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5 Hacks To SURVIVE A Pumpkin Patch With AUTISM (Halloween)

5 Hacks To SURVIVE A Pumpkin Patch With AUTISM (Halloween)

in this video I’m gonna be telling you
five hacks for surviving a pumpkin patch this
Halloween with people on the spectrum coming up. Hey guys welcome back to the
Aspie world my name is Dan I have Asperger’s syndrome ADHD OCD and
dyslexia and I make weekly videos on autism mental health so if you’re new around here and you’d like to learn more remember to hit the subscribe button
and click the notification bar so you’re alerted when I upload videos also if
you’re watching over on facebook make sure to give this page a like and a
follow to see daily videos from me what I’m going to be discussing is 5 hacks that
I’ve kind of devolved or come to create that are gonna help you in surviving the
pumpkin patch thing because it’s Halloween everybody wants to go check
out pumpkin patches and all that kind of jazz so let’s get on with it guys I
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dang it’s so good I’m like still going to be making videos again it’s so close
to Halloween I think it’s like Monday like the 21st October Halloween is
really really close I know you’re not watching this on 21st but this is when
this video was shot it’s cool I love Halloween it’s like my favorite time of
year where I just feel like people are just having a lot more fun with things
and then like it’s just a bit weird we can talk about like those stories and
all that kind of jazz but it has no real relevance on you know reality cuz it’s
just a bit of fun but not being said I also understand the importance of having
a Halloween which is safe and I’m happy for everybody inclusive so it’s all
about inclusivity and on this channel we talk about all the things that we can do
to make life easier and better people on the spectrum so I’ve come up with with
five things five hacks that I think that we need to know to remember that this is
gonna help people on the spectrum when going like pumpkin pie
because I want to see something a bit different you know people do have videos
where they see like how to do Halloween how to make it officers and friendly and
all this kind of stuff and I get all those things so I wanted to do something
completely different and talk about going to pumpkin patches because I feel
like this is something that’s missed you know we all want to go and get our
pumpkins at pumpkin patches or wherever we go to get our pumpkins and there’s
always some issue that could arise or spring up and there could be something
that somebody on the spectrum doesn’t like here are my 5 hacks for dealing
with that and I think that you guys are gonna really enjoy him I’m gonna drive
him to a pump let’s get into ok the first one above everything plan ahead planning ahead is gonna be so much
benefit for anybody because what you’re doing is you’re planning ahead you’re
saying okay we’re going to go this time we’re gonna go you know that time we’re
gonna put this in the car we’re gonna take you know you know dad mom you know
the kids or whoever’s on spectrum as well as the parents are you plan
everything out so basically planning out the route planning out like you know how
many pumpkins you’re gonna get there’s no disappointment because one
thing is you need some like list of what you’re gonna do people on the spectrum
like things to run smooth they like them to run any fashion in a linear format
because the ambiguity of things going wrong can really impact the license on
you on the spectrum as you probably know if you’re watching this video you
already know this so what I say to do is make a plan plan out the day if you’re
gonna spend a day gonna pumpkin patch if you have to travel a little bit to get
to one of your closest ones because I know not all pumpkin patties are local
to everybody so plan it out if you’re not going to the pumpkin patch and go
into a store do the exact same thing these will apply to a store scenario as
well so you plan out your day you find out the morning you tell every what
they’re gonna expect to happen because the ambiguity is another big thing so if
you don’t like if you don’t tell someone what’s gonna happen like what we’re
gonna go there we’re gonna pick two pumpkins maybe the person who is on the
spectrum would want to get three pumpkins but they don’t and why you’re
only buying two pumpkins or if you know there could be a level of confusion and
that anger frustration there which I think can be definitely avoided
massively avoided and I highly recommend everybody avoid you know any kind of
unnecessary anxiety or stress or anything like that so plan ahead make
sure everybody knows and then make that list you got my plan list you know
Jackie we’re gonna do at whatever time and also like everything else I say you
make a plan B in a plan C in case the things don’t fall into perfect sync
because you don’t want to have like an oops that issue where it goes off plan a
and you don’t have a plan B or C and then it’s gonna get really really sticky okay so we’ll hack number two is
preparing lunch and snacks like one of the biggest things to me and I think
like every can agree here with people on the spectrum is that like if you don’t
eat at certain times then it becomes like a really big issue like you could
knock your anti-de I know for instance like if if you’re hungry it’s gonna tell
it’s a hungry but hangry for someone on the spectrum it’s kind of like really
intense and I can’t explain that feeling that it just isn’t anybody out that is
watching us and got kids on the spectrum and you think like oh you miss a meal
well you miss a snack you know there’s some consequences so I highly advise
everybody to plan out how they are gonna do their food like you know what I would
say is that you bring a packed lunch with you and then you bring snacks as
well so that even if you’re stuck in traffic on the way to the pumpkin patch
or you’re around other people and it’s like lunchtime when you think and oh my
goodness you know how we’re gonna do all the day school as smooth as possible you
want to be prepared so bring a lunch with you even if that you end up going
to like somewhere else and sitting down eating out lunch if you don’t manage
that and you have to do there and then you have that option that is always one
of the the make like to me if people if people are and not preparing lunch and
not bring snacks then becomes difficult because there’s another thing added to
your list you know if something goes wrong and then you’re you’re left with
like oh this has gone wrong oh goodness you’re not now we’re gonna be late and
we’re gonna be too late get in food where are we gonna get food from where
we’re gonna get lunch from oh my goodness it becomes a huge catastrophe
and then you have complete chaos that’s gonna about to unveil so like if you are
the more purpley that this is the line the more prepared you are with every
situation the better the experience is going to become and that includes lunch
and snacks and everybody can benefit from that eight it’s tidy for your mind
it’s better for the day and it’s help for your wallet always a thumbs up okay guys hack number three is is cool
be aware that there may be other people and noise so like this is one of the
things I always forget when I go somewhere there’s there’s loads of
people so I think I’ll shoot you know I should have brought my my a defending
headphones I should have brought like another coat me or a hoodie or
sunglasses or something and I always forget but you have to be aware that
when you go into a pumpkin patch what to expect what do you expect when you get
that world you expect it’s gonna be it could be tractors going around there
there could be other animals on the farm it could be like bad smells from those
animals because you know they’re just animals the end today there could be a
hundred people trying to pick out their pumpkins and maybe other kids and rowdy
people it could be drew school having fun and a lot of pumpkin patches have
kind of like a small like a fairground thing that goes on where like you know
the kids can go and play and there’s different things going on and there’s
like kind of like a fair like an attraction thing not just going out and
picking a pumpkin so just bear that in mind and be aware that those things will
happen and also you know explain after the person who was on the spectrum
before going there what to expect from that place because the unexpected that’s
gonna cause you all that like pain and issues and then meltdowns and potential
everything else and all that stuff which isn’t good so if you actually have a
outline a basic idea the the thought process that this is what we may expect
anything else will be a bonus so always going with like the things that you
wanna further could be noise that could be bad smells that they could be loads
of people that all that kind of stuff because if you don’t and they expect it
to be completely fine and empty and you know people expect that people on the
spectrum are just gonna know you know what you’re thinking that’s not how it
works people on the spectrum think well you wanted the pumpkin patch to pick up
pumpkins we’ve only mentioned a pumpkin patch and pumpkins and my family members
and that’s all you kind of envision I’m sure like I would until someone says oh
you got remember there could be other people and you go oh okay
and so it’s that thought process that is gonna be the game changer so be aware
and make sure you do that I’m telling you now guys that’s a game changer okay guys number four is bringing a
change of clothes this is like okay mace I like a bit of a weird one but
this is but hear me out hear me out okay and even I do this okay so sometimes I
go places and I I just love what I’m wearing I’m like I’m really comfortable
what I’m wearing I like really comfortable and because picking clothes
was like a thing that I do and the clothes I wear have to be comfortable
takes me a while to get trained changing them on and get ready and the feeling of
that day has to reflect the feeling of the clothes on me so when I’m out and
about if something happens like I spill something on my clothes and I don’t have
a change in me oh my goodness it’s not completely ruined and I can like flip
especially I getting wet or dirty it’s like it it’s not a good combination so
my advice is this bring a change of clothes with you for the person who is
on the spectrum because simple things like if you’re going to a farm or a
pumpkin patch there may be a possibility that you are going to get a little bit
muddy a little bit dirty a little bit wet maybe maybe it’s raining you know
all those things can can trigger some of the on the spectrum on what we’re trying
to do here what try to do with everything in life is we’re trying to
reduce the amount of triggers reduce the amount of stress reduces a lot of
negative outcomes so that you feel way better and you can go about your day
with a bit more ease that is super super interesting
so just try it and this is the hack I mean like not just for like this video
but like going forward why not try and like go to like a anywhere but bring a
change of clothes of you because you always have that like I don’t worry
about this I know if this gets dirty or wet I can always rely on the back
applause so cool idea okay guys so that brings me to the end
of this video with a fifth thing that I’m gonna tell you guys the fifth hack
if you will have fun remember that going to a pumpkin patch
and picking the op-amp kids are doing anything Halloween related this is all
for fun it shouldn’t be a stress you shouldn’t be something that is negative
it should be a task we should be a chore it should be hey me and the family gonna
go hang out we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do that and it’s gonna be great
using almost tactics I just told you and have fun with it because if you’re
worrying about all these things you’re never gonna have fun but you need to
remember to have fun and I think like lots of people forget this I think it’s
like one of the main things that you’ll forget so take my advice down from the
astral world says have fun this year at Halloween in the pumpkin patch or
wherever you are also go out and buy a born as we will teach it I can’t get
over how soft this is guys and I’m not just saying that because like I did this
I’d collab with him I’m telling you know I’ve been wearing banach she’s closed
for ages and when they said hadrianic alive I was like yes I jumped at it I
was like yes I jumped at it with like with both hands like yes of course I
wanna do climbing and I think that’s super awesome so please check it out
link is in description below super super awesome it’s a limited item as well so
is limited edition so if you wanna get your hands on one of these will be part
of the squad make sure you do it right now those things coming up guys thank
you for watching this video give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and
leave me a comment telling me some of your hacks at how you deal with
Halloween and I’ll see you next time guys peace you

17 thoughts on “5 Hacks To SURVIVE A Pumpkin Patch With AUTISM (Halloween)”

  1. Oof I missed the stream but oof I’m in school my school is having a party after my next class QWQ I’m going to probably go to the cafeteria for food UwU XD SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THE GYM TO DANCE XD

  2. i hav my assessment date yay me in December. still waiting for my sons date as his autism serves got takin over by a new provider so its messed all the appointments up. but im trying to stay positive. hard tho :/

  3. I won’t lie as an adult person on the spectrum…having people knock on the door on a regular basis is extremely irritating. It’s not that I don’t wanna give the kids sweets. We have three dogs which get set off because of the door bell. So it’s loud noises continuously. That’s just my pet hate! (Pun not intended) lol

  4. I deal with Halloween by ignoring it.I have my nurse turn the porch light off.Then we turn off the lights in the house off.Retire to my room in the back of the house.Where we proceed to play with our phones.Until it's time for her to go home.

  5. We always forget to buy pumpkins in time. Mostly because we view it as not that important. So we have fixed that issue, by getting a ceramic pumpkin. Issue and problem solved. 😁😁😁

  6. 🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥

  7. Wow, I got a pop-in add in this video 2.5 minutes in. Dear YOUTUBE, a pop-in add on a informational video on Autism is a BAD idea!!!!!! Completely threw me off track, I also have issues with ADD like many in our community and was not easily able to mentally jump back into the intended content. Perhaps YouTube can address this issue. Thanks.

  8. Well im english so other than trick or treating we dont really do halloween and we certianly dont have pumpkin patches

  9. I took my 2.5 year old son and my 18 ye old son yesterday. My youngest is going through the diagnosis process as they are saying he is on the high functioning part of the spectrum. He did well with the animals mostly because we had it to ourselves but in the rest of the patch it was a sensory overload that ended with a meltdown at the end so we left. At least we attempted it.

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