3 minute is too short to have a good talk [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.09.24]

This time, we’re having 3-minute Dates. So you’ll take turns and have conversations with everyone for 3 minutes. You look like someone who works at this mart. There are tables for this. (The host of 3-minute Dates) If you come this way… We only get three minutes? Yes, I’ll be keeping time. (Right then) (An evil hand who wants a leeway) (You know me, right?) – Please be kind to us. / – Okay. You’ll give us extra time, right? Of course. – Please give us extra time. / – Okay. The bell is here. Yes, it is. – Please be nice. / – Please be. Is there an order? – No, sit wherever you want. / – Okay. (They sit down) Female participants, please enter. (So tense) (He’s trembling) (Get it together) (Sniffling) (They’ve been waiting for a long time) Come on in. (The ladies enter) (He waves in happiness) – Hello. / – Come on in. – It’s you, Clueless Princess. / – We meet again. (They’re happy to see each other again) Have you been well? For the past several minutes? (Clapping) – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. This is our first time talking. (They’re shy) (One person) (Is extremely tensed up) (Startled) Hello. (He looks intimidated) – Hello. / – We couldn’t meet back there. This is my first time speaking to all of you. Oh, you sat by yourself. (Giggling) (And) You were all here. – Hello. / – Hello. (He looks elsewhere) (They glance at each other) (They can’t look at each other) (This couple looks particularly nervous) (What kind of things will they talk about?) The three minutes will start now. (3-minute Dates begin) – It’s our second time. / – We don’t have much time. (His lips tremble) I came out here because I really want to date someone. I felt the sincerity in Kibum. (His nervousness) (Was felt by her as sincerity) Don’t you feel less uncomfortable since this is our second time? – We ate together. / – I’m not uncomfortable. (But his hands speak otherwise) No, I think you’re still feeling uncomfortable. I just look that way. Aren’t you uncomfortable? No, I’m the most at ease. Are you? (Meanwhile) What kind of date would you like to have? Taking photos in beautiful places. – Taking photos in beautiful places? / – Yes. – Of you and your boyfriend? / – Yes. (He’s so laidback that he has his arms crossed) (This is called being experienced) (He knows how to lead a conversation) How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? – Two. / – We should’ve met at a cafe. I’m craving some coffee. (What?) (Actually, he’s trembling a lot) For me… It’s either Ice Americano or Ice Vanilla latte. You like something sweet too? (Everyone is pleasantly uncomfortable) Then I’ll act comfortably too. (Nodding) Can I ask such things to a celebrity? Sure, anything. When was the last time you were in a relationship? It was the winter of 2017. It’s been almost two years now. Yes. Back then, while I was dating, I felt like… (She listens closely to what he has to say) She wasn’t being serious. I even got rid of my phone. – Really? / – Yes. But now, you think you’re ready for a relationship? Yes. I’ve downloaded a messenger app too. (He’s a prepared man) I’m ready. (If that’s the case) I wanted to know what he was thinking, and I wanted to tell him my feelings as well. When we were eating, you asked me a question, but we were interrupted. You mentioned how you were 33 and I was 23. You asked if the age gap was too big. What do you think about that? I don’t mind much when it comes to one’s age. (That’s great) But the other person… – Might mind? / – Right. (Alright then) (Confess your feelings) As for me… (Nervous) As for me… (Time’s up) Everyone, your time is up. Please move one seat down. I’m not the type who minds much about one’s age. – Really? / – Yes. (Big smile) As long as both parties are fine. (She didn’t give up and confessed her feelings) (Don’t worry) I think we need to part ways now. (It’s time to say goodbye) Are you sure you kept the time properly? Please give us more time. Please move one seat down immediately. Alright. – Where to? / – The first seat over there. – Goodbye. / – Goodbye. (They’re sad) (He acts like a kid) (At that moment) – This is our second meeting. / – I know. It was very adorable how you looked so shy in the beginning. I’m interested in Kim Sikyeong. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s nice to meet you. (He’s moved seats) (But his focus is back there) (There’s another man as well) I’m interested in Kim Sikyeong. (Three men are competing for her) I’ll start the timer now. (The battle begins) It was very adorable how you looked so shy in the beginning. – Really? / – And then… When we were chatting before, I realized that you were also pretty outgoing. (However) (Their conversation comes to an end) – That’s what I felt. / – I was so tense… In the beginning. I’m still tense. (Actually) I’ve never seen you so shy. Do celebrities not have blind dates together? No, we don’t. This is my first blind date ever. I’m still tense. Because you’re nervous. I’m usually pretty outgoing. But during our first encounter, I was still nervous. That’s why I looked so shy. (Jinho has never shown us this side of him before) I don’t know what to say. Me too. Since we’re on a time limit, it feels like I’m being chased. (At that moment) – You were alone before. / – Yes. (His eyes are set on someone) (And he remembers) You must be very nervous. I’m embarrassed. I think it’s best that you show who you are. (Who I am?) Don’t try to be someone better. That’s just my opinion. (She gave him tips) (Right, I’ll be myself) When I was 20 or 19, I came to Seoul. I’m from Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do. I came to Seoul when I was 19. And I’ve been living alone ever since. It’s been 14 to 15 years. It’s been a long time. I wanted the five-colored skewers because it reminded me of home. – Is that why? / – Yes. While living, one of the times when I feel the happiest is when I’m eating something good. Me too. It brings me happiness. It’s like a reward to myself. (This is his first blind date) So I go to eat alone often. (I won’t have any regrets) What kind of food do you like? Do you like sushi? I only eat egg sushi. Really? I really like it, so I can have 10 pieces of it. I don’t eat egg sushi. – Really? / – Even if there’s a variety… I never eat egg sushi. – Really? / – Yes. (Their food preference is the complete opposite) If we ever eat together, I’ll have it. (There’s no giving up) (Look at this determination) (What’s important is honesty) I like sushi. When you were dancing during the opening… – Did you want to shake hands? / – Yes, I did. You were hesitant. – I wanted to shake your hand. / – Right, so… (She truly wanted to shake his hand) I was afraid it was a part of your choreography. I was afraid I’d disturb you. That’s why I was hesitant. It looked like you were too. Your directions while dancing seemed to be planned as well. (These individuals open up their hearts to each other) I think this is my first time talking to you. You’re right. I’m not the talkative type. I’m interested in Kibum. I’m not the talkative type. (It doesn’t matter) (She can’t help but smile when she looks at him) How was my first impression? When you first saw me. (She tries to lead the conversation) You looked slightly haughty. – Haughty? / – Yes. Is that all? Yes. (She doesn’t know what to say) I see. How do I seem now? You seem very bright. – Bright? / – Bright. – Bright? / – Yes. It’s good. (His answer may be short, but it’s something good) (At that moment) Do you like it when a woman wears makeup or not? (Startled) What moves Kibum’s heart? When she argues that she has no makeup on when it’s obvious that she has. (I saw your Love Card) Well… (You might be a bit taken aback) (But this is how I feel about you) With makeup. With makeup? That’s unexpected. (He didn’t get the hint) You like women with makeup? (He nods) – So without makeup… / – I like women with makeup. – You like women with makeup. / – Yes. – Why do you ask? / – It’s nothing. – Are you not wearing makeup? / – No. (Are you not wearing makeup?) I stopped in the middle of it. (She gives up) (I see) That’s funny. I see. Then, do you like girls with their hair up or down? I like them with their hair up. (Come on) I see. (The 3 minutes are over at that time) I’m sorry, but time’s over. Please move on to the next table. Why aren’t you moving? He must not want to go. (She hopes that he doesn’t want to) (But) Oh, boy. (He’s looking far ahead) – Hello. / – It’s nice to meet you. (He’s the last man of the struggle for Sikyeong) (It’s the charming Cheondung) (Jinho leaves Sikyeong heavy-footed) Jinho, would you please run? She’s waiting. – We’re talking for the first time. / – Yes. The 3 minutes will now begin. It’s nice to meet you. We only met during the opening. How was your first impression of me? You said you were a bread lover. (She bursts into laughter) (He scores) Why would you elongate the word? – You elongated “bread.” / – You’re a bread lover. Bread… (She bursts into laughter again) (What’s so funny?) Bread? (Is this the sign of the start of love?) – I am. / – Yes. Which bread do you like? (It’s the 9th time) – What’s your favorite? / – I said I like garlic bread. (Oh, my) It’s garlic bread. There’s a lot of different bread. Which is your favorite? I like garlic bread. (He was blank for a moment) I like garlic bread. You weren’t listening. – You said it during the opening. / – Yes. I pushed the button then. You did? I was too nervous at the time. (He drops his hand) (Why did I not listen?) I was too nervous at the time. So I don’t really remember much. It feels like I haven’t even been filming. I can’t really remember until the second shoot. (But the bread doesn’t seem to heat up) (Love is tough) What’s your blood type? It’s A. – It’s A? / – Yes. Which do you think I am? People say blood type A goes well with blood type O. I’ve heard that too. (So) – Is it O? / – O? (I wish your blood type is O) (Please) I don’t really care about the matching blood types… – But it’s B. / – It’s B? (His blood type is B) (Love is tough) For me, personally, all men I used to like had blood type B. (Though it’s tough) I think there’s something. (If you don’t give up) (You’ll also hear the sound of love one day) Time is over. I wish you’d be able to talk more during the rest of the dates. Good luck. (The 3-minute Dates have ended)

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