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Papa Jake is extremely scared of heights
I don’t like my alright this isn’t the place for Papa J I like to be on the
ground this is what you guys have been asking for we are doing a box fort on a
roof Logan show them the drop you guys know I’m extremely scared of heights god
I’m like shaking I’m literally shaking I go any farther that is the drop right
now that is what we’re dealing with this is where we’re going to be building our
box sport and we’re going to be sleeping here tonight so there’s a few things you
got to worry about one falling off the edge – there’s raccoon raccoons could be
anywhere I don’t really know what the third one is but we’re on top of a roof
so it’s pretty dangerous so now we got to figure out where we’re going to be
building this box for you don’t want to make it too close to the edge because we
don’t want to die that’s pretty scary but we could build it closer to the
middle here we also got a rooftop garden so we do have some food for the night
let’s go check out the rooftop garden oh god I do not like going up even higher
yo check that out I mean we have a full garden here guys it’s a rooftop garden
we’ve got an amazing view I almost think maybe we should build up here alright I
make an executive decision we’re building up here we’re close to the
garden we’re higher up and we have an amazing view dude waking up to that
would be amazing a lot of you guys have been saying Papa
Jake do a box for tree house now we are going to do a box for trees but we
thought before we go in the tree which is kind of scary I mean look that’s a
big tree and that’s that’s a scary tree I thought we should probably do a test
video where we’re on top of a roof so we got to hoist up all of our equipment
because we’re building on top of a roof there’s no way to bring it all up via
ladders so we’re going to create a pulley system with some rope alright
guys we’re going to tie it around this and this is going to be our anchor point
for dealing with the rope so I’m going to put it here and just hold on to it
now we’re going to get the rope down there Furlow going to attach all of our
equipment – there it goes that is awesome guys so now looking at
to go down secure everything and then when we need to pull it back up here
we’ve got this rope system that we can pull on the Logans go attach everything
down there to that rope start POI we got the bad guy this is the first
batch of items it’s got our food it’s got our water and it’s got our gloves
which I definitely need to start pulling up the rest of the supplies no more rope
burn we’re good to go while boxes are heavy oh yeah we got all
our boxes alright guys I’m the last of our supplies going back up to the roof
it’s a little bit wet up there so we might actually use our tarp then we got
the boxes you you ready to go up aye let’s do this dude tighten up to the
rooftop garden see there’s a bit of water which is where we’re going to put
the fog for it in terms of supplies we have of course our ready-to-eat meals
which we’re definitely going to need tonight we’re also definitely going to
need this rope guys because we’re going to set up a little bit of a defense
system to defend ourselves from animals use it as kind of like a little tripwire
that we can set up so that we can hear anything coming we finished up clearing
up all the water now we’re going to put down the tarp and get building our box
for it he told them about the raccoons well I told them that there are raccoons
but I haven’t told them how many as always guys we’re running behind the Sun
is going down as you guys can see it’s setting behind the tree we’re going to
need to get this thing built quick there’s the pillar now nothing will
knock down this floor so basically it’s going to be our very first ever trying
this we’re going to have a actually like rooftop box we’re here with this home
door but then we have this outside area where you can chill look up at the stars
at night and then we have a door here so we’re protected and here for in here but
that we have a second layer of protection because we got two doors in
this block there rains or something will be covered have you ever touched the
tree in a box or we’ve got our own little guy fortress here guys it’s okay it’s been a little while and the Sun has
gone down but we finished the box for it Logan’s chillin over here enjoying his
side of the box for I really really like the new design that we did that having
the outside area as well as the inside area I know it’s a little bit late I
don’t love it over time but we’re about to get ready in here and start our
dinner but before we do that I want to show you guys outside check this out
guys this is our door I just can see Logan’s popping out here it is a fully
working sliding door we use my mechanism here which has a little slide panel here
this is our outside chill area check this out guys we got a little
table here of course made out of box we’ve got some storage room nerf gun for
safety in case there’s any raccoons Logan is of course enjoying the outside
chill area with some pillows and stuff we can bring these into when we go to
bed at night so we can actually just move them inside here and this is the
door which I haven’t shown off fully yet this is a sliding door I use my sliding
door mechanism here with the slide panel so you guys can close it like this we’re
safe against any raccoons or anything and then of course just open it like
that I guys so now we’re just chilling enjoying the outdoors look at this guy’s
no roof just the stars so we do have this little door here it’s kind of like
a little like barn door that you can get in and out
I’m going to make sure that this place is safe if there’s any raccoons or
anything like that comes around so I’m actually going to set up a little mini
tripwire around here actually kind of freaky as cool as it is is definitely a
little freaky here’s a rope that we’re going to use to set up for the tripwire
we want to make sure that if anything comes near the fort it’s going to alert
us I’m going to be attaching the tripwire to this tree and then a bong
over to that log and then back to the fort anything crawling along this is
going to get caught up in our tripwire and of course guys if anything does get
in here we do have a ghost gun just in case I don’t think we’re gonna have to
use it but it’s a raccoon comes or anything like that I got this it’s
definitely going to scare him away but now that we’re feeling a lot safer guys
I think we’re going to bring all of our bedding and pillows inside get it up for
bed and make dinner I’m sure the door and set up or bed I keep forgetting that I’m like literally
two feet away from a massive drop we are both extremely hungry so as always got
some MREs in our regular fashion guys we’re having these these are meals ready
to eat this is something used in the military when they go out on patrols and
stuff so it is all prepackaged we don’t even need a fire to cook it it uses
water to cook it and it comes with all the essentials let’s open these up let’s
see what our meals are today and get cooking marinated sauce with meatballs
peanut butter which means I think I got crackers dude ah yeah the packaged
crackers that is the gist black bean and cheese and sauce actually I had this
before this is really good I can do close but it’s between meatballs or
black beans and seasoned sausage so in order to make our meal we’re going to
use a little bit of emergency drinking water inside this heater which doesn’t
need a fire it just uses drinking water and not going to beat up all of our food
in less than 20 minutes dude one time I got M&Ms actually so lit Apple maple
oatmeal oh damn that actually sounds really good
and I got spice pound cake we all do that’s so good there we go get a big
glob here very dry but your spy Packers will be backing shield that looks really
good dude how is it oh so like Christmas morning
now imma open up Logan’s thing that he gave me a few this is
let’s know guys we got a pop-tart those little heaters work really well to
cook these up so this is I believe my meatballs and this is locust oatmeal all
right dude Bon Appetit little box for me oh go for it there you go dude I want to
dive into my meatballs guys I’m extremely hungry sauce everything smells
so good check that out man really really good I think it’s time to
hit the hay we got lots of stuff to do two more on this 24-hour challenge I’m
not going to think about the fact that I’m really high up and I’m pretty sure
this box board is built hard enough and don’t feel worried about rolling off the
roof but it’s definitely definitely something you have to think about I
might have the hey guys and I’ll see you in the morning oh my god yo Jake Jake Jake – hi problem I just woke up should you go how do I
look there you go I’m not I’ll shoot off the
door I’ll shoot up the doors open the door and I’ll shoot out we should check
out this door even though that’s not Iraq we this routes not wanna do
something yet do you okay guys I don’t know we’re just gonna
try and go to sleep this is crazy man there’s so much activity outside but I’m
like too scared to go out so I packed the bet how much keep this with me don’t
sleep with it Logan bring out is Rick in the bike oh we had
to make a whole new pillar because the roofs start to cave in check it out guys
it is beautiful morning outside on the roof oh my god it’s a little bright
I’m sure you guys what it looks like I may use a little a little gate here to
get outside the box is looking pretty good
it’s looking great so I think now that we’re up we’re enjoying the the
beautiful morning up here on this roof it’s time to grab some breakfast now you
guys know we are going to get breakfast but we have a new way that we’re going
to get it because we’re on a roof we can’t just go and get breakfast so we
got to get the food heli lifted we’re going to call over eats we’re going to
have the overeats driver come but we’re going to have our drone down there and
when he comes we’re going to tell them to strap it to the drone so that we can
fly the food up here and have our breakfast via drone I guess the helipad is ready we’ve got
our two little boxes the bomb to raise the helipad so I’m gonna put it over
here that’s our helipad and that’s what we’re going to use to take off the ubers
arrived and we have our drone ready so what we’re going to do now is we’re
going to fly it across here land down there beside the uber driver get them to
strap our breakfast to the drone and fly it back there’s a lot that could go
wrong right now let’s do this Oh God Hey lastly go to the drone it’s
just on it tied on that thank you Oh oh man all right yeah oh yeah here she is
awesome I’m so stoked for this we made this nice little patio so we have
breakfast outside today no sense being inside on such a beautiful day let’s see
all right guys we just finished breakfast up here in the rooftop box
port it has been so much fun this has been extremely hard building it has been
one of our harder builds especially cuz we went and did some crazy stuff of this
build but we got together and we were thinking as we do these videos how can
we make it easier for everyone that wants to make box forts and that’s when
we came up with an idea to create our very own box fort building kit that’s
what we created a brand new website called build the ultimate and right now
guys we are getting ready to launch our first ever box for builders kit it’s
going to come with everything you need to make the ultimate box fort but we
need your help to create this kit we’re not launching it yet we want your
feedback on what we should be adding or changing to the kids and most
importantly we want you guys to vote on the sticker pack the sticker packs are
going to be really cool stickers that you can mount onto your box for its to
create awesome designs like doors castle walls and everything to make the box
work comes to life and we want you to vote so click the link down below go to
the site and make sure you sign up with your email and help vote on our very
first sticker pack go check it out if you like building box sports or you’ve
been thinking about doing it now is the time to do it because it’s so much fun
and you guys can help us build such an awesome thing we want to build this
together with you guys we are going to be doing a giveaway for a bunch of
people who go sign up from this video so go check it out
link down below this has been Papa jig and this has been the roof top box for
it and guys don’t forget if this video gets 100,000 like we will do a treehouse
box or we will take our skills that we learned from this and take you into the
trees you


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