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12 frasi italiane per principianti #LearnItalianwithLucrezia

12 frasi italiane per principianti #LearnItalianwithLucrezia

Hi, and welcome to my channel as you can read from the title this video is for very beginners So in this video. I’m going to tell you 12 phrases or sentences that Will for sure Kickstart Your Italian learning journey, okay, so let’s start I’m going to pronounce this sentences And you will have the text right here with the translation in English Ciao Ciao [is] the most common? Way to greet someone and you can you can say it both when you arrive and when you leave so it’s very different from English for example is One word you have to write it in one word because it is one word buon giorno [Ana] means good morning, and you say, Buongiorno [when] you wake up in the morning, or when you have to greet someone? That you don’t know very well, so that someone you’re not very acquainted with Arrivederci is the formal greeting that you have to use when you leave? It means thank you You can also say grazie Mille that means thank you very much Grazie mille per Favore. it means please it’s composed of two words per Favore if you are for example Visiting italy and you need to ask for directions You can approach someone and tell them miss [cousy] [pastafarian] and Amanda Miss Kuzey so in this context it means Excuse me. Can I ask you something can I ask you for directions? Miss [Kuzey] pessoa Delay when información A it means. How are you and you asked? Come stai to your family and to [your] friends if you want to be more formal you say Kamusta and that way you’re using the Polite form in Italian how do you answer this question you say Bene grazie? It means fine. Thank you. It is polite not to answer I am Terrible for example you don’t say that you just say Bene grazie even if it’s not true in English Then you have I love you and in Italian. I love you can be two different sentences T-Value Bene Te Amo T-value [Bennett] is used among family and friends Yama has a more passionate feel to it So [you] would say [that] – you would say that to your girlfriend [to] your boyfriend to your husband to your wife meet this piace Me this piace it means I’m sorry [I’m] sorry Miss P. Asha, you could also say Scusa Scusa it also means. I’m sorry piacere Di. Kono shetty piacere de Conocerte it means nice to meet you if you want to use the Formal form you have to say piacere di cunha Sheila and therefore use the polite [form] in Italian Preciate it [the] con of [Sheila] so that was it that was Easy and Painless, I hope so thank you so much for watching this video if you want more beginners video I have a playlist for you. Which you can find in the infobox below So go [ahead] [and] have a look and I’ll see you in my next videos down

100 thoughts on “12 frasi italiane per principianti #LearnItalianwithLucrezia”

  1. Very nice mam. This video was very clearly understanding italian by using English and one again grazie mille mam,per favore give more videos about Italy lang. to learn speak and write

  2. Thanks for the video, just what I needed for a short business trip. Having English as my first language it can be difficult to learn a different language for every country you go to, then when you know a little bit of several different languages and you get a bit stressed you find your self saying thank you in Spanish to a Greek person. 🙂

  3. Anyone have any tips on rolling your r's? I've never been able to do that and a lot of these words just don't sound right if you don't 🙁

  4. I speak English and Spanish and would love to learn Italian because of my love for the Italian culture, it seems easy since Italian sounds like Spanish 😉

  5. Capito per caso, trovando il tuo video tra i correlati mentre ne guardo, un altro, relativo al neerlandese.
    Ho trovato lieta l'occasione per rinfrescare il mio "accento", se così si può definire, in americano.
    Davvero complimenti per il tuo, ed anche ottima lezione di italiano!

  6. Sei una ragazza fastidiosa e mi fai sentire disgustato oltre alla ragazza brutta enki e fare uso di trucco e cosmetici , you are an annoying girl and make me fell disgusted ln addition to anki, his daughter ugly and excessive in the use of make-up and cosmetics

  7. NOOO…
    I am not a very beginer, I am just a beginer. Well, I will try to find something advanced. That will teach me better.

  8. So am here seeing this video of a English speaker whos teaching me italian while am a Spanish speaker is kinda funny jajajjs

  9. Here I am out here thinking that ima smash learning Italian! 2 minutes into the video I gave up

    I remember about 1 month before I went to Italy I was thinking it was gonna be easy!

  10. Such a sweet-sounding voice and really beautiful teeth. Your presence is another reason why Italian must be learnt.

  11. Where did you learn English ?you speak well .your video is very important for us .thank you so much and have a great day. TI amo.

  12. Well if it’s not right to say you’re not doing well, then what’s the point of asking someone how they’re doing?? Don’t bother asking if you don’t care or want to hear the truth. Asking someone how they’re doing shouldn’t just be a pointless phrase. If you don’t care to know, then don’t ask.

  13. It’s really hard for me cause I’m half thai and it’s very hard for me 😭👀 I need Italian teacher

  14. You should do the same video but with the vulgarities in Italian.
    I'm very familiar with the curse words of this beautiful language but don't understand basic phrases lol

  15. I know Spanish an I understand everything you’re say now I just need to pronounce It grazie ,thank you, gracias ❤️♥️❤️

  16. Oh my!
    I've been studying english for one year and i'm still learning It and then i decided to learn italian but it's so hard hahahaha

  17. Ciao, ragazza!
    Sono messicano, sto imparando a parlare l'italiano tutto da poco e il mio problema è che se non lo pratico lo domentico, sono un principiante nella lingua italiana ma vorrei parlare l'italiano como un madrelingua tra tre anni. Qualque volta imparare una nuova lingua pùo essere difficile ma è più facile di quello che sembra, oltre conoscere l'italiano so parlare anche altre lingue. Dall'italia ho sentito parlare dell'insegnante Ennio Morricone, Susana Rigacci, Sergio Leone, Paganini e altri ma non conosco l'italia 😔. Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto. Ho scritto bene? Ciao e buona giornata a te!

  18. I love to learn Italian in English because in this form I can practice my English and Italian. I speak Spanish.

  19. Hi mam i am form indian student i need your support please help me i want some information plz contact my whatsapp no 918374023937 plz this my personal request

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