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7 YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS – The Wilderness Couple

7 YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS – The Wilderness Couple

if milly lets us because it isn’t easy
to prepare bread with a cow is it sweetheart hi and a big welcome to
steve’s bush kitchen we add millie the cow come over we’ve got some lovely
guests coming over start we’re gonna be getting the campfire cracking very
shortly but i promised him a nice loaf of bread so we’re gonna do a bush
campfire bread proper loaf I’m going for a Cobb loaf we got some nice strong
flour and I’m gonna have to wing it a little bit I know the texture I’m
looking for but I want to make a nice dark cobb loaf if I can so Millie’s come
she likes a stroke like a stroke don’t ya and get your tongue in your nose well
how can you do a loaf of bread when Minnie rocks up okay about a teaspoon
maybe a teaspoon a half of instant dried yeast a pinch maybe a pinch nut half of
salt just away from the yeast we’re going to add in a little bit of water
about a cup to start with start to draw that together I can already feel this is
a little bit dry so I’m going to add a bit more water in maybe 1/4 of a cup
I want a fairly wet dough not too wet something I can handle it will be sticky
but as I work it it’ll get less sticky a little more water in there you can
always add a tiny bit more flour in now that’s starting to come together that
shaggy it’s a little dry underneath it might be just a little bit wet I might
have overdone it I might need to put a little extra flour into that I’ll shake
a little more flour in there come down on the counter you can use that in a
moment walk off start to feel how this dough is
for me still a little wet nice and shaggy now wash my hands in the creek so
they’re lovely and clean should have been a surgeon smell that flower in
there lovely strong bread flour glutens
developing nicely and now I can start to work and stretch adding a little extra
flour in there I want it nice and soft and silky there’s a few lumps of dry
dough in them we’re just going to work them in now
with cooking Bush so stay clean there isn’t facilities out here to clean up so
some little tips get the dough and start working it over the fork rub it and get
most of that sticky dough off of there a little bit there a little awkward bit
and that way it’s just going to make things easier to clean up same with your
countertop this is a bamboo top so I just give it a little rub bring up the
flower and work it into my bread dough and that’s going to give you just a
little less work to do at the end I’m gonna keep forming this piece of dough
into it’s nice and silky because it is such dry heat will pop that in a bag we
cover that over and I want to leave it to this at least doubled it may even
double and a half in size in this sort of heat then I’m going to knock it down
and form it again and then when the camp fires hot later on we’re gonna bake this
now it’s all a bit experimental we’ve done a bit of bread out here it’s worked
well today it’s going for a sort of cobbler let’s see how it comes out so
the dough’s proofing pre-heat your oven for one and a half hours on red-hot
coals got to clean off the hands in the cream
better hope the crocks aren’t attracted you better hope the Crocs aren’t
attracted to bread flour today and the log fires on to come and take a
look at the dough it’s proved beautifully that’s at least doubled in
size what I want to do now is just knock this down we’re gonna take this out of
here got a little bit of oil on the base a little bit of soot on my hands that’s
all that’s all good what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna pull this go round and
form a nice tight elastic turn in that way you’re probably be able to see it
better so I’m just pushing the dough under that is gonna be my loaf now I’m
going to lift that up pop it into a little split tin that’s about the only
thing we’ve got I’m gonna drizzle a little olive oil over that as well just
a few sunflower seeds over the top there we have it we’re gonna cover that now
and let it again about maybe 20 to 40 minutes until it’s doubled in size and
ready to bake Peters are right what I’ve done is I’ve got steaming now I’m hoping
to know what it should do if it creates in the steam if you do a baguette you
always do it in a steam in a steel environment it could be too wet just let
it go on top of this one of the jobs I got was there’s a cook on there temps
they own the cattle stations all right we’re the cook everything in
the sides as we are often 59t case from the muesli yeah so if
everything you came to us I used to even even once you wouldn’t believe this but
I’ve made a sponge cake then they came puffing you can do once you get in these
mr. moderator once you get the temperature if you put it on there like
we heated some panties for tomorrow because tomorrow’s going to be just some
precooked pasties I put them on the fire they burn pretty quick I mean they cut
you to flee but they actually were you’ve got to have it off the heat if you stir it up a bit you see it’s got
nice okay times in it and a few chickpeas beautiful smells gorgeous this
is got it it’s got a tomato base yeah it’s a little sweet so then the spices
so it’s a slightly sweet curry no never a lot of dry one do you want to borrow a
bucket okay so Peter Miriam they’re nuts they’re gonna tear it but
they’re not nuts really they’re just making they’re making use of the
facilities we got croc-infested waters what what a nicer place though to have a
have a wash up and scrub so what inspires you to do all this thing so so just just you pivot either you

17 thoughts on “7 YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS – The Wilderness Couple”

  1. Hi, Steve. That's some mighty fine bread. What's your honest opinion on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving from the USA, good buddy.

  2. I've been buying those posh breads from tesco lol. The jalapeno one is nice but last week I had a cranberry and cashew nut one and it was delicious! Quite sweet though so it's not too good for something like a bacon butty. I bet it' nice just in a bowl with a bit of custard though.

  3. Awww Millie is a gorgeous cow i love cows. Remember touching a cows snout when I was in college she was really friendly. Steve she was beautiful.

  4. Steve's Kitchen I always wondered how my dad made bread without a mixer and a bread hook. Back when I was growing up we never had a mixer with a bread hook. Hell I don't even think we had an electric mixer. I know when ever I cooked I used a hand mixer that you cranked my hand. Loved that thing I don't think they even make them anymore. My father has long passed away never did show me how he made the bread but he did make it all the time he loved bread. I live in California, USA.

  5. Miriam is frickin ripped! Holy crap 😀
    I guess thats what living in the wild does for you.
    No sugar and a crap top of physical activity. Its quite amazing what they are doing. Unfortunately I enjoy motorbikes, cars and music way too much to go off grid like that.

  6. Ooh yum, Fresh bread, & Fresh curry, Lurv seeds on bread. I do hope those Croc pics, we're off the same Croc, & not a whole group off them. 🐊🐊🐊 Acckk. Pretty cows too, & funny fast birds at the end. Take care you 2, Happy Weekend. ❤☺🐶

  7. Pineapple upside down cake works great in a dutch oven. As a kid we were camping on my birthday one year and my mom made one for my birthday cake.

  8. Your adventures take you to some interesting places and you meet some of the most interesting people imaginable. Great video and Happy US Thanksgiving.

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