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(intro) We’re all human. At least I’m assumming that all of you watching this video are human, and we all make mistakes. Except… I tend to make more mistakes than the average Minecraft player. So today What I thought I’d do is take you through 50 of the silliest ones that I seem to make fairly quite often breaking an ender chest Without using a silk touch pickaxe as someone who now stores pretty much all of their important items inside an ender chest this one is Particularly egregious… heading off for a proper minecraft adventure you’re going to be traversing all sorts of terrain, traveling thousands upon thousands of blocks and around about 20 minutes into the journey you realize ah You’ve only brought about seven bits of food with you This is even worse in the nether because there’s no way that you can kill off these guys You’re just gonna starve to death so you’ve just been at afk overnight loading up all of your farms getting tons upon tons of items and because you’re not a Complete moron you’ve taken off your armor, and you’ve put all your tools inside a chest just to keep them safe then you jump off your base and forget that actually… you haven’t re-equipped your elytra. And the same sort of situation often occurs when I jump off the top of my base And then realize that actually I probably should have checked the durability of my elytra. Yeah, that would have been wise anyway That’s enough of not flying how about flying too much I often find that I activate my flight duration three rockets in far too small spaces And then you end up with situations like this happening which are very very terrifying I’m nearly done with the elytra based comments But one other thing that I often find myself doing, is flying down staircases that I really shouldn’t fly down For example this one this one has claimed me a good number of times One thing that I just recently Discovered and almost to my death is that if you have a pillar of blocks And you have a bunch of arrows in them you have to be very careful as you make your way down Because you can occasionally be hit by your own arrows this almost killed me the other day You’ve never been able to place water in the nether yet, recently in a hermit craft episode I completely forgot about that and spend a long time discussing how I was going to create an item transportation system with sorting systems that involved water streams Using lava as decoration in highly flammable builds such as wooden houses. I mean this isn’t even really need mentioning We’ve all done it. I think we can all agree. It’s really stupid Accidentally holding shift when trying to place water into a cauldron now this may not sound like a big deal But I often use cauldrons inside my redstone circuits And it can create very big messes you’ve actually gotten pretty lucky here surrounding my bed with glass or other objects that I’m not allowed to respawn on so when I die I Get a little message that says Your home bed was missing or obstructed and I spawn Absolutely miles away making doors that don’t have pulse extenders or at least don’t use wooden buttons to every single time I try to go through the door. It doesn’t give me enough time Please if you’re making doors like this Just stop playing Minecraft it’s the most frustrating thing on the planet okay that might have been a little bit harsh just use wooden buttons Please so that I can get into your base unless you don’t want me in your base in which case that’s fine Just do whatever you want not checking the durability of my pickaxe before a mining session now This is frustrating beforehand because I gets the place where I want to mine, and then I realize oh I’ve got no durability in my pickaxe but it’s also very depressing during the mining session because often I discover that I Haven’t got much durability left in my pickaxe because it suddenly just disappears Yes, that’s always very sad. Thinking to yourself right tonight is the night that I have to go afk I need to make sure that I get the items from my farms I need them for tomorrow’s project going afk, and then turning off your computer Very clearly this one speaking of going afk I used to do it with all of my precious items on me But then one time a baby slime managed to get into this room over here while I was afk fishing He then pushed me off in this direction Where I was within range of the Guardians they shot me to death, and I lost all of my good stuff Oh what the chance is that happening? That’s totally ridiculous Forgetting your torches when you’re doing large-scale underwater projects so you have no way of breathing you have to keep popping up to the surface Now of course this is all going to change with the aquatic update. That’s on the way using frost Walker I Just think it’s a rubbish enchantment I mean why on earth? would you want this and it completely ruins item transportation water streams and Often updates water that you don’t want it to update and then half the time you end up falling through your own ice anyway I mean it’s just terrible as mentioned earlier or not I store all of my items on the hermit craft server inside shulker boxes inside ender chests but often I take those shocker boxes out of the ender chest place them around Somewhere and then forget to put them back in which means that I can’t access them anywhere else in the world There’s meant to be a whole bunch more than this now I’m a bit of an old school minecraft player, and I remember the days when you didn’t need lapis to do enchanting sessions, however It’s not those days anymore and I really need to get it into my head that I need to bring this stuff if I want to enchants anything because I Can’t remember the last time that I actually brought it with me on the first try. I never used potions in Minecraft I can’t remember the last time I actually brewed up a set of potions for me to use personally and they’re fantastic I mean Look I’m standing in this lava lake I’m absolutely fine this makes the nether a lot less scary one thing that I’m personally very guilty of is Heading off on a mining session with an inventory that looks a little bit like this I get all the way down now I set Up the beacon I do Everything and then I realized that actually I’ve got a very full inventory and have to travel back to my base to empty it all out Enchanting tools and repairing tools and putting books together to create new Enchantments to enchant that tool in insane way and doing it in the wrong order I’m not 100% certain what the orders meant to be, but I know that I do it wrong Accidentally igniting your own TNT when you’re working on a trap I wish I wish I could say that I didn’t do this But there’s been a number of times and trap videos where I destroy the entire creation staying on the topic of TNT How about designing an entire build? Based around the block this was my design for my TNT shop for hermitcraft season 4 in the shopping district and I constructed it and then was later informed by Exuma void that if a creeper exploded near this or If a skeleton with a flame bow managed to hit it it would ignite the entire thing destroying the whole shopping district Yeah Don’t build anything like this if you want to stay friends with the other people on the server Using a texture pack that looks like this now I understand I Understand that maybe minecraft isn’t the best looking game in the world when it comes to graphics, but there’s kind of the point what we don’t need is crazy realistic textures I Mean I appreciate the fact that this sort of thing takes a long time to make And I’m sure someone has spent hours creating these textures But it hurts my head It does hurt my head that being said though. I I like the idea of the mountains on the landscape That’s really cool oh No, I kind of like that uh how frustrating anyway after that slightly depressing Revelation what about logging into a new Minecraft world in a very old version of Minecraft? Suddenly lots of things get removed. I mean here. I don’t I don’t know I think we’ve got slime blocks Yeah, they’ve popped out as locked chest we definitely don’t have observers there not a thing either oh Man this has become a mess when that sort of thing happens You’re really going to wish that you had a backup another thing that I often wish that I’d backed up is TNT Creations before I test them out there used to be a redstone build here I have no idea what it is because as you can see it doesn’t exist anymore Building a TNT based ramp when there’s lots of animals around I mean you do the maths who’s this gonna blow up your friends or an innocent bystanding sheep? I Think I know what the answers gonna be. Don’t move any closer Please I know that you’re kind of looking at it rain looks disgusting It sounds disgusting, and it makes the sky go disgusting as well I refuse to have it when I’m recording a redstone video But one thing that often happens is I put one too many zeros on the end of my weather command it happens all the time building a farm that has far too many mobs in to the point where it actually becomes a hazard for both the mobs and Also any player that falls into it. I think it could you believe that I’ve just been killed by chickens Chickens have you seen what a chicken looks like? Strip mining in the Nether is stupid for a number of reasons number one is if you travel fast enough And you’re sprinting with your efficiency five pickaxe You’re probably going to fall down a hole or into some lava But also more importantly you can get far more Quartz just by roaming around on the surface and picking up all of the bits that you can already see. Oh my word. Yeah, that’s the sort of thing you have to be careful of lava is fast in the nether bringing the absolute perfect amount of building Supplies so you can build your beacon pyramid while forgetting the fact that you also need one extra piece of iron Diamond gold or emerald to actually place it inside the beacon of course you haven’t remembered that and of course your base is five thousand Blocks away another problem that I often have with beacons especially in hermitcraft season four when I had a massive flying base Was to build said beacons under said massive flying base Obviously the beacon beam can’t then go up to the sky and that means you don’t get any of the power-ups That’s always annoying when you’ve built the entire thing and you stood there not understanding Why it works, then you’ve realized that you’ve put it under an iron farm Yeah never feels good speaking of iron farms Accidentally creating infinite water streams is something that you have to be very careful of here if you Misplaced this water source block and accidentally put it down there, then it fills the entire thing with water But I guess there’s nowhere near as bad as the time that I accidentally broke this part of my base Creating infinite water sources all the way around the bottom now that really wasn’t fun But I can promise you this guy is having a lot less fun I have no clue how long he’s been sat here But I told him to sit down clearly in this spot a very long time ago And then completely forgot about him Now forgetting about your own dog is a very Very stupid mistake to make so I guess let’s put it right you come with me friend trying to kill magma creams with zombie pigman around Recipe for disaster I mean the fact that you have those group attacks. Where it hits multiple things within the area It’s just not good. It’s not good. Not good. Not good. I wish I was better at Minecraft sometimes I think that’s enough survival mode for one day How about we move over to creative mode and one of the things that really annoys me is when you shift-click items in creative mode I always do it in survival to move things around in my inventory and creative Just get delete another thing that often happens is I’m in the search area of the creative mode inventory And I press e to get out of it And then I end up writing something a little bit like this as I try my best to move forward and navigate my player While I’m still in the search area Hmm, how would you even say that mining our blocks that I’m currently standing on believe it or not? I actually do this way more than you would think I’m kind of surprised I actually survived that. Updating blocks that you really really shouldn’t update Gravel in the nether definitely springs to mind break any of these I mean That’s good night You’re just a goner don’t touch overhanging gravel in the nether. It’s probably going to end badly now This one is a very important one So I’m going to get very very close to the camera now if you’re building a redstone contraption you’re following a tutorial that was released in 2012 or 2013 you have to accept the fact that there’s a slight chance that it’s not going to work anymore Now if you do build it and you do decide to take that risk and it still doesn’t work Then don’t go over to that youtubers comment section and call them all sorts of horrible names Just because you’re too daft to realize that maybe redstone might have changed a little bit in that time news flash it has Lots of old redstone contraptions are broken, please I sometimes go back to the comment sections of my old redstone tutorials and I could just put my head through my desk through the floor and into the wall beneath me because It just makes you want to cry and not because it makes me upset or anything like that, the comments don’t get to me They’re just so ridiculous that you think to yourself what on earth are you doing? How do people like you exist anyway moving on from that one using one coal block to smelt just one item? Yeah, that’s a that’s a really City one. Yeah, really says just stop putting comments on my old redstone videos I mean sorry that came out of nowhere let’s.. let’s move on again building a base that is heavily focused on redstone in the center of the ocean I mean what a silly silly thing to do. What kind of silly person would do something ridiculous like that? Every single time water flows in and destroys one of my redstone contraptions I seriously begin to rethink some of my life choices grossly under estimating the size and scale of a project that you want to take on I Mean come on. How many times have you done this you think yourself. Oh, don’t only take a couple hours Let’s do it thirty hours later, and you’re still working on it. I’m sure we’ve all had some of those accidentally shift-clicking up when you’re using this area here I mean, I only wanted one of those how I What sort of use am I gonna have for that? I guess that works, but on the topic of the new crafting book not having it in showing craftable mode, otherwise He’s just gonna be searching through a bunch of items that you’re not able to craft I mean Why would I want to look at a block of diamonds look at me all I’ve got is a bunch of sticks and a bunch Of wood how? What use is that? I’m not gonna be able to craft those in a million years That being said one thing that does happen to me when it comes to the crafting book is I stand here thinking This thing’s broken I’ve got plenty of wood on me Why can’t I make a set of stairs or a slap and then I realized that actually I’m not looking in a crafting table Accidentally nudging a minecart that you wanted to get in and watching it travel off into the distance Without you in it Capturing loads and loads of mobs using mine carts transporting them around getting them into the correct locations Only to forget to rename them and have them despawn this happened a lot during the aquarium project tons of guardians are moved over place It inside their areas, but they didn’t have their lovely nametags. That’s a big issue and for the final mistakes I’m going to feature in today’s video it would be to subscribe to my youtube channel you see I’ve been reading through my comment section and According to some people I make terrible videos it’ll be a real mistake to subscribe to me on YouTube But here comes the logic you can learn from your mistakes and learnings great I mean people love learning so you should subscribe maybe you’ll learn a thing or two That doesn’t make any sense does it. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll catch you in the next video (Outro Plays)

100 thoughts on “50 STUPID MISTAKES I ALWAYS MAKE in Minecraft!”

  1. Mumbo: 50 mistakes i make in minecraft

    Also mumbo: if you copy a redstone creation and it doesn't work dont go to their channel calling them names!

    Me: wait hold up

  2. I made this one awesome mini-castle once and attempted to make a cannon (tnt launcher) for it, and when I tried out the cannon, it didn't launch, so my glorious mini-castle had its whole front blown off and I quit the whole project. Still facepalming to this day.

  3. Some people mqde mincraft sooooooooo realistic… it looked like unreal engine 99999999999999

  4. Concerning your TNT problem:

    they should make an update where you can break lit TNT/it’s a solid block
    Like if you agree

  5. We know we did this once but using the ugliest block for block of your choice and hen having to rebuild it as another block

  6. Mumbo: Fortnite's way better than Minecraft.
    The whole Minecraft community: Wait WHAT? Fortnite better than Minecraft? Even without Redstone? =O
    Mumbo: I don't care, at least there's no iron doors with stone buttons next to them B-)

  7. I really enjoy your work and quite a lot of it works with the PS4, a lot of it doesn't. Do you know of anyone who does PS4 Minecraft tutorials? Thanks for any help you can give.

  8. DUDE! Your redstone is AMAZING! Thank you for helping me learn how to redstone better! Btw ur not a mistake none of us are.

  9. Don't worry, I make more mistakes than you XD

    Also YOU DON'T BACK UP 15 BLOCKS AWAY TO PRESS THE STONE BUTTON AND RUSH IN! You stand 1 block in front of the door and push the button and run in at the speed of light. XD

  10. Accidentally falling into lava in the nether, then realizing you have keep inventory on, then realizing your armor is low durability and you've still lost your armor since you haven't taken it off in the lava

  11. My mistakes

    1:digging a ore when i dont realize theres lava Below

    2:bringing 10 diamonds in a fight with a wither

  12. my cousin built a city of tnt and put a button that detonates it, yes you can see where im going with this. the next time a came to my cousin the whole city has blown up and my cousin was very sad, the end!

  13. "I tend to make more mistakes than the average Minecraft player."

    The average Minecraft player: That's because I focus on the game, not the redstone.

    *Just a joke! I am not discriminating!*

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