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99999 IQ Minecraft in Minecraft Skyblock

99999 IQ Minecraft in Minecraft Skyblock

Rahi welcome everybody to high IQ my craft
this is big gamer brain hours because we are playing minecraft Skyblock so yeah
this is kind of lock this is a mod that everyone and their minecraft dog is
playing right now and trying to figure out how to get to all the islands in the
map this is not the original minecraft Skyblock just because the other one they
really have much to do in it oh let me climb up here and show you this one
definitely has a lot of room for activities there’s that thing there’s
another portal that’s cute and then there’s like a dungeon right there and
then one more right there so we’re definitely gonna have a lot of things to
do but first let me explain what happened here you see in this mod the
main thing that you need is a cobblestone generator like this one but
I didn’t know that so this is a clip of me trying to figure out minecraft
Skyblock without using a cobblestone generator so what I did is that I
recycled my entire spawn island and used the block from that to make a bridge to
the next Island and that is a glimpse of what happens when I use my brain those
were some dark times but now I have acquired the knowledge of the
cobblestone generator need I say I have mastered it because you see what
happened here while trying to figure out how to make a singular cobblestone
generator I accidentally made a quadruple cobblestone generator there’s
one two three four and that might be the most brilliant thing I ever achieved in
my life but it was by accident so I’m not sure whether I should be happy or
sad but anyway take that PewDiePie with your pathetic singular cobblestone
generator I am a cobblestone making machine
so as you can see over here I’ve already started making my way to that Island
right there just because it’s the closest but I am willing to go all the
way over there and explore this one in this video if we can so the first thing
I’m actually gonna do is grab some like cobblestone and barricade this out
because if you take a look at my HP you will know that there have been some
incidents involving lava but actually I do need to mine a lot of cobblestone
because it is a long way to that I don’t even know what there isn’t it
and also this tree just grew out of nowhere I realized that I needed wood to
make more things so I planted a tree right here and now it is a big beautiful
green source of wood my god look at this do you see how fast my generating
machine is this is insane dude I don’t even have to stop and let it regenerate
I know I’m not collecting any of it but it is falling into water for now there
we go let me grab all of that beautiful Oh baby 21 no no no don’t no okay okay
block that again we do not want things catching on fire there’s a lot of
flammable things in here but now I have enough cobblestone to
maybe reach there this is probably the scariest thing in Minecraft like history
just goes to show us that bridges and gamers do not coexist
rest in peace beauty pie streams I generally enjoy watching those what is
going on you know what I’m just gonna let this happen
alright I’m out of here oh no oh no don’t let that happen
no no my new tree fire damn it god damn it stop stop stop stop stop there we go
I almost burned all my wood away but thank God we have some left all right
take two let’s hopefully not die right now we need to be very very delicate
oh mighty water sheep please give me the powers to feed this bridge without
saying the gamer word am i hey close what is even there am I just wasting my
time but then again I am playing Minecraft which is the best thing that
you can ever do with your life so hey look at that we’ve exhausted all our
blocks without dying the Sun is setting am i far enough for mobs to spawn I
honestly hope not and farm some more of my beautiful cobblestone machine I am so
proud of this I’ve always felt clueless while playing Minecraft but this makes
me feel like I actually know what I’m doing Oh No Oh No
you say there mister I have cobblestone up the ass I will
pummel you I’m gonna try and push him later bitch Oh No
okay looks like we’re winning til morning time oh oh I just took a sip of
my coffee what the fuck are you talking okay okay we’re gonna be fine don’t turn around
Wow out of something you know what while we’re waiting I’m actually going to
expand my little platform like a nice little a gaming boy there we go just
like that now I can hopefully get some leaves come on man yes oh okay oh my god
those clothes I almost had no trees left yes I am so happy I thought I was gonna
have no more trees okay it is finally morning time it’s only a
spider you know what it can’t hurt come here
spider yes come into my trap your fool get out of here oh my god yes oh oh my
well I took you down with me so fuck you I have unlimited cobblestone and
unlimited life baby I’m back this is what you want YouTube the most thrilling
gameplay ever I’m gonna have such a high audience retention with people just
watching this me placing block after block after block ooh whoa I see it in
my peripherals did we actually just have it exactly what we needed
oh my god we did too boom holy crap I actually accidentally calculated it I am
having such amazing accidental coincidences all right so this is a
cactus then I’m assuming I want to eat I don’t
want to cut anything right now just in case I fuck it up because I
didn’t use the right tool oh you hurt actually it does hurt what it does this
where’d I get oh I got a stick really something that I was needing oh I got
cactuses what do I do with these cactuses recipe unlock book okay hold on
let’s check my recipes I need a furnace for those seems like we can do something
with them using a furnace so let’s just build that real quick let’s see I got
furnace right here what do I use the cactus whip green dye is that it
you don’t really help me freaking wings or something to fly over there because I
don’t want to bill let me actually expand my little island and kind of
space out all the dirt that I have right now so that I can plant things over here
and there we go put one right there put one maybe right here and these do should
grow to give me trees and I should also put one right here all right actually
well that one seems way too far to do it on this episode I actually want to know
what this thing is and then if you guys would like to see more of minecraft
Skyblock let me know and next time I’ll have my way built all the way over there
but for now I want to check out right there does it there’s like a button
right there isn’t there on the left let’s see what that is
that’s a very interesting structure can I make stone stairs oh shit I can wait
wait I might have figured something out what now I think I won’t die if I try to
get places cuz I can just do this can I’m not put like a staircase over this
one ah damn it I can’t I always said oh my cobblestone on stairs I don’t meet on
the road again back at it placing blocks to make a bridge well it’s actually
surprisingly works I didn’t waste my cobblestone for nothing
whoa we’re close you see it it’s like a button right there or something or like
a lever I think it’s much easier to place these into place blocks or have I
just become a god at making bridges have I befriended the bridges my the first
game wait for the friend bridges that is a button I swear to god it is a
bunny how am I gonna get there though just do that then how do I get down
there boom by being an epic gamer let’s go
what does it do oh please okay well I have no valuables
here so please don’t kill me what what the actual fuck your game mode has been
updated to adventure mode no I’m like oh I can return okay so read or not Allah
Allah is so low that’s just Italian because somebody
Italian made this but goddamn use these only in case of extreme necessity
oh so this is if I need dolphins so this is if I need like some resources that I
can get it said extreme necessity oh they like they may they make it easier
for you that you don’t get stuck so yeah I guess that’s gonna be the end of this
first minecraft Skyblock episode there’s three more locations to see there’s that
dungeon there’s the nether and there’s that
mysterious thing that is over there so if you guys want to see me play more
Skyblock then let me know on twitter or comment down below but yeah if you guys
made it this far please consider hitting that subscribe button and those
notifications to not miss any new uploads I hope to see you all in the
next one have a great rest of your day take care

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  1. So you won't die try crouching when building your bridges. When you do that it's harder to die. It also helps when building really high up.

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