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20 UPCOMING PC MMO GAMES in Development 2020 & 2021 👑 Open World, Sandbox, MMORPG!

20 UPCOMING PC MMO GAMES in Development 2020 & 2021 👑 Open World, Sandbox, MMORPG!

2020 is going to be an interesting year, filled
with success and filled with failure. For which one gets tied to which game however,
that one will be up to us as gamers to find out.
[intro] Today we’re going to be diving into the upcoming
MMOs in development, short disclaimer that the games on this list are in no particular
order and you will see a lot of content that’s in need of polish. If you’re
looking for a 100% finished product or the next big thing, this may not be the one for
you, but if you came to this video to see what new titles we can expect
in the next year for this genre, stick around. And let’s jump right into it.
[break] Kicking it off with something simple, yet
sweet. Profane is a sandbox mmorpg focused on freedom, adventure, and territorial domination
where players will be able to build, destroy, and conquer villages, cities, and
empires. The game is set in a medieval fantasy dynamic world. And like we talked about in the previous video,
this game has already shown mechanics related to it’s naval system, housing, and building
functions. so far the art style of it almost reminds me personally of a bit of wildstar,
the game is being developed by a company called INSANE, a brazillian independent game studio
founded in Sao Paulo in 2009. Profane although in development is past the
stage of pre-alpha, recently they concluded their testing phase in september and it lasted
all the way from March of 2018. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get the chance to try
it. But right now they’re in production of it’s alpha testing phase so the next time
we see this game it should have even more cool
additions than we’ve already seen. The stream they did recently showed some of the features
of the game and the scale of it’s world in a small bit. We even get to take a look
at what some of the PVP looks like, which seems to resemble the pace of Darkfall, for
those of us who used to play and love that title, this game should give us a modern experience
similar to that. At #14 we’ve got ourselves a semi-well known
crowdfunded title, one of the first announcements we got of a game combining Unreal Engine 4
and the Spatial OS backend, I’m talking about Oath. An MMO that on Kickstarter
and it’s own website have raised funds for the developer team to bring this game to our
doorstep. Action combat with several planned classes with more coming.
Ranging from the beserker, pyromancer, rogue, guardian, the knight, the ranger, and cryomancer.
PVE being a big focus in the game, Oath will feature things like dungeons,
raids, even a revolutionalized guild land system. However, it will still have a big
focus on PVP in the form of it’s pvp arena. The only form of PVP that we have mention
of thus far but it is stated to be always open, alongside being able to openly duel
request anyone at any time for a quick fight in the open world. For the arena it
will feature pvp in the form of 1v1s, 2v2s, capture the flag, and other new game modes
exclusive to oath that will be available in both ranked and normal mode. Hoping that
means we’ll get some battlegrounds in there as well. Right now there is no testing phase for the
game and I’m personally not sure what the next couple of months of the game will look
like, but it’s been said that we should be getting some type of footage for Oath this
month. Hopefully it’ll showcase some more of the inner features we learned about in
the kickstarter, this is one I’ve been very curious about since the split of spatialOS
and Unity. One thing that I’ve been very glad about is that they haven’t succumbed to using
the most rehashed, generic class choices that we continue time and time
again to see. In this one we have a man shooting fire beams from his shield… some fire tornados
being conjured and even the epic rampage of a zerker. If that’s not
a good recipe to deliver a lot of enjoyment class-wise, I’m not sure what is.
#13 is one that was also included in last year’s MMO list, like Oath this one is also
backended by SpatialOS however this particular title is being developed on the Unity
engine, this title, is FratucredMMO. Development of this game is in the hands of Dynamight
studios and this is one that has already undergone it’s first alpha testing phase,
back in April of this year we got the chance to jump into it’s early stages of gameplay.
It did feature it’s combat system and we got to play around with some of the skills,
however at this time there was not a huge selection of monsters and there was not dungeon
content. The majority of the content involved us building our homes in Fractured
to test that aspect out plus putting some strain on the server to see if it could handle
it. One of the things that makes this game unique
is it’s planetary system, you can choose to begin life on one of three different worlds.
One of which has always known peace, in this specific world attempting to attack
others is not permitted, and when it’s fully developed could either have serious consequences
for trying or be unable to alltogether. The second planet is one of neutraility, the
first planet being the home of the humans, the planet Syndesia. While the second planet
is one inhabited by beastmen, surrounded in vegetation with the populance
having a deep connection to nature which endows them with super human resilience and keen
survival skills. This planet is one more for cooperative and defensive
gameplay, where although the game pits you mainly towards the environment itself as syndesia
does, it takes it a step further by also presenting opportunity for conflict.
Whether it be between the wildlife and your own or other players entirely.
The last planet is inhabited by the Demons, banished to a hostile planet of descolation,
scarce in resources alongside being filled with danger. Demons posess an inner
evil alignment that makes it natural for them to prey on each other and on other races.
It’s no secret what happens on a zone like this, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you
what type this one is, if Syndesia is the PVE planet and Arboreus for the beastmen is
the PvPvE planet. That only leaves one possiblity for the land they call Tartaros. This game entirely is an experience very comparable
to one such as Albion Online, but with varied twists here and there. You’ll of course come
across the ability to hunt, scavage, craft, gather, play the economy,
and survive. But the planetary aspect might allow us to travel between planets in the
future to wage war or prevent conflict. They are in the process of preparing for their
Alpha 2 phase, and it appears that they have the announcement for that specific topic scheduled
for mid-october. So the next test for this one could be right
around the corner. And now we’re going even further into the
dark and gritty side of these MMOs. The more cutthroat these titles become, the more I
fall in love with them, truly. We could use a little bit more chaos in this
genre like we used to have, and #12 is certainly going to pull no punches like all the rest.
Being developed by Ninja Loot Games on the Unity Engine, Defend the Night seeks
to offer a fantasy MMORPG experience with unique leveling and progression systems. We
as players will have the ability to build and defend our own cities, join friends
and allies in dangerous dungeon crawls with a vast landscape to explore. 4 different confirmed
races including Humans, Rel’ Goth’s, Elves, and last but not least,
Half Orc. With 11 different classes for the game already it specifically aims to give
us back that dark fantasy mmorpg experience in the modern age. Recently we have seen footage
that goes into some of the game’s combat system, specifically the magic system of the wizard
class. But that’s just one of many class choices we have yet to see.
The world of Defend the Night goes by the name Mortalha, housing the contenient of Certovia,
surrounded by waters lapping on the shores and massive waves crashing
against rocky cliffs. The rivers flowing through it’s grasslands
and forests could always present opportunities for farming, building up villages, hunting,
and learning skills and trade of all types. With an enriching
lore and in this dangerous world before us, Defend the Night is currently in development
towards opening it’s doors to crowdfunding, once it has a very presentable
product so that players will not feel misled. When that comes, we’ll be there.
[Theme Of War] Unchained is one I’m glad to say we can finally talk about. I’ve been testing
out the testing phases for about a year now and they have now given
all of us the ability to talk about our experiences. No screenshots, or videos, but we can discuss
it. For those of you who do not know, Camelot Unchained is a spiritual
successor to Dark Age of Camelot. One of the classic 3D medieval fantasy mmorpgs of the
early 2000s, and one of a few that I was sad to miss out on. Alongside
Ultima Online, and Star Wars Galaxies. These ones, Shadowbane, Everquest, Vanilla WoW,
and a few more were ones that were or would have been a pleasure to experience
during their primes. But I can at least say my first PC MMO ever was Runescape so I’m
thankful for that at least, Camelot Unchained is being developed by Mark Jacobs
& the studio of City State of Entertainment. Coming from a built in house engine named
after the game itself, The Unchained Engine aims to deliver large-scale, real time
battles between players, 1000 of us up close and personal so far, and more to come is what
they have on their website. One of the tests they had previously did showcase this
as well, it was about 50-75 different players and the team had flooded the rest of the world
with bots far as the eye could see It was an insane experience to be a part of and I
was pleasantly shocked that my computer didn’t explode with all the interaction.
Recently they’ve been testing things more on the mechanics side, the last test I was
apart of they had been experimenting with siege engines and both their castle assault
plus defense system. They’ve begun doing some further
beta testing with new additions but I have yet to be a part of one of these tests. The
tests thesmselves are usually held for a few hours at a time, but I ended up missing
the last one they had for the new Minstrel class. This game aims to deliver that massive
multiplayer war that never ends for the players, the ability to jump into
conflict day in day out with nothing held back. Looking for a game where you can build
your own unique home with an experience similar to their C.U.B.E system? Prefer more
of the crafting lifestyle as opposed to constant warfare between the Arthurians, the Vikings,
and the Tuatha? Camelot Unchained has got what you need and more. Since we are
able to now talk about the testing phases themselves we will have more to go over in
the future regarding this game, safe to say that I’m very excited for that.
And just like Camelot, #10 is a war based crowdfunding MMO that aims to deliver an intense
experience filled with constant conflict. However the twist on this one is that
it will instead function with campaigns that reset on a monthly, weekly, and even yearly
basis. I’m talking of course, about Crowfall. Being developed by Artcraft Entertainment
on the unity engine to provide the Throne War game experience. It’ll provide us intense
battles that demand strategy, survival, and a fierce competitive spirit. This is a game
like camelot that focuses primarily on the PVP, the territorial aspect, and lastly the
factions. You can choose from The Order, Chaos, and Balance. Of these 3 you can choose from
12 different races each with their own set of classes. Since the last time we talked
about Crowfall a year ago in the previous top crowdfunded MMOs video, it has undergone
a lot of changes. They’ve always had the campaigns
in place to test out the combat between big groups, the crafting system, and the territory
conflict in the environoment itself. Since then they’ve also added in God’s Reach,
the PVE based new player world for those looking to learn the game, while still having access
to the Eternal Kingdoms which are player-created, player-managed worlds that
act as markets, housing zones, plus social hubs. Lastly of course we still have the ability
to jump into “The Infected’ which is the 3 faction pvp world with the tradition of
dark ages or planetside. Crowfall is currently working on adding the
Dregs, the guild vs guild pvp campaigns along with the divine favor system. The game itself
was previously slated to soft launch in 2019 and right now there’s no clear indication
of said launch date however they do seem to be making very good progress so if I personally
had to guess I would imagine that by Q2 of next year this game should be ready
to ship into it’s next phase. #9 is one that although is in development,
has released at least some part of itself in the form of a free to play title on Steam.
But just like the other titles it has a community completely dedicated to seeing it succeed,
one that was branded the chosen one of crowdfunded MMOs and the future of the genre. I’m talking
of course, about Ashes of Creation. This is one that has had a lot of hype from
the gaming community the past 1-2 years, the game itself had a lot of planned features
that many players could get behind, the node system and naval system included. But on top
of that it also provided a visually satisfying experience with it’s high fiedelity client
that provides a lot of improvement compared to the sandboxes we’re used to. Like we previously
discussed this game is currently still in development but seperate from other games
this one also has another version being developed alongside with it. And that’s the
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse, the battle royale. This version simply allows the players to
test out the combat systems and skill systems of Ashes, and although it has not been well
received on steam, players do take into account that it gives them something instead of nothing.
Ashes takes place in the world of Verra, set within a medieval fantasy setting,
intrepid studios is aiming to incorporate the best parts of MMORPGs with innovative
sandbox concepts. Player vs Environment, siege warfare, a diverse
economy which includes their caravan system, and more.
Since we talked about the game last year, development has seemingly shifted primarily
towards it’s battle royale however we of course do not know what goes on behind
the scenes for the MMO version. They’ve said that what they do in the battle royale can
easily be transitioned over to the MMO, and in regards to the castle siege & horde
modes that were slated for last year in december and this year in march, we are still waiting
for those testing phases to begin. I believe the delay in these two testing phases
are part of the reason that the battle royale has become so poorly received on steam, I
myself will admit that I’ve never been crazy about battle royales and there’s only ever
been a select few that I’ve ever had interest in. Hunter’s Arena: Legends & Valhall being
two of them, but we’ll ultimately have to see where this one goes. Over the next few
years I’m sure the game will generate eyes from
the gaming community as it progresses, at the moment most of the MMORPG community that
isn’t already playing one of the modern MMOs is focused on Archeage Unchained. Speaking of which – quick message for the
future viewers. If you happen to be coming from Archeage after
being burned out or if 6 months down the line you’re watching a video like this because
XLGames told Gamigo to pull a 180 and revert the cash shop back to
pay to win, then welcome aboard. Grab a seat and join us refugees on our long journey towards
finding new homes. Now, let’s get back to it continuing with
#8. I would consider this next one a trip down
memory lane and it’s one that is definitely going to sate some of that Mortal Online experience
I’ve been missing for so long. Reign of Guilds is one that’s all about guild
warfare, create your guild, conduct alliances or join wars, trade goods and conquer the
lands. In Reign of Guilds you do have access to titles like you would in Chronicles
of Elyria, however with this one it is focused on two roles, and those are counts and kings.
With associations that manage their population and economy. This is a full loot
experience just like most of the titles on this list so I would classify it as one of
the old-school hardcore sandboxes. The camera view is exclusive mainly to first person with
non-target combat system, friendly fire, and a flexible system of buffing. The map currently consists of 1 kingdom, with
4 different parts, north-south-east-and west. And over about 200-250km squared map size.
In each part of said map we’ve got between 6 and 7 counties, 6 to 10 towns, and
about 30 castles. In this game instead of going off a guild system it will instead be
associations, there’s 3 different categories of such.
You’ve got the merchants, the crafters, and finally the mercenaries. It is the guild itself
that would join this association with only one guild being the supreme guild of an association.
As you can see, the main functions of Reign of Guilds revolve around it’s territory system,
currently there is only one race for this game, humans. WIth no conventional classes.
With 2 different directions that your character can pursue you can either go down the physical
based path or the magic one. Although the game does not have a class system
it does still have what’s called vocations, which can be seperated into 3 different types.
The first one, being universal – has the choices of assassin, barbarian, blacksmith, or
thief, the second one is emphasis on physical development with the option of crusaders,
gladiators, hunters, and steel masters or weaponsmiths. The last one being the emphashis
on magical development, where you have archmage, druid, enchanter, plus inquisitor or necromancer. The game is stated to be in it’s pre-alpha
stage currently heading towards alpha, with Pre-alpha only being available for Reign of
Guild club members. Sign ups can be done on their website and I’ll be sure to leave
the link to this one and all the other game’s signups in the description below.
Following Reign of Guilds up with an MMO that wants to sprinkle a little spice on the genre.
Wants to give players the freedom to help shape design as you would in a
modded version of skyrim or fallout, I’m talking about Seconds From Silence. A game that wants
to mesh mmorpgs with the freedom that modding can provide. This is
a title that takes a lot of inspiration from The Elder Scrolls & Witcher Series, promising
players with opportunities to shape the world around them by building their own
camps, houses, and castles. Or even being able to overpower cities, guilds, or even
kingdoms by politics. This is one that I’m very interested because of the capabilities
that an MMO that allows us to modify it could be.
Now granted, we don’t have the ability to change fundamental game mechanics and things
like that which is a good thing, but being able to make graphical, character, and
equipment mods would be something that could change the game completely. Case in point,
with skyrim at it’s baseline it’s a pretty good looking game, but modified into the 2k
and 4k texture ratio it looks like something completely next-gen. This is some of the possibilites
we may get with a game like this. Specifically because they’ve already conducted
an interview with nexusmods which is the central hub for game modding. I’m hoping as a result
that if this game does start to pick up traction that it will attract people
capable of great modifications. Because you can change the character models as well you
could probably come up with all sorts of different characters to create for the
world, and on top of that in terms of equipment, they’ve said that when it comes to that they
will have a system in place that allows modded creations to be voted on and even implemented
fully into the game. With 9 different races being implemented into the game currently
we have multiple choices of where our character wants to go, these
paths are called roles. For the roles of this game we have these specific
ones – Kings, Commoners, Mercenaries, Thieves, Adventurers,
Pirates, Blacksmiths, Alchemists, Vampires, Vampire Hunters, Sorcerers, Priests, Traders,
Bandits, Holy Paladins, & Assassins. Currently players are waiting on
the alpha testing phase to start however due to the company being affected by the hurricanes
not too long ago – the testing phase has since been pushed back. At the moment
we’re waiting on the opportunity to jump in but I am very hopeful that it works out. Would
love to see what can become of the modding system.
#6 is where things start to take a less dark and gritty approach to a more modernized smooth-sailing
one. Some of these will be closer to themeparks that people are currently
used to. Let’s begin the transition with Ember Sword. The game that alongside others, has
taken up the mantle of modern day sandbox MMORPGs to give us an experience
filled with endless adventures. With this game as you’re able to see it features a top
down view giving you the ability to engage with your character and the environment
around you with an isometric view. It features things like classless based progression, an
economy fueled solely by the players, player owned land & commerce hubs, unrestricted
crafting system, and finally, PVP content. Some of which is mentioned when they talk
about outlaw camps. One of the best ways I’ve seen to describe
a game like this is if you were to stir up runescape and albion in a bowl and throw a
little modern sauce on it before you toss it in
the oven. Being developed as a free to play title by So Couch Studios, Ember Sword has
received a lot of positive feedback from it’s community and like many of the titles
listed in this video, the team behind the game has been in constant communication with
it’s playerbase about it’s development and if this game turns out to be even
half as good as it looks, I think we’ll be in for a great time. As talked about in my
previous video they do have an insider program for this game so if you’re looking to learn
more about it’s progress as it happens, that’ll be the best thing to join. You can do so on
their main website which is but I’ll be sure to link to it in the description
below, this is another one you wont want to miss.
Phew, the competition’s getting tough. We’re finally down to #5 and even though it’s been
such a blast going over all of these upcoming titles, we’ve still got more to dive into.
And when it comes to this one, this is one that I still need to remember to upgrade my
pledge package for. A spiritual successor to Everquest with a legendary team of developers
including the members that had created the classic in question so long ago. I’m talking
of course, about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Being developed by Visionary Realms
is a game with a following more dedicated than an army fighting for a seasoned general
in war, this is one that has planned to serve that player-vs-environment experience that
previous everquest players had been craving ever since. A game that doesn’t
just throw you into the world and hold your hand at every turn, or make you feel like
you know exactly what you’re getting into from the beginning. Nothing is what it seems
and things are always more than meets the eye. Having the ability to unlock different
dialogue and quests through typing specific phrases or words to NPCs, having
the ability to look at a book in the library of a dungeon a bit longer than everyone else
to maybe come across the solution to a puzzle or a hidden treasure location. They have been
aiming for the sky and beyond with this game, however there has definitely been some changes
in how the game will function. It appears that alongside the majority of
content being based around PVE, there will in fact be some PVP mechanics being implemented
into the game. Whether these will be in at launch remains to be seen but
from the sounds of it, you shouldn’t have your gameplay effected if you are a primarily
player vs environment character. The world of Pantheon, codename Terminus,
features 9 different unique races alongside a variety of classes that will allow you to
immerse your character in it’s world. Whether it’s the cleric, the dire lord, the
monk, the wizard, the paladin, the ranger, the summoners, the druids, the warriors, or
the rogues, enchanters, and shamans, this game will give you the ability to hopefully
play the way you wish. With different playstyles and bonuses plus negatives to match. The type
of character you choose can also effect the way the game reacts to you, for
instance having a Dire Lord in your party which is one of the tank classes, is more
beneficial than having a warrior when dealing with magic based monsters. Dire Lords has
the toolkit required to better survive in a situation like that, just like a paladin
will have a much better chance to survive agianst
Undead. Pantheon aims to bring back that legendary challenge of old school MMO experiences, your
party setup will not simply consist of the holy trinity but also people
that are capable of crowd-controlling mobs as their specific role. You’ll also have people
specifically dedicated to buffs, and more. Right now the community of pantheon has been
very curious and even more so now because of the recent blog posts about it’s progress.
The alpha test is also being eagerly waited on and right now there’s no exact date
for it, but rest assured, the community will be lying in wait for this one. Hopefully it
will serve them well. Now I know that so far, we’ve only talked
about Medieval & Fantasy based games for the most part, but that doesn’t mean that needs
to be the entire theme of the games on this list. Now we’ve got some real titles
from other themes that are building their way to releases, whether it’s dual universe,
or star citizen, the space sandbox genre has earned
it’s spot among the anticipated titles just like all the others. However neither of these
two will be the one we go into for this next topic, #4 belongs instead, to Starbase.
Set to release on steam and under development from Frozenbyte, one of my favorite studios
that has graced us with the co-op dream experience of Trine, they are aiming
to deliver a hybrid voxel-based space MMO that includes the perfect recipe of the genre,
including a fully destructible plus infinitely expanding universe, but takes things a
step further with it’s features including it’s very own in-game coding system. Although
it has a focus on building and designing both spaceships and stations, exploration,
resource gathering, crafting, and combat. The coding system is going to be one of it’s
most ambitious features. Having the ability to code your own ship to autopilot, construct
rail movers, program factories, and tractor beams, the possibilites are limitless. With
the hilarious name of YOLOL starbase puts the freedom that space simulators should
have, in the hands of the players. If there was ever a game that allowed you
to build a transformer with it’s baseline functions alone, I’d put my cards on Starbase.
The coding part is also just scratching the surface of it’s features, as players are
introduced to early access, it will allow us to settle in the orbit of one of it’s planets,
eventually being able to travel to the planet’s moons, while designing and engaging in combat
with spaceships along the way. Later on down the line is when we may start to see the ability
to land on the planets but at the moment they are focusing on primarily
the space functions, and building their way in instead of starting at the planet’s surface
to build our ways out. This one is currently slated for release in
Early Access on steam in 2019 which gives us about 2 months max left to wait for this
title, unless it ends up getting bumped back to next year. Which is definitely possible
but one thing’s for sure, when we get the chance to finally play this one it’ll be an
awesome experience if it ends up remaining true to
the gameplay and features we’ve seen thus far.
Heading into #3 is going to be a short but sweet trip considering the gravity of the
team behind it’s creation, but also mainly because the game itself is currently under
NDA. That game, is Amazon’s very own “New World
MMO”. An experience that reminds me a lot of a modern day Darkfall, I’d say in terms
of a modern experience of that game, this one is really as close as it gets. This one
allows you to choose your role and define your destiny as you survive the peril of a
haunted wilderness. The land themed to be similar to 17th century with a dark fantasy
twist, you have the ability to create hundreds of items from magical elixers and deadly weapons
to sprawling fortifications. The game itself features things like open world pvp,
territory war/building, action filled combat, and several different ways to build your character.
Now I wont say about the testing phase that was concluded back in June, other than
the sole fact that it was pretty awesome. I can hopefully at least say that with Amazon’s
good grace. Overall we’re still waiting on The New World to return but I would highly
recommend checking out this game too, if you’re one of those people who was ruined by a dungeon
crawler game like vindictus or you’ve racked up 2000 hours in black desert
and now everything built in anything but HD now looks like cardboard to you, I think you’ll
at least be able to appreciate this one graphically. The gameplay itself might
drive you away, especially if you’re not a fan of open world PVP. But if graphics mean
that much to you, I hope this will be one you can nestle into and enjoy.
Annnnnd finally we have reached the #2 spot and continuing tradition of including the
first big crowdfunded MMO that I’ve ever backed. One that has evolved over the years
from starting as just an idea to becoming one that dares to tread where very few in
the genre might ever dare to go. It puts the M & S in Medieval Simulation and has a rockstar
team behind it that is one of the ones that excels at keeping their community up to date
with awesome progress, coming all the way from Soulbound Studios, it’s Chronicles of
Elyria. One that like others in this list has certainly evolved a bit since our last
MMO video. Chronicles is a game that wants to help bring the genre to the next level,
a level where playing an MMO doesn’t mean you just
grind on quest from point A to point B and you can only start to maybe enjoy the game
after you reach the destination. In a game like this, it’s not just the destination
but it’s the journey, it’s why I love a lot of these sandboxes because they provide unique
experiences that you just can’t get anywhere else. It has a lot of different features
it wants to provide but the best way I can give an idea of what it will be like is it’s
government system I like to compare a lot to
The Guild 2, Renassiance or Regular, and for the land management/kingdoms themselves I
like to think of Crusasder Kings 2. The game, simply put, wants to give you the
ability to go anywhere, do as much as you can, be as much as you want to be. Whether
it be a bandit, a craftsmen, a soldier in the army, Chronicles wants to have it all.
To start with, your character in this game isn’t just your random playable avatar that
disappears everytime you log out.
In Chronicles they seek to develop the game to where your character continues to interact
with the world around them even when you log out for the night,
your character and the characters around you age, they have needs to survive, and despite
the game being very based upon player interaction there is a big emphasis on non-
playing characters and what they can do. They fight, hunt, and gather just as you do, land
that is owned by them continues to prosper or fall by the game’s design, and it’s
one of the many reasons I’m so excited about a game like this. I feel like to have an actual
living breathing world in a sandbox, at some point NPC interaction needs to be a big
part of it. Recently they finished conducting their first phases of domain & settlement
selection, alongside now releasing footage from the pre-alpha entirely. In one of my
previous videos we have gone over some of the pre-alpha footage we’ve seen however there
now appears to be even more that we haven’t talked about yet, at the end
of september they took a look at some of their dungeon exploration. While also giving us
commentary talking about the mechanics of exploring one. It’s important to
keep in mind that like a lot of these titles, what you see in the pre-alpha footage is not
the final product, and anything seen in it graphically should be taken with a grain
of salt. That being said, Chronicles of Elyria is one of the MMOs I’m most anticipating.
Because phew, the MMO genre is in need of some help when it comes
to the future of new ones, unless everyone is planning
on playing the current titles for the next 20 years.
Because, Let’s not kid ourselves, the genre itself is in a bad spot. These days miniscule
details are so important to people that entire games with the potential to be great end up
getting sacked before they reach their full potential,
whether it’s the graphics not looking like a triple A console title or each and every
individual game not playing with the pace of a bullet hell title, a lot
of the games in this genre that we would consider new tend to drive a lot of people away. Why
would a developer go to these lengths to try and create something so ambitious
and large when they could easily just spend half if not more than half the time on a mobile
title and multiply the profits. I consider it a privlage that anyone even cares anymore
to try, and that’s why I tend to flock more towards these upcoming titles, but even though
there is a chance of success or failure with any or all of these, I still have no problems
believing in a game like Chronicles. Because at the end of the day, games are never going
to evolve if we aren’t willing to give aspiring craftsmen a chance, how can anyone
ever improve if they aren’t given a chance to fail and try again. And then again. [I
failed] [Honorable Mentions]
Star Citizen, Dual Universe, Blue Protocol [If It Becomes an MMO], Zenith, Past Fate,
Last Oasis, Astaria, Ascent: Infinite Realm And finally, the final final title on our
list could be the biggest fairy tale of all time, but it’s certainly one I and I’m sure
many others would love to see. Coming from a match
made in heaven and probably the closest thing we’ll get to a next gen MMO, Papa Amazon and
Leyou Technologies have partnered up to make a baby, and his or her name
is Lord of the Rings MMO. Now not much is known about this game yet but if you don’t
know who leyou technologies is they are the parent company for warframe,
which means that amazon game studios, probably one that has thorin oakenshield’s vault’s
worth of funding, and this team are developing a title under the lord of the
rings name. Set to be some point before the events of the movies, which could mean we’ll
see all sorts of interesting characters and maybe, since they do say we’ll see
creatures we haven’t seen before, we might get a look at creatures from the simmilarian.
Now combat wise we’ve got nothing but speculation at the moment, but if the
combat is closed to shadow of war, lord of the rings conquest, or even warframe, I think
we’ve got a really good time on our hands. They’ve been
radio silent about the game and it’s progression but in their defense the second announcement
about the game was released in July so I think it’s safe to say they’ll probably
need time before showcasing anything substantial. Quite a bit of time, now I’d imagine that
in 2020 we might at least get a trailer of some sort if not a testing phase for the
game but I’d imagine this one will be the type of game to go straight from development
right into either release or early access. Next year with the titles we’ve got coming
to our shores like the ones we talked about and some that weren’t mentioned yet, like
Seed Online, Phantasy Star Online 2 if it counts, and more. There will even be titles
coming to the eastern shores of the world, like Blue Protocol, Project BBQ or whatever
they’ve changed that amazing-looking game’s name to, etc… So I think it’s safe to say,
we might not be getting a golden age of MMOs anytime soon, I think that ship has sailed.
But it looks like they’re starting from the basics and building upon it, looks like instead,
we’re going back to the dark ages. [end]

29 thoughts on “20 UPCOMING PC MMO GAMES in Development 2020 & 2021 👑 Open World, Sandbox, MMORPG!”

  1. ⚜️Which ones make it out of the Development Phase? Make your choices, and see you on the battlefield!

    Profane (1:00),
    Oath (2:07),
    FracturedMMO (3:42),
    Defend The Night (6:02),
    Camelot Unchained (7:25),
    Crowfall (9:30),
    Ashes of Creation (11:07),
    Reign of Guilds (13:35),
    Seconds From Silence (15:45),
    Ember Sword (17:50),
    Pantheon MMO (19:22),
    Starbase (22:05),
    Amazon's New World (23:45),
    Chronicles of Elyria (25:00),
    Honorable Mentions – 28:00
    New Lord Of The Rings MMO (30:15)

  2. Wow, so many ! Hate to say this, but to help me choose, I am expecting a few to not be able to pull through and actualize… Maybe I am not thinking about this right, but there seems to be too many. Anyhow, I am attracted mostly by Camelot Unchained, Chronicles of Elyria, Crowfall, New World. (def. Star Citizen also, but not same type of universe)
    nb: I like the concepts of Fractured, but not being able to look at the scene/stuff around me (a more horizontal view) is a big turn-off.
    – As for Pantheon, it is such a work-in-progress, that I cannot say I am interested or not ; not until I see what it really is turning out to be 😛

  3. Why YOLOL, when Space Engineers is an awesome game, that is progressing constantly for years now? Not to mention the other space MMO games already.

  4. So much praise for CoE, they spend more time thinking ways to get more money from the gullible than they do developing the game

  5. i miss darkfall (even though its still around…its just not the same feeling). i'm hoping camelot or the new world will be awesome but who knows. sweet video thanks for this!

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  7. Camelot Unchained has only been in development for 7 years and looks like and plays like a 7 month MMORPG. Don't expect much from this one ever.

  8. If Amazon can bring the fluid, human-paced combat and high artistic level of New World to the LotR universe… <insert take my money meme>. New World as a project has gone dark but I hope we get news out of it soon.

  9. I love it it's a half hour of the same shit that people have been doing for years lol 2019 still won't touch any other ideas different. I miss the days were money was not just the source of game companys drive to create.

  10. Great video! Pantheon looks amazing! Reminds me a little of FFXI with how the gameplay looks and a little more challenge, love it! 🙂

  11. Seconds From Silence has me more excited about an MMO than ever before. I'm a modder, mostly textures so far though, so this is a great opportunity. But the ability to add more variety to a game also vastly extends is replay-ability for everyone… as my more than 90 characters in Skyrim can attest to.

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