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5 Ways To Win The Survival Games – Minecraft

5 Ways To Win The Survival Games – Minecraft

5 способов выиграть в голодных играх Убить того кто ест Этот стейк очень вкусный! Гнаться за кем-то 2 против 1 1 на 1 Фальшивый тимейт Хей, хочешь в команду? Да, конечно! Я буду следовать за тобой окей? Окей! Следуй за мной!

100 thoughts on “5 Ways To Win The Survival Games – Minecraft”

  1. No… itsJerryandHarry are retarded, immature, and have fart noises in all of their video's hoping people will laugh at them.

  2. One more wayโ€ฆ Finding a cave with diamond armor or awesome equipment then make yourself scareces for the rest of the game until its just you and the other guy. then ambush the idiot and you have won.

  3. Here is a 2 vs 1 strategy.
    1. A use sword while B use fishing rod.
    2. A use bow while B use fishing rod.
    3. Duo sword
    4. A pull with fishing rod while B detonate tnt.
    5. A use potion while B use fishing rod.

  4. 0:05 That Sound is same of itsjerryandharry video called "If Videogames is here in Minecraft 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8"

  5. Guys butter is stronger then iron but has the durablity of well dirt and quickly declines in strength same with swords i recmmend not using them only when in attack by a strong player or in a really bad ambush note i tested this on xbox it is better not on PC reply of i am wrong plz dont say it in a mean way ok

  6. Hint: just open one chest if you didnt get a weapon open any chest quickly ๐Ÿ˜‰ (click 4 on a item in the chest to place it quickly to your inventory)
    Or kill them while open a chest

    Sorry for my bad english hope y understand what i mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. what's up with the Five Nights Of Love music?
    I mean, I heared so much songs from that game in a lot of Minecraft Videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. #EpicFail

    I Played LBSG In My MCPE I Team Up With Teah And The Game Starts Now. So I Got Nothing On The Chest. Teah Is Killed. I Hide In The Water. I Was Gonna Win Cause Of Hiding XD. But. Studdenly I Glitch Soooo…

  9. 10 ways to kill hacker
    If gunpowder was edible
    If there was bluestone
    If floor and TNT switched places
    If diamonds and dirt were removed
    Why leather tools don't exist
    If you can spawn ender dragon with egg
    If herobrine was finally removed
    Why villagers like emeralds

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