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14 Simple Tricks to Survive Any Extreme Situation

14 Simple Tricks to Survive Any Extreme Situation

No matter who you are, deep inside we all
once wanted to be adventurers. C’mon, admit it! Yet the world is a dangerous place, and they
won’t teach you in school how to survive in extreme situations. Well today, you finally have this list of
survival tips and nothing can stop you. (Well, mostly nothing…) 1) How to not get struck by lightning? Avoid open fields, make sure there’s something
taller than you around. Like your big tall friend there – oops,
just kidding. Trees, buildings, and utility poles will act
as lightning rods for you, so never stand close to them. Also, avoid metal and concrete – they both
conduct electricity too well for comfort. Remember that a lightning storm lasts only
from 30 minutes to an hour, so it’s always better to lose time and wait in safety than
risk and get zapped. 2) How to avoid frostbite? Even if you’re dressed warmly enough, there
are always some parts of your body left exposed to cold weather. A simple can of petroleum jelly will help
you with that. Apply it to exposed parts of your skin and
it will protect you from frostbite, but don’t rely on it for long periods of time. Seek shelter or fire as fast as you can. Another trick is to let your shoes a bit loose. It will help blood circulation in your feet
and will make them warmer. 3) How to find North quickly? You need a magnet, a needle, something floaty
like foam or straw, and a glass of water. Magnetize a needle by rubbing it against a
magnet, then put two pieces of floaty stuff you have on both sides of a needle. Let it float in the water and it will eventually
stop in one direction. Just like a compass, it will point to the
North. 4) How to scare away insects? Getting a couple of bites is not that extreme,
but trying to find your way in the wilds without getting a good rest is dangerous. You can repel all flies and mosquitos away
by burning herbs. Garlic, rosemary, mint or thyme – all of
these herbs’ smell will scare away all the pesky insects around. Or you can make a trap. Cut a plastic bottle in half and put sticky
tape on its edges. Pour sugar water inside and add some yeast
– mosquitos will get attracted to it and then trapped on the tape. See, now you’re going to start carrying
yeast with you on your camping trips…Hey, Rise N Shine. 5) How to find water in the wilderness? Don’t let yourself go dry – use dew and
collect rainwater. Having a tent with you is good anyways, but
try to hang it a bit loosely so it will collect water for you. If there is no such luck as rain, tie a scrolled
piece of cloth around your leg and go through the high grass in the morning. It will collect dew that you can squeeze out
into a bottle. 6) How to filter dirty water? Take two containers, one a bit taller than
the other. Fill the tall container with dirty water. Twist a piece of cloth and put one end of
it into the filled container, feeding the other to the empty one. It will take some time, but a piece of cloth
will soak up all the moisture and transport it from one vessel to the other. Good news is, all the dirt and debris will
be lost in the process. Don’t forget to boil the water to further
assure your safety. 7) How to make fire with steel wool? You’ll need a 9-volt battery for that. Simply putting both contacts of this battery
against a piece of steel wool leads to a small short circuit spark that spreads right away. Put some cotton balls to the place where a
spark appears and here you go – you’ve started a fire. Just remember that you need to always keep
the fire small and have at least one trusty way to quickly extinguish it. Like your bladder. Hey, it’s a twofer! Put out the fire and the entertain the other
campers. 8) How to make fire with a battery and a gum? Well, not the gum itself, but its tinfoil
wrapper. First, cut it lengthwise into three parts. Then cut each of them in a bowtie shape with
the center about 1/16th of an inch wide. Before proceeding, put on gloves: tinfoil
will burn fast and you need to protect your hands. Place one side of your tinfoil bowtie to the
‘plus’ contact of the battery and the other to the ‘minus’ contact. If you prepared some dry grass or firewood,
you’ll have yourself a campfire in no time. 9) How to make a room heater with a clay pot? You need a clay pot — of course, candles,
a metal rod, and support for them. The support must be able to hold the metal
rod vertically. Turn the clay pot upside down and place it
on top of the rod so that it hangs in the air. Place some candles around the rod and light
them up. The heat from candles will get trapped under
the pot. It will absorb this heat and radiate it around. This way even candles will become a useful
source of warmth. 10) How to make candles? You can use any source of natural fat instead
of wax, and you can use a simple paper tissue or toilet paper to make a wick. For example, cut a butter stick in half with
wrapping paper still on it. Take one half and make a deep hole in it with
a thin stick. Twist a piece of toilet paper into a wick,
and push it down the hole with the same stick. Wax the wick with butter, and light it up. This candle will burn for 4 hours straight! 11) How to escape handcuffs? Alright Houdini, I hope you’ll never find
it useful, but it’s always good know your way out. Use any kind of wire-like material. Even paperclips and hairpins will do the job. Put the end of the wire into the keyhole and
bend it at a right angle, then pull it out a bit and bend in the other direction. Then stick it into the very edge of the keyhole
following all the bends. Move it around a bit, and it will eventually
open the lock. Trust me. How do I know this? That’s a good question. 12) How to shake off a rope around your wrists? Assuming you don’t have anything sharp around
and can’t use your teeth, you still can free yourself using only your shoelaces. Untie your shoes and make a loop with laces
around your left foot, then pull a shoelace around the rope and tie the end of it to your
right foot. Move your legs as if you were riding a bicycle. This way the shoelace will eventually cut
the rope with friction, and you’ll break free. We won’t ask how you got that way in the
first place. 13) How to survive a shark attack? If you spotted a shark in the water, it doesn’t
mean that it’s going to attack. If it passes by in the distance in a straight
line, you have all the chances to calmly get away to the beach. Just don’t start to panic and move steadily. If the shark is going your way in zig-zags,
then you know you’re in trouble. But you can fight back – the weakest spots
on shark’s head are gills and eyes. Most sharks won’t try to fight you, they’ll
just swim away. Hmm, that really bites. 14) How to survive a bear encounter? First of all, have some clothes on. no wait, that’s a different spelling of
Bare. Never mind. Let’s talk about the animal kind of bear. First, don’t provoke the bear. They naturally don’t see humans as their prey
if they aren’t starving after a long winter’s nap. If you run, you’re telling them that you are
food. Move slowly and always leave an escape route
for the bear. Try to make yourself look bigger than you
are – spread your coat wide, stand on your tiptoes, but don’t be aggressive. Just make the bear think that it’s better
for it to go mind its own business. Wow, did you make a camping list? Hmm, now we have to pack yeast, tissue paper,
a stick of butter, 9 volt battery, two different sizes of bottles, paperclips to escape handcuffs,
petroleum jelly, Garlic, rosemary, mint or thyme, some floaty stuff, and a clay pot. You will also need to hire a Sherpa to haul
all that stuff around for you! Have fun, be safe. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

100 thoughts on “14 Simple Tricks to Survive Any Extreme Situation”

  1. Regarding the how to make a fire, lighting a match is 999999999999999999999999x more simple than 9v batteries tin and batteries and this stuff. Like if u agree

  2. Lol, if I have batteries and gloves and all the things to measure and cut the foil, I’m probably already home and don’t need a fire.

  3. How to survive a shark attack? Don't swim.
    How to survive a bear attack? Don't go to forest.
    Stay at home…you'll be ridiculously safe…lol

  4. The reason that mosquito trap works so well is because mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide (which is normal released by animals)

  5. How is that finding north quickly? It would be faster to use the "Using an Analog Watch" trick or locating the north star at night… now i gotta look for a needle? that's 20 mins right there! I keep my needles in hay stacks…FYI i googled the analog watch trick because i only knew the shadow trick (i keep a compass in my car like any sane person!)

  6. you cannot unlock cuffs like that nor can you break them apart, it not just one little ring, if that were the case everyone would be breaking out of them easily

  7. 9 volt batteries in the US have both positive and negative terminals on top. 3:39 Different in the UK??? 🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐

  8. watching this alone at night, almost screamed at 0:51
    girl suddenly turning her head 180 degree and laugh, that's a serious horror material

  9. I learned that your infographic creator has never looked at a 9 volt battery closely. The poles on a 9 volt battery are NOT on the opposite ends of said battery, like they are with a AA battery. I love how, during the packing list at the end, the narrator says '9 volt battery' but the infograph shows a AA battery! 😂

  10. wait, concrete conducts electricity? not unless there's water maybe? it's not guaranteed that it will rain during thunderstorms

  11. Video: 14 Simple Tricks to Survive Any Extreme Situation

    Me: you mean you're going to teach me how to spawn toilet paper in the bathroom?

  12. The funny thing is that no-one will ever have to use any of these beacouse they are addicted to your videos so they wont go outside 🙂

  13. Good..a modern day Lord of the rings will dawn! That's why we need to know how to use a compass..Orion south, left of big Dipper north!

  14. People shouldn't call anyone a criminal..We've got so many movies & everyone's an individual..The Bible as well..People try going different ways in life, some times we make mistakes..Some make bigger mistakes than others..If you don't agree with what they do just do your own thing..Stop them if they try to steal from you..We're not criminals when we abduction people with badges! Maybe the law is simply keeping the peace..Not much to do with whose a criminal

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