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15 Incredible Human Survival Stories

15 Incredible Human Survival Stories

• From people getting lost in the desert
to the sole survivor of a terrifying plane crash, we count 15 times people evaded deaths
in the harshest circumstances known to man 15 – Chris Stewart
• This is a story from Fareham, Hants with a 12-year-old who was racing around in his
1,000CC Mini when it hit a barrier at 40mph • In what is referred to as an internal
decapitation, Chris’s skull was severed from his spine and he was given a measly 10% chance
of survival, with doctors claiming he should’ve died instantly
• Amazingly in 2006, they reattached his skull using metal plates and bone grafts – and
within a few years he was off racing again 14 – Steven Callahan
• It was in January 1982 that Steven set sail on his small sailboat from the Canary
Islands bound for the Carribean, but not even one week later his ship sank in a storm, and
he was left adrift on an inflatable rubber raft
• For 76 entire days he drifted with nothing but a shirt, three pounds of food, some gear
and water – eventually he washed up on the Bahamas
• He then wrote an autobiography of the whole ordeal, so impressive that Ang Lee the
director of Life of Pi asked Steven to become a film consultant on living aboard a life
raft 13 – Bethany Hamilton
• An early morning in November 2003 when Bethany went surfing in Hawaii
• She was out with her best friend Alana and their family when a tiger shark around
4 meters in length, rose out of the water and tore Bethany’s left arm clean off the
shoulder • Instead of panicking or crying, this 13-year-old
girl swam back to shore with her one good arm, even warning other swimmers nearby to
get out of the water • Pretty much the toughest girl of all time
12 – Joe Simpson • If you’ve ever seen the documentary, Touching
the Void, then you’ll already know this guy’s story, but for those that don’t:
• Joe was being lowered down a crevasse because of a broken leg when he disappeared
from view, so his friend Simon Yates was forced to cut the rope, sending Joe to what seemed
like certain death • Instead, it turned into a 3 day fight
for survival in a frozen tundra, slowly moving through the snow on a broken leg, half-frozen
until his return • If you haven’t seen the documentary, highly
recommend it, very powerful stuff 11 – Mark and Phil
• Another ice story, this one set in 1982 on the high slopes of New Zealand’s tallest
mountain, Aoraki Mt. Cook • The two men Mark Inglis and Phil Doole
built an ice cave to escape the blizzard, waiting for it to pass, but unluckily it kept
up for 13 entire days – and all they had were meagre rations with no prospect of warmth
• Unfortunately the circulation was cut off in their legs and they had to be amputated,
which is something you should never have to go through at 23 years of age
• Crazily enough, they still climb to this day with Inglis becoming the first double
amputee to conquer Everest, losing fingers and flesh in the process
10 – Juliane Koepcke • 1971, 93 passengers aboard LANSA flight
508 when lightning struck the plane over the Peruvian rain forests and it came crashing
down • Juliane was blown out of the plane early
and landed two miles down the wreckage in a dense thicket, where she only came out with
blindness in one eye, a broken collarbone along with cuts and bruises
• She walked down the jungle following the water running downstream until she found a
cabin where she waited for the owner to come back
• She then got back to civilisation and continued her studies to become a zoologist
9 – Anatoli Bugorski • A formerly Soviet researcher at the Institute
for High Energy Physics working on the largest particle accelerator at the time, the Synchrotron
U-70 • It was in 1978 that a malfunction forced
Bugorski to lean over a piece of equipment and look inside the proton beam chamber – but
failed safety mechanisms did not turn off the beam, and it went straight through his
skull at a speed faster than light • He claims he saw a flash brighter than
a thousand suns, with no pain – but his face swelled up and skin began to peel off
• Thankfully he survived without losing any intelligence, but he gets fatigued easily,
he can’t hear out his left ear and occasional seizures
8 – Alcides Moreno • A window cleaner who, in 2007, fell 47
storeys when their cable snapped alongside his brother Edgar, who tragically fell to
his death • Alcides on the other hand was left in
a coma with considerable damage to his body, but soon afterwards he awoke and made a full
recovery, even walking despite damage to his spinal cord
• One of the doctors quote: “If you’re a believer in miracles, this would be one.
I’ve seen it all – or at least I think I have – until something like this happens.”
7 – Ricky Megee • April 2006, a man who showed up as a skeletal
figure near a cattle station in a remote area of Australia
• He claims the last thing he remembered was getting his car stolen and that he was
drugged by a hitchhiker, then he awoke to find dingoes scratching at him
• He then lived 71 days off a diet of leeches, frogs, snakes and insects with water from
a nearby dam and a makeshift shelter • By the time he showed up again, he’d lost
over half his body weight coming in at 48 kilos
6 – Aron Ralston • May 2003, an 800-pound boulder falls on
Aron’s arm and traps it inside a canyon wall • If this story sounds familiar, it’s because
we saw it in the film 127 hours, in which he spends 5 days trapped in a Utah canyon
with little food or water • He went on to write a book about how he
used the boulder to snap his own arm, then cut off the flesh with a pocket knife until
he could wander off and get rescued by some hikers passing by
5 – Wenseslao Moguel • A man in 1915 captured during the Mexican
Revolution, sentenced to death via firing squad
• They filled him with eight bullets, and then one more straight through his head – but
he survived, feigning death until the shooters left
• He’s gone on to be interviewed by Ripley from Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the story
of the man who survived a barrage of bullets which, sadly, left him a little disfigured
4 – Truman Duncan • A railroad switchman who endured a horrifying
ordeal – to have his body sliced clean in half by a train
• It was 2006 when Truman fell off a moving train in Cleburne and it sliced him in two,
but he managed to stay conscious – calling both 911 and his family to inform them what
had happened • After a three-week coma and 23 surgeries,
he came out confined to a wheelchair but very much alive, surgeons claiming it was an absolute
miracle and he should not have survived 3 – Tami Oldham Ashcraft
• 1983, Tami and her boyfriend Richard Sharp were sailing the South Pacific when a category
four hurricane blew up 19 days into a 30 day crossing
• Their ship capsized and Tami, still in the lower decks, was knocked unconscious – 27
hours later she awoke to find Richard gone, no safety line or mainmast
• Fighting down the desire to give up, she sailed for forty days on route to what she
thought was Hawaii, ending up in Hilo Harbor, in shock but thankful to be alive
2 – Paul Templer • 1990s, Paul was working as a river guide
with a tribe of native Zimbabwe when he received a surprise attack from one of Africa’s most
dangerous animals – the bull hippo • While trying to save a colleague, the
hippo swallowed Paul’s head, then got mauled with rips in his foot, a severed arm, broken
ribs and holes in his chest cavity • He then endured a seven hour operation
for his recovery, and went on leading safari trips and public speaking for charities
1 – Mauro Prosperi • The 1994 Marathon of the Sands in Morocco,
Mauro was performing the 6 day run when a sandstorm caused him to lose his way
• He ended up forgetting which way he was running, and instead ended up far, far away
from the track – within 36 hours he’d run out of food and water, so he resorted to drinking
urine and eating bats and snakes • He tried to commit suicide by slitting
his wrists, but dehydration caused his blood to thicken, clotting each wound
• 9 days later he was found by some nomads and taken to an Algerian hospital

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  1. I know this is no way compares, but, ironically, exactly 3 years after this was posted my dad fell three stories onto concrete and survived with only 22% disability in his right wrist, everything else healed completely

  2. there was also that lady that had half of her brain gone by teens who dropped a rock over a bridge which fell on her head. and survived.

  3. Oh hey bruh while I was racing the track I just literally decapitated myself internally in a completely UNHEARD OF way that no one's ever seen before and it's a medical miracle that I came back to life with less than 10% chances on the operating table, and all of my doctors said I should have died on the spot when the accident happened.
    I'm gonna fucking go RIGHT BACK to the racing track the next day.

  4. I fell and there was a kinda spike stone and hit my neck I couldn't breath some of my friends come and some how I could breath and it didn't hurt

    I'd, what happen

  5. Idk know it hurt when you step on Lego in first grade me my friend made a big path and run around it xD

  6. I got bit by a spider (no clue what kind) in the back of the neck and ended up in the hospital for a week. I thought it was all in my head until 3 days after the bite I could hardly lift my head and I had a lymph node sticking out of my neck. That was an interesting week

  7. Got T-boned on Thanksgiving by a speeding car. My car rolled over, I had forgot to put my seat ball on that day. I crawled out without a scratch. Life's crazy like that.

  8. I fell down a mountain when I was five. Some 300 feet. I hit rocks, stumps, saplings, and ice. I was terrified, but completely unscathed. I thank my helmet and thick winter coat for that. See, I was skiing with my family in some double-black when my ski slipped and I fell.

  9. (WWII 1944 or 45)Bombairder Louie Zamperini and best friend/B-24 pilot Allen Phillips (Unbroken) surviving for 43-47 days on a raft after their plane full of fellow aircraftmen crash landed in water with only chocolate and the occasional seagull or albatross and fish came along. Were then captured by the Japanese military and held as POWs for a little over a year until the war was over. Great book and movie.

  10. The survival story…

    It was a normal day, and i was happy,and I were watching youtube and MY STUPID WIFI MALFUNCTIONED and i lived on pressing buttons for 6 minutes

  11. In the midnight i went to the bathroom lol but i 👂some scary noises coming from my kitchen the noise sound like scp 096 i thot my life will end also im 9 years old in England U.K.

  12. I survived by stubbing my toe in soccer…


  13. I was hit by a four wheeler at full speed and survived by grabbing the front grill jumping and using upper body strength to throw myself out of the way

  14. When I was 7 I almost broke my neck
    So I jumped super high on my trampoline then i accidentally flipped off my trampoline and my nose had a little blood my neck was so sore that I couldn’t talk and it felt like my back was broken oh and my brother and friend were jealous case I got all the attention THE END

  15. Here's my story.: One day when I were 14 or 15 (as I am now) I followed my dad to his
    school (since he's a teacher) and were forced to be puted in a group room while he held
    a lesson. As a result of getting bored, I decided to do the
    'balanceyourselfonthebacklegsofachair' trick on the armrests of another chair. Very
    soonly the legs of the 1st chair slipped off the armrests of the 2nd chair and all the way
    down to the floor I fell, but surprisingly unharmed.. However, then the painful event
    occured as the 1st chair fell right on top of my nose.. It broke and bled, but I survived
    with no treatment whatsoever.

  16. You didn't mention anything about Roy Sullivan! He was struck by lightning on seven separate occasions and he survived them all!

  17. I've been stabbed in the neck and missed my jugular by 5mm and came put of the hospital the next day and got hit by a bus and fractured my skull and survived along side of that I have come off my bike and crushed my spine and had surgery broke my collar bone as well I'm still ok just a bit of a feeling like final destination

  18. i feel they were meant to get murdered but did somethings in their lives that changed the fate but they made a contract to get murdered.. so they experiencing the feeling of fear, survival, pain in new experiences. but they survived and got their lives as a reward.. my thoughts on it.

  19. The soviet guy with the beam going throug his head actually got shot becuas the hole was big enough to disintegrate his head becuase the beem would have made the hole bigger and the building would of exploded becuase what goes on inside of the macine has almost the same explosion maesurement of an atom bomb(iknow becuase i had alternative energy assignments in cell lab one now i have cell lab two so i know how to do codeing with binary and commands)longest assignment ever took one month to compleat and i love yoru videos.

  20. thats what pisses me off about the human body it can fall 47 stories and live but also u could trip in your driveway and die like wtf

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