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24 HOUR ABANDONED TREEHOUSE CHALLENGE! Escaping Hacker, Spies or Worse?

24 HOUR ABANDONED TREEHOUSE CHALLENGE! Escaping Hacker, Spies or Worse?

what’s going on guys is Papa Jake here
and Before we jump into the video you’re probably wondering Papa Jake why are you
in a tree for it Papa Jake why is there a box for buying you Papa Jake why does
it look like you have a showered in three days well all those will be
answered very shortly let’s uh let’s recap what’s been going on because the
last week of my life has been probably the craziest week of my life and I need
to bring you guys up to speed because we’re going through this together no no
he’s still there he’s still there Jake it looks like we’re going into some kind
of swamp yeah looks like this bridge is falling
apart no he’s looking he’s coming this way hold on I don’t know hey what’s going on guys Papa Jake here
and we are back guys we just escaped from a crazy sea do chase on our way to
the haunted forest where there is an abandoned treehouse as of right now we
are being followed by well we’re not exactly sure we originally thought they
were the cops but they’re definitely not no that guy had a black mask on I don’t
know if it’s from an organization if he’s a hacker a spy or or worse but guys
right now we need to lay low and get out of here before they find us
we found some clues that will go over in a little bit but as you can see the
rains coming down I am freezing we need to get to our shelter and set up camp
fast the treehouse shouldn’t be too far in here so let’s start hiking but Logan
keep an eye out hi guys how’s closed guys I have no idea how they’ve been
tracking us Jake maybe was that phone call you made you’re right it could have
been but look and I had to warn Chad wild clay I don’t want all of the
youtubers on that list it looks like these guys were tracking down youtubers
for what I don’t know but on the list it has something about locking me up one
should just be over here guys this is turning into one crazy adventure we
brought barely enough supplies it’s been raining almost every day and we’ve been
surviving out here look I don’t know what day it is
I think it’s day two Jake hi look guys we got to get to this treehouse start
building the shelter and try and get warm we don’t belong supplies but what
we do have should be able to last as well we just we need to lose these guys
you guys have been helping us so much in the comments with what this might be and
just spreading the word guys be sure to comment down below what you guys think
is going on cuz this is getting crazy Jake it’s right there well we found it
welcoming we made it oh we did it look I finally did it
hold that hiking man high-five okay it’s the Bandit treehouse guys duty
so big this this is gonna be our new home Logan this is this is our base now
this is where we’re gonna have to live and lay low you think it’s been here
uh-huh dude look it’s a fire bowl yeah we can
definitely fix this up we gotta be careful though guys this thing’s been
abandoned and not only could it be breaking but also we don’t know what
type of animals could be here how is it in there 360 degree view of anyone
trying to come up here literally they come from here there we’ll be able to
see them I will definitely need viewing windows
to keep an eye out these trackers come up here we’ll be ready and we can store
down the large so they can’t get up maybe if you go back for our supplies we
could build a box for it you’re right we still the cedars and the sea-doos it’s
like a 30-minute trip we’ll do it Logan this is it Logan this is gonna be on
your house yes we have an awesome house back at home but we can make this work
we can live here I don’t know how long we’re gonna have to live here and stay
low but we can I mean we can film over there we can film over here this this
could be where you at it Logan Kate no Jake I am not living here Dave Morgan we
don’t have another choice okay until we figure out this until we can figure out
who these guys are and put a stop to them we’re gonna have to stay here look
I’m gonna head back on the c2 I’m gonna grab all of our supplies you start
cleaning this place out then we’ll build a box for you here just secure it down
and make it livable for the night the sun’s going down and I don’t know if the
rains gonna let up anytime soon okay if I don’t make it back I want you to have
my Easy’s I want you to have my entire Yeezy collection Logan
kekeke relax you’re gonna make it back fine but it’s a safe stay low and don’t
make a lot of noise I’ll be back with the supplies chilling up here in my
awesome tree for it well Jake’s gone I’m gonna have to figure out a way to dry
all my stuff all right now that we got the poncho hanging up should drive
pretty fast so I’m still waiting for Jake and I realize I have some rope in
my pocket so I thought while I’m waiting for Jake I’ll make a pulley system so we
can get our stuff up much easier guys I hear something
oh yeah okay hey you’re back I made it back and I got all of her stuff all
right guys we are officially ready to start turning this place and your
treehouse box for it we’ve got all of our gear here our cardboard a fishing
rod in case we want to try and catch some more food and I think our first
objective is to turn this place into a livable hideout we need to get cardboard
down on the floor seal up the walls and make sure it’s insulated not only from
the water but also in terms of the heat cuz it is getting cold out here we also
have some lighting in here and we’re low on food but a little bit of food he
can’t go around I made a pulley a pulley system let’s see if this works guys oh
dude you got it already we’re turning this into our home base good job to you
all right I’ll get the rest of the supplies and get it up there and then we
can start building this thing all right well let’s start getting this thing
ready we are currently up inside the treehouse got a nice view outside I love
your pulley system definitely gonna have to try out that pole dude that is a cool
pool it’s actually a great fast escape pool guys if we need to get out of here
quickly all right well let’s start building this
thing dude we are now inside the box fort inside a
treehouse and this place is actually looking pretty sweet as our shelter
obviously we’re setting up camp here and like I said I don’t know how long we’re
gonna be here we can definitely make expansions this place but the number one
thing we wanted to do right off the bat was make sure we had a place to sleep
tonight so you’re probably wondering why are we doing this kind of like a unique
concept here well the main reason in fact is the bugs there is no way we are
boarding up all of these holes and clearing up all of this and from our
stay in the box word on the lake we know the bugs are probably one of our biggest
enemies at night aside from the people chasing us so what we’re actually gonna
do is we’re gonna make a nice cozy place here that is nice and clean and dry and
you know not like moldy wood and then we’re gonna cover this with a bug net so
we have the entire roof covered but we’ll still be able to get up and look
out the windows so we can see if someone’s coming and make sure that we
can secure the entire area we also have a bunch of stuff in our survival case
here that we’re gonna be using to spruce up this place and make it eat true home
for us so let’s get this bug net on and start making this into a home for the
night nose but I’m perfectly safe from bugs there’s absolutely none in here
alright guys so we’re currently laying out all our gear and making it super
homey for the night and so far it’s looking awesome dude this is sweet but I
am also starving from that see you chase and this hike we got to make dinner soon
and guys check it out it is beautiful outside the Sun setting now and it’s
really nice anything we need to get done before nightfall we got to do it now I
went ahead and changed this into a luxury hideout guys but it doesn’t
looking amazing it’s in here I’m gonna show that off guys but before we do that
in before we make dinner it is starting to get extremely dark I wanted to head
out because one thing that I noticed is we are running out of water and fast we
need to save some of the water for dinner which is why Logan I thought I’d
try this little device out what’s that it’s a live straw dude this means that
it will filtrate water so I can actually drink the lake water normally you cannot
drink lake water but with a life straw you can so we’re gonna head down there
and try on the lake and I thought looking I
would get down using our built-in fire pole check it out uh all right well I’ll
go down and then you come down behind me sure thing
okay all right well if we need to get down quickly we have to test the soda
make sure it works oh oh here we go okay not too bad oh that’s definitely a fast
way to get down will faster than I hope for peg guys let’s head down to the
water and use his life straw then we can head back for dinner there’s the tree
house up there nice and hidden away definitely whoever’s chasing us won’t be
able to find us there actually while I was getting down here I kind of cut up
my hand a little bit I actually grabbed it under this which is well a very
thorny stick of some sort so it definitely didn’t have to use a
first-aid kit because when you’re surviving in the wilderness even the
smallest cuts can turn into something big all right well here’s the and here
goes nothing all right guys it’s time to drink up some very disgusting lake water
and I know what you’re thinking you would probably never do this at home I
mean you can come below if you think you would but uh hopefully this little
device is gonna save me and make this water super tasty whoo okay got myself a
nice refreshing taste of lake water actually cool tastes a little fishy but
I’m gonna trust that the live show worked and I’m okay to drink that so
tasted clean and was pretty refreshing so let’s head back to the base and see
how Logan’s doing Jake just got back and he hurt his hand cut it on a bit of a
thorn bush there but as I was explaining to everyone you know the smallest cuts
when you’re surviving in the woods can turn into big things so definitely
wanted to make sure I got this thing cleaned up fast while you were gone I
was looking at the map and trying to see if I could find any other clues did you
find anything I’ve still been looking at that password and try figure out what
that means one of the things I realized I think si s and LS then for Carter
share and Lizzie share were you write CSL s car share Liz’s share I mean if
he’s already targeting Stephen chair then that would make sense but still
don’t know who ma r is guys I think we found a key card or something I’m not
really sure what this looks like you can used to get into something or maybe some
sort of notes I I don’t really know guess if you have any idea what this
could be let us know down below if you can analyze it and give us some tips you
guys have already been so huge and helping us figure out this mystery this
will just be one more step in solving this you’re able to warn Chad wild clay
about the bus which is good but I haven’t had much contact with anyone
given that we’ve turned our phones off I don’t know what’s going on on their side
of the series other than that there is something listed here as an attack drone
but we haven’t seen them use anything like that so far we’ve had strange
people show up at our house someone who was broadcasting on a walkie-talkie
signal that we heard traced us to the shoreline and was there trying to find
us when we were floating on the lake and we had that crazy ski to chase earlier
today and the guy was wearing a mask which totally contradicts any theory
that it’s a cop but then what could it be
spy hacker and I mean if he’s targeting everyone here it could be who’s in that
one else’s videos I mean everyone’s going around trying to figure out who’s
chasing them Chad thinks it’s a hacker others think it’s a spy it could all be
related to one centralized organization one organization trying to take out
youtubers we need to figure out who they are and fast but I think the most
important thing right now Logan is that Papa Jake eat some food that’s probably
number one first so let’s let’s see what’s on the menu for tonight look we
got cheese tortellini or chili with beans ooh cheese tortellini alright
there you go inside my MRE I got a chocolate chip pop-tart oh yeah you’re a
lucky man looks like I got my Chilean beans over here Logan gonna enjoy this
cheers buddy Hughes man you can do in our box for it hey I got I got the camera I got the
camera guys I think this I’m just somebody sign Shh hold on what’s he
saying they’re staying they’re staying there oh my god hold on hold on there’s
something else I write out there’s something outside something with a light
hold on I’m try to get closer who’s that oh no oh no oh no Logan Logan it’s a
drone this is your own it’s a drone off of the window just join us out the
window get down get down turn off the lights turn off the lights get ee sauce
it definitely saw it he was a drone man it was a drone probably part of the
trackers babies he’d use they have drones did you see us I don’t know I
don’t know probably you did probably the whole thing’s lit up it’s only a matter
of time before they get here we’re sitting ducks in there Logan Jake what
is that this was a siren of some sort this is our going out there’s a siren
going off in the woods Logan I think they’re coming they’re coming for us

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