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Hey, what’s up, it’s Stacey Storino, welcome
back to my channel, the number one place for entrepreneur moms with a digital presence
in 2020. In today’s video, I’m going to teach you
how to be successful as an entrepreneur mom, and lots of Mommas like you need help because
of the urge to engage in self-sabotage and/or the stuggle that you may have going on consciously,
subconsciously or both when it comes to imposter syndrome…but you know what, I’m going
to try to go at this a different way than maybe you’re used to SO THAT it’s giving
you a fresh perspective, hits home for you and makes a difference. If you’re someone who tends to start things
off with a bang and then…well, the going gets tough and it’s hard to keep going,
well, then THIS video, that’s part of my 31 Day 2020 Entrepreneur Mom Reboot Series,
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presence online today. 2020 Entrepreneur Mom, let’s learn how to
be successful…even when it’s hard. Even when you’re balancing way more as an
entrepreneur mom than a garden variety entrepreneur guy or girl who either has no kids or someone
else is doing the lion’s share of the work in connection with them. You’ve got double the responsibilities and
double the challenges and I acknowledge that. But…when you have to sell yourself on the
concept of success because the going’s gotten even tougher than it normally does for you…well,
I’ve got a mind hack that should help you though, Momma! Therefore, if you want to get serious in 2020
and work your business like a business—because then it’s more likely to PAY you like a
business, then you want to watch ALL of this series. Otherwise, if you treat your business like
a hobby, it’ll pay you like a hobby—if it even pays you or is profitable at all. So over the course of this 31-day series,
I’ll show you how to do everything from psych out self-sabotage to dealing with hardcore
rejection! You’ll learn how to get out of your comfort
zone and you’ll ALSO learn how to select a network, even from SCRACTH, that won’t
just benefit you professionally, but personally, too. If you missed the last video, you should watch
it, because I shared with you how to plan YOUR life, in much the same way as a smart
gardener tends her garden in REAL life. If you’ve ever just not really connected
with the idea, conceptually, of having a plan for things, personally, professionally, or
both, well, that video’s got a really good metaphor for you that will come in handy. So make sure you check that video out! But here, we’re talking about how be successful
as an entrepreneur mom, which isn’t always easy to do, I acknowledge you, because you
likely are doing everything or nearly everything on your own, personally, professionally or
both, so I gotta say, I hear you! I’m on the same journey you are, I have
a family of my own, with a house of my own to run, too. I’ve done a video covering ways to brainstorm
assistance in a way that is realistic under your circumstances, where you can amass a
Dream Team to help you, no matter how much or how little money you’ve got going on,
so make sure you check that video out, too. But when it comes to learning how to be successful
as an entrepreneur mom, one stumbling block a lot of my students have is they have a tendency
to engage in self-sabotage and/or they struggle with imposter syndrome under the best of circumstances,
and when things get challenging in a personal way, professional way or both, well…the
urge and the struggle…that all gets WORSE. When your inner critic, that Negative Nelly
chatterbox of yours comes out to play, it’s hard to just sell that critic on your WHY,
the importance of your niche’s WHY, or your goals and the corresponding plan to achieve
those goals. What if you’ve done all of the hard work,
you’ve laid down the foundation for your success on all fronts and you STILL find yourself
drowning in laundry, dirty dishes and crying kiddos? Or, you’ve got that under control but you’re
still finding yourself undermining your own efforts? You’re concerned, right? You’ve done the work and STILL you’re
losing out? Well, you have the RIGHT to be concerned,
Momma! I’m NOT trying to trivialize your struggle. But if you don’t get your inner critic under
control, the odds of you engaging in self-sabotaging behavior as it relates to the plans necessary
to achieve your goals, personally, professionally or both…well the odds of the negative behavior’s
only going to increase over time, until it’s nearly impossible for you to gain traction
again. And we don’t want THAT, Momma! So…you have to keep moving forward when
changing your life for the better, and that includes selling your inner critic on the
healthy odds of achieving your WHY (and your ability to serve the WHY of your niche). How? Pretend that your inner critic, your subconscious
mind, if you will, is a CUSTOMER at a direct sales party, let’s say, and you’re the
sales consultant. (Seriously, stick with me here). Now, in this scenario, it’s your JOB to
sell her, your inner critic, on the concept of success and how it’s supposed to play
out in your life. Now, keep in mind, if you’ve been following
along in this series, you’ve set SMAART goals that, as you’ve made them, have transformed
into concrete plans. If you’ve skipped that video in this series,
you can check it out right here. In the meantime, if you’ve done this work,
you have VERY concrete plans, and MANY short-term goals that serve as the rungs on the success
ladder you’ve set up for yourself and your business, with the long-term goals at the
top of the ladder, which, as you achieve more of the short-term goals, your ability to achieve
those bigger, hairer and in some ways scarier long-term goals REALLY DOES increase. And if you’ve got that success ladder all
set up, everything written down or otherwise recorded in a medium that’s best for you,
it’s HARD, when you revisit all of this, to really feel that your plans are airy-fairy
or foo-foo or impossible to achieve. So soak all of this stuff in, as product training,
if you will, for the JOB you have to SELL your inner critic on the concept of your very
realistic odds of becoming increasing successful over time. Remember, doing all of this work in advance
pays dividends, especially at times like this—IF you make your plans and goals believable for
where you currently are, very detailed and very concrete THEN your inner critic or subconscious
mind will be better able to process it as “achievable.” THEN you’re able to stay the course, achieving
one short-term goal at a time as you continuously scale to the top of that success ladder. THIS is why having a daily goal-keeping ritual
like my 10 minute one IS SO CRITICAL. It ingrains believability and achievability
into your daily mindset until you’re practically BORED with what used to scare you SILLY. Of course, I’ve done a video on this 10
minute ritual that’s one of the best success insurance policies around and costs you NOTHING
so please check that video out. If your inner critic—or subconscious mind—starts
whining about how hard or painful working on a particular goal will be, specifically
SELL HER ON YOUR WHY and on the WHY of the niche you’ve selected and care a lot about—AND
review HOW it’ll improve your life and the life of your ideal customers as your living
in harmony with your personal and professional WHYs. Now, if you’ve ever done direct sales before—I
have—you KNOW there are going to be objections, usually, that your potential customer is going
to throw down, BUT here’s a trick to sell your inner critic, your TOUGH CUSTOMER, on
the concept of your SUCCESS. IF that Negative Nelly objects to your sales
pitch, SELL to her by reinforcing within yourself, the awesomeness of your WHY, employing all
FIVE SENSES as you make your pitch. And stick with me while I do this because
I promise you, this works and I’ll explain WHY in a minute. Now, to reinforce the concept of why success
NEEDS to be a definitive outcome for you, flesh out the following: what will living
more in harmony with your WHY look like as you achieve more and more of your goals? What will it feel like? What will it sound like? What will it…I know…wait a minute…what
will it smell or taste like? Now, don’t laugh! Here’s an example of how this all plays
out: When I think of living more and more with my WHY, it LOOKS like I’m living somewhere
tropical, palm trees and all; I FEEL the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the soothing water
that I’m swimming in, knowing I won’t encounter cold or snow or ice anymore (for
me? YUCK); I can SMELL the saltiness of the sea
and the beach and the freshness of the air; I HEAR the crashing waves and the wind as
it gently whispers through the palm fronds and I’m TASTING a truly resplendent cocktail
with a perky little umbrella floating around in it once I’m out of the water and working
on my laptop, doing EXACTLY the kind of work I’m doing now…creating content to help
other entrepreneur moms live THEIR dreams, personally and professionally, too. See? Now, go over your goals, both short-term and
long-term, and lock as much of the five senses into what’s currently going on and what
WILL go on in the FUTURE as you keep achieving your goals by persistently and consistently
working your plans. Go over it chapter and verse just like you’d
review a contract with a client, an order form with a customer, be thorough. You’re selling yourself, just like you’d
sell THEM on ALL of the cool reasons why they should carry through with their purchase. NOW, IF, while you sell to your inner critic,
she locks up as she calculates what working on these plans to achieve these goals are
going to COST her, THEN you cross-sell her big-time. WHAT? In sales, when you’re “cross-selling”
you’re encouraging your customer to add something else ON to her order that complements
what she’s already out to buy…and as she starts feeling anxiety about making the purchase,
you load on MORE goodness, MORE benefits, MORE fun…and then she purchases your entire
solution set that will either solve her problems or address her deep-seated desires or BOTH! When you do THAT, you sell her on the entire
SET, until she happily agrees to the add-on or add-ONS and completes her purchase. This happens literally and figuratively Momma! But how to do this figuratively, on yourself
so that you now know how to be successful no matter how unrealistic everything initially
seemed to you (hence, you feel imposter syndrome) AND/OR no matter how hard everything seemed
to initially be (hence you engage in self-sabotage)? You know your own situation best, so this
will vary BUT I’ll give an example to help you along. Perhaps your WHY includes weight loss goals,
which in turn requires workouts. EW. Your inner critic will tell you that workouts
stink, because they can lead to blood, sweat, tears, a WHOLE LOT of discomfort. Well, in that case, you can focus on all of
the obvious benefits of losing weight, feeling great and getting healthier so you can live
longer with a better quality of life (that’s the selling part of the equation) BUT you
add on the fact that you can get cool new workout gear, a fresh pair of sneakers, you
can drink tasty healthy smoothies that you already like but you can now have more of
(that’s the cross-selling part of the equation)…and VOILA! That can do the trick. Then you get in your own way less and less
as you work on yourself more and more. So how to be successful? Sure, know your WHY, the WHY of your niche
so you actually create products and offer services that they will DEFINITELY buy especially
because your marketing messaging will wrap up all of the benefits that THEY seek to further
THEIR WHY. Sure, you set goals that transform easily
into plans. Sure you have long-term goals and short-term
goals, etc. But you have to have a way to sell yourself
on success so that you can actually BE successful right where you are, because you have a better
attitude and beatitude right where you are, with the ability to get that second wind and
sell yourself on and CONTINUOUSLY COMMIT and RECOMMIT to your plans and goals. What I want you to come away from this video
with is that despite all of the dual challenges that you’ll have because of the dual responsibilities
you take on as BOTH an entrepreneur AND a mother, you’ll have double the reasons to
quit and that won’t lead to success—so if you’ve laid down the proper foundation
by following through on every suggestion I make in every video in this series, WELL…you
can continuously build the house of success even if you have to RE-SELL yourself on success
on a persistent and consistent basis along the way. But maybe the Jedi mind trick of selling and
cross-selling yourself on success can help to make the struggle a little less hard along
the way. Now, make sure you hit that notification bell
because in the NEXT video of this series, I’ll share with you how to control your
calendar to DEFINITELY improve your life. You’ve got dual responsibilities…well
you’ve taken on double the entries in your calendar, I’m sure. If you get overwhelmed, this next video should
take a lot of the sting out of it, so that you can more successfully conquer that overwhelm
because a greater sense of control really IS only a few clicks away! So if you’re interested in learning about
all of that, make sure you hit that notification bell so that you can follow along with that
video and the entire series. In the meantime, make sure you check out these
two awesome videos as well. I talk a lot about social media, content marketing,
entrepreneurship for moms who have to juggle home and business, online marketing, so many
different topics, so make sure you’re also checking out these two videos as well. And also if you like this video make sure
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