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A Threatened National Treasure: The Fiji Banded Iguana Morphs for Survival

A Threatened National Treasure: The Fiji Banded Iguana Morphs for Survival

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is
the Fiji Banded Iguana, a creature as stunning as it is rare. Native to the tiny Fiji
Islands in the South Pacific, it is one of the most geographically isolated iguanas in the world. Vibrant like a jewel, these
reptiles are considered a national treasure by
the government of Fiji. Their emerald green colored
skin is sensitive to light and can change color to
match its background. The males like this one are
banded with blue streaks. Their long, spiny toes end
in claws to help them climb, but none of these adaptations
can protect this species from the many threats it faces. Habitat loss from development, poaching for the illegal pet trade, and introduced predators like
rats, cats, and mongooses, all cloud this creature’s future. This is the Fiji Banded Iguana.

14 thoughts on “A Threatened National Treasure: The Fiji Banded Iguana Morphs for Survival”

  1. My Christmas wish is that each of us would take care of our planet. Please everyone, do one small thing to make our world a lil better. Its the only one we have.

  2. suanana sangat berbeda dgn hari biasa.musim natal ini sarat dengan keinginan berbagi dan beribadah mulai 1 – 31 des 2015…pasti

  3. This world is doomed. Air pollution, environmental damage and racism. Luckily, the Asiatic Lion, South China Tiger, Fiji banded Iguana and Panda population has increased. Air pollution is equal to multiple cigarettes. Solar energy in Australia has become more popular and Iceland is using geothermal power. More small communities in China are becoming vegan. You can help by not eating beef, lamb, goat, elk or horse. By not eating beef, you'll give something for South China Tiger's to eat if they are hungry, and they will live longer, giving us acess to milk longer, and also not eating red meat will reduce our risk of obesity, heart disease, stomach and pancreatic cancer. Also, don't eat seal meat unless your an Inuit.
    So, reduce coal usage and increase solar energy. Especially in India, Arabia and Africa. The darkest races, and amazing animals. Cheetahs, Lions, monkeys and lizards.

  4. When I first found out about this animal I wanted one as a pet but now that I know they’re a threatened species I changed my mind.

  5. This video makes zero sense leave it in it's natural habitat when it's being hunted and eaten by forgin predators and it's forest home is slowly being destroyed shouldn't we be encouraging captivity for breeding and attempting to save them.

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