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Good morning everyone~ so today we are gonna
do something fun a new experiment okay, so some of you guys probably know there
is a channel called DamonAndJo on YouTube and they are both travel
youtubers and they have a series where they show two cities and they show the difference between spending for example 20 euros in a city and 20 dollars in
another one so today I’m gonna be showing you guys
how much I can do spending twenty thousand South Korean Won in a day and
if I can survive today spending only that Seoul is also on the list of one of the
most expensive cities in the world so I thought it would be nice to compare them
and then you guys can compare Paris, Seoul and Rome which Damon and Jo showed
already and my experience here in Seoul first stop, Yummy Yomil so I got this vegan curry croquette I guess that’s the name and then this is hot soy
milk and both of these was five thousand won two thousand five hundred for the soy milk and two thousand five hundred for the vegan curry croquette Let’s eat! it’s not so hot today so I took a
10-minute walk from where I was to the 경의선숲길 it’s summer so I guess
you guys can hear the cicadas screaming around here but anyways this is a park that stretches all the way from Hyochang Park Station to the end of Hongik Station like a few blocks later and this used to be an
old railroad but then they transformed it into a park so this is free wons you can
come here whenever you want, it’s free and you can eat on the grass, under the trees it’s safe from the heat and usually people come here
with their dog but today is like a weekday so there’s not that many people
here but yeah it’s definitely a good place to come and visit this is the guy who created the Korean
alphabet King Sejong Sejong The Great and there you can see the Gyeongbok Palace Gyeongbokgung sadly it’s closed on Tuesday but you can come
here and take a picture with it and it’s for free too I just had to buy something to drink, it’s
too hot it’s Jeju Island Tangerine pretty good and only a thousand won I came to a coffee shop and I intend to
stay here for the rest of the afternoon at least because it’s too hot to walk outside and I got me an iced americano like Korean style I was planning to eat some
Kimbap for lunch but because I was walking under the sun and it’s too hot I think I’m not really hungry and I
don’t wanna eat like a full meal so I bought these nuts at the convenience
store and I’m gonna eat these with the coffee we have macadamias, almonds,
cranberries and raisins yay! it’s now the end of the afternoon and
because I didn’t have a proper meal for lunch I’m kind of hungry now
so I’m gonna head down to Itaewon where I’ll eat dinner and we’ll summarize how much
I spent got a slice of pizza for six thousand mushroom pizza with no cheese and tomato focaccia she gave me for free as like a sample I
didn’t buy this she just gave me and some olive oil too I just came back home and this is the
amount that I spent today you guys can go and watch Damon and Jo’s videos and see
how much they could do in Paris, New York and Rome for the same amount of money
that I used here in Seoul and then take your own conclusions and see which city
is cheaper where you can do more for less money and yeah I hope you guys like
the video for today and if you liked it don’t forget to like and share with
everyone you know that might be interested and subscribe for more videos
see you next time~

4 thoughts on “$20 IN SEOUL 🇰🇷 | CAN YOU SURVIVE? 💸”

  1. Quando você abre o vídeo e não sabe se fica surpresa pelo inglês ou por como o gabriel está lindo e fofo!🖤

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