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yeah where’s our box full supplies with
these waves and this wind there’s no way we’re getting out in the middle of the
ocean tonight do be right set up here for the night get a campfire started and
guys we have to find food because all of our supplies went completely missing hey
what’s going on guys we just got shipwrecked this is almost nighttime and
we barely just survived a blocks board in the middle of the ocean but like we
said in the last video guys this doesn’t end our challenge and tonight we’re
gonna be sleeping I guess in a shipwreck yeah guys we have a lot to do okay the
Sun is going down we need food we need water most importantly we need shelter
all right we need to salvage what we can from this and build ourselves a shelter
to survive it for 24 hours it’s also getting really cold and I’m soaking wet
from being in that water even though we couldn’t get past these waves we now
have to survive the 24 hour shipwrecked challenge let’s pull her in see what we
can salvage we’ll set up camp here on the beach for the night all right Logan
what survival skills do you have I got lots of survival skills I know how to
plug it what’s up they always say first things first make a shelter they’ll make
fire so as long as we have a shelter in fire we’re okay guys we lost all of our
supplies in the ocean we have no idea where they are they might still be out
there but I think the first thing we need to do is start making a shelter
okay so how can we make this into some kind of shelter all right guys we’re
gonna come right back to you when we figured something out wait Logan look
it’s the supply bag no way to get ahead everything that had our boo
much oh man okay we got our food we’ve got our water and some survival gear
plate Logan Sun setting and it’s getting cold all right dude we got stuff fill in
the space and fast we got to survive through the night we need first a fire
in the base but now we got our supplies guys how lucky is that I think we’re
gonna go for like a lean-to tonight we don’t have a lot of supplies so we’re
gonna have to use what we have but if we get this leaning this way and use the
few pieces of Carver that we do have the patch enough I think we can get some
warm shelter then we just need a fire and some water we should be okay
should be able to hold up I’m already getting extremely cool dude my hands are
like going numb we got your the fire started the Sun is setting extremely
quick so we got to build this I’ll see you guys when it’s done all right guys
so the first stage of our fort is complete we’ve been digging out a little
hole here guys to help cut down on the wind and we use the back of the
shipwreck box for it as a base here to hold up everything else
now we’re patching it all together and I’m gonna start assembling the lighting
we have a front wall to protect us from all the wind because it’s really windy
and it’s getting cold so far this is looking like a nice
little shelter well I went ahead and grabbed some twigs for the fire I mean I
guess this is what happens when you try and do 24-hour box poured in the middle
of the ocean you uh get shipwrecked you guys let me know down below do you think
next time we should do I don’t know a billionaire box forward in the middle of
a calm lake comment that down below on this list you guys like these survival
videos which I don’t mind I don’t mind but I am freezing cold the Sun is going
down Logan how’s the fire coming along oh
this so far we have a little hole and I think we’ll have a little fire to get
our hands and feet warm then it’ll be time for dinner
alright well keep digging alright guys our shelters almost
complete oh there we go dude it’s actually a lot warmer in here already
you guys we got some lighting setup as well as well as the ground old that up
in a nice piece of dry cardboard a sit-in whole Sabine look is not too bad
you check that out chipwrecked isn’t so bad after all but
alright I think now what we need to do is gather some wood to start ourselves a
fire to get warm because I’m still soaked and I need to dry off then we can
make some dinner for tonight it is a really good thing we found our supply
bag we wouldn’t have this light I got ourselves some twigs there we go and I
should have some flint and steel and a fire starter kit in the back so
hopefully I can make a fire I mean most of stuff I found was a little bit wet
but should be ok alright guys so Logan’s were to get some more firewood but I
thought we take the time to get started on this fire as you guys can see the Sun
is going down it is a beautiful view from inside here
but I think it’s so cold right now guys I can’t explain to you I got super wet
with our boxwork flips in the middle of the ocean and now we got to make this
fire so luckily for us you should have a fire starting kit in here with some
fluids and steel now some of this kind of got wet actually this dry bag didn’t
do what it was supposed to so hopefully our fire starter isn’t soaked there we
go alright let’s set this up in there alright guys we got our flint and steel
oh okay alright Logan’s back in alright dude it’s time to try and light this
thing almost there we need something to light here guys I’m getting really cold
and it’s getting really dark everything is just super soaked from us falling
into the water hopefully one of these will catch fire come on Jake the Sun is
going down alright there we go guys I’ve got the fire started that is some nice
warmth to warm us up cold in here man and we got a beautiful view of the Sun
so kind of set in there but once we get this started I think it’ll be almost
time to start making dinner okay definitely needed that guys that water
got me super cold well that’s some good warmth there I mean there’s not much to
do other than other than make moves to survive and I wanna see I gotta hand it
to us for two guys who don’t have a lot of survival skills
we built this shelter really fast and got a fire started extremely fast with
just went until high five man now I think it’s time to start cooking our
dinner guys and getting our MREs out almost looks like we’re cooking your
feet for dinner dude no no speaking of that what is for dinner on the menu
these are meals ready to eat they are survival meals that can last over a
hundred years and it looks like we got some cheese tortellini here so let’s
let’s open this up and start making dinner alright guys we’ve warmed up put
out the fire and now we’ve got our MRE here we got some crackers I think this
is the ravioli beef ravioli so let’s add some water to
this and if you guys haven’t seen this before once we add water to this little
pouch here this is gonna get as hot as an oven and actually cook the food here
so we can eat it just like a nice warm home-cooked meal this is the remnants
from our shipwreck guys it is a looking pretty wrecked right now cook it outside
so in the meantime gonna enjoy some crackers and cheese inside our shipwreck
box for which is I just got a cool do what you think about this was at one
point I mean a couple hours ago in the middle of the ocean now it’s upside down
and giving us shelter it’s looking pretty awesome I just want to say I
we could have done this had we not had so much box we’re building expertise I
mean building this with the scraps that we had was kind of impressive and now I
get to enjoy some crackers and cheese inside it very dry guys we’re just
started hearing some really weird noises it sounds like a heartbeat Jake I’m
really freaked out I think we need to go out I know there’s a hole right there that wasn’t like your heart beating it
sounded just like a heartbeat though y’all really feet cuz I’m not joking
with you there is like a heartbeat sound outside okay do you want me to go up
yeah I don’t know what that sound was though what animals live around the
ocean I honestly don’t know what that was
no bears sharks don’t come on water I don’t think there’s alligators if we
just get back inside Jake oh yeah let’s just go back inside shut that door man
and that is cool all right well here we go got ourselves our beef ravioli oh yes
I’m so hungry I got the utensils alright I get the
first bite oh alright there you go dude that should be nice and warm – it’s
actually steaming a little bit oh yeah here we go
beef ravioli inside a box poured shipwreck on a beach that’s pretty crazy alright here we go mmm oh man I’m starving after all that
work trying to paddle up there being shipwrecked and be freezing guys really
burns a lot of calories so this is in the spot
hi guys gonna wash up after dinner here got ourselves some camping tabs which
when applied with some water check this out into a fully usable
washcloth oh yeah how cool is that guys now with just a little bit of water you
have yourselves a washcloth which we can use to kind of wash up and I’m really
sandy so I’m gonna heat this to kind of clean myself after a long day in the
middle of the ocean the Sun is set it is completely dark actually guys because
it’s been so windy causing such huge waves we’re kind of lucky there’s not a
lot of mosquitoes compared to our last video yeah we don’t have sleeping bags
but we have something a little bit better there emerges something better
but there dad there definitely better than nothing
let’s uh unravel our emergency blanket here and we’ll be able to get nice and
cozy and warm inside this and be able to survive the night in their little
overturned box for it I think it’s time to hit the hay for the night and call it
it has been an extremely long day I think I had the great turn off the
lights and get to bed and we’ll see you guys in the morning oh yeah all right yeah okay oh that’s
one way to wake up oh cool guys yeah dig this this place is
extremely racked yeah guys I think because we built this out of soggy
cardboard it wasn’t exactly structurally made to withstand tonight and well yeah
it’s time to go out completely my eyes are kind of still just a toilet so that’s one way to wake up in a box for
we’re back we did make it though we did survive the night I should say quite
warm in there for most of the night and there it is the ocean looking all nice
and beautiful during the day our blue wrap
I guess it don’t wait it in the night or something called Mangal it’s a beautiful
day the sun’s out I’m thinking dude why don’t we go swimming and maybe just
maybe Logan Papa J could do a little bit of spearfishing for us
imagine fresh fish for the morning breath yeah Jake I don’t think you’re
really uh I’m a spear fishing with I don’t really think you’re an expert in
spear fishing Jake I I will go spear fishing and we are gonna catch a fish
and you know while I’m eating my fresh fish for breakfast you could eat some
Sam since Jake wants to go spearfishing I’m gonna get this raft ready so we can
head out on the water and uh I think Jake wanted to dig a hole or something
so while Logan’s getting the raft ready to go out for some spear fishing I
thought we’d get some fresh water here you know at least you used to wash
yourselves and that’s why I made us a little well check this out guys so I
actually went ahead the waters over there but I dug down over here and if
you guys didn’t know this you can dig down and get to the water level and then
you’ve got some nice clear water here I mean it’s a little bit standing here I
wouldn’t exactly drink this water but it’s nice and fresh and if you leave it
in here for a little bit it’ll actually like settle and then the top layer is
water how cool is that how’s it going over there Logan this
place is an absolute mess from our last box for it we build but I’m gonna clean
it up and then we’ll head out on the water all right guys so I’ve got myself
here a makeshift spear which I can use for spear fishing when we head out onto
the water which I think it’s time to do I couldn’t actually make a entire spear
on its own because we need well the paddle so we can paddle out there
Logan’s already gone out to scout out but I think it’s time to take our wrap
and head out onto the ocean I won’t let sound to keep going guys I’m
all stand to keep surviving you guys like these survival videos smack the
like button down below and let us know we should use some more survival maybe
get even more hardcore go out into the woods with just some cardboard you gotta chill out here for the day
it’s almost too tall for me to actually even stand here so I’m gonna get on here
we’re gonna start paddling up you ready nice time to paddle out all right guys
we got out pretty far on the raft I think it’s time to jump in use my spear
fishing and see if we can find ourselves some breakfast my rods broken guys look
he’s getting really far we gotta get back to him and quick fish put you back
on the raft now yeah dick wouldn’t catch any fish I am bringing a fishing rod
check out some of our other awesome videos here and let us know what we
should do next I think next time we’re gonna do a more chill kind of
billionaire survival on the lake if you guys haven’t seen part one check it out
right here and we’ll see you guys in the next video


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