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3W Folding Wood Stove Titanium for Tents: First Set-up

3W Folding Wood Stove Titanium for Tents: First Set-up

Let’s take a look at the 3W Folding
Backpacking Stove for Tents. This foldable stove fully stores in the zip pouch, including chimney. The full system can be stacked for easy storage in a
backpack. including the damper piece. This connection section makes it
possible to hook the stove pipe to the stove body, it also has two slots, so you
can insert a damper and a spark arrestor piece. Until the chimney is burnt-in, you are
gonna want to use two people with gloves for safety, and this makes it easier to
put the rings over the chimney pipe.

18 thoughts on “3W Folding Wood Stove Titanium for Tents: First Set-up”

  1. Yes, we ship internationally from the USA! Have any questions regarding this stove? Leave them in the comments below!

  2. This is an awesome looking kit, I can see how this would be a huge benefit at camp. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend.

  3. On average, how long a burn time before it needs to be stoked or more wood?
    Also, is a tray really not needed? I’d think it would be good to have the wood be raised off the bottom for more complete burn.
    I like what I see, though. 1/4 the weight of other stoves. Very nice.

  4. This looks great been wanting to get one. What kind of long term use do you expect from it like is it something to last years or will it break down over time?

  5. I've been trying to find what the "burnt-in" time should be. This is referenced on your product page for this unit. Any idea?

  6. I was thinking about using this in place of the already fixed woodturner in a motor caravan as a way to save space when not in use. Can you tell me if this (with the correct use) is smoke free. I am concerned about the fact it has so many parts it might leak gases into the space it is in.

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