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– Another fire starter in case
the first one doesn’t work. Another fire starter in case
the second one doesn’t work. Oh and I forgot one last thing in my bag. Oh and I got my sister with me!
– Oh hi! – Okay wait, but first I
have to go to the bathroom. – Ew! – Behind a bush. It was not the funnest thing ever. Okay, so now we fill this
in with some toilet paper. So I’m just gonna eat
this without any water ‘cuz I didn’t bring water too, apparently. (food crunches) Very crunchy! Hi guys, it’s Audrey and
today I’m gonna be trying to survive in the wilderness for 24 hours for a whole day. So I’ve got my backpack of supplies here. Survival kit, we’re gonna open it up and do a little backpack tour and see what I have inside. So in the first pouch I have, ooh, I think this is a pocket knife. Never used one of those before. Next up I have, what is this I see? My dad packed my bag for me, thanks Dad. Emergency sleeping bag? Probably gonna need this ‘cuz I didn’t even bring a jacket. I’m so freezing, I wasn’t smartly. Okay over here I have my phone which probably won’t work
because it’s gonna die soon since I don’t have a charger and there’s probably gonna be no wi-fi, so that’s fun for me. What. I got some silverware. Wait, this is plastic. Some plastic silverware that looks real. Then in this pouch, I have some juice. I’ve got some organic mango juice. I’ve also got, ooh, oh a little sketchbook
so I can keep track of all my adventures. It comes with a pencil
and a little log book. Ooh, graph paper as well. Just in case I need to
map out my surroundings. Okay, in the next pouch I’ve got this is like a surprise. Mandarin oranges that
are most likely expired. Since last year. If you’re hungry in the wilderness you will eat anything. I’ve also got some lolly pops. Oh, this is a fire starter. It’s a fire, you just
light it with some matches. I’ve got some water, I hope this
lasts me the whole day. And I’ve got a pocket fire starting kit that comes with everything you need. Pretty nice because I wouldn’t
know how to start a fire without one of these. And I’ve got this thingamabob. Let’s see what it is. What? A canister. It’s to heat your water. Pretty heavy duty stuff man. We are prepared for the wilderness. Whoo. I’ve also got a first aid kit. I’ve got some toilet paper. There’s a little message
on the back of this. Says, something to use,
something to share, we’re giving you this because we care. Merry Christmas from the Kirksten Family? Thank you! (laughing) Okay. Next up we have a water filter. Probably gonna need this. I think we should try
this with the river water. See if it works. I’ve got, okay we’re gonna go speedy. We’ve also got some Chicken Piccata and Tellagundum Pasta. Edaname, good source of protein. Another fire starter in case
the first one doesn’t work. Another fire starter in if case
the second one doesn’t work. Organic pumpkin seeds. This is another fire starter in case the third one doesn’t work. (laughing) Lots of fire starters. Oh and I forgot one last thing in my bag. Oh an I got my sister with me! – Oh hi! – Okay do you think we’re prepared? – I’m Jordan from JustJordan33 go subscribe, self promo. – Wow. Let’s start our adventure! – Whoo. – All right, we’re gonna do
some water filtering systems ♪ in the river ♪ – [Jordan] I feel like we need
to down stream over there. So it’s not as crazy.
– We’re gonna go somewhere okay, we’re gonna move down stream. – [Jordan] If you’re doing
this in your life challenge, have a parent with you because you don’t want to play by the river by yourself.
– Fast river. – [Jordan] ‘Cause this is a fastly river, so we’re gonna down to
somewhere very calm. – This takes 15 minutes too and it flavors it to be orange. – [Jordan] Oh, yum. Okay I think we should go right over here is like where it goes slower. Okay we found a little stream area that we can collect water from. And Audrey’s opening it up. – Opening the bag. I hope this really works ‘cuz
I don’t want to drink gross river water that’s probably like has bacteria in it. Ugh
(coughs) Ugh, smell this. Oh, it smells so bad. What? There’s a bug. What is this? This looks genex.
– What in the world? – What is the yellow crunchy thing? Eww. That’s the flavoring.
– [Jordan} That’s the orange flavor. – Okay, ready? Hold the packets. Ready? Needless to say I’m – [Jordan] Oh, oh, oh. – Katniss Everdeen! – [Jordan] Wow! – Okay, are you ready? Sweaty, goey. – [Jordan] What’s gonna happen? What happened? Wait, is this supposed
to fill up with water? – I have no idea? – [Jordan] Did you read the instructions? – No. – [Jordan] Uh oh. – It says place in
virtually any water source. It’s working. I think. My hands are freezing. Is it working? – [Jordan] I don’t think it worked. – Wait. – [Jordan] I think you’re
supposed to leave it in the water. So you’re gonna have to let it just chill. Don’t let it wash away though. – Read the instructions. – It says, ahem. Place in water, remove when full. Drink with straw. – Where am I supposed to stick it? – [Jordan] You just
have to leave it there. – For 15 minutes? – [Jordan] I think so. – ‘K guys I found this little area that’s a little less crazy. It’s still connected to the
river so I’m sort of scared it’s just gonna go like zoom. – {Jordan] Yeah so we need to find like a big rock or something – To like stop it. – [Jordan] Yeah to block it over here. – So far I think it’s working. – [Jordan] But I just want
to show you how many nasties are in this river. – [Audrey] Lots of nasties. – [Jordan] Like they’re
floating everywhere there’s little nasties. – Oh, it’s moving. – [Jordan] So we’re really gonna find out if this works. Okay so we’re venturing. – Okay, we got the water situated. Now we’re gonna go on a little hike. I’ve got us some lollies
so we don’t get hungry. – The red one is mine, I called it. – So I have a blue mouth. And, ooh, we should go over here. – To the hike. – And I’ve got a notepad so we can like draw maps
so we don’t get lost. Because if you place down bread, it’s like Hansel and Gretel. – That’s never a good idea. – So– What was Hansel and Gretel thinking? – I don’t know, but feel my hands. – Oh your hands are freezing.
– Freezing. The river water’s so cold. – That was so whispery. The river water’s So cold.
– So cold. Okay, this is the trail we’re gonna go on. Okay, it’s kind of steep. – [Jordan] This is very steep. – C’mon let’s go. – [Jordan] Go Audrey, run. Run Audrey, run. Run Audrey, run. Oh, no. (groaning). This is a lot harder than it looks. Audrey. – All right, okay guys,
so we are currently right here. So we just came up this very steep step. – [Jordan] Steep incline. – Right now there’s a gate. I think. Yeah there’s a gate. And there’s like–
– [Jordan] There’s a gate. – Some doggo over here. So I’m drawing this for the doggo. So we know, don’t go past the gate. – [Jordan] Yes. – Maybe a wolf. – [Jordan] Right or left? – [Audrey] Which way do
you think we should go? – [Jordan] I think we should go this way. – Okay, we’re gonna take a left. Well, this trail, is really squishy. And be careful ‘cuz– – [Jordan] Oh my goodness,
look at this fence. – Look at this drop off. (Jordan gasps) – [Jordan] Oh my goodness. – Okay – [Jordan] Whoa. – The dog could easily get us! (dog barking) (squealing) – [Jordan] Audrey go. Go, go, go, go, go. Run. Run Audrey, run. Go. Go, go, go, go. – Wait, this is where we could possibly
– Wait. build the shelter tonight. – [Jordan] Yes. – Kay, come on.
– [Jordan] Wait is this too close to the dog though? – I don’t know. – Okay wait, I’m gonna – [Jordan] Okay, this is a good option. – [Aubrey] log this as our shelter. – [Jordan] That’s a good option. – This is our shelter log. – [Jordan] Shelter log. So we turned, we took a left and there was also a right you could go. So we went that way. Okay, let’s go. – [Jordan] Keep going. – I’m gonna open up my lolly pop ’cause I’m getting a little hungry. – [Jordan] A little hungry. – What’s that noise? (bird chirpping) Sounds like a bird. There’s another steep drop off. Right or left? I’m at a fork in the road. – [Jordan] Um. Look it’s an actual fork. Just kidding I wish. – Jordie.
– [Jordan] That’d be so funny. – Will you be my prom date? – [Jordan] Oh. – There’s a bug on it. – I would love to accept your dandelion. (Jordan laughs) – Eww. – [Jordan] Did you know– – Okay we’re going left.
– [Jordan] Audrey, did you know you can
actually eat dandelions? So if you get desperate enough just come up here and have a feast.
– Are you for real? – [Jordan] Yes you can. It’s a real– – Come join the dandelions. (both laugh) Okay we keep going. We run into the dandies. So I can remember in case I get really desperate. That’s that. – [Jordan] Let’s see this. – This is a dandelion flower.
– [Jordan] Beautiful. Beautiful. Kay, let’s go down the dark and creepy path.
– Why would you bring us this way Jordan? – [Jordan] I didn’t, you did lady. – Can we eat whatever those are? – [Jordan] Oh, there’s another path. – They look like little parsleys. – [Jordan] I don’t know man.
– Some herbs. – [Jordan] I don’t know. What’s in the agenda for today? – Survive. – [Jordan] Oh, that’s a good idea. Oh Audrey.
– I think it’s good that we’re staying by the fence though because then we can at least track it back. – [Jordan] Yeah, If we
venture off the path like this who know where that will lead.
– I’m too scared. I’m too scared to venture off so I’m just gonna keep
following this fence and see where it leads me. Okay. There’s a little look out right here. Come here. Hello. No one responded. Cacaw. No responded. – [Jordan] No responded. – How much further? This hike is very long. Oh my gosh I’m have to crouch down. (Jordan grunts) It keeps on going. – [Jordan] Audrey. I feel like this is a good
spot to tell a scary story. – Once upon a time, there was a girl named Susie. And Susie, what is that? Look. (Jordan gasps) – [Jordan] Susie’s dress. (both laugh) – Susie got lost in the forest. And you know what happens when Susie gets lost in the forest. She loses here dress. (both laugh) End of story.
– [Jordan] From these little tangely branches that literally have caught my hair so many times. – That’s the remanence of Susie’s hair. – [Jordan] Wait, where? – That’s how old Susie is. – [Jordan] Okay. Wow, this is gonna be a
tricky maneuver for me. – Guys there’s this trail that leads down. I think we should go see where is ends up at.
– [Jordan] Live it. We’re gonna have to go down? – Let’s go. ♪ Needless to say, ♪ ♪ I’m dancing down the hill. ♪ ♪ I’m scared I’m gonna tumble and fall. ♪ ♪ I am so scared I’m gonna crawl. ♪ ♪ And my feeties, ♪ these shoes have no traction by the way. – [Jordan] So if you go
sliding down the hill. – You’re a sunflower. – [Both] You’re a sunflower. – At the same time.
– [Jordan] You know you’re left in the dust. Honestly if we made a music video this is what it would be like. – Oh this is our map by the way. I drew it. – [Jordan] Let’s see though. – [Audrey] Signed by. All Around Audrey. – [Jordan] That is some fine artwork. – Thank you. Like and subscribe. – We’re back from the hike. Oh my goodness I’m taller. – Wow, what new news. Okay, we have filled up the water containers. We went and check on it. Jordan’s gonna try it. – No you’re trying it.
(Aubrey moans) You got to survive on Monday.
– It looks really gross. I think it’s supposed
to turn into lemonade. But there are some like
crusties on the bottom. I don’t know we’ll see if this works. I hope I don’t. – A Little concerned I’m– – Get some nasties in here okay. – Trying it. (lips smacking) (Jordan laughs) Good? – Honestly, it just tastes like lemonade. (Jordan gasps)
– Really? – It works. – Wow. I’m thoroughly surprised.
– And it’s cold. Because the river’s cold. – Oh my goodness. Perfect.
– It worked. – Perfect treat. – All right, now we are going to start making our fire because I’m getting supes cold.
– It’s freezing. – So, we’re gonna use match number, is it one, two, three, or four? Don’t remember. – Ah, bug, bug. – Did you bring bug spray? – No. – Okay. Well, okay so, Jordan, while I was checking
on the water filter-er she filled in this fire. – [Jordan] The fire. – With some logs she
found in the wilderness. – Yeah you’re welcome. – So, I think we need to stuff it up with some of our toilet papers though.
– Teepee. – Because it needs some filling. As you can tell Jordan
did not do the best job. – I’m sorry I am not a pro fire builder. – Okay wait but first I
have to go to the bathroom. – Eww. – Behind a bush. – Let’s just not. She’s been up there for forever. Oh, she’s coming back. She’s coming back. How was your trip to the potty? – I had to go behind a bush. It was not the funnest thing ever. Okay so now we need to fill
this in with some toilet paper. Why are you laughing at me? Help me.
– [Jordan] Did you find a little bit of dirt on your knee? (Audrey screams)
(Jordan laughs) – Are you kidding me? Eww, okay.
– Audrey, gross. – Well I’m using this in the fire still. – I’m not touching that, ew. – Okay, we gotta stuff it. – I’m glad I’m the
toilet paper roll holder. That’s my job out in the wilderness. Charades, what am I? – A mummy. Oh no, the toilet paper roll holder. – Yeah. (Jordan laughs) – All right kids do not play with matches. The only reason we have this is because I am 19-years-old. So I am an adult. And we have our dad behind
the camera helping us out. – [Dad] Hello. – So he is here to help supervise and help me if I need it. Okay, what? – [Jordan] What in the world is that?
– So confused. – [Jordan] I’m backing up. – This is why I don’t know how to use fire starters because I’ve
been a kid my whole life. – [Jordan] Whoa.
– And I never it’s huge. Never been allowed to play with fire. – [Jordan] Is that a match? – Yes. – [Jordan] Wow, that’s a crazy match. – It’s giant one. Kay, you ready? – [Jordan] Careful, careful Audrey. – Come over here. Come gather round childrens. I don’t know how to do this. – [Jordan] Get it. (Audrey gasps)
– Oh I did it. Should I just leave it in here? – [Jordan] Audrey.
– I hope this works. Oh I’m gonna be all smokey. – [Jordan] It’s working Audrey. It’s working, it’s totally not the wind. – [Audrey] Smoke follows beauty. – Smoke follows beauty. Wait a second. The smoke was going– – Okay I think I helped it enough. Let’s start cooking. Popping cooking. – Audrey. Ah, it’s going out. No, no. – Jordan, you’re gonna blow it out. (Jordan coughs) Oh it’s really smokey. Okay let’s open up our chicken. Chicken Piccata and Tag-egatella Pasta. Long time.
– That’s it, I’m actually getting hungry. So I’m outta here.
– [Audrey] No, no. – I’m gonna go get my own meal. So–
– Okay but first before you leave can you open this? (both laugh) I need you to survive. – Like a good sister I will. Audrey?
– Like a good sister. – You hold this part, and I’ll hold this part. Ready, sweaty. Goey. Audrey. Ready, sweaty, goey. – We need scissors. I didn’t pack scissors. – Ready. – [Both] Sweaty. (Jordan grunts)
– Oh the pocket knife. I forgot. – Okay that’s it. – Oh my gosh. My fire’s already out. The wood is all wet because it rained yesterday so it’s not gonna burn. It’s just gonna make me all smokey. So I’m kinda just over it and I’m just gonna eat it plain. But first, we need to put
in some of our seasoning. Come on fire. Okay. This is olive oil? No I don’t want olive oil. Eww. Okay. Okay I gotta shake this up. (food rattles) All right, let’s go to our dinner table. I’m at my dinner eating palace. And it’s time to eat my dinner. I’m actually this looks super good so like I’m really excited to dig in. I haven’t had one of these
thingies for a long time. But first I’m really thirsty ‘cuz we just went on a hike. Where’d my water go? What? There’s no water in here. Are you kidding me? I just have an empty water bottle? Good thing I brought this. My organic juice. Jee-wiz. Okay. That’s it. So I couldn’t cook this because
the fire wouldn’t start. Well it started but then it blew out. So I’m just gonna eat
this without any water. ‘Cuz I didn’t bring water too apparently. So, bottoms up. It’s pretty good actually. (food crunches) Very crunchy. But salty. I love a good salty snack. I’m gonna break my teeth. I’m gonna starve. I can’t eat this. I don’t like surviving in the wilderness. It’s not as fun as I thought it would be. This better be good. ‘Kay mango juice. I’m counting on you for
my calories of the day. (spits out water) (groans) It’s expired. Are you kidding me? I am not a prepared camper. That’s it. I’m done. Let’s just pack up and find somewhere to sleep. Okay, what else do I have here? What? I missed a pocket. I’m done. I am not eating pigs feet. No matter how starving I am. Not doing it. No, no, no. I’m taking my tiny sleeping bag and we are just gonna sleep. Because I’m not eating that. Nope, nope, bye. I think I found a good place to camp for the night. Let’s go check it out. Ugh, it’s kinda steep. Oh it’s really steep. Maybe I shouldn’t sleep here. Should I sleep in the log? – [Dad] Sure. – I don’t fit in that log. There’s a place down there I might go. Okay, abort mission we’re going back. Guys, I found a hotel. Let’s go open it. I wouldn’t have to use this. Yes. Whoo. Let’s go. Guys, look like a cute
little Lincoln Log Cabin. I’m excited. (knocking) No one’s there. And it’s locked. (Audrey groans) Okay, looks like we have
to use this whole thing. Back into the woods. This does not look promising. What is this thing? This is so long. What? This is not gonna keep me warm. Look at it. It’s tinfoil. I’m not a burrito. What? At least I get to camo with the ground so like, yay. Guys, this whole thing came in this tiny pouch. How do they do that? This is what the inside looks like. It’s very shiny. Very like austronauty. Like I feel like I’m in space. Here we go. I’m worried my shoes, I’m not taking them off because if I take off my shoes I feel like a spider’s
gonna crawl in there or something and bite my feet or I don’t know. I’m keeping everything on. Or it’ll crawl in shoes. I’ll wake up, not remembering, put on my shoes and get
a scorpion in there. I don’t know. My little burrito. Wow, there’s actually a lot of space. Whoa. It’s kinda fun in here. Okay. Sleeping right here. Okay guys, it’s the middle of the night. I have my flashlight on. And I’m hearing lots of weird noises like so, I don’t know, I don’t know
what animal is out here but I know an animal is out here. So I tucked myself all
the way in my sleeping bag because I’m so scared it’s gonna come and find me and so, yeah I’m hiding. And I can’t fall back asleep ‘cuz I’m too nervous that it’s gonna eat me. And I don’t know how big it is. It’s just rustling in the bushes and I hear some animal noises so I don’t know how long I’m gonna be in here and the floor is really cold and really hard and really uncomfy. So I’m just hoping that it’s gonna be morning soon. (rooster crowing) Ow. (Audrey coughs) Yes, it’s morning. Wow. Guys I spent 24 hours in the wilderness. We did it. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just
spent 24 hours in here. I cannot wait to go home and get a cheeseburger. And warm up by the fire. I’m freezing cold. Like it was freezing all night long. But that is it for today’s video. If you guys liked it give it a big thumbs up. Also tell me where else I
should spend 24 hours at. And remember to subscribe and hit the bell icon so you’re notified every time I post a video.
(bell chimes) Which is Wednesdays,
Saturdays, and Sundays. And I’ll see you guys next time. Bye (upbeat pop music)

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