26 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I switch to from Canon to Nikon for Wildlife Photography”

  1. This was ace.
    For me I find that Nikon is just tougher in the field. But the sensor on that 850 is crazytown good.
    However, have you heard of TowerJazz?

  2. Hi Tin Man. Oh boy are you kicking off a a debate now! HAHAHAHA. Canon guys are going to be pounding those keys, coming after you. As a Nikon user myself I can't offer an opinion on which is better, though I tell people to focus on their gear in hand, rather than what the next guy is holding, or what's being released next month. While I definitely see a major benefit from having a 45 megapixel camera like the Nikon D850 for a professional, this may cause a problem of its own for upcoming wildlife photographers who are still honing their craft. People will spend less attention to field craft and getting closer to their subject and rely instead on being able to crop at 50 % to get closer and still have fantastic image quality. That's the only problem I see.

  3. The Nikon 850 became the real game changer, SO glad I started out years ago with Nikon to welcome this camera!!

  4. Thank you so much for these insights! I’ve been following you for a long time now and I admire your work so much. I don’t consider myself a photographer, but I love photography and Wildlife. I purchased a Nikon D5100 about five years ago, just because it was on sale. I knew nothing about cameras or camera brands, but it was a good entry level camera. Fast forward five years and I’m in the market for an upgrade—I’ve worn this poor D5100 out! But I was on the fence about whether to stick with Nikon or try Canon for my wildlife photography, but I think you’ve just convinced me to stick with what I know. Seriously, thank you for making this video! I can now move forward with my next camera purchase. 👍

  5. Hi Tin Man.

    After several years of shooting with Canon, I too recently made the switch to Nikon. While I think that the big primes are all pretty much equal from both camps, it was the D850 that pulled me over, and I have it buttoned to a 500 f/4E with 1.4 III. (If you know of a good, used 600, let me know).

    I was using the Canon 5DIV and 500 f/4 II, along with 7DII and 100-400 II and various other lenses, and almost everything Canon is now sold, but I will be keeping the 7DII and 100-400 II for a lighter kit, and if Canon does come out with a 7DIII, that would be great.

    I’m not sure why Canon insists on continuing to use an AA filter, but it’s nice to be free of it with the D850. And while going from 7 FPS to 9 FPS doesn’t sound like much, it is significant.

    One thing I would disagree with you on though is the ISO performance. Right away I was surprised and disappointed with the noise levels in the D850 compared to the 5DIV. With the 5DIV, I didn’t need to start using any noise reduction in post until about 1600, but need to start using some noise reduction after 400 ISO in the D850.

    Another thing I’m not pleased with is the color science of the Nikon. The files just seem to be somehow “flat” or “dead” or “cold” compared to the Canon files. Yes, we can jack them in post, but they still somehow seem less “warm” or something – it’s hard to define.

    All the best, and I hope to meet you out in the field one day.

  6. As a lifetime Canon user I would switch to Nikon in a second if finances allowed. I am only a hobbyist and just can’t justify the move. I haven’t felt Canon has kept up with other systems in the image quality area especially in apsc systems. After the D500 release the 7 D mkii just never seemed in the same league. Canon builds one hell of a solid camera and I prefer their ergonomics, but all else goes to Nikon. Just my humble honest opinion.

  7. Thank you for your insight on this one, it gives me a better appreciation for Nikon because I have been feeling to switch over to Canon even though I'm sponsored by Nikon. Nikon sure does have a more 3-dimensional look to its photos, but Canon's colors are so pure and rich and I think they handle high ISO's much better, whereas Nikon is much more saturated looking.

  8. This video is a mix of education, information and inspiration. Also, I like your highly detailed story-telling. Nikon happens to be the first DSLR system I'll lay my hands on, having won it as a prize in a photo contest several years back. I've been trying to explore other systems especially, Canon, of late, but the opportunity has not arisen. With this testimonial to Nikon, I guess I'm simply stay faithful and enjoy peace and security. Really appreciate your factual opinions, and hope to win a prestigious award that ends up in huge prints like yours. Cheers 🙂

  9. Hi Tin Man, thanks for the great video. When making large prints, I usually go by a suggestion that was given to me by a friend who does commercial printing for galleries – if the photo is too small at 300ppi, resize the photo at a lower resolution (no lower than 180ppi) to match the print size. If it's still not large enough at 180ppi, then go with resizing through interpolation as a last resort.

  10. Hi, greeting from Singapore. I'm a new friend here. Your explanation and sharing about this Nikon camera, make me want to switch to Nikon camera too 😁😁😁

  11. It's good to hear your reasons for switching to Nikon as I have seen people are leaving Nikon. Nikon file is very impressive:

  12. Your opinion. But what I think has happened here is a group of guys took better pictures than you and you think it's because of the camera lol nah it's because the photographer wasnt as good .

  13. I do agree that the Nikon AF and Sony Sensor is the key! Most landscape photographers also use Nikon for the dynamic range. Since I do both wildlife and landscapes, I am a happy Nikon user, however, I am hearing hoovesteps from the SONY users who are now stealing photographers away from both Canon and Nikon.

  14. I don't know about bears, but I had a house cat that also suffocated one of her kittens because it wasn't going to survive. Nature is amazing…sometimes sad, but always amazing.

  15. Now that sony has the 600mm f4, have you had the chance to try out that system? If so what are your thoughts? the sony a7r iv has the megapixels, but does the AF system satisfy most wildlife situations?

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