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$5.00 prepping on a budget for SHTF ep3- budget prepping

$5.00 prepping on a budget for SHTF ep3- budget prepping

hey guys what’s up good to have you back
hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend
thought we’d go real fast video not going to waste much time today got our
five dollar prepper series start with the cheapest what do we got so you can
and chicken you know what it’s going to be great we can mix it in with ramen
noodles rice beans whatever we choose it will go great with just about anything by the way 50 cents
second item some Rotel found it on sale at Walmart guess how much 60 cents going
to give us something a little bit different we’re not going to get tired
of eating the bland stuff all the time this is going to be pretty good another
bag of rice like dollar 33 a little bit more expensive than on what I wanted to
spend originally but hey it’s going to fit the bill it’s going to do the job
this is this is perfect what you hear material who doesn’t like
cereal it was a dollar it’s going to keep just fine but it being a dollar I
can’t turn it down we’ve got plenty of calories in it 120 calories per serving
this says to have nine servings in it just to give us that much needed this
will give us that I’m sorry this will give us that much-needed burst of energy
that we’re all going to want to settle our sweet tooth and just be a big morale
booster I had to include bleach bleach is important bleach is what we’re going
to use to make sure our dishes are clean it’s what we’re going to use to make
sure water doesn’t make us sick this is going to sanitize we mix it up and
sanitize the counter tops put it in a spray bottle we’ll put it in the face
and if we need to so everybody can wash their hands with bleach water before we
eat so we don’t get sick dysentery is one of the big
just things to spread after after a situation goes south historically it was
crazy look up the stats on Katrina how bad dysentery spread look at the great
migration West back in the whenever though the West was settled along the
wagon trips dysentery killed more people than anything else out there believe
believe me when I say this bleach is going to be your friend a half a gallon
of this will go incredibly far it’s going to last us a long time it was a
dollar got it on sale I’m going to pick up I’m on at least five gallons of this
and that’s going to be way way overkill but bleach is important if I spill it or
something happens to it I want to have plenty left I’m not greedy with it I’m
going to use as much of it as I think I need second thing on staying clean
affective plates we don’t want to be wasting our water on dishes we got to
use that to cook with we got to use it to clean with we want to use it to drink
we’re not wasting water doing dishes we got some paper plates I wish there was
more than 30 these are styrofoam I really wish they
were paper would have been a lot better but for 99 cents I’m not going to
complain it’s what I got it’s what we could afford left add some more of these
in as we go by far the biggest thing we got today was the bleach this is going
to help us out a lot I’ll post a just in the description below I post up how we
go about mixing this up for the purpose of washing hands dishes counters
drinking water all those things require a different mixture this was the best
thing we got today next week on next week’s video we’re probably going to buy
it all in one week but we’re going to do it as if we had to save up our five
dollars for two weeks we’re going to spend $10 or some more expensive items
we need we need to buy some powdered milk we need to buy some salt
a few other things like that that are a little bit more expensive we won’t do it
all in one video and we won’t get just one box of stuff we’ll get a few other
things and we’re probably going to DIY some stuff next week will be the another
bug out bag issue then after that we’ll come back to the long term prep me well
anyway thank you guys for stopping by appreciate you watching if you saved
this long watch the whole video you’re even more awesome be sure and smash that
like button hit subscribe we’re doing one of these every week Thursday or
Friday those are the days we shoot for alright until next time stay safe

12 thoughts on “$5.00 prepping on a budget for SHTF ep3- budget prepping”

  1. love the $5 bucks a week! I started this this week after finding your channel the other day. I blew the budget tho. lol. Great work keep it up. Looking forward to the bleach video. I have the water purification recipe on all devices and a paper copy.

  2. I want to say thanks for the folks who have suggested budget items,,, I'm headed to the dollar tree now for the next episode

  3. Well well, That looks like a slick line at the start of your video, And those critters walking in the back ground, All over up here, Not the best meat to eat they are a little greasy, im digging the 5.00 a week tips, We do the same here. Maybe we are closer to each other than you think. Not trolling you, just looking for like minded people here in my area of Texas. Thanks .

  4. Just a tip pool shock is powdered bleach just put in a bucket so it won't get we. I package makes about 30 gallons of bleach if I am not mistaking. 1 package cost about $2.97. Just thought it might help. Great vid

  5. Is the Brown Rice a good idea for semi-long term storage. I heard that the oils in the Brown Rice can become nasty over time and make you ill. I stick to plain white rice for semi-long term storage. But please do your own research about the Brown rice to be sure. Bleach loses its strength over time, best used within 6 months, rotate them through your normal house cleaning, etc.. Also another one to look for is tinned Tomatoes, apparently the acids in the Tomato juice is corrosive to the inside of tins over time causing leaks, again please do your own research to make sure.

  6. Liquid bleach has a limited shelf life. I have found expired bleach on the shelves of many stores. Smell it to check. It is supposed to smell like bleach. If it doesn’t don’t get it. You can’t depend on it to do the job.

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