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10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

(panting) – Sorry. Being bald gives them
extra-fast access to my brains. They were really after me. The zombie apocalypse is
something everyone fantasizes about because of TV shows and movies, but have you ever thought
about what would happen if it actually happened? Would you really have any
clue of what to actually do? Well, with the help of The
Walking Dead No Man’s Land, who’s sponsoring this video,
I’m about to tell you. Here are 10 Ways to Survive
the Zombie Apocalypse. (creepy music) Number 10 is don’t go solo. Traveling in groups can
seem hazardous at times. You know, not knowing who’s hiding a bite and will end up trying
to snack on your flesh in the middle of the night. But experts agree that,
should the zombie apocalypse ever actually befall our
civilization, your odds of survival are far better
with allies surrounding you. Being in a group means having
people watching your back, especially at night when you’re asleep. They also make supply runs
safer and shorter ordeals, and help intimidate and defend
against other human groups who might want to steal your stuff. More people on your side
means less against you, plus let’s not discount the
fact that having teammates means that you have
access to cannon fodder. I mean, let’s be completely honest, why you gotta check out the
dark storage shed yourself when Kevin’s eager to
prove himself, right? Go get ’em, Kev. Number nine is go up, not down. You know in scary slasher
movies where the victim is always running upstairs in
order to flee the killer, just to corner themselves and die anyway? Well, when you’re being
chased by the dead, it’s actually a good tactic. I mean, let’s be completely honest, zombies are pretty
terrible at climbing stairs or ladders, for that matter, which means if they break down your door, your best bet is to move to higher ground, preferably up a ladder to
an attic when possible. Then once you’re there,
just stay super quiet and out of sight until the
walkers hear something else and (groans) shamble off. You’re more than welcome to
try going downstairs instead, maybe even hiding in your
basement, but as it turns out, zombies are actually pretty
good at the whole down thing, basically just falling down the stairs, sometimes in large
numbers, standing back up, and then, you know, consuming your face. Number eight is practice room clearing. Just because you’ve seen a
zombie movie doesn’t mean you’re an expert at
determining where the undead will be during a search
of a building or area. Your group is going to live a lot longer if you practice as often as possible. You should run drills for supply runs with some additional
people playing the zombies. It’s best to move in groups of
three, back to back to back, with your shoulders touching
your teammates’ shoulders. Okay, we actually doing this? Yeah, you go first, they
might eat your face? What, nothing. This way, your back is never
actually turned to a zombie, as your allies should be able to spot it. Also check everything, in refrigerators, under beds, in bathroom stalls, and be ready for a sudden surprise. You might think zombies are wicked dumb, there’s no way they could
climb into a basket. That is, until one bursts out of a hamper and sinks their teeth into you. Oh, clean laundry, oh my god. Number seven is learn non-verbal signals. Trust me, you definitely don’t
want to be that one person that yells out “there’s a
horde of zombies over there!” and draws an army of undead to your group. It’s not exactly gonna
make you Mr. Popular. So the best way to avoid such a mistake is by learning to
communicate with hand motions or other nonverbal methods. One way is obviously
through sign language, but that can take a long
time to signal and will be next to impossible while
you’re holding a weapon. Your best bet for you and
your group of fellow survivors is to establish a handful of hand signals that will convey simple messages, such as single zombie,
horde, or armed humans. Don’t forget the basics
such as stop and get ready. You may even want to
throw in a “I need to pee” as you never know when that’s
gonna be a necessary message while some walkers are moving by. Number six is pick appropriate weapons. If you’re looking to
survive in a zombie world for a long time, then
reserving bullets is a must. When dealing with a single zombie, it’s time to get closer and more physical with light weapons while keeping in mind that flashy kills are for the movies. Large sledgehammers
and pickaxes look cool, but if you don’t have
the strength to pull it free of a skull in one motion,
you could find yourself killing just one while
becoming lunch for his buddies. Alternatively, it might
seem simple or even fun to set one on fire and
let it burn to ashes, but that flaming walker
is still coming for you, igniting all of his surroundings and fellow brain-eaters as well. It might not be long
before you find yourself surrounded by not just
zombies, but flaming zombies. Plus, say goodbye to that city block as most of the firefighters
are likely gone, or zombies. Number five is have fun. Okay, this one might sound
weird, but hear me out. While fighting off the armies of undead that are constantly trying
to kill you, it becomes easy to start losing it if you
don’t take some me time. It may even seem
ridiculous to even consider having a little fun during
the zombie apocalypse, but keeping your sanity and enjoying what life you have left
is super important. A good way is to find a way
to get your cell phone charged and play a mobile game, like
The Walking Dead No Man’s Land. Sure, cell towers are no longer working and you can’t text your mom anymore, but at least you can
kill some digital undead in between killing actual undead. And the game is a strategy
game, so while having fun, you might actually learn some techniques that you can use in the real world. It’s actually available for
download in the description below, but I’ll tell you
more about that later. Number four is armor up. If movie and television zombies
have taught us anything, it’s that the undead
always go for exposed skin, the neck, arms, or face,
but if you’re faced with a real-life zombie
apocalypse, get creative and leave nothing exposed. When the dead rise, you
can bet that armed forces will be armored up, and you should be too. Now, if you can’t get
body armor from a zombie SWAT team member or undead army
ranger, then make your own. Lining a snow suit with
thick plastic and metal will make you slow but nearly unbiteable. Think about it, a knight
in full plate mail armor and a helmet wouldn’t be
worried about getting bit. Plus, having everyone in
your group armored like that comes with an added benefit. If one of them gets infected and turns, they will have a really
hard time biting you with all that metal on their head. Oh, John turned, it’s okay though, his face is in metal, he
can’t bite us, look at him. Look at him trying, he’s cute. Number three is always
keep food and water on you. I don’t mean literally cover
yourself in food and water, I mean keep some around you,
in case that wasn’t clear. As long as there are hungry
zombies roaming around, you should never go anywhere
without a survival bag, the most important
contents being a few days worth of food and water. If you find yourself
pinned down and hiding from a horde of walkers, unless something draws
their attention away, they could be loitering in
the vicinity for a long time, which means that you’re
stuck in that crawl space, on top of that truck, or
underneath the dumpster with no means of sustaining yourself. That is, unless you’ve taken this advice and can nibble quietly on rations. Plus, ain’t nobody got time to be hangry. It’s a good idea to have an emergency bag by your side at all times,
especially when you sleep. You never know when you’ll only have a few seconds to rush to safety, and how long you survive
in that safe place is directly related to
how prepared you are. Number two is get in shape. Okay, zombies are coming after me, okay, I got this, don’t worry. There’s no telling when the
undead uprising will commence. It could be ten years from
now, one year from now, or (coughs) tomorrow. (dramatic music) So why not start preparing for it today? When the walkers start, well, walking, you should be ready to run. Use this as an excellent
exercise to get in better shape. Pumping some iron and
increasing your strength and endurance will help you take out the brain-eaters more efficiently. Remember, you need to
be able to pull a weapon out of a skull to be effective. You don’t wanna be like (yells) oh god, they’re coming, oh god, no. Add in some cardio to be
sure you’re fast on your feet and be able to dodge
whatever hellish thing will be inevitably jumping out at you. You know what they say about zombies, you don’t actually need
to outrun the horde, you just need to be faster
than the guy behind you. And number one is start preparing now. The number one best way to survive a zombie apocalypse is to be ready for it. The Center for Disease Control has created a real list of what you’ll need. It includes food and water,
emergency first aid supplies, hygiene products like soap and bleach, blankets, dry clothes, tools, and copies of your important
personal documents. You know, in case you need to
do some faxing or something. They even recommend keeping at least a week’s worth of
prescription medications aside so you don’t have to race to
the pharmacy in zombie traffic. It may seem silly to get
ready for such an event, but these things will also prepare you for other more natural disasters. There’s no real way to be truly
ready to handle your friends and loved ones being turned
into mindless undead beasts bent on devouring your face, but you can at least gas up your chainsaw, you know, just in case. So that was 10 ways to
survive the zombie apocalypse. Big thanks to The Walking
Dead No Man’s Land for sponsoring this video. It’s the official mobile game
of AMC’s The Walking Dead and lets you play as
your favorite characters like Darryl, Rick, and more. It’s a turn-based action
game where you battle hordes of walkers and the best part is, everyone who uses the
link in the description to download the game before December 30th will unlock Negan as a bonus for free. One of the coolest things I
actually like about this game is that every Monday after the show airs, they incorporate what happened in the show into the game as an update. I absolutely love it, and if
you love The Walking Dead, you will too, so download the
free game from the app store or Google Play using my link
below and have some fun, while trying to survive,
of course. (laughs) I’ll see you guys next time.

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