020, that’s when we should be able to put our evil plans into motion for Evil Genius 2 World Domination. And now I’ll let Clemmy take the last game. The Rift Breaker is a base-building survival game with action RPG (Role-Playing Game) elements where you play as a Scientist Commando hybrid in a mech suit and have to establish a base and a portal back to earth on an alien planet. Collecting samples and researching technologies while fending off the alien threat. The base-building seems to be more centred around the construction of a power grid, with having to build complex chains of automated mines, refineries, and more. This combined with the wall building and the sheer number of smaller alien creatures certainly makes it seem like a cross between Factorio and They Are Billions. I really love the look of this and it is very graphically impressive, and as a bonus as well, if you like tower defence games, their previous title in X-Morph: Defense is excellent as well. And for one more bonus game I’m gonna mention Knights Province. This is a game that’s been in development for many years but has some things going for it. It’s a slower paced real-time strategy game with more of a focus on base-building, planning, and resource processing. Development updates are regular enough and there’s a small but dedicated following for the game. There’s no way of knowing when Knights Province will be completed but you can check it out for free right now in an Alpha state and see if it’s something you want to play or check back with later. And that’s 10 upcoming base-building games for you to look out for. Which ones are you most interested in? Also, here’s something I’d like to know: What about base-building is your favorite part? Building up from scratch, making things efficient, or that feeling of becoming a dominating force. Don’t forget this isn’t an exhaustive list though. And ten more are listed over on the Clemmy games channel with me there too, so be sure to check that out. I hope you guys enjoyed this little collaboration, Clemmy approached me on Twitter with the idea and I thought it’d be nice to do a collab. We don’t get many opportunities to do this, so it was a nice change of pace. Also, just so you know, the main six list I’m doing for this year are well on their way, so if you’re hyped for those, I do plan to try and get all six uploaded before December this time. There’s still a monumental amount of work but I’ve been chipping away at them for months already and it’s always surprising how many new games there are to check out and curate. If the new set aren’t up yet, check out the playlist of list videos that I have been making since 2014. Those will be linked on the screen right now as well as down below in the description and pinned comment, along with the other half of this list over on Clemmy’s channel. Thanks so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed this and found it useful. Like and share the video if you feel like it. And you can also check out all they are the bonus links in the description down below. Alright, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Bonus game! Spacebase Startopia was just announced! The counterpart to this video is on ClemmyGames' channel, check it here:
    He approached me on twitter with the idea and I thought it'd be a nice change of pace as well as a good warm-up for the main 6 list videos that I'm working on right now for later this year. These list videos are a MASSIVE part of keeping this channel afloat, so if you could support this one or the others in any way by watching, liking, and/or sharing them I would be super duper grateful. Here's the full playlist for all the list videos going back to 2014:

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  2. Love these videos, man. I usually think "top tens" are awful clickbait filler, but you just do it right somehow. Good research, broad selections, clear presentation, just great. Rock on. Looking forward to this one.

  3. Thank you again and good luck with the channel! Let's see how best to work together in the future as well!

  4. I just finished Cliff Empire the other day and now this video gets released? Time to find out my next city builder/resource management game.
    EDIT: Not a fan of this collab, the other guy is difficult to listen to, but it is what it is I guess.

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  6. This was really cool. As a note your list videos are brilliant. I love hearing what potential games in the various genres are about to come out.

  7. Definitely building from scratch and learning the mechanics to make more things efficient and nice looking. If there is a base building mechanic in a game, i'll make sure it looks appealing 🙂

  8. WALLS. I fucking love walls. I judge and play every strategy building game based on walls and how good they feel and look and work. That's all I want in these types of games. Give me more walls!

  9. Gota love hearing Zakh giving an acent and cross language gramar pronounciation of Titltes obviously written in other languages then english ^^
    ..base building games….to be honest , its always been the ones that hybrides things….not the ones making you the janitor ..stronghold THE ORIGINAL is a good example.
    gods..I hoppe that air in rts format ,and works for 'economic' rigs..with a combat possibility ,….sighs….reminds me though ,win 7 gona lose its 'support' soon so I guess all these games will be win 10 exlusive …wonder what the local techs want to custom shape a linux copy so it behaves like win7 and is structured like it …hmmm…

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  12. dont do more videos like this collaboration" doesnt sound good if 2 people are talking about the same topic where 1 of them you can bearly understand.

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  15. I would like to watch you play all of them 😀 I'm definitely going to buy Settlers. I grew up with the original settlers. I am a huge fan of efficiency, that's why Factorio has become my go to drug for tower defense/basebuilding

  16. My Favorite part of base-building/city-building is making my base/city unique and cool looking. Designing the layout to look cool/ appealing is #1 in priority for me.

  17. ehh all these games makes me miss Tzar,Cultrures 2 ,Zeus and emperor.. those were true rts .. I miss building cities from the basics ,dealing with people on my own not trough some menus or not having any impact on them at all. Even something like Black & White with slow city building and upgrading through faith.

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