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What’s up Folks I’m here with Fandabi Dozi and look at them clothes…! Haha Hi folks, Tom from Fandabi Dozi Isn’t it cool? we are in the Scottish Highlands doing some traditional stuff and this guy knows all about it I have kitted him out in his own Feileadh Mòr Yeah, it’s a bit adapting to it… I feel like I’m a funny looking guy And we are going on some Highlander survival expedition Some wool blankets and just some oats. It’s going to be pretty though survival, isn’t it? keep it up Smooth Gefixt oldie (dude)! Take care about nature! So funny seeing a lanky Dutchman in a Feileadh Mòr It’s so beautiful here, man! You like it? Scotland, ohhh:) Haha Do you like the freedom below? the freedom.Yeah, like… Haha, you can’t do that in throusers Lots of room, man. Haha Mmmh Tastes very pure This is the spot guys! So this landscape is pretty open… It’s gonna rain, haha We will put our beds, in and among here… So that hopefully, this fallen tree will
protect us from the worst of the weather I could do the beds and the fire lay and you could do the firewood These are invasive so I don’t mind killing these. (Rhododendron) Tick spot, but… In the fetal position Haha, you remember that one? Haha I was thinking I would sleep in here because I’m small and I get the benefit of being under the cover but I will be further away from the fire what do you think? I sleep there, hmm? Yeah, of course I will put more bedding on the bed Hoooh… More firewood, man! more firewood! Timber…! Hooohoee! You just got it wet, haha Hoooooo… almost in the river again How are you feeling, Julius? I already saw some ticks walking over my leg man… I know. When you were shouting at me… I first of all thought you were saying ‘Fish’ And then the second time, I thought you were saying ‘d*gs, ‘d*gs’! And you were pulling up your kilt, and go like ‘D*gs’ Haha, whattt..? Don’t get us those ‘brokeback mountain’ comments again, man! I found a few, but they are just tiny nymphs. They are less likely to have Lyme Yeah, apparently, yea Because they have never had a host before Yeah, let’s get the knife rolling man that went quick huh very smooth So I have got like, a piece of cordage, pine resin… beeswax candle your flint, all your starter stuff and then underneath that bit of leather is your char material traditional Highlander fire kit? Yeah, based upon some stuff that I have seen, this is sort of my own interpretation but, close enough why do you make that so fine? Makes more of the flavour but then there is all bits and pieces in your tea Oooh Thank you! Is it hot? a bit hot The new bushcraft knife So I’m going to char some material for my fire kit got some bits of cloth, some punkwood.. It’s sort of debatable how often people would have chared cloth I think as cloth was pretty valuable it would definitely have been the last use of it so after it was someone’s clothes for years it would have been a cleaning rag for years… you know, so at the very end of its life,
then probably people would have chared cloth. I got a nice bit of punkwood here Gonna try that out Next way of lithing a fire and getting that going So I’m carving not with greenwood… so it’s actually pretty hard It’s Juniper, right? Yeah and it smells lovely my rations Ooh, you are spilling some, man whoop cup and that’s basically how they make oat milk, haha If you cover it, it will sort of go more mushy,
and release more starch Mushy? Mushy is what you want! I always said that and then Dylan says: ”don’t say ‘mushy’ man… It does mean something in German” Haha You know what it means? No Oats for the win, man! Oats for the win! Nothing beats some Scottish oats It’s just the oats we have, huh? Oats and a bit of salt There is porridge making competitions in Scotland Noo? really? but that’s like…, if you wanna do it You mad folks to get like the absolute creamiest, the you would soak it overnight Spoon isn’t really done yet. Haha but it works! approved man! Just put the shell up to your mouth and just shuffle it in like that a pusher Yeah, it’s getting pretty chilly The Highlanders didn’t have a tarp or something, so… so we better be sheltered here Probably gonna be on and off rain all night So your feed are there and then you can basicly fold it back towards you Okay and what about my dirty shoes then? Yeah, maybe take them off Yeah, but then my feed can be getting cold man tuck in the edges You have enough to bring it over your head
and then back again so that you actually have a double layer Ooh man, I’m gonna be way to warm here Haha Sleep well folks, sleep well So the most typical… most multifunctional item of the Highlanders
was there quilt, right? Yeah, so technically this is the precursor to the quilt people call it the Feileadh Mòr The Feileadh Mòr So if you look up some historical sources
this is the way that they say they put it on But as you are going to see… I don’t think it is particularly realistic
for being out in the wild that’s why I have belt loops on mine I have sort of come up with an easier way
to put it on when you are outside Underleg distance and then we start … And then your knee is gonna be down there and then start rolling it up a little bit… So the Feileadh Mòr was uhmm… there sort of everyday item of clothing, their sleeping blanket, it was their anorak and it was their way of carrying equipment and here comes the belt Now it is attached to your body now you can get these bits and… turn them into big pockets,
in which you can poke quite a lot in and then at the back of the quilt you have all these pleads so that was all the folds that he did So, now… we have a pocket here and a pocket here So you could sort of wear it like this if it was a hot day and you just got this on the back So this is were the sort of modern quilt has evolved from but on the Feileadh Mòr
you have this bit of material on the back and you can use it as an anorak you can sling it over your shoulder ooh ya pretty tall it just goes over and the traditional wool at the time
had a lot of natural oils in it, lanoline so it would have been pretty waterproof So this could be when the weather gets really bad and you get cold. The way that I wear it is basically… so then you can grab the furthest bits
of the back part of the Feileadh Mòr bring it around you, tie it in place and then you got a really large pocket at the back which you can use to carry equipment Okay Here you go Ready to go for a new day! Haha Okay, let’s get some breakfast going some porich! Man… so much firewood left man… Haha all this effort… Okay, so we have passed this plant
which is really common in the highlands And to our Highland ancestors,
they knew it as the Mohan this is it when it is small. It will get a bit bigger
and have a purple flower It could be used as an antiseptic, the leaves And it was used to split milk so you could make butter So that’s why it’s called Butterworth in English They are believed to have magical properties one of them was a love potion, so that… you could pick the plant, put it under your tongue and then kiss the person that you fancied and that would make them love you forever. So today is a special day in the Celtic calendar today is Beltane, 1st of may it means that the godless creatures have finally woken up and the Galician winter is gonna sleep again and this was a big day for people living in the Highlands a few hundred years ago Today they would have had celebrations, done some rituals and it was the beginning of the summer ritual were the men of the village would stay in the valleys over summer, to look after the crops,
and plant the crops and the woman and children would drive the cattle up to
the mountain grazing areas like this and live in small dwellings called shielings so this was part of an agricultural system that went on for hundreds of years and you can still see some of those shielings left today and in this area that we have just come in you can see these sort of small circles of rocks dotted around this flat area lots and lots of woman and children
looking after the cows, making cheese, making butter But… today it is very quite and a bit rainy and a bit triegh Julius got a bit tangled in his Feileadh loosen this Oooooh haha It’s not funny man Haha You have to support the Highlander noobies not laugh at them Haha Haha, he is dead Oh my goodness Walking all the freaking Scottish mountains on a bit of oatmeal Haha A hand full A hand full of oats You mentioned earlier on the day, that it must have been
such a tough life for these Highlanders Exactly So this is part of the experience We were a bit tired and low on energy
and late to really find a good shelter So we were just by this river, under an old tree,
may give us a wee bit of shelter It’s your time to light the fire Is that so? Yeah! Well, cool stuff! with the expert watching huh I can look away, haha Oehlaaa Okay, fire lighting man ”fie lightuh man” Haha, making fun of me huh Haha, you sound drunk I have some cattail in my pouch Cattail, really? Ooh yeah, give me a bit of cattail for a tinder extender Only thing that is not ready is my energy Haha Okay, last time I did this was with one hand Really? That was an awfull job No Mmmh… Look at this guy being struggling… Mannn… haha Yesterday went smoother with you man Haha Look at this mess now I had much more energy yesterday, though Yeah, but… This was not about energy I have never been so excited for porich in my life. Man, the… Feileadh… the Feileadh Mòr? Ahmm Feileadh Mòr worked out great… until the leather strap went loose again Everything fell over the ground double the time to get this… Haha as necessary I have to still adapt man… It’s the Highlander noobie Haha, it takes some practice man Yes, but we got our first bedding anyways Nice Where is it, this could be dropped? here? Uhmm, yes drop it there for now The Feileadh Mòr… Feileadh Mòr Or plaid, pleat Plat pleaat or great quilt Now, no way I’m sitting down for some food man… I’m laying down. Haha There is gonna be lots of ticks Oh oooh Here goes my comfort appreciation Yeah, haha, you ruined it man sorry No thanks, okay.. It was a nice walk, though. Scotland is nice Ya Maybe you would appreciate more
if you had more food in your belly Still we have a hand full today, huh hmm It’s not like a… a big feast a big feast is right fair enough you know There is a river… there is fish… Maybe You got the energy to fish? No, not today at least But well, with not having the energy,
not fishing is never gonna give you more energy. I reckon that’s probably enough any more firewood? That’s all good Huh? Think it is enough, yeah This is my bed My pillow Sheepskin Blanket and shirt Firewood for the night That’s Julius his bed Yeah, It’s a beautiful evening right now Hopefuly it stays like this… Otherwise, we are gonna get wet… Alright my friends I wish you all a very well night I have seen it here We slept good enough, didn’t we Tom? It was alright I saw one time you turned yourself all the way to the fire with your feet Yeah, my tows got pretty cold It cleared and the stars came out,
so it did get much colder Yeah, we put a lot more wood on the fire than yesterday Ahmm So we have been hiking through some pretty desolate terrain and there is not much in the way of wild edibles and we have just finished our oat rations and we still got a big hike ahead of us Uhmm, but… just next to where we have been camping we found some little baby pignut Pignut, poking up. and the Highlanders would have eaten these,
if they had to… So these are pretty young at the moment I could be wrong but if the plant is smaller,
then the tuber is bigger because that is where he is getting his energy from Let’s try dig him up there is a bit of a knack to this because the roots that go down to the tuber
are very delicate So you have to be very careful It’s still quite a lot of effort for a small bit of carbohydrates a white root that steadily gets thinner and thinner the deeper it goes down Alright, so there is a small pignut pull off the skin have you tried one of these before, Julius? No Oh But is this gonna save the day in calories? Haha If you added up how many calories I just did to dig it up They are very starchy though Wanna eat it? It’s pretty sweet Hmmm a bit nutty sweet nut Sweet nut. I think it tastes like hazelnut or something Yeah, not to shebby not bad Maybe we should dig up another one, man! Haha It was a nice camping place after all hah? Yeah it was Good that it didn’t rain, though No Or flood… Man with the rain and these things it’s gonna be a tough time, hah? probably gonna get heavy with woal though, it retains heat when wet Yeah man, what an experience was this! look at this suit… Ooh, I can’t call it a suit right? Feileadh, Feileadh… Feileadh Mòr or plaid, or pleat, or great quilt I would wear it again in Scotland, love to come back! Yeah man, I love what you are doing, all the history stuff and the Scottish nature, really enjoyed it! So folks go checkout Fandabi Dozi! He does really cool historic stuff
in the Scottish Highlands and survival stuff I saw lately a video of you It was really dope restful, peaceful atmosphere in Scotland, he doing his Highlander stuff You should definitely go check that out! video here in the corner or there,
there I think, there it will be Folks, so I see you subscribing to Fandabi Dozi and of course to the Smooth Gefixt! And like, comment, see you laterrr on another video Smooth Gefixt ouwuh! (Well done oldie/dude)

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