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A Very Bad No Good Rotten Day 14 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

A Very Bad No Good Rotten Day 14 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

100 thoughts on “A Very Bad No Good Rotten Day 14 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies”

  1. What a ride this has been, I'm TOO excited to see the rest of this series! Your editing is spot on, Zach! You and Greg make such great balance into enjoying this. Thanks for the entertainment.
    Caught up and binged to, "Day 14 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies!!"

  2. Most episodes pls I binged them all. Well
    Looks like I have to watch old videos. Not a bad problem to have on this channel that’s for sure

  3. Ya know you can use your Keith titanium canteen and pour your coffee in that then set it down in the stream or lake and it’ll cool super fast like venting a stock or sauce with an ice bath in the kitchen world. You can vent in more ways than one😂

  4. Watching every episode love the videos and just inspires me to go have fun in the woods living life to the fullest

  5. I'm watching the whole series/every episode. Because I love my husband (also a ginger) & I want to win him cool stuff 🧡

  6. It is a breath if fresh air watching your videos guys. Our world needs more positive and god driven content on the inter web. 🤠🌲🤠 Keep them coming and for sure my daughter and I will be watching all your episodes .

  7. Just caught up to this episode, and I'm saying "I'm watching every episode". I saw Greg's video first and I like the differences in the way they document their adventure. Little adventure of my own in The Olympics. Tomorrow and few hikes and Sunday fixing up the Bogachiel Trail some for the other hiker folks.

  8. We are watching every episodes and you are really teasing us about the shelter.. can't wait to see you building it..

  9. idea for the coffee pouring…how about some sort of device with a series of funnels to keep the flow from spreading out.

  10. The hardest point is figuring out when those fish are biting early morning late evening??? Once again your Editing skills are out of this world. I am just starting out and you amaze me on every video!!! There's no one better at this than you on YouTube…

  11. 14, Its been so much fun watching your series of the 30 day challenge. Keep doing a great job. Canadian Rookies beautiful.

  12. could try putting your metal coffee cup full of coffee in water and stir it to cool it in the future. could also use the water after to clean up and it wouldn't be freezing cold in the morning.

  13. Thanks for all your info…please visit my coming true Iran predictions…..we may need to survival like never before really soon.

  14. living off grid and often, most morning, coffee is made on the fire outside and so few understand the pain of boiling coffee. I have found using a cold cup helps but the pain, oh the pain… (watching every day)

  15. Bro Zach I went back to the Texas challenge and started binge watching them again waiting on the next have a blessed Sunday and remember give God sum Praise n Glory amen. Bro D -Georgia

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