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9 Survival Life Hacks That May Save Your Life One Day

9 Survival Life Hacks That May Save Your Life One Day

nine helpful hacks that could save your life one day as much as we love adventure and doing things that are out of our comfort zone we always want to be safe regardless of how risky you are or if you love doing things that are dangerous safety always comes first there are those who aren’t the biggest risk takers and just love being in control of situations these people want to do risky stuff but are just too scared of danger totally understandable some may call them boring and others may call them smart but whether you are out on vacation or lazing around the house you always want to make sure that you’re safe that’s why there are all sorts of interesting and useful hacks that can help us in certain dire situations now keep watching as we count down 9 hacks that could probably save your life one day number 9 never walk down stairs with your hands in your pockets it sounds a little obvious but if you trip you need your hands to save yourself from getting hurt taking a tumble down a flight of stairs can be pretty disastrous so it’s always better to be safe rather than be sorry number 8 keeping your keys by your bedside table keeping your keys by your bedside table may save your life if someone breaks into your home if someone were to ever break into your home just press the panic button to set off the alarm in your car this may scare off the person who’s breaking into your home or it may even spark a neighbor to call the police number seven always follow your instinct that may seem like an obvious one but let’s be real here a lot of the times we don’t do this when something feels wrong your body is telling you that danger is not too far away a lot of the time people fail to follow their instincts this can lead to bad situations in certain cases when our natural instincts take over there’s a reason that it happens if you have a gut feeling about something or your intuition seems to be trying to tell you something you should always believe it use your best judgment when following your gut and make decisions which are in your best interest number six self defense knowing a bit of self defense in general is always helpful but for those of us who don’t know much about fighting there’s one trick that always works if attacked go straight for an attackers groin area this will stop them right away and will give you a bit of time to get out and run to get help this might seem like common sense but all too often in times of stress or panic our minds can go blank and forget everything we know about defending ourselves in the event that you ever need to protect yourself just aim for the groin area some other body parts you should aim for if you ever have to defend yourself include the eyes ears nose knees and throat so what do you think of these hacks so far keep watching for some helpful hacks that may end up saving your life one day and did you know that there’s a way to save yourself from a Riptide if you’re ever caught in one well there is one helpful hack out there that can potentially save your life if you’re caught in one stay tuned until the very end to find out how number five staying safe in a cab or an uber generally people feel pretty safe driving in a cab but of course there’s always that possibility that something can go wrong if you find that your driver is acting a little strange quickly make a call to someone telling them your location that way the driver knows you have a phone and people know your whereabouts with the massive and growing popularity of uber and other ride-sharing apps the possibility of getting in a car with a dangerous person is all too real so that is why you should always take care to be safe when entering a cab or an uber if you’re about to enter an uber always ask the driver first to verify that they are in uber driver and if they say they are then ask them to confirm your name and the address you’re going to number for walking in a parking lot alone at night if you’re going to a parking lot alone at night walk with your keys in your hand that way you can get into the vehicle quickly and drive off never stand by your car rummaging through your purse or pockets if there’s a predator or someone dangerous around this gives them time to creep up on you unexpectedly and attack you so always have your keys in your hand before you enter the parking lot number three texting and walking we’re all probably guilty of walking and texting at the same time don’t do this when you’re walking in a street you become an easy target our phones are pretty distracting but when you’re walking down the street just put it away you don’t want to risk getting hit by a car you could also potentially make a car swerve into other cars or traffic which can cause a car accident so just pay attention to what you’re doing and save the phone use for later the same can be said for texting and driving distracted driving is extremely dangerous when we’re driving it’s extremely important for us to have all of our focus and attention on the road distracted driving can lead to car crashes and accidents which can be potentially fatal so just put the phone down while you’re driving and avoid putting your life as well as other people’s lives at risk number two being caught in a burning building if you ever find yourself trapped in a burning building don’t run out get down to the floor and start crawling according to kids health there’s more oxygen down there and you won’t pass out and of course never ever take the elevators if you are in a burning building elevators can malfunction when there’s a fire and the last thing you want to have happen is to get stuck in an elevator when there’s a fire you should also always follow instructions that the fire department gives you if you’re trapped in a burning building always do what you can to keep yourself safe number one always have an emergency kit in your car in the event that you ever find yourself in trouble on the road if you blow a tire and are stranded on the side of the road for example always have an emergency safety kit in your car an emergency safety kit contains jumper cables a blanket a flashlight a first-aid kit and more to help you in the event that you are stranded you can purchase an emergency kit at any hardware or auto store you won’t regret the purchase especially if your car breaks down in the middle of the winter and here’s another roadside tip never pick up a hitchhiker okay this seems like common sense doesn’t it you’d be surprised if you’ve seen enough horror movies you probably know that it’s never a good idea to pick up a hitchhiker well if you weren’t aware of that you should never ever pick up a hitchhiker not only do you not know who you’re picking up but you could also be potentially putting your life in danger if you see a hitchhiker on the road just drive past them you may be tempted to stop and ask them if they need help but don’t you never know what people can do it is best to keep your own safety in mind now that we’ve counted down the top 9 hacks that can potentially save your life one day here’s how to escape a Riptide if you’re ever caught in one this could potentially save your life if you ever found yourself caught in a Riptide swimming in a Riptide swimming in the ocean can generally be dangerous especially if you’re swimming in a Riptide rip tides are channels of water which are long and narrow they move from the shore to the sea and can sweep you away with them they are very dangerous and can be potentially fatal to escape a Riptide do not swim against it instead swim parallel to the shore or perpendicular to the Riptide in either direction if you don’t have the energy or swimming skills you can float on your back and let the current take you once the rip current dissipates you can signal to a lifeguard that you need help or then swim parallel to the shore once the force tapers off what do you think of these hacks do you know any potentially life-saving hacks that weren’t in this video let us know about them in the comment section below enjoyed this video hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and thanks for watching [Music]

20 thoughts on “9 Survival Life Hacks That May Save Your Life One Day”

  1. What do you think of these hacks? Do you know any potentially life saving hacks that weren’t in this video? Let us know about them in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. 2:17
    Self Defence
    NEVER KICK in the GROIN!
    I tried that move0 and it did NOT slow them down nor give me any time to run but it wound up only pissed them off more.

  3. Thank you I am a female also and all these safety tips he talked about I already know them and I'm always aware of my suroundings keeping myself safe it's sad that we have to live this way bc the kind of world we live in especially today.

  4. If your in a car in water don't open the door break a window and get out or let the car fill up then open the door

  5. 1. Put this app on your phone :-


    It gives your latitude & longitude to either police, ambulance or fire in Australia (maybe globally too – not sure).
    2. Get in the car = death. Fight for your life to avoid getting in the car. If you're gonna die, die there not elsewhere. That tip was on Oprah by a security guy who teaches self defence and has a program where after some training he organises for you to be attacked and films it as a learning tool. You will not know when or where. Yeah, I know. Scary right?
    3. Kick groin. Assailant doubles over
    Knee up to meet his head as it comes down
    Your hands linked to hit back of assailant's neck & head. RUN.

    Tai Kwon do boyfriend told me that one

    4. Don't stay to fight.
    RUN & SCREAM "FIRE" rather than HELP. People respond easily to "FIRE". They will question their own safety with hearing "HELP"
    5. Keep mobile phone charged by your bed at night
    6. Always lock your bedroom door at night and when showering. The first thing I do when moving into a new home is to get the locksmith to fix a lock on my bedroom door and change all exterior locks & get new keys.
    7. Always hide keys or get a key security safe fixed to the outside of house with a code only YOU know. The more people you tell the code to, the less likely you'll be safe and secure.
    8. Get a bodyguard
    a big muscular boyfriend who knows self defence, is FIT and love you to bits.
    9. Never answer your phone or door after dark unless you can see who it is and were expecting them.
    10. After a dinner or party at your place after dark when last guests are leaving get them to take the rest who are lingering in your home.
    Best not to entertain after dark especially if single.

  6. Lol 😂 seriously? Ppl disliked this video? Are they children who haven't figured out the internet yet, possessed by a demon or mad?

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