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24 Hours inside GIANT HOLE Wins Game Master Puzzle Box! (PART 2)

24 Hours inside GIANT HOLE  Wins Game Master Puzzle Box! (PART 2)

– What is that? It’s the morning, it’s the morning. It’s Daniel.
– It’s Daniel? Wait, okay. Hey, Daniel. We got RZ Twin to go by using a red light. – [Daniel] Oh, great. – I don’t think she came back. – Yeah, that might
temporarily hold her off, but you need to find that map within the next 24 hours
before the Quadrant gets back. Have you found any clues? – No, we really haven’t. I mean we laid it out, but then we had to take
the map back in here. – Well, I still think
it had something to do with those bags. – [Matt] The bags. – I don’t think so, but we have them, so we’ll check them out. I’m just gonna go outside for a second, and I just wanna
make sure everything’s okay. – Sounds good. – All right, we’ll talk soon, bye. Okay, ZamFam, I’m taking out my retainers. I didn’t wanna be talking
all day in my retainers. If you guys have thought
of what we could do with these bags, or how
you think these are a clue, Daniel thinks they are. Matt, you look so tired. – I know. – I look tired. – I’m not a morning guy. – Are you a morning or
night person, you guys? I’m more of a morning person. – Part of the good night’s sleep was that we’re at an angle. We’re like this. I wish we would’ve brought pillows. That would’ve been a good idea. – Day two, ZamFam. We made it through the first 24 hours, and now we have 24 hours left. Okay, it’s not snowing. I cannot believe we just spent the night in a big, giant hole. I’m so tired. – [Matt] Oh, we still got
the slime over there, too. – Oh, yeah, let’s check
that out right now. Wow, ZamFam, look at this. This has been almost 24 hours, look at. I don’t wanna mess it up. – [Matt] Ooh, it’s like crunchy slime. – It’s hardening. It’s a little bit like iceberg. We’re gonna let this sit out, and then we’re gonna
test it again tomorrow at the end of the video, and we’re jut gonna
see what happens to it. Let me know what you
think is gonna happen. So, what needs to happen today is, first, I need to change out of this onesie, ’cause I don’t wanna be in this all day. We’re gonna grab the
bags, eat some breakfast, and we’re gonna figure
out what clues, if any, the bags have to do with it. – [Matt] And find the rest of the map. – Like Daniel said, we have to
do this in the next 24 hours, before the Quadrant gets back. So, you ZamFam, smash the thumbs up. This is day two, and we
just need to make it happen. – [Matt] So, we got breakfast,
I have a new hoodie, so it looks like Rebecca’s
still getting ready for the day. Are you doing makeup? – Yeah, I’m getting dressed. Obviously, I haven’t showered,
so I don’t smell that good, so I put my hair up, changed my shirt, What, I have to look good
for this 48 hour challenge! But you wanna know the
challenging thing that I have to do right now? I haven’t brushed my teeth. – [Matt] How are you gonna do that? – With the waters. Okay, this is how to
DIY brushing your teeth, when you’re in a hole. – [Matt] You’re on the front porch now. – [Rebecca] Hey, you
weren’t allowed to get that. – [Matt] What? – The hoodie. – [Matt] Rebecca, it’s your challenge. This isn’t mine. – Is that your merch? – [Matt] Yep, my merch. I don’t wanna wear yours again if I have to be part of the Quadrant. – Okay, fine. Is that all you grabbed? – [Matt] No, I got breakfast, too. – No, you’ve got hot
water for my breakfast. That’s not real breakfast. It’s a breakfast skillet, it
actually sounds really good. I would get this at,
like, iHop or something. Onions. Did you guys see this? Look at that. It actually– – [Matt] The one thing you don’t like. – The onions, but it
doesn’t look that bad. – [Matt] Smells like breakfast actually. – Yeah, it actually smells pretty good, and tonight we definitely
need to have delivery. – [Matt] We’re ordering,
yeah, we’re ordering. – Yeah. Would you guys eat this? Let me know. It’s pretty good. – [Matt] No. – Yeah, I’m so happy. I’m so hungry. – [Matt] Game Master on two. One, two, Game Master. – Wait, try it. – [Matt] Nah, yeah, it looks good. – Matt, try it. – Mmm. – It’s good! Okay ZamFam, so I think
it’s important right now for us to figure out these bags. We have less than 24 hours to figure out where the rest of the map is. So we can find what the
Game Master hid here. The only thing that we have
to look at are these bags. Daniel thinks– – [Matt] Daniel said that
something was on the bag. – Yeah, I know. – [Matt] It doesn’t look like
there’s anything on there. – Okay, so, ZamFam, let me
know if you have any ideas on what we should do with this bag. There’s really nothing that I see on it. – [Matt] It says ZipLoc, and this part there’s nothing down there. Oh, what does this say right here? – [Rebecca] Stand and fill. It’s just a bag. What if Daniel’s wrong? – [Matt] Or what if
he’s trying to trick us? – To keep us away from
finding the actual map. I don’t know, I mean– – [Matt] It doesn’t make sense. – I feel like I trust Daniel, now, especially because he’s part
of the Game Master network. – [Matt] Okay, well, do
we have any spy gadgets? Or anything like that that
we can utilize to look at it? You packed some, right? – We have a GPS monitor. The blacklight thing, which we’ve used before. – [Matt] Yep, we’ve used that before. Hold on, maybe we can try to use that– – On the bag?
– On the ZipLoc bag. – ZamFam do you guys
think this is going to show something on the bag? The Game Master likes to leave
a lot of clues in blacklight. – [Matt] Like a secret hidden message. I’m not seeing anything on there. – Look.
– What is that? – [Rebecca] I don’t know a line. – [Matt] Looks like a tree. And that looks like a barn. – No, Matt, look. Tree, house, tree house! You guys remember the tree house, we’ve done a ton of challenges there. The Game Master had us do
ninja training there, Matt. That might be where
the rest of the map is. – [Matt] That’s a good point. Is there anything else on these? – One more. – [Matt] There’s one more bag. – Smash the thumbs up
button right now if you thought the blacklight would work because you are right. Matt, X4. – [Matt] X4? – What do you think that means? – [Matt] X4? – X4? Maybe that’ll make sense
once we go to the tree house. – [Matt] Okay, well, you can’t leave. – Yeah, you’re right we
need to defend this place, and stay here, in case
the RZ Twin comes back. – Maybe I go and explore
the tree house right now? – Well, I have the light. I guess, worst case, I could put on the merch and
just stick the light out. RZ Twin would see it, and she’d go away. I’ll pretend I’m the Quadrant. – Let me see the other one. – Okay.
– I’m gonna take this. I’m actually gonna put on my hoodie, just in case anything happens. Now, I’m like, protected. – Okay, you guys, so Matt is going to find the second half of the treasure map. I think it’s good right
now if I lay this out, so that when Matt comes
back, we can piece it together super fast, and find
whatever the Game Master hid. This is good enough, I think, for now. So, while Matt is searching for the rest of the treasure map, I have this shovel, and I thought I would look around. I mean, you guys know the
Quadrant was digging here. What if they left something
here that’s, like, a clue? A lot of you guys have been
saying E3’s gonna be happening. We need to figure out when that is. Okay, so, I’m ready to dig around, and hopefully Matt finds the map soon. All this stuff, where should
I start looking, you guys? What if it’s like right here? Something down. Maybe I’ll dig here, let’s
see if there’s anything. Looks like it’s just rock. Oh, man. Hey, Matt? – [Matt] Hey. How do you get to the tree house? I can’t remember where it’s at. – Maybe ask Daniel. He can help track you. – [Matt] Oh, that’s a good point. I’m gonna try FaceTiming Daniel right now. – Okay, okay. Good luck. Call me if you find anything, okay? Okay, it’s so tricky
walking in here, you guys. So far I haven’t found
anything, but I feel like, if I can find anything
here, it’ll just help us, and if Matt can get the treasure map, then we’ll be able to find
whatever the Game Master hid. Man, I don’t know if
we’re gonna be able to find anything, you guys. Looks like there’s the garbage. What’s that? Oh, there’s something on it. Whoa, I think we found something. Can you guys see this right now? I think this might’ve
been left by the Quadrant. Oh, look. If I look up here, E3 game finish. Game Finish! Wait, game finish must have
something to do with E3. – [Matt] Hey, Bec? – Hey. – [Matt] Rebecca, there’s
so many notes out here. Hold on.
– You found something? Is it the map? Is it a piece of the map? – [Matt] No, it’s another note,
“10 steps from buried safe.” – 10 steps from buried safe? Okay, ZamFam, do you remember
where there was a safe around here? Maybe it has something to do with that. So I found the piece of paper right there, is there anything around here that we see? It was on the surface, so
it wouldn’t be that deep. Oh, no. Whoa. What? Looks like a phone. Looks like it needs to be charged, and I don’t have a charger. Comment what you think
might be on this phone. Do you think this might be
one of the Quadrant’s phones? I think I need to let Matt know. – [Woman] Your call has
been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging. – Oh, no, I’m gonna get back in the tent. I need to get in. That’s the RZ Twin. The treasure map’s out there. I can’t let her see it. Okay, treasure map’s there. I have the red light. Okay, I need Matt to hurry up. I need him back here as fast has he can. Matt? Look, this just came down. What? You guys see anything? This just fell down here. Wait, who is that? Matt? Wait, someone’s here. What’s Quadrant doing here? Hold on, you guys. You guys, this makes no sense right now. The Quadrant is here. They’re supposed to be training right now. What was that? ZamFam, what do I do right now? I’m gonna call Matt. Oh, my gosh, this is RZ Twin, this is. Matt? I think someone’s here
from the Quadrant, Matt. I’m not even joking. They just threw like
down two pieces of wood. It looked like the Quadrant from the back. It doesn’t look like RZ Twin. What do I do? I mean, okay I’ll try it. Oh, my gosh. Okay, I’m just gonna peek out. Matt? What the heck? You threw these down at me? Oh, my gosh, well, we need to hurry. We need to get the treasure map. Okay, so, Matt just pranked me. Not cool. I was very scared just now. You guys know, I was, like, shaking. Oh my gosh, so no more pranks now. – No more pranks, I got this. – We have to figure out where this map is. Matt said that the first safe he dug up was in our backyard. – Yeah. – So, you’re gonna go over there. Okay, so, keep your phone on you, so you can call me. Oh, my gosh, it’s getting windy. – It’s getting really windy. – Okay, you have your red light, right? – My red light? – Just in case RZ Twin comes back. – I must’ve dropped it in the woods. – What do you mean? You can take mine, for now. – Are you sure? – Yeah, I’ll just call
you if anything happens. Come and get me, okay? – Okay, it works. – Look. – Oh!
– It’s a phone. – It’s an Android. – I don’t know if it’s
someone from the Quadrant’s that they dropped, or if
they were hiding it here for someone else to get. – It’s not turning on. I think the power died. – Do you think I should call Daniel, and see if he can hack into it? – Yeah, that’s actually a good idea. – Just be safe over there, okay? – I got this. – Hey, Daniel. – Hey, Rebecca. – Hey, so, I found a note and a phone that I think belong to the Quadrant. – What did the note say? – It said something about
E3 and then Game Finish, but it was backwards,
so I had to decode it. – E3? So it is happening. – Oh, and I found a phone,
but it’s completely dead. Is there any way you can hack into it? – Well, the phone needs to be on for me to be able to hack into it,
but, if you bring it back here, I can look at it. – Okay, so, there’s nothing
you can do right now? – No, I’m sorry. – Okay I’ll bring it back
for the next time I see you. What are you doing right now? – I’m working on something
to trick the RZ Twin so she doesn’t come back. – Okay, I’ll keep you updated, as soon as we find the treasure map. – All right, sounds good. – Okay, bye. Okay, so, now fingers crossed that Matt finds a piece of the map,
it looks like we’re gonna have to take this back to
Daniel so he can find out what’s on it. – [Matt] I found it. I found it. – All right, I’m gonna
bring these back out, then, and we can lay it out. I thought RZ Twin was
here, so I hid the map. I didn’t want her to see it. – [Matt] Smart. Bec, it looks like it’s
all fitting together. – Do you think this is it? – [Matt] This is it, exactly. – Okay. – [Matt] Then we’re done. – All right, ZamFam, smash
the thumbs up button if you are excited we’re gonna
figure out where the Game Master hid whatever it is he hid. – [Matt] Oh? It doesn’t look like it fits there. – Look, this part can go right here. – [Matt] Yes, Bec. – [Rebecca] It’s so big, okay, it looks like it would fit here. – [Matt] Okay. – Then that means we’re missing more. It doesn’t tell us anything, Matt. So, you went to the tree
house, you found something, and then what did the other two bags say? One was empty right? – It was something like
X4, or something like that. X4? – So, what if that means
there’s four pieces of the map? Like, if so, then we
still have three more. Right now there’s, like, a
huge section here and here. – [Matt] Okay. – We need to figure out what this is. I think you need to go back. Okay, you guys, so quick
update, Matt is still looking for the rest of
the pieces for the map, but it’s starting to get really cold, and it’s starting to kind of get dark. I put on my jacket, and you
guys know I did 24 hours in a ball pit in the snow,
but it was on our deck, and it was somewhat
protected, and it’s gonna be a little bit different now
that I’m in this giant hole. I just don’t know how much
snow is going to come down. Matt! Yes. Yeah, what took so long? Oh, my gosh, it’s starting
to get dark, Matt. – [Matt] Okay, we have
two more pieces, okay? – Yeah.
– I’m gonna go back in. – But you don’t wanna see what this fit- – [Matt] I think need to get back inside. – Okay. Okay, so, I’m sitting the camera down. I’m gonna see where this goes. So, we got here, but to here,
dig four feet down, but, look. This is about four feet, which means the Quadrant is getting close to figuring it out, if this is true. This about four feet, so that’s why they must’ve dug so deep because
they knew the Game Master hid it really far down. We’re missing a piece right there, and then a piece right here. Oh, my gosh, the maps out. She can’t see it. I need to call Matt. – [Matt] Hello, Bec? – Hey, Matt. RZ Twin is above me right now. You need to distract her. She can’t see the map. I don’t have the red light, you do. – [Matt] She is? – Yeah, RZ Twin, please, just do something to get her over there. It’s Matt. It’s Matt. – [Matt] RZ Twin? RZ Twin? – It’s working. I need to get the map back inside, so she doesn’t see it. Hopefully he uses the red
light, and she’ll go away again. Wait, what’s that noise going on? You guys, is Matt okay? It looks like she’s coming this way. I don’t know what happened. I need to call Daniel. – [Daniel] Hey, Becca. – Daniel, hey. I don’t know what happened,
but RZ Twin’s coming back here. Matt was suppose to flash a red light, but I don’t know if it worked. – [Daniel] Perfect timing. I just hacked into some footage with Q. I recorded my voice over it. Hopefully it works. – Okay, well, what do I do? – [Daniel] Just wait there. – Hey, can you check on Matt for me? – [Daniel] Okay, will do. – It’s Daniel pretending to be Q.
– Hey, it’s Q. Everyone wants you back. – But I thought she wanted
me to stay here and spy. – [Daniel] The record
says that your mission is complete, and you can go home. – We’ll be ready. – [Rebecca] It worked, she’s walking away. Oh, my gosh, that was so close. You guys, I need to call Matt. I need to see what’s going on with him. Please, pick up. – [Matt] Rebecca? You okay?
– Matt, Matt! Yeah, but the RZ Twin she came back. – [Matt] I know. My red light wouldn’t work. – It wouldn’t work? Okay, well, Daniel figured it out. He pretended to be Q and she left. Where are you right now? – [Matt] I’m under the house. – You’re under the house? Okay, well, come back. – [Matt] I can’t, Rebecca. – Why? – [Matt] I’m trapped under here. Daniel’s working on it. He’s trying to get me out, but– – Okay, well, you’re right over there. I’ll just come get you. – [Matt] Wait, no, Bec, you can’t. – What, why? – [Matt] It’s secured by the system. – Okay? – [Matt] There’s no way of getting in. The Quadrant has fully lost
it with the technology. Daniel said the only time that
he might be able to get in is right around, like, three o’clock when they have an opening. – Wait, like, three a.m.? – [Matt] Three a.m. – So, I’m just supposed to
be here by myself until then? – [Matt] Just try to
stay warm, just in case it starts snowing tonight. – Okay, well, what about the
other two pieces of the map? Did you find them yet? – [Matt] I haven’t found them
yet, but I’ll make sure to find them by three a.m. – Okay. Stay warm in there, okay? I’m just gonna stay up ’til
three a.m. so I can meet you. I don’t wanna fall asleep by myself. – [Matt] Okay, be safe. – All right, you, too, bye. We still need to find what
the Game Master left here, and it is suppose to snow. This is gonna get interesting. Okay, you guys, so it is
definitely getting dark right now. It’s getting so dark, ugh. So, you guys know Matt
won’t be able to get out until three a.m. We don’t even know if for
sure he’ll be able to, but I’m gonna try to
stay up ’til then because he should have the pieces,
then we can figure out the whole puzzle. I can’t believe I am doing a
48 hour challenge, you guys. 24 hours was a long
challenge, but 48 hours, like, this is crazy. Hold on. Hold on, you guys. Do you hear that? Hello? Matt? – Yeah.
– Oh, my gosh. – I got it.
– Oh, my gosh, okay. – Daniel was able to hack in. – [Rebecca] Hey, we have the
rest of the puzzle pieces, so let’s go do it now. – Okay, no, we can’t do it right now. – [Rebecca] Why? – I mean, is it safe right now? – [Rebecca] I don’t know. – Like, we’re not gonna be able to see what we’re trying to find. No, I think we need to sleep
here for a couple hours, and wait until the sun comes up. We’ll go do it like first
thing in the morning. – [Rebecca] You think we’ll
be able to find it in time? – Yeah, just stay here– See, the only safe place is
inside this tent right now. – [Rebecca] Oh, my gosh,
and it’s suppose to snow. – Let’s go back to sleep, come on. – So, the plan is that we’re
gonna get up first thing in the morning, even
it is snowing outside, which it’s suppose to snow. – I know. – And, then, we’re gonna
put the map together, and we’re gonna find what
the Game Master left here. Smash the thumbs up button
because in the morning we’re gonna have to hurry as
fast as we can to find it because we want the Quadrant to come back. – I can’t believe we’re
doing a 48 hour challenge. – I was just saying, I’ve
never done one before. – [Matt] Rebecca, it’s light out. It’s like it’s either, like, raining or snowing out right now. – Now’s our chance to put the map out, even if it’s raining or snowing. We can still dig it up. The wet dirt might be
easier, actually, to dig in, if it’s underground. – [Matt] Good point. Map’s still here. – ZamFam, I cannot believe we made it through this 48 hour challenge. Now, all we have to do is put together the
map and figure out what the Game Master hid. Okay, let’s see the slime. So, you guys know I made this slime at the beginning of this challenge,
so it’s been 48 hours. Oh, man, I should take this glove off. – [Matt] It’s been outside. – Okay, so it’s still
good slime underneath. It just like has a layer. – [Matt] Rebecca, it looks like a frisbee. Let’s get this map together. Come on, Rebecca. – Okay, ZamFam, if you think
this is a cool experiment, the next time I do a 48
hour or 24 hour challenge, let me know what slime
experiment I should do next. Wow, I look tired. – It definitely did not snow. It rained. – [Rebecca] Look, Matt,
the stick’s still there. That’s where that part goes. Yeah, those are all the pieces, now we just have to add the
ones you found last night. – The tent. – [Rebecca] Okay, so they’re here. Shovel. Where’s the shovel? We can use this. There Matt. What does it say? Does it say anything? – [Matt] It just says GM. – [Rebecca] GM? So, that looks like the final piece, Matt. – Yep, okay, I think this is it, right? – Okay, so look, ZamFam,
it said dig four feet, and, then over here’s the X. I think this is almost four feet, so we need to dig right here. This Quadrant right here. – [Matt] That’s right. This whole thing is just,
like, one big Quadrant. – Okay. – [Matt] Really dig deep, Bec. We need to dig fast, though,
Quadrant’s coming back today. – I know, I know. That’s what Daniel said. ZamFam smash the thumbs up button. We need to find this. We’ve stayed here for 48 hours. We need to find whatever
the Game Master left. – [Matt] You see that? – Yeah. – [Matt] What is it? Can you pull it up? It looks like a box. – Box? Hey, look, this thing moves. – [Matt] Oh, it’s like a puzzle box. – Okay, ZamFam, we need
to take this inside, and then clean up
everything out here, Matt, so the Quadrant doesn’t suspect anything. – [Matt] Good point. – They’re gonna keep digging. Okay, so, once we go inside,
we’re gonna unbox this on Matt’s video. Make sure to go to Take the quiz on today’s video. Shout out to these people that got 100% on the last video, and check
out the video right here. Subscribe and have notifications on. Love you, ZamFam, and
I’ll see you next time.

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