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218 Tips and Tricks for Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

218 Tips and Tricks for Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

Dawn of Zombies is still in the beta process,
but Royal Ark is creating new content at impressive speeds. The game has great graphics, an intriguing
story line to find out who you are, and a very clever structure for player progression,
but it can also be a very difficult game if you don’t know what you are doing. So today Royal Ark has sponsored me to give
you 218 tips and tricks for their game. The first thing you need to know is that during
the Dawn of Zombies, a huge fire took place which messed with the fabric of time. This can cause some events to reset while
others remain constant so let me explain real quick the five different types of zones. The first zone you interact with is Riveter
and Sherp’s Shelter. Sherp is your friend, and the only one that
knows your true identity, and he is missing when you arrive but he leaves you a note saying
that you are in charge of building up the shelter’s workbenches and defenses until
he sends you more clues. This location never resets, which allows you
to keep your progress as you build and expand this base. Currently, your base is the only location
of this type, but I think Royal Ark has plans to add more in the future. The second type of locations are resource
zones. Currently there are three different difficulty
levels of forest zones and three corresponding junk yard zones. These zones are rich with lots of resources,
but it is important to note that they reset as soon as you leave them. This is mostly a good thing because it allows
you to go back to them over and over again to get more resources, but it can also be
a bad thing because if you allow yourself to die in one of these zones, you will never
get your stuff back. The third type of location are zones that
are always there, but reset on a timer. Right now, the warehouse is the only one of
these types of zones in the game, but it is arguably the most important zone since it
is the key to finishing your bicycle, which unlocks a whole new aspect of the game. I will not have time in this video to cover
all of the details on how to do the warehouse and get your bicycle, so if that interests
you, make sure to check out my video on the fastest way to get your bicycle. The motorcycle, UAZ and T-16 do not exist
yet in the game, but I have a feeling that when they are added, the developers will add
more of these type of locations to the game. The fourth type of location are events. Events will appear after a certain amount
of time when you enter your world map. If you haven’t logged in for a while, I would
recommend going in and out of the world map because sometimes you can spawn up to three
at one time. Each event has a specific purpose in the game,
which I will be explaining each of those purposes a little later on in this video. Currently, there are six types of events in
the game, but Royal Ark has stated plans to add quite a bit more. And lastly, the fifth type of location are
storyline events which will appear when you get to that place in the storyline and won’t
disappear until you complete your objective for that storyline quest. So those are the five different types of events. The second thing you need to know when playing
Dawn of Zombies, is that most of the enemies and loot in those locations change as you
pass through the five different tiers of the game. These five tiers each have their own set of
armor and weapons which are significantly better than the previous tier, but they also
require better resources to craft them. The first time you will notice a change in
loot is when you hit level 32 and enter the second tier of the game. All of a sudden the boxes you have been farming
over and over again in the resource zones will have additional higher quality items. You can then use these items for those higher
level crafting recipes and upgrading your workbenches. After that, new items will be added to the
game every few levels which keeps the zones interesting as you level up. For more information about the five different
tiers and how to max out your account, make sure to check out my video called the four
steps to becoming a pro. Okay. Now that you understand the different types
of locations and the five different tiers of progression, we can get into our walkthrough. When you first arrive, Riveter will start
giving you a bunch of quests. Go ahead and do the first 15 of these quests
because they are designed to help you understand the game, but after you unlock the vultures
camp quest, it is best to slow down on the storyline and take a few trips to the resource
zones. At this point, you will notice that your personal
digital assistant has a geiger counter on it. When you click on a zone, this geiger counter
will show you how much radiation that zone has. Areas with higher levels of radiation will
increase your personal radiation level. When it hits 30, you will start taking two
damage every 30 seconds, and when it hits 99 you will start taking 20 damage per second. So it is important to manage those levels. But more importantly, areas with higher levels
of radiation also have stronger enemies, so I recommend staying in the green zones for
a little while. The first time you visit the green zone, you
will see a player with a bike. This is not a real player because Dawn of
Zombies does not have real multiplayer yet, but they do plan to add it so AI players like
this are good place holders. You will also see this NPC who gives you a
few small quests. This guy is here just to help you learn how
to farm the zone because it is your first time. After you leave this zone, the resources will
reset, but he will be gone. So the second time you enter a green zone,
I recommend just putting your character on auto. Auto in this game is incredible. Not only will he fight all the enemies, but
he will loot every box in the area. All you have to do is make sure he has the
tools that he needs and that he heals. The only downside of doing this is that you
can’t get sneak attacks on enemies, but sneak attack only get double damage and it cost
two energy every time you press the sneak button so it will pretty much never be worth
sneaking in a green zone. As you watch your character on auto, you will
notice that there are a lot of other things that require energy. Every time you do a chopping or smashing action
costs one energy and looting a box costs three. If you use too much energy than you will end
up not being able to run home. So a big part of this game is learning how
to manage your energy. There are a lot of ways to do this and it
can be kind of complicated so if you want to master managing your energy, make sure
to check out my video called “energy in profusion.” If for some reason you don’t have time to
watch that video, the three easiest ways to manage energy is to never eat food unless
you are low on energy, make sure to always save enough energy to travel home, and then
try to get to level 34 as quickly as possible so that you can build the wooden bed and sleeping
bag combo, which gives you one energy every six seconds.So of course I go into more detail
on those things and cover more tricks in that other video. At the time I am making this video, Dawn of
Zombies can be played completely free to play. There might be some things that seem difficult,
but if you play smart, you can accomplish everything in the game without spending any
money. I don’t know about you guys, but when I find
a game that is set up like that, it makes me want to spend $5-$10 just to support the
devs. So if you are like me and it is within the
first 24 hours of playing, I recommend buying the kick-start package for $3.00, because
it gives you a tier two backpack, which gives you five extra slots for collecting loot. You will get one of these for free on the
fourteenth day of playing, but again, the reason I bought this pack was because I wanted
to support the devs. It is not as good of a deal as the emergency
stock, which gives you a ton of stuff for just fifty cents more, but having a higher
level backpack makes the game more fun to me so that’s why I chose the Kickstart package. That being said, if you are free to play player
that plays smart, you will have no trouble succeeding at this game. Doing the one hour challenge and daily quests
will give you amazing rewards each day, and there are several ways to earn gold in the
game so you can even activate premium pretty often. On that note, when you activate premium, it
lasts exactly 48 hours so I recommend doing it halfway through a day so that you can get
premium quests and rewards for three different days in that 48 hour time span. After you have done those quests and farmed
the green zone around nine times (or six if you have the higher tier backpack), I think
you are ready to do your first event. Now the devs released this graphic, saying
that you should start in the green until you are able to move to the yellow, and then to
the red, and then you can do the warehouse and the other events, but I do not recommend
that approach for a couple reasons. The first reason is because you can get almost
everything you need to build and upgrade your workbenches from the green zone. You might have to go to the yellow zone and
red zone every once in awhile, but that doesn’t happen very often until you get into the second
or even third tier, which by then the yellow and red zones give you better loot anyways. If you are ever unclear on where to find something,
make sure to use the “where to look” button even if you think you already know where to
find it, because sometimes it will surprise you. The second reason I don’t recommend using
their approach is because as you level up, many of the events become more difficult. This is especially true of the warehouse,
because the Carnifex, which is the most difficult part of the warehouse, gets more health, does
more damage and heals a lot more. So it is actually best to do it as many times
as you can at a lower level. Because of this, I recommend doing the warehouse
as soon you have crafted four sharpened rebar and gathered a decent set of armor, which
is usually around the time you hit level 18. Before going, I recommend clicking on the
settings button, and then interface, and then turn on the target switch button. This will allow you to switch targets during
combat, which is incredibly helpful when you are fighting more difficult battles. When you try to travel to the warehouse, it
will warn you not to enter the zone until you have better weapons and armor, but you
can ignore this by just closing the warning and trying again. If you do this, make sure to bring the Makarov
pistol that your base starts with. Use it when you need to kill the Carnifex,
and then use your sharpened rebar for all the other enemies. Also, make sure that the pistol does not completely
break. Get it down to a sliver and then store it
in one of your boxes reserved for almost broken weapons. When you unlock your basement and finish your
upgrade bench, you will be able to pair those almost broken weapons with upgrade boxes to
get a new full durability weapon that is significantly better than the one you originally had. That being said, upgrade boxes are much rarer
than weapons, so unless you are spending money buying upgrades, then I recommend only using
upgrade boxes on these eleven weapons. These are, in my opinion, the best weapons
to upgrade of each tier because they either do the most damage or they have the most functionality
and still do a lot of damage. I also recommend reserving your armor upgrades
mainly for jackets and sometimes shirts and pants. If you play efficiently, you will almost never
have a full set of the same tier armor so there is rarely a need to upgrade shoes and
hats. While we’re talking about the upgrade bench,
I recommend moving it to a level one floor so that you can utilize this level two floor
for workbenches that you were trying to upgrade. Or you can just build more level two floors,
but that costs a lot of rebar which is in high demand when you are a lower level. You can also move your bicycle station out
of this section of your house to free up those four level two floors. If you do this, you will not have to build
a level two floor until you are level 62. I also recommend just deleting this shelf
because it isn’t very good. Next to that shelf is the artifact table,
which you cannot move to a level one floor. Once you repair the artifact table, you will
be able to identify artifacts. You will want to trade some of these artifacts
in to the trader at the warehouse to help speed up how fast you get your bike, but you
also need to keep in mind that artifacts are some of the most powerful items in the game. For example, one Blood Groove can theoretically
heal over 12,000 hit points. By the time you get to the quest to fix the
decoder, you will notice a bunch of unique items that can only be obtained at certain
events. The hardest one of these items to get is the
three Glares, because they are found in the Mysterious Basement, which spawns less often
than the other events. The first time you do the Mysterious Basement,
you will find some Throwing Rocks to kill the Firefly Aberration, but after your first
time, you will need to bring your own. You can also find Glares at AI player bases,
but they are extremely rare, so it is easier to just wait for another Mysterious Basement. The Abandoned Cabin and Bandit Camp are essentially
the same event. They don’t seem that difficult when you
first get to them, but as soon as you touch their beloved bag of swag, you will get ambushed
by several enemies, including a mini-boss. After killing those enemies, you get to loot
their swag, which includes a Vacuum Tube and several unidentified artifacts. These events are a little different than the
others in the fact that once you leave, they immediately disappear. The Besieged House is one of the most common
events. In this event, you will help a farmer and
his wife defend their house from the Decayers. As you kill Decayers they will drop tags,
which you can trade with the farmer for loot boxes once the event is completed. This event is amazing for getting lots of
healing items, but also halfway through the event you will get two pre-war glue, which
is needed for the Decoder’s Table. As you play the game, I recommend keeping
as many types of healing items in your inbox so you can use them to heal the farmer when
he takes too much damage. It is also helpful to note that sometimes
your progress is saved when opening a chest, so you don’t have to open it all at once
when trying to get the pre-war glue. You also don’t have to finish the event
if you’re only purpose for doing it is to get the glue. The fifth event is The Trader, which can happen
at least four times a day. Trading is almost always worth it so it is
helpful to build up your reputation with them so you can make more trades. When building your reputation it is helpful
to note that the amount of reputation you get multiplies with each tier. Buying higher tier items is going to be the
most cost-effective way of building up your reputation. You can see a list of what items you need
to trade by going to your radio when the trader appears. You can also get a list of the items needed
to trade with the Engineer, but you cannot go to the Engineer until you have finished
your bicycle. I explain a lot of this in my other video
about the bicycle, but one thing to keep in mind is that extra spokes and gear sprockets
are often used to trade with the Engineer, so you will want to keep the extras you have
left over after crafting your bicycle. Tape also becomes much more valuable after
you finish your bicycle, so make sure not to throw those away either. When you do have your bike, and you are trading
with the Engineer, you will get bike attachments that either buff you or give you active skills. Do not delete duplicate bike attachments that
you like. Those attachments will need to be replaced,
as they operate on a durability system. Okay, so that should get you guys started,
but in addition to those 193 tips, I have 25 more for you. Using normal wood only burns for two minutes
whereas quality planks burn for four minutes, so process your wood before burning it. Also, switching the type of wood half way
through cooking will reset the bar, so don’t do that. When farming, put your lowest level axes at
the top of your inventory so that your character will save the higher level ones for higher
level stuff. Sneak attacking from a bush gives you a much
bigger attack range. I mentioned earlier that sneak attacks aren’t
great for players that need energy, but it can be more efficient for players with lots
of extra energy. Often your workbenches can’t keep up with
the resources you bring in, so make sure to use your quick items like grass seeds while
you are playing and save the slow items like wheat for when you are sleeping. You can stack food healing up to five times,
making some food items faster at healing than bandages. You can also stack poison and burning damage
on enemies up to five times. The best way to get rid of radiation is to
kill yourself. Sometimes it is also best to do this when
you get hungry. You get lots of crowbars from traders so use
them to farm green zones, which will also let you get further into a car. Don’t farm food, metal or stone at yellow
or red zones because it is far more cost effective to just do the green zone multiple times. The yellow zone, and maybe red zones, slowly
give you radiation so try to move quickly. As long as you get to an event before the
time expires, you can stay there as long as you need. Drinking potions will give you the glass bottle
back, so drink some so you can build the lab early. Keep as much as possible in your inbox. This saves space in your house, can save you
in desperate situations and eventually it will help you protect your stuff in multiplayer. Try to keep your stuff in your workbenches
as long as possible so that you can complete quests quickly. When a quest has items for you to loot, make
sure to take those items before turning in the quest item or all that loot will disappear. After fixing your base crossbow defense, place
it near the zombie spawn point so that it immediately kills the intruders. It has hit points, but the zombies don’t seem
to actually damage it. The hunter necklace is an awesome accessory
because it gives you 20% more hit points. Make sure to take it off when healing so that
you heal 20% more. Foods that make you thirsty can be annoying
to use, so save them until you have a lot of them. Then when you need to heal with them, pop
five at once and then use a water or normal food to prevent taking thirst damage. Keep repeating this process until you run
out of them. The loot from trader boxes gets better as
you level up so save some if you can. This does not work on quest boxes. And then lastly, Sherp left you a cache in
the basement which includes a glock. Well. That’s it guys. Hope that helps. If you think of anything I missed, please
leave it in a comment below so that I can improve and others can see it. Also, this video was sponsored by Royal Ark. If you like it, please thank the devs for
hiring me to do it because sponsors are the main way this channel makes money. Alright guys, I’ll see you next time.

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