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57 Years Apart – A Boy And a Man Talk About Life

57 Years Apart – A Boy And a Man Talk About Life

Okay, may I ask you a question, the first one? Right. What is the worst thing about being young? Well, you get lots of homework It’s also pretty it’s like in the middle like it’s all like in the middle of bad and good Oh What is the worst thing about being old? Not being able to do things, that you could do when you were young. -Um -Like, uh, you can’t bend down and get stuff on the floor? Well, I can still do that. But, the problem is, you’re body gets a bit stiff -Oh, I know, it hurts a lot when you try to bend down -yeah That’s right, yes. You might get sick, more often. Hopefully I don’t. But that’s the problem. That’s pretty bad It is pretty bad The only time I went to the hospital was my mom didn’t like getting me born. Ah, yeah. Do you wish you were older? Maybe… Like, so if i were old, I could buy stuff for my own, and be married, but- That would be ew. Do you wish you were young? Why? Well, uh, the problem about, uh the great thing about being young is You have more time You have more time to do things. I could play games- Which I did, I used to play Cowboys and Indians. Yeah, that’s what I play! Do you? Yeah! That’s what I like about being young. I could use my imagination more. That’s sad story, you can’t do that anymore. Well… I could be an older cowboy. I might do it, yes. Will you fall in love? And what will it be like? I don’t know. Like, we’ll have babies and it will be like fun…oh I’d have to change Even though I’ll have to change his diaper. It’ll be fun! Oh. But what if he cries? Ahh well. I’ll just sing like Ed Sheeran to him And, who do you love now? Um… My mom. Your mom? Your dad? I like my dad I like my family. Did you fall in love? What was it like? Yes, uh- It was different for me. I fell in love, late. And did you get married? No, unfortunately, my partner, she passed away she died. That was a sad thing. Yeah. She got sick. I’m gonna cry. No, no don’t. No, no, no. No. No ah no no. You see, these things happen, Shawn. That’s life. But, We, we have I have very good memories Very good memories. And you life, a lot of the time you live in your head with those memories. You can remember all the good things, and that’s the important thing. Well, the advice I would give to you Shawn, uh Is You don’t have to be rich to be happy Do the things you like to, and that make you feel good. Because when you’re happy yourself, everybody else is happy. Shawn do you have any advice for Gordez? To like, act normal. Don’t be silly Don’t bully lots of people. The people I know in school like my friend Alex in school Whenever he gets hurt I hug him. It might not be able to work but. No, that’s good advice, uh And, be yourself don’t let other people tell you what you should be. Just be as you are, isn’t that true? Yeah. And, I’m sure your life is going to be very successful You have all the right things. You have all the right things to do. All your good friends. And uh, keep those friends going. And keep life going oh! There you go.

100 thoughts on “57 Years Apart – A Boy And a Man Talk About Life”

  1. They really picked the nicest and most humble and purest people ever, I shed a tear when I heard that the old man never got to marry his love😢

  2. Do you ever have that thought or feeling of "it's such a shame I probably won't be able to ever talk to that man"… I would really love to have a conversation with him…

  3. Imagine in 57 years they do the same interview once the boy has turned 64 and now he is the old man. What will he say to the kid?

  4. There is world committe meeting where all the heads of nations interact

    There is a family meeting where all the members interact

    And there is youtube comment section where all the youtubers comment and read. Its the best place to be. U might never see the person u just interacted, the person wd leave comment for the future people to come and laugh at the creative thought that person had in the past and laugh.
    Its one of those things that blends in the colur of life and nature.
    We are happy and complicated t be where we are , hanging on a mud , revolving around a fire.

    Seriously where we are ? Does it matter.

    Its misery that makes us ask what the fuck life is?
    Bt when we are at ease, enjoying, peacefulll, does that existential question matters.

    The people who hav found the truth, those who were really alive , had one thing in common. They said i m just happy to be.

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  6. Over the years I am getting more convinced that kids are something more than just people, but unfortunately they will always turn into adults. We should protect them and appreciate at all cost.

  7. Plot Twist: He wasn't in the Hospital when he was born, He is a simulation in Sims 4, He was ripped straight out.

  8. The man in this video has same accent as Mrs.Doubtfire. Not trying to make fun or anything coz he sounds like such a sweetheart and the boy is precious!! Bless them.

  9. Kid: we’ll have babies it will be fun

    Mother: OH it’s not fun! It’s tough and it takes a lot of maturity and responsibility!

  10. When the boy hugged the man, i felt alot of emotion. Made me think of me at that age with my grandfather. I miss him so much

  11. Love is important for this child. He thinks about it to answer that he loves his mother and family and empathizes with the loss of the lord's partner. Great lesson they give us. lovely video

  12. Well breed boy ,,, hugging is LOVE… I love the boy understood of life expectancy… the belonging of MAYOR PETE…
    I find the boy superCUTE

  13. I used to hate old people, now I am one of them! I hate getting old. Why do we need to get old. Why can't we stay 40 forever. Our bodies stop aging at 40 and live for 100 years

  14. I like the voice of that old man, it seems that he has the same voice of the movie that i watched and i can’t remember anymore.

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