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100 Pound Ultra Jello Minecraft World!!!

100 Pound Ultra Jello Minecraft World!!!

I’m just gonna Destroy you because you made me gag on yourself What is that my beautiful marmars, welcome back today! We’re going to be making a mega Minecraft jello World Let’s get to it [alright]. So I have all these cool. Minecraft Characters, I found right here that I’m going to be putting inside of my world. I hope like the animals Alex and [then] diamonds [too] I have a charge stuffed creeper I can’t wait to miss this if you guys haven’t seen my mega awesome [ultra] aquarium video right here Here’s a link to it. You can click on it. You can see it This is going to be kind of similar, but a little bit different also, so let’s do it alright I have this and I made on carnage Ella big heavy pot itself right here. [I] would be feeling it Oh my gosh, this is [so] okay. I’m going to go ahead. I’m Gonna. Oh, oh oh God, I thought I’ll burn myself before is it [I] [do] you see It’s [already] [like] kind of like a brown, but I’m gonna make this browner [so] this is about like half where I want to be almost there. I’m just going to pour this off for now We’ll say this [stuff] [brown] And then I’m going to grab my [eyebrow] through cutting through a bunch of it there a little goes a long way So that’s probably gonna be super Brown. Oh the scene is so dark doing gil. [they’re] going beautiful Yeah, this is like the world the [earth] right here, then I’m going to make some green on top of this But I gotta let this cool first, and then we’re gonna add another layer All right I’ve spent eight hours now [and] everything is kind of set let’s just feel if it is after we poured all of our jello in Here oh, it’s a little slimy right here [oh], it smells really weird, [so] this didn’t spin my fridge But if you didn’t know if you have enough gelatin in there, and just leave it outside and cool your room down It should be able to set built, but the top of this is kind of slimy, so that worries me a little bit But it’s okay I think we’re going to be okay, but the side right here feel goo it feel nice and sturdy right here, okay? They just feel strong So this should be able to like release from here and still be a Minecraft world So we should be okay [it] just feels a little slimy really look at it It’s like oh, I’m [gonna] attempt to just cut through all this right now. I’m going to cut use my scissors [it] cuts our oldest Okay, there. We go there. We go anything up come on scissors and Does this come on the gel smells really [weird]? I so want to cut it It box cutter come on. This is some really strong plastic This is really difficult. Okay. Come on market it. Oh yeah, oh Whoop this plastic broke the box cutter. [oh] I’ve never seen that ever [and] I’ve cut so much plastic with a box cutter before this thing broke it [wow], this plastic is Ultra strong. I might have to bring it ass off for this [alright] guys now I promise secret weapon this axe Hope thingy okay so my technique for this one is I’m going to just try to hit the edges and Hopefully like get through it with this exit thing so here we go Here we have come for you, put it Come on. Oh I did My exit things powerful pull through here Okay [to] work, and I’m going to go ahead and see the point So I found the weakness the top part is really reinforced atleast wrong But the bottom part is really brittle and plasticine not still strong. [so] [that’s] one Including the for6 okay three weeks later okay, so [wrong] look there No, okay? Whoa? Oh my [gosh] now not okay? [I] guess if I apply force and keep using my scissors it just like shatter, [so] Okay I’m up there, so this is the [back] [side], I pretty much freed up right here I’m going to kind of work on this side, not that It breaks in really weird ways like you wouldn’t [expect] [it] to break in the way that does oh He’s pretty efficient. We’re almost there. It’s got like one more side to go which is this side And then we can start building our [Minecraft] [Gellin] world This side is so stubborn. Oh That almost let my wrist, [okay], I gotta go woo long shot. I was real juicy With that one just cut like how it’s both the cut like that [normal] and beautiful, okay [that] one just ripped off great Okay, we just have a few little as it looks. We’re almost there with clearing it a few inches lay down Oh, yeah, is this further book okay? Okay? Look at I was not bringing so I think we’re pretty much good at clearing the top part That’s all so you guys can see the majority of the green part for a Minecraft cello. [all] [right] guys I’m going to attempt to pull the jello out of the plastic thing. That’s in without breaking it hopefully so here we go It’s nothing to people do this song it’s hard Okay [whatow] it Is [loose] oh wow it’s so beautiful Look at this giant jello my craft world round [make] good giant Green jello think this time happy Thank you for helping me lift it now We’re going to decorate it. It’s a micro world for [alright] guys. So we’re back now We have the giant blob of Jell-O world right here supposed to be dreams that kind of looks like the ground in Minecraft and now I want to get some popsicle sticks right here I have some white blue popsicle sticks And I’m going to make like a little fenced off area because I have some Minecraft animals I don’t know if this will even stick the Mizuki’s work inside of here Mystic it like you’re here Cool, okay. It seems to be working and to come on right here. They work, okay I was going to like create these giant cuts in the gel okay, but this is working really well [alright] So I have a hot glue gun now and I’m going to be assembling my fence though so I have this hot glue gun and just playing a little bit of glue right there over glue right there on the ends of It and we go ahead and put [that] damn like great about there. Hey I know. There’s no rainbow fences in my craft But I’d like to be really cool to have like a rainbow working since look at that [mess] gorgeous – Allen a [Dam] Then I’m going to go from there continue I spent Onward to see the animals in here because you know there’s just sometimes other people Kill my animals [and] [even] roll me up in the boat There’s my fence and now I forget the animals okay. So here on my Minecraft animals. They’re beautiful I have a Lot of a chicken a wolf a pig Sheep a cow I have all these things and now I’m going to put them into their playpen so let me open this through Maybe I might pick something out of it because you know there’s always like sheep setups deep if you haven’t put them right there Okay, there. Wow you worked? I’m put the piggy in here got one cow in there I’m gonna put the sheep here because you know the sheets are [very] naughty they probably [escaped] maybe I’ll put This cow really like it was about to go to practice you this one’s over [here] Trying to be friends with everybody, right? So those are [our] animals and now we’re going to incorporate the people [alright] guys. So now I have the survival pack right here I’m going to actually add into it into my world Here’s like cool like Minecraft in real life because you have the action figures of everything. I don’t have a house for him though That’s the only thing so I think I’m going to give him this light next doors giant lamp It’s been doing the sun to protect him, so he doesn’t go to sleep with all [that]. I’ll be coming out so I’m [gonna] [good] Question right there. Maybe put them right here like he’s being ready for bed Then if not maliciously gross down could usefully come on, okay? I’ll put the box behind you and you’ll stand right box like [you’re] behind your bed Maybe that was gonna flip okay? You’re gonna go through for now. Okay? He’s gonna go night after night [risk]. Which I will put weapons Inputs or daleks people right here. He’s probably dreaming about looking for diamonds and Mining all night long so [put] [his] what he [can’t] even hold it But it’s it hold it while you sleep sleeping any [others] mine is a pickaxe and a sword to yourself anybody comes with shotgun He’s good. All right great. Oh, I have alex in Diamond armor I’m going to try to build him in some cool way I feel like he’s like over here like digging right, so I think it was put [this] block right here There is a non-sexual appreciate yeah, so I want to go ahead and try to take out some of those jello, okay? So this is like [Tim] mining down into the world and she’s digging out as much of the still as I can Oh, wow, you can actually see like there’s a dark hole right here, so he’s actually getting deeper ah the brown gel And that’s where I think alex is trying to find some more diamonds. I can make some wood [diamond] armor Look so cool. They still dig [em] put pickaxe against the wall. You’re like you still digging So these are like the normal humans we got animals here now. We have pushed the bad guys in here Oh, I forgot I could put his little boxes building box right here next to him in bed We also go [a] riff coming out of the world It’s [like] ripping into the Minecraft world right here this popsicle stick did that but I’m going [to] use one of the bad guys here Put the enderman he’s really like [becoming] out of this so creepy I hate animals are so inconvenient and they always pop up at the worst time coming out of here like this Oh my gosh is [like] teaching into it whoa then I have the most annoying things in the game Gelatin [I] always run into these guys all the time though is if [keep] shooting me and they stuck with the bow so it would Kill me so put the scalp in let me see my going to touch this into his hand there We are and I have them on the side [of] the map right here. Well, what if [it’s] [beak] [came] up the gloves? Came off what come on cooper put your foot back on late Let me stick the specht in here [alright], so oh my god, Mr.. Skeleton. This is haunted it Just moved it moved by it so and trying to stick him I would put the creeper in here He’s kind of hanging out with all the taking the animals were here And he’s looking at an enderman that’s sinking into the that. I have my zombie Zombies, not complete without his sword. [oh], oh my gosh zombies are [shave] [aha] ok he’s sneaking up on him. He’s sleeping You shouldn’t be sleeping buddy, but my zombie over here. Oh, oh, oh Ok ok so I have zombie [pigmen], and I also have a charged creeper these are the last thing that putting on the map Zombie children he’s actually very scary take my hand [plushies] Samba for him He’s been infected, so I’m going to go ahead and take em right there, and then I have my charged creeper right here I’m going to have the charge creepers sneaking up on Alex [and] diamond armor and Alex’s [is] you know my me away? He doesn’t know that a charged creeper is coming towards him right here. He’s just so into working hard trying it out You know, but I’m going to put [his] [cool] block like right here. Anyways because I just like blue, but that’s a really cool. Oh My gosh, wait this one’s up there you have it is my Minecraft jello world. There’s a whole story in here There’s a bunch of things happening, so I’m going to give you guys a closer look at what all in here oh My job I get steve. Oh [geez] awake there. He’s alive in the world, but look at the world. It’s crazy You know there’s the enderman coming out of the crevice in the world is the charge up creeper right here That’s sneaking up on Alex. Oh my gosh I dropped his eggs And then Alex is right there Mining for diamonds as usual [buddy] doesn’t [even] know the creepers coming look at the playpen right here. This is awesome We got a chicken here. We got the pig. What’s your piggy? We got cow [yeah], the whole gang see we also have this giant [lamb] [so] I didn’t know where to put this up put it right here to be like the sun I’m going to move eve right here, and I just love [it], so beautiful. Oh Gosh sounds like a Minecraft earthquake everyone was shaking, but only person I fell over with a zombie pigman much I’m gonna put them back right there, but I love this beautiful with my rainbow fence. [oh] my gosh. I really liked it Well it just smells like weird. I don’t know what happened to my gelatin it I mixed it like I normally always do but today it just smells really strange. Well, I’m still gonna try it So you guys know [that]? I always like to try my jello [alright]. [God] It’s been 8 here and we go ahead angle and hit and try jello just right from the center Ooh, that’s a nice juicy piece right here. Oh oh oh [ah] oh We’re as well as well really weird. [oh] like. I think [it’s] [Robert] [lee] [gel] off [you] all and you bring over a weekend It’s just [if] [I] [show] [up]. Oh it made me cry a little oh stella, but okay I’m crying because my Minecraft is so beautiful and my ground world is so gorgeous right here. It’s so beautiful I love you my crossroads for gordon. I hope to make more I forgot I was in the jail video so long one of the things I usually love to do it’s cut through it so today I’m going to test through my giant Minecraft World it’s like a jello cake basically this would be an awesome jello cake if you had Minecraft’s lover that love jello and cakes and Giant my girls okay. I’m good for cutting let’s just see what happens. We’re here it Actually has to be diamonds. I’m just so excited covered is there is oh yeah, I [like] elaine. What’s going on, whoa Oh, but look at it [he’s] like you know that’s the pocket wolf But that’s what it looks like on the inside can cut these little slivers addicting [you] know how much I love [getting] [jello] I have it brothers until God let favorite thing ever you’re satisfying so much. What’s this [fault]? Oh look at the best ridges? That’s what I using I like using [like] a serrated knife because it Causes these beautiful little lines when you cut through [it] like that. Oh, oh, I’m just destroying it It’s just sometimes like all I’m gonna tear there. Oh my gosh. It’s so fun to cut them I don’t know why I love it. I love you. I love cutting you. This is so weird [I] like the peace play left you when you just rip them and it has these like really smooth. I just do it Oh my gosh, like I want my favorite thing oh I’m just gonna Destroy you because you made me gag on yourself Give this video like 30 thumbs up leave a comment And I [will] make a giant [Jell-o] Mega Roblox world if I know you guys long Roblox [oh] you guys do that me like a thumbs up and maybe I’ll make a giant awesome jello Roblox world But look how beautiful [this] game, and I’ve you guys like Minecraft It’d be guys like jello you guys like giant torches give this video a big thumbs up now. See you tomorrow 12 p.m. for another new video (music)

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